Viindoo attendance software makes time attendance management easy

Time attendance management can be a time-consuming and challenging task for any organization. However, with the feature of automatically tracking timekeeping, public management for effective payroll... of Viindoo Attendance software , you can simplify processes. Let's find out more details through the article below. 

  • Accurately record working time, shifts, overtime, leave, and holidays.
  • Ensure transparency, reduce errors compared to manual salary calculation.
  • Helps significantly save time synthesizing labor and calculating salaries.
  • Good security, preventing employee information leakage and timekeeping fraud.
  • Ensure accuracy when applying the business's working policies (overtime and overtime policies).
  • Improve employee management capabilities in the enterprise.
  • Export Excel reports easily, helping management control working time compliance by each department and employee.

Businesses are wondering which software to choose? Discover the 7 best, free online timekeeping software today to be able to make the right choice

Viindoo Attendance free timekeeping software 

Viindoo timekeeping is an advanced timekeeping application with many advanced features to meet the needs of businesses. This application automates the timekeeping and salary calculation process for employees without requiring manual data entry as before. 

Viindoo Attendance synchronizes and standardizes the personnel timekeeping process for businesses. This software is developed on both computer and phone platforms, bringing convenience to all employees participating in timekeeping.

In particular, the application is integrated with other modules in the Viindoo HR sofware such as personnel record management and payroll calculation. Thanks to this integration, businesses can save time when performing timekeeping and payroll tasks for human resources and accounting departments.

Tanca is an advanced timekeeping application in Vietnam

Salient features:

  • Automatic time recording and tracking: Simplify timekeeping management
  • Integrating timekeeping devices: Viindoo Attendance has the ability to connect with a variety of devices and timekeeping methods such as Biometric timekeeping machines, recording automatic check-in by many methods (Fingerprint, Face, Code , Magnetic card), card swiping machine,...
  • Timekeeping policies can be customized to meet the diverse needs of shifts and working hours of every business
  • Reporting and analysis: Easily create and set up report templates on timekeeping, employee working hours, etc. thanks to the report templates available in the software.
Acheckin software is an effective timekeeping solution
Reporting and analysis

Wise Eye On timekeeping software 39

Wise Eye On 39 was first launched in 2008, and is one of the leading timekeeping software in Vietnam. Wise Eye On39 is a management software used in conjunction with timekeeping machines, including touch card timekeepers and fingerprint timekeepers, from popular brands such as Wise Eye, Ronald Jack, ZKTeco is very popular in the market.

Salient features:

  • Integrates facial timekeeping and biometric identification capabilities, supporting door management.
  • Employee performance tracking and reporting features.
  • It's free to use with an app suitable for both small and medium businesses.
Tanca is an advanced timekeeping application in Vietnam
Wise Eye On 39 is one of the leading timekeeping software

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TimeSOFT online timekeeping software

TimeSOFT timekeeping software was developed by TimeSOFT company, a product of a unit with many years of experience in the field of business management software development. Designed with a capacity of only 56.5MB, TimeSOFT is compact in size and easy to install. The cost of using this software may vary depending on the specific type of business.

Salient features:

  • Automatically store employee information and timekeeping data.
  • Extract check-in reports easily.
  • Supported on Windows platforms.
  • The software requires usage costs, please contact the publisher directly for detailed price information.
Acheckin software is an effective timekeeping solution
TimeSOFT timekeeping software has a simple interface

Timekeeping software on Wisami phones

Wisami is a timekeeping application designed for Android and iPhone devices, being used by many businesses, including stores, restaurants, factories and offices. Wisami GO - Wisami's mobile application gives businesses the ability to manage employee work time and holidays directly from their mobile device.

This application constantly updates data in real time to help businesses closely monitor employee timekeeping status. Wisami offers a free trial period of up to 15 days to give users the opportunity to evaluate the app's features and convenience.

Salient features:

  • Timekeeping via GPS/WIFI directly via browser and WISAMI GO application.
  • Timekeeping is accompanied by taking photos directly from the camera.
  • Anti-fraud: Each employee can only clock time on a single device.
  • Manage timekeeping staff in the suburbs: Record timekeeping locations on digital maps.
  • Connect data from fingerprint device.
  • Create and manage leave applications.
  • Manage vacation funds.
  • Calculate wages automatically according to company policy.
  • Manage personnel records and contract terms.
  • Export reports automatically in Excel format at the end of each month.
Tanca is an advanced timekeeping application in Vietnam
Wisami is a timekeeping application that is being used by many businesses

Acheckin GPS timekeeping software

Acheckin software is an effective timekeeping solution for businesses, especially for small to medium sized businesses. With a variety of timekeeping methods such as wifi, FaceID, GPS, QR codes, Acheckin meets the needs of many types of businesses and increases flexibility in human resource management.

Acheckin's simple and easy-to-use interface helps users access and utilize the software effectively. Furthermore, this software can be installed on mobile applications (Android and iOS) or online, with optimal capacity to save memory space and optimize system performance.

Salient features:

  • Diverse timekeeping methods
  • Easily create and adjust work shifts
  • Process proposals quickly
  • Export salary slips directly on the application
Acheckin software is an effective timekeeping solution
Acheckin software is an effective timekeeping solution

MITACO personal timekeeping software

Mitaco is an online timekeeping application running on the Access platform. This is one of the first timekeeping applications and is often integrated with older timekeeping machines similar to Wise Eye.

Mitaco stands out with its ability to retrieve working hours and provide attendance reports as Excel files. In particular, Mitaco is a completely free application, easy to install, use and has a capacity suitable for most time and time access devices on the market.

Salient features:

  • Track working time of all employees.
  • Provides timesheet templates by month, day and time in Excel format.
  • Supported on Windows operating system.
  • There are usage costs, please contact the supplier to receive the latest quote.

Mitaco is one of the first timekeeping applications

Tanca fingerprint and face time attendance software

Tanca is an advanced timekeeping application in Vietnam, supporting both online and offline modes. Tanca supports reading timekeeping data for complex work shift systems.

Tanca is compatible with many popular timekeeping machines such as Zkteco, Ronald Jack, Wise Eye,... This software provides many features to support timekeeping processes, including applying for leave, leaving early, work, create shifts and synthesize work...

Salient features:

  • Supports both Web version and mobile timekeeping application.
  • Compatible with most current timekeeping machines, capable of reading timekeeping data from them.
  • The installation size on computer is only 10MB, on Android it is 25MB and on iOS it is 60.3MB.
  • Tanca offers a free offline version and has a paid version for businesses with higher needs.
Tanca is an advanced timekeeping application in Vietnam
Tanca is an advanced timekeeping application in Vietnam

Criteria for choosing the right HR timekeeping software​

With a variety of timekeeping support software on the market today, businesses are wondering which tool is best to choose? Then please refer to the criteria to choose the appropriate HR timekeeping tool below:

  • Track attendance accurately: Timekeeping software must be able to automatically track employee attendance accurately. At the same time, the software must also allow users to adjust the time if necessary.
  • Performing online timekeeping: Online timekeeping, without needing to install equipment, is popular with many businesses. Although it may cost a bit, online timekeeping software helps businesses manage human resources very effectively.
  • Notifications and warnings: You need to choose software that is capable of notifying personnel-related issues so that you can manage and respond quickly to any arising situations.
  • Automatically generate reports: Timekeeping software must be able to synthesize data and create reports automatically, helping businesses easily track and manage employees.
  • Analyze employee timekeeping: This feature will help users convert timekeeping data into charts and specific analytical data, serving employee management.
  • Support for salary calculation: Timekeeping software needs to be integrated with salary calculation capabilities to help businesses make salary payments to employees accurately, limiting errors.
  • Offline operation: Timekeeping software needs to be able to operate in an offline environment to ensure work is not interrupted when internet connection is lost.


Can a time attendance management system integrate with other HR or management software?

Yes, attendance management systems can often be easily integrated with comprehensive management software, modules in Viindoo HRM (Human Resource Management), Viindoo Payroll Management, Viindoo Project Management and applications. This integration enables a comprehensive overview of human resource data, helping to manage attendance, payroll, employee information, and project allocation more efficiently.

Attendance data can be used for various analytics, such as identifying absenteeism patterns, evaluating the effectiveness of attendance policies, planning for employees or resource allocation, and identifying potential issues that affect productivity or learning outcomes.

Viindoo's timekeeping software is completely free when you use the application in Viindoo's ecosystem. Starting from the 2nd application using integration, we will apply software costs per number of users / month. Details can be found here.

In short, Viindoo attendance software provides automatic time tracking, customizable policies, reporting and makes it easy for any organization to implement. With features designed to improve accuracy, streamline payroll processes, and ensure compliance with attendance policies. Viindoo makes time attendance management simple and hassle-free. 

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Viindoo attendance software makes time attendance management easy
Jun Nguyen March 18, 2024