Download the latest Excel timesheet template file 2024 [SUMMARY]

Your business needs to find the timesheet template to manage employees and easily calculate month-end salaries. So download the timesheet template now ANDxcel daily, hourly, and weekly, according to circular 200, overtime introduced in this article of Viindoo. See now!

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Latest daily timesheet template 2023

Timekeeping by day is how to timekeeping employees The most common today, is done 2 times/day. Sample daily timesheet record the start and end time of work, the number of working hours in the day of the employee. This information is used to calculate the salary for each employee and helps leaders have an overview of effectively managing human resources.

Daily timesheet template latest 2023 here: Daily timesheet.

timesheet template
Sample daily timesheet

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A sample timesheet for morning and afternoon shift

The employee simply fills in their start and end times for each shift, and the total hours worked for the day are calculated automatically. This ensures accurate recording of working hours for each employee, making it easy for employers to manage and track their workforce.

Download: Here

A sample timesheet for morning and afternoon shiftA sample timesheet for morning and afternoon shift

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Hourly timesheet template

Hourly timekeeping is the most commonly used method of managing employees' working hours in businesses. Timesheet template hourly help managers grasp the attendance situation of employees and ensure that employees comply with regulations and company rules on working hours.

It should be noted that the hourly timesheet may include overtime (overtime) or break (leave, leave,...). Therefore, businesses need to adjust and reasonably compensate for hours to avoid errors or disputes about salary.

Hourly timesheet template here: Hourly timesheet template.

Hourly timesheet template
Hourly timesheet template

Sample 2: Here

Sample 2Sample 2

Sample timesheet according to Circular 200

A timesheet template according to Circular 200 is one of the timesheet templates that are introduced and required to be used by law. The use of this timesheet template ensures accuracy and transparency in calculating salaries and allowances for employees.

Enterprises need to pay attention to recording the contents and storing the timesheet following regulations, to avoid encountering risks related to violations of labor laws.

Circular timesheet sample 200 here: FILE DOCS FILE EXCEL

Circular timesheet sample 200Circular timesheet sample 200

Sample timesheet according to Circular 133

Here is the timesheet according to Circular 133.

Download: Here

timesheet according to Circular 133Timesheet according to Circular 133

Sample timesheet according to Circular 177

The timesheet template according to Circular 107 usually includes basic information such as employee name, employee code, date, test questions if the employee is absent, time in and out, actual working hours, and number of hours worked. overtime, etc.

Download: Here

Sample timesheet according to Circular 200
Sample timesheet according to Circular 200

Download the overtime timesheet: Here

overtime timeshee
Overtime timesheet

Sample weekly timesheet

Sample timesheets by week are not commonly used. However, this timesheet is the first choice of businesses that need to report progress periodically or apply a weekly salary regime. This is an effective management tool to track the work of employees in departments and departments every week.

When using a weekly timesheet, it is important to specify the start and end times of each week to ensure accuracy.

Weekly timesheet template here: Sample timesheet by weekor

Weekly timesheet template
Sample weekly timesheet

Sample timesheet for overtime

A timesheet for overtime is an important type of accounting voucher in recording the actual working day of overtime. Because the overtime salary is different from the hourly salary. Therefore, it is necessary to separate the overtime timesheet to minimize errors.

Loadovertime timesheet template here: Timesheet template for overtime.

Sample timesheet for overtimeTimesheet template for overtime

Production timesheet sample

A production timesheet template is a form used for timekeeping for employees in production workshops. However, the implementation of this timesheet is often quite complicated because workers often work overtime and have many shift shifts. Therefore, the timekeeping management at the manufacturing company needs to be very careful and thorough.

Production timesheet template here: Production timesheet template.

timesheet template
Production timesheet template

Teacher timesheet template

Teacher timesheets are an important part of the salary calculation and teaching quality management of the teaching staff. Timesheets not only motivate teachers to come to class on time but also increase discipline and improve teaching efficiency. Information teacher timesheet template will be used to calculate salaries and allowances for teachers for the month.

Teacher timesheet template here: Teacher timesheet template.

teacher timesheetTeacher timesheet

Sample English timesheet

An English timesheet template is a timekeeping form that records an employee's working hours in English. This English timesheet template is often used by businesses operating internationally, foreign companies operating in Vietnam,... or businesses that need to use English as a language. main at work.

In addition to the benefits of using timesheets, English timesheets contribute to creating professionalism and increasing internationality for businesses. However, for the timekeeping process to go smoothly, there should be support and training for employees on how to use the English timesheet properly.

English timesheet template here: English timesheet template.

English timesheet templateEnglish timesheet template
English timesheet template

Advantages and disadvantages of using timesheet templates


The appearance of countless free timesheet templates on the Internet can bring certain benefits to businesses.

  • Save time: Since there is no need to design and create timesheets from scratch, using the free templates helps businesses save time and focus more on other management activities.
  • Ease of use: Free timesheets often have a simple design that is easy to use and edit. Users can download and customize it to fit the operation of the business.
  • Cost savings: Cost savings are considered an outstanding advantage when choosing free timekeeping forms. Businesses do not need to spend expenses on hiring employees to create timesheets as well as buy time management software.


Besides some outstanding advantages, the use of free timekeeping templates also has many limitations in management:

  • Not optimized for specific business needs: Free timesheet templates are often designed in a general way, not suitable for the unique needs of each specific business.
  • Accuracy may not be guaranteed: The free timesheet template may not have been designed to meet technical standards and legal requirements, so timesheet accuracy may not be guaranteed.
  • Information may not be secure: Free forms often do not have data security because all users can access and download them. Therefore, important business data can be easily copied and exposed.
  • Difficult to aggregate information: Using individual time attendance files will affect the process of Employee salary management.

In summary, despite certain advantages, the widespread use of free forms on the internet can present extremely serious risks for businesses. Not only is it not suitable for the specifics of the business, but the free timekeeping template also increases the risk of data theft and even exposes the business to legal violations.

Therefore, using the free online timesheet template is an economical solution and is only suitable for small businesses with limited financial resources. In the long run, businesses should use professional timekeeping software to ensure accuracy, security, and convenience.

Viindoo Attendance: Simple and professional attendance

Timekeeping software Viindoo Attendance is a comprehensive resource management software in the 4.0 era with intelligent features, completely overcoming the limitations of the free timesheet template. Viindoo Attendance helps businesses reduce costs, save time and optimize resources in timekeeping and human resource management. The advantages of Viindoo Attendance are:

  • Automate the attendance and data collection process; Synchronize data from fingerprint, face, magnetic card, or keyboard time attendance devices, meeting all operating sizes of businesses.
  • Gather data from timekeepers into a single data source to eliminate the risks of manual data entry, saving time and effort.
  • Secure employee information with multiple levels of decentralization and protect data with advanced encryption technologies, helping to avoid risks related to information theft.
  • Provide detailed time and attendance reports, and analyze employee performance for easy monitoring.

Discover Viindoo Attendance Software

Automates your business's attendance process. Easily to integrate with diverse types of timekeeping device.

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Support salary calculation, allowance calculation, and other salary regimes. Hope the timesheet template The latest 2023 that Viindoo has introduced will become an effective assistant for many businesses in human resource management. If you need more advice about our timekeeping solution, please contact the hotline at 02257309838 for quick support.

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Download the latest Excel timesheet template file 2024 [SUMMARY]
Jun Nguyen May 6, 2023