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4 Steps to experience Viindoo Apps

step 1 Select Applications and Users

  Step 1: Select Applications and Users

Select Apps and number of users according to needs.
Then click "Buy Now".
Step 2 Payment

  Step 2: Payment

At the Payment interface, fill in all the information.
Click "Next" and select the appropriate payment method.
Step 3 Create an instance

  Step 3: Create an instance

Register/Login to start system installation.
Enter the information for your system and press "Create".
Step 4 Experience Viindoo Apps

Step 4: Experience Viindoo Apps

Sign in with the default account sent via email and start experiencing Viindoo Apps.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between On-Permise and Viindoo SaaS?

- On-Premisedeployed on the enterprise's server, usually applied to businesses with a large number of employees, having their own operating IT department, bringing the initiative to enterprises in software deployment

- Viindoo SaaSdeployed on the cloud computing platform in the form of SaaS. Accordingly, businesses will pay software service rent monthly. By that means businesses will save personnel, infrastructure investment and maintenance costs. On top of that, users can easily access the system via an internet connection without installation, minimizing the risk of cyber attacks on the company's server.

By using SaaS service, all your business data will be stored on the cloud computing platform

Viindoo uses a synchronous computing cloud provided by: AmazonDigitalOceanGoogle CloudCMC to operate the entire ERP&CRM system to provide customers with absolute safety and security from disasters (earthquakes, explosion, storms, flooding, etc.)


Your data is completely secure with 3rd parties.

- Your data on the internet is encrypted by the SSL security layer, making it impossible for hackers to even "catch" to decrypt your data on the Internet.

- We encrypt data right inside customers' databases and assign access rights for only customers.

*SSL security: Secure Sockets Layer. A type of security protocol that creates an encrypted link between a web server and a web browser. 

SSL/TLS certificates work by integrating an encryption key into the company identity information. It will help the company encrypt all transmitted information without being affected or modified by 3rd parties.


Your important data is protected & encrypted from the application layer to the database layer, for all that, even our database clouds administrators cannot access your data unless you provide an Administrator account.

However, in some cases, a technician performing technical support for you may require you to provide a password in order to access your ERP system to help you troubleshoot, or customize the system to your needs. In this case, we will take full responsibility if your data is exposed. We are aware that the safety and security of your data  is vital to us. We will do our best and at all costs to protect it! 

After buying any app, if there are problems that need to be answered, we will provide free online customer support channels.

In addition, we also provide training, user training, customization, software implementation services from our consultants, which are chargeable.

Contact Us:

You can convert as follows:

  • Visit the Pricing page: https://viindoo.com/pricing

  • Select the desired number of users and applications, then click on “Buy Now” 

  • Select "Upgrade" to convert the trial system to the paid one

You can also access the Pricing page right from your system by clicking on the yellow notification on the top right corner, selecting "Buy Premium Pack"

To add apps right in your system:

  • Click on the Application icon in your system

  • Select and install the apps you want to buy

Usage fee will be charged from the time the installation is completed. The system will distribute the deposited amount and calculate the usage time for you.

All information about your system is provided in the Management Account. To get access:

  • Visit https://viindoo.com/my/home

  • Login to your registered account to use the system

  • Click on Odoo Services and select the system you want to look up to see all information about that system

Viindoo E-wallet will help you aggregate and calculate the remaining amount, and allow you to top up right on the interface. To get access, follow these steps below:

You can reset your system to default by entering Management Accounts. Get access as follows:

  • Visit https://viindoo.com/my/odoo-instances/

  • Login to your registered account to use the system

  • Click on the system and tap the Advanced button on the right ( just below the blue message) then select Reset. Then, enter the password of the management account and Confirm.

The system will be reset to its original state.

Note: During the reinstallation process, please do not access the system's link to avoid being redirected to Viindoo temporary system.

The system will automatically back up data everyday. You can access your Management Account to download at any time:

  • Visit https://viindoo.com/my/home

  • Log in to your registered account to use the system.

  • Click on Odoo Services and select the system you want to look up. 

  • Select Backups to view or download the backup you want.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us

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