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Viindoo Blogs empowers professional bloggers with fast ease features. Efficient blogging and blog management. Nurture audiences to leads and opportunities.

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Focus on Content - Forget the back-end

  • Ready for content creation with available designs on Website: formatted blocks, attractive drawings library, incredible photos resource from Unsplash, etc.

  • Diversify your content with amazing tools to insert pictures, videos, pictograms, links or documents, etc. 


Viindoo Blog - Manage Blogs with ease

Manage Blogs by category and posts

  • Divide content into different categories with different language tags in accordance with the website's language.

  • Smart filters, groups system for searching quickly by various criteria. 

  • Easily search and classify posts by content through tags.

Viindoo blogs manage Blogs Posts

All operations right on the website

Users can perform all operations as posting, editing, managing posts right on the website's view. No need to care about tedious back-end work. 

Viindoo blogs create blog post from website

Follow anytime, anywhere, on any devices

  • Access, create and manage blogs at any time from any smart device - only with Internet connection! 

  • Get notifications when there are new posts and comments.

Viindoo blogs receive blog notification on mobile

Viindoo Blogs turns content to the most efficient Marketing tool

Make content more friendly to both readers and searching tools

 Compatible with all devices, all browsers.

 Quickly optimize SEO and add Meta Description by a few clicks. 

Viindoo blogs optimize SEO with Viindoo Blogs

Attract and retain readers

  • Interact with readers by comments. 

  • Allow readers to subscribe to new posts. 

  • Automatically suggest related content at the end of each post. 

  • Share to Facebook and LinkedIn in seconds. Pick any quotes from the post and tweet it in just a few clicks. 

Viindoo blogs ttract and retain blog readers

Integrate with Google Tag Manager and Google Analytics

United data within your Viindoo Blogs: Track visits, views, bounce rate, time on site, etc.

Integrate with Google Tag Manager and Google Analytics

Fully  integrated  with  other Viindoo applications

Viindoo Website Application


Create impressive blogs without any knowledge or experience in  designing, programming.

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Viindoo Livechat Application

Live Chat

Directly interact with your audiences, customers whenever they're in need.  

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Viindoo Email Marketing Application

Email Marketing

Send newsletters to audiences via Email Marketing Application.    

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