Manage every details of information 

  • All information related to customer/repair requester (Name, address, email, phone, etc.).

  • Information about repair equipment and material , accessories and components that need to be replaced , recollected for repair (quantity, unit price, batch/serial number, etc).

  • Other activities/services associated with original repair orders.

Manage every details of information - Repair Viindoo

Plan and control repair activity

                                                          Integrated with Maintenance and Warranty application

                                                          Create one system to receive and support all internal requests, or service requests of customers quickly, conveniently and promptly.

                                                          Integrated with Maintenance and Warranty application - Viindoo Repair
                                                          • Quickly create repair requests right on Maintenance and Warranty application.

                                                          • Easily search for the repair history of maintenance and warranty products. 

                                                          • Analyze lists of repair orders related to maintenance and warranty requests. 


                                                           Expense management

                                                           Not only managing internal costs, Viindoo Repairs is also integrated with Accounting for invoices and debt management.

                                                          • Summarize all incurred costs in repairment in the enterprise's expenses. 

                                                          • Create, send quotations to inform customers about repair costs and other incurred costs if needed. 

                                                          • Easily create Invoices in multiple methods and time - before or after the repair.

                                                          • Manage customer invoices and debts followed by business accounting and financial principles.

                                                          Expense management - Repair Viindoo

                                                          Real-time, multidimensional report, analysis

                                                          Real-time reporting system, analyze repair statistics in many criteria (Products, partners, repair date, etc.).
                                                          Build your own reports with multi-criteria filters.


                                                            Fully  integrated with other Viindoo applications



                                                          Create price inquiries or orders based on minimum stock or related customer orders.



                                                          Create a professional invoice in ONE click and receive customer payment faster.



                                                          Manage appliances, allocate appliances to user, arrange the maintenance schedule when necessary.



                                                          Manage your warranty request and invoice.

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