Viindoo HR Skills Framework Management Software

Viindoo HR Skills Management Framework supports building a suitable Human Resource Skills Framework for different roles, ranks, and job positions to clarify to employees about needed skills to promote their career path.

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Viindoo HR Skills Framework - Emphasize the human value in the business

Viindoo HR Skills Framework follows the "People-centric" core value, which is an indispensable part of Viindoo HRM software - Comprehensive Human Resource Management Solution.

For employees: Clearer career path

  • Clarify the duties, functions, and rights of each position in the company.
  • Set specific goals about the skills needed to achieve career goals.
  • Motivate individuals to hone their skills and make self-development.
Clearer career path
More effective human resource management

For managers: More effective human resource management

  • Facilitate effectiveness in the process of arranging, managing, and assigning work.
  • Help monitor and evaluate employee development.
  • Support employee recognition and rewards.

Viindoo HR Skills Framework - Optimize the human resource skills management development roadmap

Viindoo HR Skills Framework is compatible with SFIA (The Skills Framework for the Information Age), a model for describing and building the skills and competencies framework for working professionally in the era of information technology (ICT), software industry and digital transformation.

View the overall picture of personnel roles and positions

The Employee Role is set flexible to diverse job positions in different departments. For example: Sales Specialist in Sales Department. Thanks to that, managers can conveniently assign and arrange work.

The Employee Job Positions are easily set in Viindoo skills management software based on the specific job title. For example: Sales Manager, Purchasing Officer, Accountant, etc. Clear position identification of employees will elucidate duties and rights of employees.

The Employee Rank is automatically determined by the system based on employees' roles and grades.

The Employee Rank

Set HR skills in just 1 minute!

Job Skills classification - the ability to apply knowledge and understanding to particular practices. Specifically:

  • Languages: English, Japanese, Chinese
  • Soft skills: communication, presentation, negotiation
  • etc.

Skill Level classification by level of expertise:

  • Languages: according to language certificates: A1, A2, B1, B2, etc.
  • Soft skills: beginner, elementary, intermediate, advanced, expert.
  • Other skills are assessed by percentage, etc.
Job Skills classification
Manage the Skills Framework by Role

Manage the Skills Framework by Role:

  • Statistics required skill for each role.
  • Statistics on the number of employees and required skills for each rank.

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