10 simple and best online HRM software

Human resources software supports employee management and overall human resource management. Below are the TOP 10 best online HRM software to use

Phần mềm nhân sự is software that supports the human resource management of businesses, helping to simplify processes related to company personnel such as managing personnel profile information, recruiting employees, training and Work management, employee performance. On the market today, there are many human resource management software launched with many different names such as: HR Software (Human Resources); HRM (Human Resource Management) software; HCM Software (Human Capital Management)... So which human resource management application should you use? Join Viindoo to find out in the article below.

Review of 10 well-rated HRM software in 2024

To choose the best HRMs software , please refer to the following 10 effective online human resources software reviewed below:

Viindoo HRM professional human resource management software

Viindoo HRM is a human resources software system developed with the principle of "taking human resources as the center". This system helps businesses develop and maximize the strengths of their human resources team by fully automating and optimizing human resource management activities. The software is suitable for all businesses of all sizes, from small businesses to large enterprises.

Not only that, an outstanding strength of Viindoo HRM is the ability to easily integrate with other management software such as Project Management, Accounting, Sales, Project Management, Production... to create into a comprehensive ecosystem that manages all operations in the enterprise. Currently, Viindoo has a PERMANENT FREE policy when registering to use any application. Or if businesses want to fully experience the features of Viindoo human resources management software, they can register for a 15-day free trial.

Phần mềm nhân sự
Viindoo HRM's comprehensive suite of applications

Outstanding features of Viindoo HRM human resource management software:

  • Create, classify, store and manage personnel records
  • Manage the recruitment process, automatically optimize candidate attraction, selection and evaluation activities.
  • Manage working time, overtime, standardize check-in/out time processes, track employee leave
  • Salary calculation and automatic salary management, advance management
  • Manage training and online learning systems
  • Track human resource and management performance according to Objectives and Key Results
  • Build a human resources skills framework
  • Manage personnel expenses, manage meals for employees...
  • Report human resource status visually in real time
Phần mềm hrm
Viindoo HRM has strong integration and connectivity capabilities

Simple human resource management software SSOFT LUCKY HRM

Human resource management software - SSOFT LUCKY HRM is released by Ssoft Vietnam Technology Joint Stock Company. The software has many functions such as timekeeping, salary and bonus calculations, tracking employee work progress... well meeting the needs of professional human resource management. Furthermore, these features are all designed and developed based on Vietnamese labor laws. In addition, the simple and easy-to-use interface is also a plus point for SSOFT LUCKY HRM software.

Outstanding features of human resources software SSOFT LUCKY HRM:

  • Overall management of human resources and automation of tasks related to personnel administration, paperwork...
  • Manage detailed information and data of employees such as personnel code, date of birth, gender, insurance book, address, phone...
  • Manage and monitor information about labor contracts such as contract duration, probationary contract, official contract
  • Manage candidate application files and interview process of candidates. 
  • Manage employee policies and resolve requests for job transfers, salary increases, and job position changes based on ability.

The disadvantage of this employee management software is that it is expensive and requires a large investment budget.

Phần mềm nhân sự

Interface of SSOFT LUCKY HRM software

SV-HRIS human resource information software

SV-HRIS is not only a human resources information management system but also an optimal human resource management solution. This software can be applied to many types of businesses such as services, manufacturing, corporations or retailers... This is a product of Sao Viet Informatics Technology Company Limited. The main modules of SV.HRIS human resources information software include record management, leave management, timekeeping, salary calculation, insurance, taxes, recruitment, training, employee evaluation...

Outstanding features that SV-HRIS human resources software possesses:

  • Can automatically remember recently used operations and functions
  • Search for information quickly and conveniently for data entry.
  • Supports creating multiple columns at the same time, conveniently importing data from diverse lists.
  • The salary calculation formula is simple and easy to understand with parameters that can be adjusted when policies change
  • Supports editing and exporting reports and forms in word and excel formats

The advantage of the SV-HRIS application is its simple interface, easy-to-use operation, and quick data entry. However, the downside is that it only has a human resource management function and is limited in the number of users.

digiiHR software

Instructions for using SV-HRIS software

Perfect HRM online human resource management software

Perfect HRM is an online human resources management software solution suitable for small and medium businesses. The software provides features such as human resource management, salary management, social insurance, search support, dynamic queries, statistical reporting... In addition, the software also supports data entry from Excel and vice versa. Therefore, this will be a human resources administrative management software that effectively supports the human resources department.

Outstanding features of Perfect HRM online human resources software :

  • Allows editing data, setting salary calculation formula, managing regulations and employee working time.
  • Supports timekeeping with automatic, accurate fingerprint or magnetic card timekeeping
  • Allows easy import and export of data from Excel, sending monthly payroll via email.
  • Manage human resource data, information about social insurance, personal income tax,...
  • Manage employee compensation, holidays, etc
  • Quick statistical report on the company's human resources

However, the Perfect HRM human resource management application has a drawback: its complex and confusing interface.

Viindoo HRM won Sao Khue Award 2022

Shift schedule on Perfect HRM application

Zoho People human resource administrative software

Zoho People human resources software supports storing human resources records and managing human resource administrative information based on the cloud platform. Therefore, administrators will have an accurate view of human resources, easily exploit and use human resources more effectively thanks to a fully and scientifically stored database. Besides, the software allows creating new employee profiles, supporting the establishment of a professional Onboarding process; Control timekeeping, leave and shift division activities within the organization... The product is evaluated to have a friendly interface design, allowing managers to perform streamlined, simple and quick operations.

Outstanding features of Zoho People software human resource management:

  • Store employee records on a virtual cloud server, allowing multiple departments to easily connect data
  • Allow business employees to freely access the portal to check payroll and leave dates.
  • Features to set up recruitment process and automate professional onboarding process tracking
  • Automatically detect gaps related to work performance and conduct analysis and assessment of human resource status
  • Can be used on both computer and mobile platforms

The disadvantage of Zoho People human resource management software is that there is no Vietnamese version, requiring personnel to know English.

digiiHR software

Zoho People supports optimal record keeping and personnel information storage

Fast HRM online human resources software

FAST HRM ONLINE is professional human resource management software, with a simple, easy-to-use interface and many functions to support human resource management such as timekeeping, salary calculation, human resource information management, tax calculation. … This HR software stores and synthesizes human resource information on the same system to help managers easily find and evaluate employees.

Useful features of FAST HRM ONLINE employee management software:

  • Supports quick lookup of personnel information according to business structure stratification
  • Support activities related to human resource management such as recruitment, timekeeping, salary calculation, social insurance, health insurance, personal income tax, etc.
  • Can connect and read data from other timekeeping devices
  • Visual HR reporting and data analysis system
  • Log in to online software from multiple devices

The disadvantage of Fast HRM Online software is its limited features in training and developing employee capacity as well as in-depth human resource management support features.

Phần mềm quản lý nguồn nhân lực


iHCM smart human resource management software

iHCM human resources software applies the method of closely following MBO, KPI evaluation tools, OKR, BSC... to manage human resources. This will help businesses save maximum time and personnel costs. Human resource management using iHCM software will also make human resource monitoring easier.

Outstanding features of HR iHCM software:

  • Support to closely monitor the progress of work, monitor employees' work progress to ensure they reach the set goals.
  • Plan human resources for businesses effectively
  • Can link employees together, helping to complete projects effectively and quickly.
  • Support businesses in evaluating and ranking employees based on methods, criteria, and KPI standards established by the organization.

However, for the system to operate smoothly, there needs to be good coordination between leaders and employees.

digiiHR softwareSmart human resource management with iHCM software

DigiiHR human resources management application

The digiiHR human resources management app can support businesses in systematically and effectively handing over work and monitoring employees. This is also a tool that will help you easily exchange work, grasp progress and problems, and handle them promptly. In addition, the software stores data online on a cloud computing platform, ensuring high security and transparency.

Useful features of digiiHR HR management software:

  • Manage KPIs effectively and flexibly using many methods such as KPI, OKR,...
  • Connect with devices such as timekeeping machines, production machinery... to effectively manage and work efficiency of personnel
  • Calculate salary easily, meet all forms of salary
  • Many built-in HR reporting templates allow customization to meet the needs of senior management.

However, digiiHR HR software is limited in expansion and customization features, so it will not be suitable for companies with great growth potential in the future.

Phần mềm quản lý nhân viên

digiiHR software

BambooHR human resource management software

BambooHR is smart human resource management software, with a streamlined, simple design that can be installed on all platforms and device types (tablets, PCs, desktops, phones). This human resource management software allows businesses to easily monitor and manage employee performance and control human resources effectively. In particular, one of the best features of BambooHR is recruiting personnel. The software will help companies manage plans and deploy recruitment appropriately.

Outstanding features of BambooHR human resources software:

  • Provides employee performance management features
  • Support tracking time attendance, managing leave and overtime of employees closely.
  • Manage recruitment plans and optimize the recruitment implementation process
  • Manage details of official employee information records and candidate application documents.
  • Integrate tools to support employee training and integration
  • Allows access to reports, statistics and visual analysis of the enterprise's human resources situation.

The disadvantage of BambooHR software is that there is no payroll, managers, accounting departments, and C&D must calculate salaries in another tool and software.

Phần mềm nhân sự online

BambooHR software can be installed on any platform

HR Cloud employee management software

Cloud HR is an online human resource management software developed based on the cloud platform. This application features employee monitoring, recruitment training as well as tracking employee work schedules and compensation. However, this software will only be suitable for small or medium-sized businesses.

Features of Cloud HR online human resource management software:

  • Store employee records directly on the cloud computing platform
  • Automatically calculate salary and create a complete payroll
  • Optimize employee portal for automatic updates
  • Provide a diverse and accurate reporting system
  • Search and gather potential candidates, maximize human resource development
Phần mềm nhân sựManage employees easily with Cloud HR software

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Why should you use human resource management software?

Angela Ahrendts - Apple's former retail director once said: “Instead of focusing solely on customers, start by building a strong foundation with the people who work for you.”

It can be seen that the success and development of any business depends greatly on how that business manages, treats and develops its employees. For example, the "quiet quitting" trend according to the latest report of Gallup State of the Global Workplace in 2023, employees are tending to work leisurely and not be attached to the company, causing losses to the global economy. $8.8 trillion in damage, accounting for 9% of global GDP.

That's why many organizations are trying to find new ways to enhance management strategies, increase employee experience and engagement. One of the best methods being chosen by many businesses is to apply human resource management software in business administration activities and human resource/candidate management activities.

Phần mềm quản lý nguồn nhân lực

Why should you use human resource management software?

In particular, a comprehensive set of human resources management solutions helps businesses improve the productivity of many departments, bringing many other economic benefits such as:

  • For CEOs: Easily grasp personnel fluctuations, objectively monitor employee capabilities and find effective talent.
  • For the human resources department: Management of personnel information records becomes simple and convenient. Many human resource management operations are automated, helping to save maximum resources and time in processing documents and information.
  • For information technology departments: Data is stored uniformly on the same system, helping IT easily manage information in all departments. The software is mostly secured according to ISO standards, limiting the leakage of personnel information.
  • For the C&B department: The software automatically exports payroll, allowing you to set up formulas to periodically calculate detailed personnel salaries, minimizing data errors during processing.
  • For employees: The working process between employees and the human resources department is transparent and simple. Allows employees to self-monitor personal information, promotion roadmap, work time sheet as well as manage annual leave.

Popular types of HRMs software today

On the market, there are many different types of HR software. Therefore, administrators need to understand how to distinguish each type of software to make the best choice. Normally, HR software classification can be divided into the following two main groups:

  • By technology: Software running on Windows platform; Cloud Based software (Cloud storage); Web-based software (Operates on a website platform)
  • By origin: Domestic HRM software (Products developed by Vietnamese enterprises) and Foreign HRM software (Products developed by foreign units)
Phần mềm quản lý nhân sự online

Human resource management application creates an effective working environment for company employees

In addition, the types of systems included in human resource management software are also separated into specialized modules corresponding to the functions of human resource management software such as:

  • Human Resources Information System: The HRIS system manages all databases and information of personnel in the company. This system can operate independently of HRM software.
  • Human resource record management software: Manage all employee records including: Employee's resume, Job application; Copy of ID card/CCCD (notarized) of the employee; labor contract…
  • Human resources recruitment management software: Software to manage the entire recruitment process and optimize recruitment activities including posting job ads, searching for candidates, filtering CVs, contacting interviews, and storing Candidate profile, admission announcement...
  • ATS (Applicant Tracking System): The system only focuses on tracking and managing the recruitment process of the business.
  • Onboarding software: Application to automate and track the onboarding process of new employees, ensuring new employees are satisfied with the company integration experience.
  • LMS (Learning Management System): Supports businesses in training and developing employees with online training courses.
  • Performance management software: Helps businesses evaluate employee skills, set performance goals and measure employee work progress.
  • Timekeeping software: The system records employee activities in and out of the company, supporting the management of employee work time for work statistics, attendance assessment and salary calculation.
  • Human resources and salary management software: Tool to help with tasks in human resource management and salary management. Specifically, monitoring human resources situation, timekeeping management, detailed statistics on salary, bonuses, personal income tax...
  • Employee engagement software: Supports businesses in increasing the connectivity of employees within the company, improving employee morale, satisfaction and productivity.

Criteria for choosing suitable HRM software

Along with the diversity of human resource management software comes confusion when choosing software that suits the needs of many businesses. Because not all businesses have the same needs or the same employee management goals. So how to evaluate and choose a suitable and effective software? Below are some important criteria to consider when choosing human resources management software:

  • Human resource management needs: Businesses need to clearly determine their usage needs before choosing HR software. If your business often has high levels of personnel turnover, focus on the recruitment function of HR software.
  • Business scale: For small-scale businesses, human resource management software only needs to meet basic operational needs. However, for large-scale businesses with a large number of employees, human resource management solutions need to have many highly specialized features and be able to integrate with other applications to support administrative and reporting functions. comprehensive report.
  • HR Software Price : The price of HR software may vary. Therefore, businesses need to consider their budget when choosing. However, don't make the wrong decision because of cheap prices. Ideally, administrators should consider choosing HR software that allows free trial use to evaluate specific features.
  • Reputable suppliers: Consider choosing reliable software suppliers that will ensure a support team and regular maintenance services. Furthermore, reputable suppliers are also able to advise on professional human resource management processes suitable for businesses.


HRM software is an effective tool used to manage processes, data and employee-related activities in a business. This software can help businesses automate human resource management processes and activities, improve accuracy and efficiency, reduce repetitive tasks of the HR department, enhance experience and increase employee engagement. However, be a wise user in deciding which human resource management software to use.

  • You can use free online human resource management software, but you must consider security and necessary features for your business's human resource management needs.
  • When using software, you need to pay attention to decentralizing access and editing important documents and records, avoiding decentralizing wrong subjects leading to data leaks.
  • Ensure that HR software allows installation and integration with the business's existing systems, such as payroll, timekeeping,... thereby optimizing the comprehensiveness and performance of the software .
  • When buying software, pay attention to the supplier, policies, and support services included.
ứng dụng quản lý nhân sự
Viindoo HRM won Sao Khue Award 2022

With Viindoo, everything can be done for you. The Viindoo HRM suite of human resource management solutions is trusted by many leading businesses in Vietnam and the world. Viindoo HRM human resource management application won the 2022 Sao Khue Award. The software provides full functions to perform professional human resource management operations such as: Talent recruitment, Employee management, Performance management productivity, Human resource training and development, Salary and remuneration policies... With such a comprehensive system of operations, Viindoo HRM promises to bring many outstanding benefits to businesses.

Viindoo HRM - All-in-one

Viindoo HRM software


Viindoo HRM - All-in-one Human Resource Management Solution

Above is information about the 10 best online human resources software currently recommended for businesses. Hopefully after reading Viindoo's article above, you will choose the appropriate HRMs software.

10 simple and best online HRM software
Viindoo Technology Joint Stock Company, Phạm Ánh Huệ February 25, 2024

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