Main function of Viindoo Attendance application

Viindoo Attendance Management Software standardizes the attendance process in the Enterprise. As a component of HR software, Vindoo Attendance saves time spent on manual processing for HR and Accounting departments, ensures data accuracy, and can be flexibly applied to meet the needs of each business.

Synchronous storage of employee attendance data

 Storing and synchronizing attendance data on one system ensure accuracy and transparency.
Time attendance software supports uploading time attendance data in/out by excel file (.csv, .xml).
 Employers can arrange a flexible shift system according to specific business needs (office hours and overtime).
 Employees actively access to check their attendance records.

Sync Employee Attendance data - Viindoo Attendance

 Automate daily attendance data management

  Attendance Management Software automatically computes employees’ late coming and early leaving hours, total valid attendance hours, etc based on the working hours stipulated in the labor contract.
   Synchronize attendance data with the Payroll software for calculating salary.
 Match overtime requests with employee attendance data to compute the actual overtime, or auto-recognize actual working hours in case of working flexible shifts, etc.
   Save time on manual processing for HR and Accounting departments, ensure data accuracy, and apply flexibly according to the actual terms of the companies.

Automate the attendance data management  - Viindoo Attendance

Compile reports and analyze attendance data under multi-criteria

Automated, real-time reports under varied criteria: Employees; time (Daily/Monthly/Quarterly/Annual attendance); valid working hours; Early leaving hours, Worked hours, etc.
Attendance management software supports data analysis, allowing managers to accurately asset each employee's performance and accordingly implement regulations.


Viindoo Attendance fully integrates timekeeping support features

Combined with the card machine, enter the PIN code to record and control the time attendance and attendance of employees.

Allow manual login/logout right on the system to perform timekeeping

Integrated with Biometric timekeeper, automatic timekeeping by many methods (Fingerprint, Face, Code, Magnetic Card)

Frequently asked questions when using Viindoo Attendance software

Viindoo Attendance support allows users to use for free for 15 days with the regular version to experience the functions of the software for themselves. Thereby, you will have a better judgment. After the free trial period, you will need to purchase the software to get a more fully functional version upgrade.

There are two ways to use Viindoo Attendance:

  • Login into the application to do timekeeping
  • Import attendance data from the integrated timekeeper

For detail, please refer to Viindoo Attendance User Documentation

The pricing is calculated by month and by the number of users. With only 8$/month/user, you can use the attendance management software with many helpful functions for business administration from Viindoo.
Note: After trying the trial version for free for 15 days, please contact Viindoo via the hotline at 02257309838 to upgrade to the full version.

Does Viindoo Attendance software also integrate with other functions?

We will provide all businesses using Viindoo Attendance with Vindoo HRM - a comprehensive HR management solution for free! All applications in this suit are closely interconnected, allowing managers to manage their human resources with ease.

Fully integrated with other Viindoo applications 

Viindoo Overtime icon


Manage actual working time of personnel, record timekeeping on each task.

Viindoo Employee icon


Manage employees' leave, update and display on the general work schedule.

Viindoo Time off


Set overtime plans, automatically integrate with Payroll.



Set up your payslips and calculate salary for each employee.

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