(No.: VIIN.USE.CON.011020)

Article 1: Definitions and terms

Most of all our collected personal information is provided by users when they agree to sign up and use our services.  Other information is collected by recording the interaction between the customer and our services.

  1. By accessing, searching on, and using viindoo.com website at this Internet address https://www.viindoo.com (hereby known as "viindoo.com") or other products and services provided on this website (hereby known as “Products"), you declare to agree to the terms and conditions below. If you do NOT agree to one or many of these terms and conditions, please stop accessing, searching on, using viindoo.com and Products.

  2. The Legal Owner of viindoo.com and Products (hereby known as “Legal owner") is Viindoo Technology Joint Stock Company.

  3. All the contents belong to one of the following types: text, image, illustration, video, and other media are hereby known as “content".

  4. Individuals or Legal Entities whose created contents are published on viindoo.com are hereby known as “copyright owners".

  5. These Terms & Conditions of Use for the viindoo.com website are hereby known as “Terms of Use".

Article 2: Copyright and Intellectual property right

  1. The legal owner can declare the copyright and intellectual property right for any content published on viindoo.com, except for the content that had been registered for copyright and intellectual property right before published on viindoo.com.

  2. All contents published on viindoo.com are protected by the current Vietnamese Intellectual property law. All of the actions below: copying, reproducing, and republishing without the legal owner's consent (or the copyright owner's consent, if the copyright owner is different from the legal owner) under any circumstances are forbidden.

Article 3: Publishing content on viindoo.com

  1. In some specific areas on viindoo.com (example: Q&A ), you can freely publish any content (example: questions, threads, comments, answers, ERP deployment tutorials,...)

  2. However, you MUST ensure that the published contents on viindoo.com:

    1. are legal;

    2. are NOT the entertainment content;

    3. do NOT violate the Vietnamese public decency;

    4. do NOT asperse other individuals and legal entities;

    5. do NOT advertise for other products that do not belong to the legal owner

  3. You agree that, under any circumstances, you are fully responsible for any content published on viindoo.com.

Article 4: The unilateral refusal right

You agree that the legal owner, without forewarning, can unilaterally refuse to provide the products and delete your account if you violate one or many articles stated on this Terms of Use.

Article 5: Agreement Validity

These Terms of use for viindoo.com website are numbered version 1.0.0, issued on 01/10/2020 at Viindoo Headquarters and come into effect on the same day.

Website is owned and operated by Viindoo./.

Date of Last Revision: October 1st, 2020

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  • Version 1.0.0: