Viindoo SaaS

No more worries about software systems and technology infrastructure. Viindoo helps businesses focus on enhancing operational and administrative efficiency.

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About Viindoo SaaS

Viindoo SaaS is based on cloud computing, assisting businesses in operational and managerial processes on only one platform. It can be accessed anytime, anywhere, from any device.
Viindoo SaaS model

 Traditional software

Initial investment cost = Server & infrastructure ownership cost + operating cost + server room cost + bills of electricity & internet + cost for operating and maintenance team.

  • Cost incurred =   Upgrade cost + maintenance cost + repair cost + new installation cost
  • Access: Required installed computers/laptop/PC                                  
  • Support: On-site support only                                                                            
  • Security: Enterprises manage their data, leading to potential risk of data loss because of server damage. The level of security depends on the ability of the company's dedicated IT team.
  • Scalability: Fixed and limited features. Limitation to updates and, expansions. In many cases, it is necessary to completely rebuild a different system.                                                                                                             

 Viindoo SaaS

Initial investment cost = 0

  • Cost incurred =   Software rental cost by period                                  
  • Access: Flexible on many devices such as laptop, phone, tablet, etc. as long as they are connected to the Internet.
  • Support: Online support with available documentations and instructional videos.
  • Security: Data is stored on cloud computing platform and backed up automatically with firewall encryption performed by a team of security experts, ensuring risk reduction and quick recovery.
  • Scalability: Automatic feature updates. Ready to expand in accordance with the development of the enterprise. Ability to integrate with 3rd parties complying to the specific needs of enterprises.                                                                                  

Price policy for Viindoo SaaS

Monthly rental costs based on the actual number of applications and users.


The service fee includes the following benefits:

    Ensure the infrastructure to operate continuously, maintain uptime 99.99%; 

    Secure HTTPS with 2048-bit modular SSL certificates;

    Unlimited bandwidth and storage space;

    Backup data (14 automatic copies + 3 manual copies);

    Free system maintenance;

    Free auto-upgrade (for available features);

    Free to use Viindoo Mobile Apps;

    Lifetime support via Email, Ticket, Live-chat, Forum (until agreement ends);

    Support to repair errors arising from available modules for 3 years of use.

Why you should choose Viindoo

A comprehensive technology strategy requires a worthy companion.    

Team of experts

 Over 10 years of experience in deploying technology solutions for many large domestic and foreign companies.

 System security and operation technicians are well trained and committed to maintaining the system at the most efficient level.

 Professional support team, experienced in consulting and applying technology in enterprises.


Strict security

 A-rated web connections are protected with state-of-the-art 256-bit SSL encryption, always patched, ensuring full SHA-2 certificate chains.

 Passwords are protected with PBKDF2 + SHA512 encryption.

 Data center access control by biometric security. Surveillance cameras and 24/7 on-site monitoring staff are available.


Efficient features

 Flexible to scale up. Easily integrate with third parties to fulfill Enterprise's specific demands.

  Meet both the demands for technology infrastructure and a comprehensive feature, including ERP, CRM, Marketing, E-commerce, BI, IoT, etc.

 Automatically update new features. Back up data regularly.


Our commitment

 Guaranteed uptime commitment - 99%.

 Support system maintenance, automatically upgrade available features. 

 24/7 support through various channels such as Email, Ticket, Live-chat, Forum, etc.

 Guaranteed disaster recovery after 04 hours for paid system, 08 hours for free trial.

Trusted by 1000+ domestic and foreign enterprises

Leveraging Technology as a Launchpad for Successful Digital Transformation

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