10 professional online HRM human resource management software

Are you looking for intelligent and professional human resource management software? Refer to the TOP 10 best online human resource management software today.

HR software fully integrates the functions of a professional human resources administrator, supporting simple but effective employee management. In addition, HR software also has features to monitor and forecast human resources to help administrators make reasonable recruitment and training plans.

In addition, some software is also developed based on the cloud computing platform, allowing to store human resource information online and manage remote employees online anywhere. Below is a detailed introduction to human resource management software and a suggested list of TOP 10 best human resources software in 2023.

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1. What is HR software?

HR software is software that helps simplify HR tasks, operations and processes throughout the employee lifecycle. Some basic and commonly found functions in human resources software such as recruitment management, training, performance management and human resource engagement in the enterprise.

Human resources software helps businesses manage human resources effectively

Human resources software helps businesses manage human resources effectively

Types of human resource management software systems

Human resource management software has many different names, such as HR software, HRIS software, HRMS software, HCM software,... However, no matter what name it is called, all All of these software have the same purpose: to help human resource managers perform their tasks more effectively.

Join Viindoo to learn more details about each human resources software system.

Types of human resource management software systems

Human resource information system (HRIS)

HRIS stands for Human Resources Information System - that is, human resources information system. HRIS is a database to manage all personnel information in the company. The HRIS system can be a standalone software that integrates with other HR software or the main database of a comprehensive HR software application.

Onboarding system for new employee training

New employee training software helps businesses automate and track the onboarding process of new employees. The software supports the creation of pre-boarding documents, training programs, and other activities to help HR ensure that new employees have a seamless and satisfying onboarding experience.

Application Tracking System (ATS)

ATS (Applicant Tracking System) is a system that focuses on tracking and managing a business's recruitment process. ATS can support posting job advertisements on many job websites, storing candidate information and evaluating candidates to find the most suitable candidates.

Learning management system (LMS)

LMS (Learning Management System) software supports businesses in training and developing employees with online training courses.

Salary management system

Payroll Management System focuses on salary tracking and employee salary management, while automating manual payroll processes.

Performance management software

Performance management software helps businesses assess people's skills, set performance goals, and measure work progress. KPI, OKR, etc. management software is one of the typical examples of this software.

Employee engagement software

Employee engagement software is software that supports businesses in increasing the connection of employees within the company, improving employee morale, satisfaction and productivity.

Human resource management software (HRMS)

HRMS software is a comprehensive software, synthesizing all the features of the software that Viindoo mentioned above. HRMS supports businesses in automating all human resources operations in the business, from employee profile management, recruitment, training, performance management,...

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3. Evaluate and compare the TOP 10 leading human resources management software today

Choosing the right human resource management software for your business is not easy, especially when there are many different software on the market like Viindoo introduced above. Therefore, let's follow Viindoo to explore and compare the most popular human resource management software today in the next section.

3.1 Professional human resource management software Viindoo HRM

Viindoo HRM is a human resources management software system developed with the principle of "taking human resources as the center". This system helps businesses develop and maximize the strengths of their human resources team by fully automating and optimizing human resource management activities, including:

Professional human resource management software Viindoo HRM
Viindoo HRM's comprehensive suite of applications

Viindoo HRM is suitable for all businesses of all sizes, from micro and small businesses to large enterprises and corporations. Not only that, an outstanding strength of Viindoo HRM is the ability to easily integrate with other software systems such as Project Management, Accounting, Sales, Project Management, and Manufacturing... to create into a comprehensive ecosystem that manages all operations in the enterprise.

Viindoo HRM has strong integration and connectivity capabilities
Viindoo HRM has strong integration and connectivity capabilities

More specifically, Viindoo currently has a PERMANENT FREE pricing policy for one application. Or businesses can use all applications in Viindoo's software warehouse at an extremely reasonable price, only 178,200 VND/ 1 employee. Such a per-person pricing policy is especially suitable for small and medium-sized businesses.

3.2 Zoho People human resource management software

Zoho People is a human resources management software from recruitment, onboarding to offboarding. In addition, Zoho People also supports working time tracking, training, performance tracking, employee data management, etc.

Zoho People is suitable for businesses that are in the process of building and developing their human resources team. This is because Zoho People offers advanced training functionalities like course management, online training, discussion forums, and enterprise learning portals.

Zoho People software

Zoho People software

Some useful features on Zoho People software are:

  • Provides all the necessary features to manage employees, from application to termination.
  • Automate common human resources operations such as submitting leave applications, timekeeping/outgoing,... thanks to Zia - Zoho's artificial intelligence bot
  • Track employee working time by geographical location and IP address
  • Performance assessment modules include self-assessment, 360-degree assessment, etc. to monitor and develop staff


  • Easy-to-use interface, integrated with both computer and phone
  • Manage employee data effectively
  • There is a free version for 5 users
  • Suitable for businesses with remote employees and freelancers thanks to the feature of tracking working time by location and IP address


  • Recruiting, training management, and payroll are additional paid features.
  • Difficult to request support when encountering errors during use

3.3 FAST HRM ONLINE human resource management software

to support human resource management such as timekeeping, salary calculation, human resource information management, tax calculation...

FAST HRM ONLINE stores and synthesizes personnel information such as: Personal information, work history, experience, achievements, skills... From there, managers will easily evaluate employees and recommend them. make quick decisions.



Useful features:

  • Supports quick lookup of personnel information according to business structure stratification
  • Can connect and read data from other timekeeping devices
  • Visual data analysis and reporting system
  • Can log in to the software from multiple devices


  • Software license price: 9,000 USD.
  • Additional users: 200 USD/person.

3.4 DigiiHR online human resources management software

digiiHR is software that can support businesses in systematically and effectively handing over work and monitoring employees. This is also a tool that will help you easily exchange work, grasp progress and problems, and handle them promptly.

Useful features of digiiHR:

  • Manage KPIs effectively and flexibly using many methods such as KPI, OKR,...
  • Calculate salary easily, meet all forms of salary
  • Connect with devices such as timekeeping machines, production machinery... to effectively manage and work efficiency of personnel
digiiHR software

digiiHR software

3.5 BambooHR employee management software

BambooHR is smart human resource management software, with a compact design that can be installed on any platform and device type (tablet, PC, desktop, phone). This human resources management application allows businesses to easily track the recruitment process and control human resources effectively.



Features of BambooHR software:

  • Automatically create and send onboarding emails to new employees
  • Post recruitment ads on all channels
  • Monitor and manage employee work performance
  • Carry out personnel evaluation and adjust salary + benefits accordingly
  • Create reports directly on the software, applicable to both trial and paid versions


  • Simple interface, easy to use
  • Supports automatic creation of many reports
  • Has an offboarding feature
  • Centralized employee database


  • There is no free version
  • The basic package does not have payroll features, ATS,...

3.6 SV-HRIS human resource information software

SV-HRIS, short for Human Resource Information System, is not only human resource information and employee records software but also a total solution for human resource management. SV-HRIS human resources software can be applied to many types of businesses such as services, manufacturing, corporations or retailers... This is a product of Sao Viet Technology Informatics Co., Ltd.

The main subsystems of SV.HRIS human resources management software are: Document management, permission management, timekeeping, salary calculation, insurance, taxes, recruitment, training, evaluation, system operation , dispensing CCDC...

Features of SV-HRIS human resource management software:

  • Can automatically remember recently used operations and functions
  • Search for information quickly and conveniently for data entry.
  • Supports creating multiple columns at the same time, conveniently importing data from diverse lists.
  • The salary calculation formula is simple and easy to understand with parameters that can be adjusted when policies change
  • Supports editing and exporting reports and forms in word and excel formats
SV-HRIS software

SV-HRIS software

3.7 SSOFT LUCKY HRM human resource management application

HRMs software SSOFT LUCKY HRM is released by Ssoft Vietnam software technology joint stock company. With many functions such as timekeeping, salary and bonus calculation, employee work progress tracking, insurance management, income tax... the software meets the professional human resource management needs of the unit well. Furthermore, these features are all built on the basis of Vietnamese labor law.
Features of SSOFT LUCKY HRM software:

  • Overall management of human resources
  • Resolve requests for job transfers, salary increases, and job position changes based on capacity
  • Automatically store personnel records on shared storage
Mobile and desktop interface of iHCM software

Mobile and desktop interface of iHCM software

3.8 Human resource administrative software HR-MANAGER

Simple human resource management software HR-MANAGER released by Hoang Ha Software Company Limited supports centralized human resource management on one platform. Therefore, administrators will have an accurate view of human resources, easily exploit and use human resources more effectively thanks to a fully and scientifically stored database. Besides, users can also build professional management models for different departments and positions through the software.

Features of HR-MANAGER software

  • Overall report on human resources situation
  • Quickly update personnel changes during the year.
  • Salary details are displayed clearly

3.9 Simple human resource management software iHCM

iHCM software human resource management applies the method of closely following MBO, KPI, OKR, BSC... evaluation tools to manage resources. This will help businesses save maximum time and costs. Management with HRMs iHCM Human Resources Management Software will also make monitoring human resources easier.
Features of iHCM:

  • Closely monitor the progress of work
  • Set specific directional goals for the business
  • Can link people together, helping to complete projects effectively and quickly.
  • Support businesses to evaluate employees through achieved KPI levels.
iHCM SoftwareiHCM Software

Online human resource management software Cloud HR

The last recommended list is Cloud HR, a professional yet easy-to-use human resource management software. This application features employee monitoring, recruitment training as well as tracking employee's work schedule and compensation. However, this software will only be suitable for small or medium-sized businesses.

Manage employees easily with Cloud HR softwareManage employees easily with Cloud HR software

Advantages of online human resources software Cloud HR:

  • Store employee records directly on the cloud platform
  • Automatically calculate salary and make complete payroll
  • Optimize the portal for employees to automatically update
  • Provide a diverse and accurate reporting system
  • Search and gather potential candidates, maximize human resource development

4. What is the best HR software you should choose?

There is no best HR software, there is only software that is suitable for the business. Because each business has different needs and goals. For example, business A may need software focused on recruiting, while business B may need software focused on training and development. Besides, the scale, industry, and budget of each business will also be different. These are all factors that affect the suitability of the software for the business.

So how to evaluate and choose an effective and suitable human resources management software? Enterprises can evaluate their actual situation with the following criteria:

  • Business needs and goals: Businesses need to clearly define their needs and goals before choosing HR software. This will help businesses choose the right software for themselves. For example, if a business needs software that focuses on recruitment, then the business needs to choose software with features such as managing candidate profiles and creating recruitment newsletters like Applicant Tracking System software.
  • Size and industry of the business: Each software will be designed with orientations towards businesses of different sizes and industries. For example, software that is suitable for a small-scale business may not be suitable for a large-scale business. Software that is suitable for businesses in the technology sector may not be suitable for businesses in the service sector.
  • Software features: Businesses need to reevaluate their human resources management processes to consider which processes need which features to optimize operational efficiency. Besides, businesses should also survey the main users of the software, such as human resources, recruitment departments, etc. to choose features that are truly necessary and useful.
  • Price of the software: Prices for HR software can vary widely. Businesses need to consider their budget when choosing HR software. In addition, businesses should also calculate ROI to see whether the software and the benefits it brings are worth the investment.

Here are some questions businesses can ask themselves to determine their needs and goals:

  • What human resources activities do businesses need to manage?
  • What goals do businesses need to use HR software to achieve?
  • What size and industry is the business?
  • How much budget does a business have for HR software?
  • How high a level of security does a business need?

5. Benefits that comprehensive human resource management software Viindoo HRM brings

Viindoo HRM - Comprehensive human resource management solution that fully meets the business operations, including: Talent recruitment, Employee management, Performance management, Human resource training and development, Salary and administration treat book. With such a comprehensive system of operations, Viindoo HRM promises to bring many outstanding benefits to businesses:

Recruit new personnel more effectively

Viindoo HRM has the ability to speed up the recruitment process with the feature of automatically activating the recruitment process immediately after approving the recruitment proposal; Plan and establish staffing for each position; Connect with websites and recruitment platforms such as CareerLink, Career Builder, TopCV, Vietnamworks,...

More specifically, Viindoo HRM also has the ability to build a professional recruitment website, easily without requiring the recruitment department to know programming.

Create a website easily with Viindoo HRM

Create a website easily with Viindoo HRM

Manage and accurately evaluate employee capabilities

With the feature of managing records, employee information, assessing capacity with many different methods,... helps businesses manage and assess employee capacity accurately and objectively.

Automate the process of managing employee salaries and bonuses

With strong integration with other systems such as finance and accounting, businesses can automate the payroll and payroll process for each employee, department and the entire enterprise. In addition, Viindoo HRM can also pre-set salary structures, salary rules, salary contributions,... to meet Vietnamese labor law standards.

Comprehensive connection with enterprise management applications

It can be said that the most powerful advantage that Viindoo HRM brings is the ability to comprehensively connect with other applications and systems in the business such as production management, finance, sales,... This helps Viindoo HRM automatically update information between systems, ensuring that employee information is updated and consistent across all systems, helping businesses improve consistency in management, from That saves costs and improves management capabilities.

In 2022, Viindoo HRM Comprehensive Human Resource Management Software received the Sao Khue Award for Excellent Products of the Vietnamese software and IT industry. This is an affirmation of the quality of Viindoo HRM.

Viindoo HRM won Sao Khue Award 2022
Viindoo HRM won Sao Khue Award 2022

6. Notes when using human resource management software at the company

In addition to choosing the right software, businesses also need to pay attention to using the software properly to maximize efficiency.

Conduct implementation and training for employees: After choosing the appropriate HRMS software, businesses need to deploy and train employees to use it. This will help employees master how to use the software to maximize its features.

Monitor and evaluate effectiveness: After a period of implementing human resource management software, businesses need to monitor and evaluate the effectiveness of the software to make appropriate adjustments. Businesses can re-evaluate the human resources management process after a period of applying the software to see which processes have been improved, which processes are still ineffective and whether the software can be applied to Can that process be improved?

Backup specified data: Always perform regular backups of your data to ensure that your business always has a backup copy of your data available in the event of a crash or data loss.

Some notes when using HR software
Some notes when using HR software

7. Frequently asked questions about human resources software, HRM software

7.1 Should you use free human resources management software?

There are many free human resource management software on the market that help administrators reduce financial worries. However, are these free software really good and helpful in administration? This is an issue that many users are concerned about when questioning whether they should use free software.

Below, we will highlight a few disadvantages when using free human resources management applications for you to consider:

  • Does not meet all the requirements and features necessary for the business's human resource management needs.
  • Only applies effectively to small-scale businesses with few employees.
  • Does not support maintenance services, upgrades or additional features.
  • Does not guarantee the security of business information

7.2 What is the difference between HR, HRIS, HRM, HCM systems?

HR (Human Resources) refers to the department responsible for managing the workforce.

HRIS (Human Resource Information System) is a software solution focused on managing and storing employee data.

HRM (Human Resource Management) is a broader concept that includes the strategic management of human resource functions.

HCM (Human Capital Management) is an expanded version of HRM. HCM emphasizes the value and potential of employees as assets, aligning human resource activities with business goals.

7.4 How much does HR software cost?

HR software price depends on many factors, including the number of employees, features, other additional options.

With Viindoo HRM, the software is forever free for the first application with an unlimited number of users. See more here: https://viindoo.com/pricing

7.5 What is the HR database used for?

Human resources database is a platform for storing employee records and data. This data can be integrated into other systems for payroll, performance management, etc. Storing all data on a unified platform helps managers and human resources departments have can search, access and retrieve necessary information when needed.

In addition, the human resource database also ensures that data and information are stored uniformly, limiting loss and fragmentation of information between departments.

7.6 Can HR software integrate with other systems?

Integration capabilities will depend on different software. With Viindoo HRM, the software is capable of integrating with other software systems, ensuring that all business activities of the enterprise are seamlessly connected and optimized for efficiency.

7.7 What is the HR software selection process?

Businesses can refer to the process of selecting and deciding to use software with the following steps:

  • Step 1: Assess your business's long-term business needs and vision
  • Step 2: Identify difficult points in the current human resources management process
  • Step 3: Record the steps in the human resources management process and identify areas that can be improved using software
  • Step 4: Determine ROI - Return on investment when applying the software
  • Step 5: Try the software
  • Step 6: Make a decision

7.8 What are the latest trends in HR software?

Currently, the latest trends affecting HR software are automation, artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), and big data analytics. Another trend to watch out for is blockchain technology. Blockchain can be used to improve the security of HR Information Software. In the future, Blockchain can also be used to help employers verify candidate data, including educational information and certifications.

Above is information about 10 HR software that is receiving the trust and appreciation of administrators and large businesses. Hopefully after reading the above article of Viindoo, you will choose the right HRM software.

10 professional online HRM human resource management software
Viindoo Technology Joint Stock Company, Phạm Ánh Huệ 30 September, 2023

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