Based on many years of experience in researching and implementing Business Management Software Solutions, we develop Viindoo Software Solutions Technology Transfer training programs suitable for each business. Through these transfer training programs, enterprises will master the technology and be able to actively apply the Solution to their production and business activities in a methodical and effective way.

    What can you get by using our Training Service?

    • Managers understand how the software works, easily get accurate and instant data through reports, apply modern management knowledge to implement to their businesses.
    • Employees are systematized with professional knowledge and technology application guidance to reduce work load, enhance teamwork and manage workflow through advanced automation tools.
    • Save time and have the proper orientation, increase the chances of success when implementing the Solution.
    • The set of training materials and video clips from Viindoo's leading experts help businesses save time in re-instructing new employees instead of re-organizing training sessions from scratch, which is energy and time-consuming.

    Viindoo Commitment

    • Routed training, from start to finish: ensuring software applicability up to 90%.
    • Business leaders are made aware of the management knowledge from the management principles behind the software.
    • Trained by a team of experts who have certificates in accounting, deep understanding of software, and many years of experience in consulting and implementation.
    • Committed to quality, accompanying businesses by 24/7 support team.
    • Provide the right tools and knowledge in case of in-house IT self-deployment.

    Training Duration

    Basic package

    32 hours

    • Requirements: Must have expertise in business operations (accountants, sales specialists...)

    • Price: $1280 USD
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    Advanced package

    19.5 hours

    • Requirements: Need to experience the Basic package or have basic knowledge of common software operations...

    • Price: $810 USD
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    Intensive package

    9 hours

    • Requirements: Need to experience the Advanced package or have knowledge of Technology, basic python programming, understand the software structure.
    • Price: $270 USD
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