Viindoo's overall business management solution

Viindoo business management solution - the all-inclusive platform your business needs. Get started now with basic features, expand your settings at any time. 

Viindoo is the All-in-One business management software that helps enterprises apply information technology to effectively manage their businesses, improve human resources, reduce costs, and increase profits.

Each management feature is interconnected to provide an integrated experience from one application to another. Using Viindoo, users can automate processes that require manual input. 

Viindoo - One Solution To All Needs

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Viindoo Solutions for every business

Viindoo's features are tailored to fit the demands of businesses of all kinds, from one-person startups to large corporations with thousands of users, across a wide range of sectors and budgets. With 10 years of experience in software implementation, Viindoo has deployed and consulted ERP solutions for businesses in all industries.

Finance, Auditing

Manufacturing & Assembly

Tourism, Hospitality


Logistics, Transportation

Wholesale Chain, Retail


Electronics & Equipment

Why choose Viindoo Business Management Solution?

We provide a total enterprise management software solution on a cloud computing platform in the form of SaaS (Software as a Service: a form of software running on the Web platform that can be accessed remotely). Using one device with an internet connection, enterprises can easily minimize software ownership costs, IT investment costs, and maximize benefits. Businesses can completely use Viindoo with confidence because:

Full Integration

All operations on one software, with transferred data and automated processes, avoid errors in manual data import and free up employees' time & effort.

Instant Updates

Viindoo is open-source software, which means IT companies can participate in the implementation and development of ancillary features. Customers will benefit from each version upgrade. Bugs discovered by the community will be patched within 24 hours.

Information Security

Viindoo uses a firewall, and all data is encrypted from the database layer by our leading security experts to keep your data safer than ever.


Easily access the system anytime, anywhere, on any internet-connected device without installing any software.

Safe Storage

With Viindoo's cloud computing platform, your data is stored in parallel on multiple servers in different geographical locations, which completely avoids risks of hardware failure, fire, natural disaster (earthquake, flood, etc.).

Reasonable Cost

No hardware investment is needed. Easily customized modules for your business. Pay as you go to avoid waste of resources.

Viindoo Software That Grows With You

Get in touch, we'll provide the price that fits your budget, you can do it all with Viindoo.

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*All apps for Standard and Luxury Plans

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