8 Best HR Software

Besides human resources management, HR software also integrates with features of time attendance, recruitment planning, training, etc. Therefore, businesses need to use the HR software that is suitable for organizational structure. The article below of Viindoo - Enterprise management software shows you professional HR software to follow.

What is HR software?

HR software integrates intelligent features to support the process of managing personnel. This software fully meets the professional requirements of HR departments such as employee management, attendance, payroll, recruitment, training, etc.

HR software

HR software

Top 8 HR software

Viindoo HRM- Human Resource Management Software

Viindoo HRM is trusted and used by large enterprises. This solution is fully integrated with the necessary features of an HR application. In particular, Viindoo employee management software also supports users to set up payroll, apply salary rules and manage employee working time according to each project. 

Viindoo HRM fully integrates HR management support tools such as:

  • Personnel management software
  • Leave tracking software
  • Recruitment software
  • Training software
  • Timekeeping software
  • Payroll software
  • Software OKRs
  • Other built-in features

Viindoo HRM

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Viindoo HRM has many advantages that an enterprise needs such as:

  • Optimize management: Digitize all human resources data, standardize and automate HRM processes.
  • Reasonable cost: Viindoo HRM costs are suitable for different company budgets.​
  • Smart integration: This software fully integrates applications for HRM on a single system.
  • Multi-platform: Users can use it anytime, anywhere, on any device with internet-connected devices
  • Combine employee profile management system, remote employee management software in only one platform
  • Comprehensive management: Viindoo HRM helps to comprehensively manage all aspects related to human resources, from recruitment to employee information management, human resource training and development, performance management, salary and benefits policy.
Viindoo HRM software

Viindoo HRM software

Software prices are calculated by month and number of users. To receive a detailed quotation of Viindoo HRM software. Please click here to see the price of HR management software

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Perfect HRM

Perfect HRM is a total solution, providing full features to support human resource management such as social insurance, salary, timekeeping, records management… User-friendly and easy-to-use software interface. Perfect HRM software can be combined with fingerprint or magnetic card time attendance machines, suitable for small and medium businesses.


  • Smart, automated human resource management tool
  • Support easy connection of timekeepers
  • There is a free-to-use version for small companies
HRM software

Perfect HRM


SV.HRIS software, short for Human Resource Information System, is not only a records management software but also a total solution for human resource management. SV.HRIS can be applied to many types of businesses such as services, manufacturing, corporations or retailers... This is a product of Sao Viet Informatics Technology Co., Ltd.

The main modules of SV.HRIS HR software are: Records management, permission management, time attendance, salary calculation, insurance, tax, recruitment, training, evaluation, system operation, and licensing. release CCDC…


  • Can automatically remember recently used operations and functions
  • Find information quickly, convenient for data entry.
  • Support to create multiple columns at the same time, convenient to enter diverse data lists.
  • Simple, easy-to-understand salary calculation formula with parameters that can be adjusted when the policy changes
  • Support editing, exporting reports, forms in word, excel
HRM software



The software is released by Ssoft Vietnam Software Technology Joint Stock Company. With many functions such as timekeeping, salary calculation, employee tracking, insurance management, income tax, etc., the software meets the human resource management needs of enterprises. Moreover, these features are all built on the basis of Vietnamese labor law.


  • Overall management of human resources
  • Resolve requests for job transfer, salary increase, position change according to capacity
  • Automatic storage of personnel records on a common memory
HRM software



HR-MANAGER software released by Hoang Ha Software Co., Ltd. supports centralized management of personnel records on one platform. Therefore, administrators will have an accurate view of personnel, easily exploit and use human resources more effectively thanks to a fully and scientifically stored database. Besides, users can also build a professional management model for different departments and positions through the software.


  • General report on personnel situation
  • Update personnel changes during the year quickly.
  • Salary details are clearly displayed.
HRM software



FAST HRM ONLINE software has many functions to support human resource management such as timekeeping, salary calculation, personnel information management, tax calculation, etc. The employee information that FAST HRM ONLINE provides such as personal information , work history, experience, achievements, skills... From there, managers will easily evaluate employees and make quick decisions.


  • Support to quickly look up personnel information according to the corporate structure stratification
  • Can connect, read data from other timekeeping devices
  • Visual reporting and data analysis system
  • It is possible to log in to the software from multiple devices

Although there are many advantages, but FAST HRM ONLINE also has disadvantages that people need to consider. That is, when using the software, you need to pay a fee to upgrade and edit (service fee) because of the simple, unattractive interface. Therefore, you can try to refer to 5 more effective remote employee management software recommended by Viindoo.

HRM software



iHCM software applies the method of following MBO, KPI, OKR, BSC assessment tools, etc for resource management. This will help businesses save maximum time and costs. Managing with these tools will also make it easier to monitor.


  • Keeping track of job frequency
  • Giving direction-specific goals for businesses 
  • Connecting people to finish projects efficiently and quickly
  • Evaluating employees through the achieved KPI level
HRM software


digiiHR softaware

The last human resource management software is digiiHR which can assist businesses in handing over work and monitoring employees in a systematic method. This is a tool that helps you easily exchange work, and capture progress and problems for timely handling.


  • This supports multi-platform
  • Online human resource management resource manages human resource benefits effectively
  • This provides effective communication solutions between employees and businesses
HRM software


Benefits of HR software in business management

As all features are integrated into one system, HR software significantly optimizes workload:

  • Effective Talent Acquisition

HR software stores information about many candidates screened under enterprise criteria. Therefore, this software will provide the director and recruitment department with candidate profiles during interviews.

  • Accurate evaluation of employee capacity management

Simple HR software helps users easily check information records, contracts, work logs of each member scientifically. As a result, the HR department assesses the capacity and professional skills of each employee in the enterprise. 

  • Compensation and benefits management

Because it is integrated with features of job management, information, and timekeeping, HR software makes calculating salary and bonuses for employees easier and more accurate. 

  • Evaluating performance management

HR software can assist businesses in monitoring employees' operations and working processes. Therefore, managers assess staff performance to propose the fairest reward and criticism.

You should read more about detailed human resource management software tutorials

Viindoo HRM software

Benefits that HRM software brings

Human resource management software functions should have

Currently, many companies have developed HR software to support diverse and comprehensive management tools. However, to have an effective human resource management platform, the software should have core human resource management functions. Here are 5 basic functions that HRM software should have:

  • Manage employee information records: Update and store employee records from resumes, working history to salary and allowance information.
  • Time attendance management: Automatically update and synchronize data with timekeeping devices.
  • Payroll management: Supports automatic payroll calculation from collected timekeeping databases.
  • Training management: Plan training, monitor the training process and evaluate the results.
  • Recruitment management: Support to receive, store application documents, set up processes and intelligently classify resumes

Detailed content about the functions see the article: 5 basic functions of human resource management software that administrators need to know

In addition, HR administrative software also needs to have features of welfare management, social insurance, personal income tax deduction, performance evaluation management, etc.

Criteria for choosing to buy human resource management software

An effective HR software must fully meet the following criteria:

  • Conformity with customer's business needs
  • Highly confidential information
  • Links of data management among departments
  • Evaluating human resources and providing complete solutions in the future

However, to choose to buy the right HR software for each business, the selection criteria are:

  • Personnel needs: Need to know what the purpose of using the software is? From there know the necessary features to make a choice.
  • Enterprise size: Depends on the number of employees of the company. For small companies, managers can consider using free human resource management software. However, with large companies, high requirements and managing many employees, it is recommended to use software that fully integrates support tools.
  • Price: Normally, the price of HR software is calculated on a monthly basis per user. Different software providers will also have different prices and do not disclose details and transparency. Therefore, you should consider the level of investment financing that comes with the right price. It is best to contact them directly for a quote and request a demo experience.
  • Additional features: In addition to the core functions, users can also rely on additional features to make more accurate decisions. It can be features such as job assignment, leave management, internal communication, etc.

The mentioned information is about 8 HR software trusted by chefs and large enterprises. Hopefully, you will choose suitable HR software after reading Viindoo’s above content.

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8 Best HR Software
Viindoo Technology Joint Stock Company, Phạm Ánh Huệ 10 November, 2022
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