5+ Best online employee timekeeping software today

Attendance software supports managers to understand the details of employees' working time to serve as a basis for salary calculation and monthly evaluation. All timekeeping processes will be automatically standardized. 

Viindoo Attendance​

Viindoo Attendance standardizes all personnel attendance processes for businesses. The software is developed on both computer and phone platforms, thus, ensuring convenience for individuals participating in timekeeping. More specifically, the software is also integrated with other models in the Viindoo HRM human resource management software suite. As a result, businesses can save time in payroll and other operations of the human resources and accounting departments.

Attendance software

Easy personnel attendance with Viindoo Attendance

Advantages of Viindoo Attendance software:

  • Synchronous storage of employee attendance data
  • Automate daily attendance data management
  • Synthesize reports and analyze attendance data in/out criteria
  • Integrated with Biometric timekeeper, allowing time attendance in many methods (Fingerprint, Face, Code, Magnetic Card).
  • Integrate with payroll software to support accounting operations

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Hikvision free online timekeeping software

Hikvision's free online timekeeping software is a convenient solution for businesses with many branches, factories with many workshops and chain stores. This software allows users to manage timekeeping remotely via the Internet, helping to save time and costs for employee management. Key features of Hikvision software include:

  • Businesses can set schedules, create attendance lists, and open doors to manage who comes in and out
  • The software can connect the timekeeper to LAN or Wifi, bringing convenience and flexibility to users during use.
  • Hikvision supports remote time attendance management via domain name, static IP and eHome protocol. From there, users can check employees' working hours in any office and perform timekeeping remotely.
  • The management software stores all user information and has backup features to ensure data security in case the timekeeper breaks down.
  • Data is automatically transmitted to the management computer, ensuring safety and reducing the risk of losing timekeeping data in case the timekeeper has network connection problems.
  • The software also features automatic scheduled data backup, ensuring the safety of the entire system and protecting data from risks such as virus-infected computers.
  • Schedule days when the business is not open and days off that do not require timekeeping to support the payroll process
attendance software
Hikvision timekeeping software is suitable for businesses with many branches

MITACO personal attendance software

MITACO runs on the Access platform. The software provides detailed timesheets by hour, day, month and year in Excel file format. As a result, managers can easily access employee working hours. Moreover, the application can be installed and used in accordance with most other timekeeping devices.

Timekeeping support software

MITACO software user interface

Advantages of MITACO timekeeping tool:

  • Retrieve employee's time to and from work
  • Provide detailed daily timesheet templates, support to export monthly timesheets in excel.
  • Use on Windows platform

Note: This is a paid software

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Wisami computer timekeeping software

Wisami is a marking software that helps businesses manage employee working time accurately, securely and automatically. Wisami continuously updates data in real time, helping managers have a detailed view of each employee's work activities. This application is equipped with a series of impressive features such as:

  • Timekeeping via Wifi/GPS directly on mobile application: Users can timekeeping via mobile phone application using Wifi/GPS recognition technology, helping to determine exact location when timekeeping .
  • Wifi timekeeping on the website: Employees can timekeeping via the company's website, creating flexibility and convenience for the timekeeping process.
  • Automatic timekeeping when arriving at the office: The application can automatically record the time employees arrive at the office without having to take any action.
  • Real-time photo recognition when timekeeping: The application has the ability to take photos immediately when users clock in, ensuring accuracy and preventing fraud during the timekeeping process.
  • Integrating fingerprint device data: The application has the ability to integrate data from fingerprint devices, increasing security and accuracy in the timekeeping process.
  • Easily manage information from anywhere: Businesses can manage employee information which can be done from any location, as long as there is an internet connection.
  • Report the number of times employees go late or leave early in a month: The application provides detailed reports on the number of times employees go late or leave early in a specific month, helping managers monitor their work performance. .
  • Manage employee information, automatically calculate vacation days: The application allows managers to easily manage employees' personal information, labor contracts and automatically calculate their vacation funds, helping to maximize employee information. Optimize the human resources management process.
attendance softwareWisami software helps businesses manage employee working time

Free time attendance software Wise Eye

Wise Eye is software developed by Vietnamese people. This time attendance system provides many modern time attendance solutions such as face time attendance, fingerprint biometrics, control at the office door... Moreover, the application also has the function of tracking and reporting status. Employee attendance, absence, lateness...

Attendance software

Wise Eye supports timekeeping with fingerprint biometrics, face recognition

Advantages of the Wise Eye timekeeping system:

  • Free to use on the Windows platform
  • Allow timekeeping in various modern forms
  • Integrate the ability to track employee time reports

Fingerprint time attendance tool TAS - ERP

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  • Declare employee information when clocking time: Employee information will be displayed when they clock time using fingerprints. From this information data, businesses will calculate salaries, manage holidays and leave of each employee more accurately.
  • Manage employee leave registration: Managers can monitor employee leave registration, including: Daily leave, annual leave, sick leave, unpaid leave...
  • Download data from timekeeping machines: Businesses can connect and access data from fingerprint timekeeping machines, use this data to calculate salaries, track attendance...
  • Create shift schedule: Software helps users build and manage employee work schedules during different shifts. Based on this roster, managers can ensure enough human resources in each shift.
  • Manage swipe data: The software will store and manage data about the fingerprint scanning process when employees clock in. This data will include: Timekeeping history, employee check-in/out times and other information related to timekeeping.
  • Synthesize and process data: Software supports synthesizing and processing employee timekeeping data. From this data, TAS - ERP will help businesses calculate salaries, timekeeping statistics and create reports and charts to track employee performance.
Fingerprint time attendance tool TAS - ERP
Timekeeping tool TAS - ERP has the ability to automatically update timekeeping data

Acheckin personal timekeeping software

Acheckin is timekeeping software that integrates modern artificial intelligence technology cameras. The software is used on both iPhone and Android devices. The main purpose of the software is to support businesses in managing employee timekeeping information, controlling the number of days off, going to work... accurately and easily. Outstanding features of Acheckin software:

  • Timekeeping via facial recognition: Employees can log in and perform timekeeping via facial recognition quickly and easily, without needing to take as much time as traditional paper timekeeping methods. , Fingerprint…
  • Modern timekeeping with QR code: Employees will be provided with a QR code at time of attendance and just need to scan this code to confirm their arrival and departure time.
    Information about internal activities of the business: Businesses can create and notify internal activities such as events, meetings or leave schedules for employees right on the software conveniently and quickly.
  • Managing enterprise project information: The application allows businesses to manage projects, track status and collect statistical information about the implementation of these activities.
  • Managing the condition of the business's facilities: With Acheckin, businesses can manage internal facilities such as: Office rooms, equipment, computers... more effectively. From there, businesses will save costs and optimize the use of physical resources.

TimeSOFT phone timekeeping software

The unique feature of TimeSOFT is that the software supports online timekeeping right on the phone, which is extremely convenient. In addition, the software can be used in conjunction with fingerprint or facial recognition software such as Ronald Jack, Wise Eye, etc. Therefore, personnel can easily time attendance when coming to the company and the retrieval time is also correct. more precise. In addition, the software also has a function to manage devices that are linked to TimeSOFT for timekeeping.

Phone timekeeping software

Manage the list of timekeepers through TimeSOFT software

The advantages of TimeSOFT software:

  • Fully manage employee information such as full name, date of birth.
  • User-friendly interface, easy to use
  • Support time attendance management, monitor the status of late arrival, late return or overtime time of employees.
  • Allows managers to know the list of devices connected to the software
  • Support to export timekeeping report file by Excel
  • Use on Windows operating system

Note: This is a paid software

Xworkerbee timekeeping app on the phone

XWokerBee is a perfect solution for timekeeping and payroll management right on the phone application. With the shift timekeeping feature, the application can also accurately record employee time at work. In addition, users can also flexibly set salary calculation coefficients and perform salary calculations automatically based on the app's superior features. Xworkerbee timekeeping app possesses many features such as:

  • Checkin and checkout feature by app: Employees can check the time they enter and leave the workplace right on their mobile phone, helping to save time and reduce the possibility of errors in the process of recording working hours. 
  • Leave request feature: This feature allows employees to request leave and send this request to the manager or department for approval. This helps businesses manage and approve employee leave requests more quickly and easily.
  • Late request, early leave function: This feature allows employees to request permission to change working hours, be it late or leave early, and send this request to the manager or department for approval. From there, managers can flexibly manage employees' working time based on the actual situation without having to spend too much effort.
  • Reporting function: This feature allows managers to collect and display information about employee timekeeping and leave activities in the system. These reports will help managers monitor work performance, compile data and quickly calculate salaries based on statistical data.

FTA online time attendance software

FTA timekeeping system is written on .Net 3.5 platform with C# programming language. Therefore, the software supports the latest Firebird / MS SQL database administration. FTA has amazing operation ability, automatically calculates, finds work shifts and supports to deal with night shifts, broken shifts, etc. This is considered an effective solution that many businesses choose to manage. staff manager.

Attendance software

Instructions for using FTA time attendance software

Advantages of software FTA:

  • Interface using Vietnamese language, easy to understand, simple to get used to
  • Support to register overtime and overtime schedules for employees
  • Provide a variety of reporting systems and timesheet templates.
  • Can be connected to timekeepers such as WiseEye, Mita, Suprema, Virdi, Realand...

Base Checkin free phone timekeeping software

Base Checkin is a free mobile timekeeping software used by many businesses. The software is supported on Android devices, supporting businesses in managing and controlling employee timekeeping data in real time. Timekeeping data will be automatically updated to help businesses evaluate and perform salary calculations more accurately. Outstanding features of Base Checkin software:

  • Update timekeeping data from all devices: Software allows businesses to integrate data from many different types of timekeeping devices, including: Fingerprint machines, magnetic card swipe machines and identification applications face.
  • Perform timekeeping online via phone: Employees can timekeeping from any location with an internet connection via their mobile phone.
  • Update employee timekeeping data in real time: Timekeeping data will always be updated and displayed in real time. This helps businesses easily check and manage employee timekeeping information as soon as necessary
  • Timekeeping information is displayed in detail: Employee timekeeping information including full name, position, department, timekeeping time... will be displayed in detail. From there, businesses can manage timekeeping work transparently and accurately, minimizing errors.

Tanca fingerprint attendance software

Tanca is a new generation of free fingerprint timekeeping software. The application allows users to time attendance online and offline. Moreover, Tanca can be compatible with many fingerprint timekeepers on the market such as Wise Eye, Ronald Jack… Another function of the software is to process requests for leave, overtime or overtime work of employees. In addition, the software also allows managers to decentralize access and secure corporate information.

Timekeeping software

Update timekeeping trends in the 4.0 era with Tanca

The advantages of Tanca software:

  • Use on both web and app system
  • Free software
  • Accurately calculate the time to work, shift, create leave applications, leave early and leave late for employees.
  • Read and analyze attendance data from timekeepers and from Shift's complex systems

How to choose the most suitable human resources timekeeping tool for your business?

With a variety of timekeeping support software on the market today, businesses are wondering which tool is best to choose? Then please refer to the criteria to choose the appropriate HR timekeeping tool below:

  • Track attendance accurately: Timekeeping software must be able to automatically track employee attendance accurately. At the same time, the software must also allow users to adjust the time if necessary.
  • Performing online timekeeping: Online timekeeping, without needing to install equipment, is popular with many businesses. Although it may cost a bit, online timekeeping software helps businesses manage human resources very effectively.
  • Notifications and warnings: You need to choose software that is capable of notifying personnel-related issues so that you can manage and respond quickly to any arising situations.
  • Automatically generate reports: Timekeeping software must be able to synthesize data and create reports automatically, helping businesses easily track and manage employees.
  • Analyze employee timekeeping: This feature will help users convert timekeeping data into charts and specific analytical data, serving employee management.
  • Support for salary calculation: Timekeeping software needs to be integrated with salary calculation capabilities to help businesses make salary payments to employees accurately, limiting errors.
  • Offline operation: Timekeeping software needs to be able to operate in an offline environment to ensure work is not interrupted when internet connection is lost.

Here is a list of commonly used attendance software today. Hopefully with Viindoo's share, you've got more information to choose from. If you need more detailed advice on Viindoo Attendance software, don't hesitate to contact hotline 0225 730 9838 for support!

5+ Best online employee timekeeping software today
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