Attendances Management App that standardize the attendance procedure

Allow to log in/logout manually in the Viindoo system by using the system login account to check in/out.

Integrate with the Biometric Attendance Device app and automatically record attendances through various methods (Fingerprint, Face, ID, Magnetic stripe card).

Flexibly apply to large enterprises, manufacturing companies to control a lot of employees by using Card swipe machines, entering PIN code.

Sync Employee Attendance data

 Sync and store all data in one system, ensuring accuracy and transparency. Support importing attendance data in .csv, .xlm.  
 Allow to configure flexible shifts in accordance with the specialized company (shift shielding, office shift). 
  Employees actively track and access their attendance information.

Sync Employee Attendance data - Viindoo Attendance

Automate the attendance data management  

Save time on manual processing for HR and Accounting department, ensure data accuracy, and apply flexibly  according to the actual terms of the companies.

  Compute automatically late coming and early leaving hours, total valid attendance hours, etc. of employees depending on the configured working hours in the labor contract.
   Attendance data are synced to the Viindoo Payroll app, serving as the basis for employees' salary computation.
 Match Overtime requests with employee attendance data to compute the actual overtime, or auto-recognize actual working hours in case of working flexible shifts, etc.

Automate the attendance data management  - Viindoo Attendance

Synthesize report and analyze attendance data under multi-criteria

Automated, real-time reports in varied criteria: Employees; time (Daily/Monthly/Quarterly/Annual attendance); valid working hours; Early leaving hours, Worked hours, etc.  

Provide the basis for managers to evaluate employee performance. 
Provide basis for Administrative and Accounting department to apply company’s rules and regulations for computing employees' salary and bonus.


Fully integrated with other Viindoo applications 



Set overtime plans,  automatically integrate with Payroll.



Monitor your employee contacts and any important data between your groups.



Paper-free leaves request & approval. Enable automatic payroll calculation.



Set up your payslips and calculate salary for each employee.

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