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Special Offer for Education

Available to educational institutions, schools, training centers, and students, access and utilize Viindoo Enterprise Management Software at more reasonable cost    Check our Terms and Conditions 

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Viindoo Plan for Education
Viindoo Plan for Education

Empower students with essential skills

Introduce them to Enterprise Management Software and deepen their understanding of how technology can create value for businesses.

Apply business management knowledge to real-world scenarios, learning how to use technology for project management, tasks organizing, and making effective decisions.

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Enhance competitiveness in the digital world

Understand how businesses operate in the digital age and acquire the necessary skills for your future jobs.

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Viindoo Plan for Education

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Get 75% off compared to the Enterprise Package

Use this code at checkout to avail the discount.


 Note: The discount code is only applicable to students and instructors as specified here. If you are not eligible for this offer, Viindoo reserves the right to withhold and not refund any payments made through the instance you have created.

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User Documentation

User Documentation

Functional tutorials, helpful tips, and reference for a wide array of apps and processes.

Technical guidelines

A comprehensive guide for developers who want to learn about Viindoo software programming.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

To avail the Education discount, ensure that you meet the eligibility criteria outlined in the Terms and Conditions of the promotion.

Use the discount code VIINEDUCODE75 at the "Discount code or gift card" section during checkout to receive a 75% discount on Viindoo SaaS usage fees.

How does Viindoo verify users as students or instructors?

Viindoo verifies users as students or instructors through the following means after purchase:

  • For students:
    • Student ID card;
    • Recent tuition invoice or statement for the month of purchase.
  • For Instructors:
    • Teacher ID card;
    • Teaching contract or school-issued confirmation letter.

The discount for students and instructors is valid for a lifetime. Students and instructors can choose to pay upfront for the entire year or pay on a monthly basis.

We provide a comprehensive system of instructional materials for using Viindoo Enterprise Management Software on the Documentation page.

Additionally, during your use of Viindoo software, you can receive free support from the Viindoo user community through the Help Forum or submit support requests through the Helpdesk Center.


The Education Discount does not limit the number of installed applications. You still have access to all the applications that Viindoo offers. Fees are based on the number of system users, and creating additional users depends on your payment plan.

Terms and Conditions of the Education Discount Program

1. Purpose and Applicable Entities

The Education Discount Program is an extended program aimed at providing products and services that Viindoo Technology Corporation (Viindoo) designs specifically for education-related entities at special discounted rates to facilitate access and use of Viindoo Enterprise Management Software ("Viindoo Software") for learning, research, and teaching purposes.

The Education Discount Program applies to the following entities:

  • Schools, educational organizations, training centers;
  • Teachers, instructors, teaching assistants at schools, educational organizations, training centers;
  • Students enrolled in schools, educational organizations, training centers.

The Education Discount Program does not apply to businesses, organizations, or individuals using Viindoo Software for business management and operations purposes.

By clicking "Buy Now" on the Viindoo website, you agree to the terms outlined below along with Viindoo Privacy Policy and Terms of Use for Viindoo Enterprise Management Software.​

2. Details of the Education Discount Program

2.1. Discount Level

Customers falling under the applicable entities of the Education Discount Program receive a 75% discount on the usage fees of Viindoo SaaS calculated per User account based on the listed prices on the Fee Schedule page at the time of registration (hereinafter referred to as the "Education Package").

Each customer will enjoy this discount for one (1) single purchase, with no limit on the number of User accounts.

The Education Package is valid for a lifetime. At the end of each Usage Cycle (monthly/yearly), the usage fee for Viindoo SaaS is automatically renewed at the fee rate applicable at the time of the initial purchase.

2.2. Information Verification

Customers are responsible for providing necessary documents for verification of eligibility for the Education Package within 3 (three) business days from the date the System is activated. The verification information includes:

For Students

For Instructors

  • Student ID card;
  • Most recent tuition invoice or statement for the month of purchase.
  • Teacher ID card;
  • Teaching contract or school-issued confirmation letter.

Viindoo conducts post-verification processes and reserves the right to recover all outstanding accounts and System registrations and to refuse refunds for customers who fail to provide the required verification documents or provide falsified information duplicating existing verified information in the instance.
Additional measures applied during insurance include: (i) revocation of all registered User accounts and Systems; and (ii) no refund of payments made for previously paid Education Plan.

3. Effectiveness

Customers commit to complying with the Terms of Use of Viindoo Enterprise Management Software and related policies publicly available on the website: throughout the use of Viindoo SaaS services.

Viindoo may adjust the service fees of the Education Package to align with business conditions and will notify customers via email. In the event of disagreement with the adjusted fees, customers need to submit a request to terminate the service following the instructions for submitting a Support Request to deactivate the instance and avoid incurring outstanding debts.