Viindoo SaaS
Run your business in the cloud

Easily access up-to-the-minute company data from any device, wherever and whenever you need it. Viindoo SaaS ensures the secure storage of your data and maintains its currency across all your devices.

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Viindoo SaaS Subscription

Viindoo's software is provided through a flexible subscription format suitable for all businesses, allowing them to maximize costs with various options.

 Costs based on the actual number of users. 

 Flexible on many devices such as laptop, phone, tablet, etc.

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Viindoo SaaS vs. Traditional ERP Software

Why should businesses switch to a cloud based Enterprise Management Software?

Viindoo SaaS

Traditional ERP Software

Initial investment cost

= 0

= Server & infrastructure ownership cost + operating cost + server room cost + bills of electricity & internet + cost for operating and maintenance team.

Cost incurred

= 0

= Upgrade cost + maintenance cost + repair cost + new installation cost


Flexible on many devices such as laptop, phone, tablet, etc. as long as they are connected to the Internet.

Required installed computers/laptop/PC


Online support with available documentations and instructional videos.

On-site support only


Data is stored on cloud computing platform and backed up automatically with firewall encryption performed by a team of security experts, ensuring risk reduction and quick recovery.

Enterprises manage their data, leading to potential risk of data loss because of server damage. The level of security depends on the ability of the company's dedicated IT team.


Automatic feature updates. Ready to expand in accordance with the development of the enterprise. Ability to integrate with 3rd parties complying to the specific needs of enterprises.

Fixed and limited features. Limitation to updates and, expansions. In many cases, it is necessary to completely rebuild a different system.

Viindoo SaaS - The full stack platform

High availability

Partner with reputable server providers 
guarantee 99.9% monthly uptime.

Data Safety

Level-III-certified data center ensures complete data integrity and availability.

Backup and recovery

14 automatic backups and manual backups and download at anytime


8 types of security, 256-bit SSL encryption

PBKDF2 + SHA512 encryption, etc.​​

Email Server

Unlimited, pre-configured email gateways, for seamless communication

Around-the-Clock Monitoring

24/7 monitoring and maintenance
ensure optimal performance

Unleash your growth potential​ 

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