Values that Viindoo Loyalty brings in

  Retention & attraction

Build a loyalty program to retain old customers and attract new customers.

Increase Sales  

Accumulate points, ranking, customer rating, upgrade ranking to stimulate purchases.

Build loyalty customer file 

 Apply reward policies, gift redemption, etc., encourage customers to return. 

Viindoo Loyalty features

Customer classification by many criteria

  • Levels (e.g: Bronze, Silver, Gold, etc.)

  • The minimum number of points for the customer to reach the corresponding level.

  • The price list applies to the respective customer level.

  • Synchronization with the table price attached to each customer on the customer's profile (partner form).

Customer Level - Viindoo Loyalty Program

Build Loyalty Customer program

  • A llow customers to accumulate bonus points and rewards (gift and discount) when purchasing.

  • Set up flexible scoring rules: Bonus points are counted according to order value; the number of orders; the number of products purchased, etc.

  • Customize scope of usag by a single product, a particular product group, or to all products.

Build Loyalty Customer program - Viindoo Loyalty Program

Manage and set up reward rules based on accumulated points

  • Various ways of rewards: gifts (free gifts, buy 1 get 1 free], etc.), discounts.

  • Redemption rules: easily set the minimum number of points to redeem.

  • Allow manually adjusting points in special situations or usage needs.


Synchronize Loyalty program in Sales Orders  

  • Allow flexible usage of programs by selecting the existing programs, specified programs for each type of customer.

  • System will check the order information to apply eligible promotion program.

  • Suggest to reward by adding gift/discount products on sales order.

Synchronize Loyalty program in Sales Orders  - Viindoo Loyalty Program

Statistical bonus points report

  • Provide multidimensional statistical bonus point report in formats: pivot, graph (column, line, pie).

  • Monitor and review the effectiveness of the loyalty program based on the total reward points accumulated by customers via the programs: List of eligible customers; List of Sales Orders; Bonus point type (already redempted to reward).

Statistical bonus points report - Viindoo Loyalty Program
Statistical bonus points report - Viindoo Loyalty Program

  Fully integrated  with other Viindoo applications

Viindoo Loyalty Program integrates unlimitedly with applications within Viindoo All-in-one Enterprise Management Solutions



Convert opportunities into quotations and sales orders, receive payments quickly.


Point of Sale

Minimalist view, smooth payment, boost transaction speed in peak hours.

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