Top 10 Effective Business Management Software

Today, as a result of the evolution of digital technology, business management software has become an efficient instrument for assisting business owners in managing their operations and activities. In the following post, we at Viindoo will introduce you to the software that is now the most popular and applicable to all business types.

1. What is business management software?

Enterprise management software is an integrated system for monitoring, analyzing, and assessing business operations. Especially in the context of the present digital transformation trend, software is considered by many leaders to be the best option for maintaining competitive advantages and increasing corporate market revenue.

Business management software

Business management software

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2. Should you use functional management software or unified business management software?

There are two types of business management software: unified business management software and functional management software. Currently, functional management software applications capable of supporting basic business needs management include:

  • Warehouse management software: helps to manage the enterprise's inventory, creating convenience in the management and arrangement of goods.
  • Human resource management software: helps to manage employee information, calculate salary and update necessary information.
  • Financial management software: helps to record revenues, expenses, and manage assets and expenses of the business.
  • Customer relationship management software: helps manage information about customers, enhances accessibility and creates trust with customers.
  • Project management software: helps manage projects, determine costs, schedules and eliminate risks.

Unified business management software is a type of software that has all the features that businesses need to manage all aspects of work activities such as production, sales, finance, accounting, human resources,...

Should you use functional management software or unified business management software? This answer will depend on the needs and requirements of the business. If businesses want a software to manage specific functions in the business and save costs, they should use functional management software. But if businesses want to comprehensively manage all activities in work such as production, sales, finance, accounting, human resources, etc., they should use unified business management software to save costs. administration costs and time. Because comprehensive business management software will help administrators:

  • Save time and increase efficiency: Unified management software can automate many tasks, reducing time and increasing work efficiency.
  • Optimizing human resource management: The unified management software allows management to easily manage information about personnel such as salary, timekeeping, vacation time, etc., helping to increase the accuracy and efficiency of management. reason.
  • Comprehensiveness: Unified management software provides information about the activities of the entire company, helping businesses have an overview of the operating status and make effective development plans.
  • Reduce errors: Unified management software helps to reduce errors when updating data for its automation and comprehensiveness.
  • Easy integration: Unified management software can merge with other software to form a comprehensive management system.

Let's find out more details about comprehensive business management software with Viindoo right here

3. TOP software to manage small businesses, household businesses

Listed below is a comprehensive comparison of the most popular management software for large organizations as determined by current customers.

Name​Offer a full range of business management services.Usable on mobile devicesPrice


Only $ 8.44



Dynamic 365 




1OfficeStandard: VND 40.000/user/month

Professional: VND 60.000/user/month 

Enterprise: VND 100.000/user/month
OOC - digiiMSPurchase

Business management software Viindoo

Company management software Viindoo is a unit specializing in providing digital transformation software, effective and fast management solutions, meeting all the needs of business owners in the current digital transformation trend. When using this software, users can easily capture the information sources happening in the company anytime, anywhere.

Viindoo - The best business management software

Viindoo - The best business management software

Additionally, the Viindoo business management software is extensible, allowing you to add new users and modules based on the size and actual demands of your organization. This application also manages databases synchronously and precisely according to a predefined procedure.

The application not only satisfies the fundamental needs for enhancing the capacity to manage a business successfully but also delivers other excellent features to enhance the user experience, such as:

  • Full support for essential aspects of corporate operations, such as employee management, customer relationship management, and accounting, enables managers to effortlessly handle all of the components simultaneously.
  • Contributing to the acceleration of sales promotion by monitoring and analyzing employees' performance progress. As a result, managers can devise effective strategies to improve firm sales.
  • Facilitating the management of accounting and financial activities by automating up to 95% of labor processes.
  • Providing rapid support for the deployment of financial statements in the business through the use of specialist tools. Concurrently, it creates effective financial cycle comparison tables so that management can quickly grasp the entire business condition.
  • Allowing remote management and operation of the firm.
    Numerous applications in the Viindoo system include a reporting function. From these reports, future campaigns can be designed to be more relevant.
  • Effectively implementing marketing strategies, therefore reaching a huge number of prospective clients.

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Viindoo enterprise management solutions comprehensively and effectively, improve the ability to manage and develop personnel level, minimize costs and increase profits. 

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Leading enterprise management software AMIS

The application utilized in business management AMIS is online management software that is simple and easy to use due to its capacity to manage financial and accounting resources quickly and accurately. Popular AMIS features include the following:

  • Workflows are automated to speed up work.
  • Helping businesses reduce unnecessary labor and infrastructure costs. 
  • Effectively decentralizing employees to control and closely link enterprise departments. 
  • Enabling access to business information and reports on mobile devices for business owners.

AMIS software

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Business management application Microsoft Dynamic 365

Microsoft Dynamic 365 is a support tool for advertising, customer management, and marketing, among other functions. Thus, businesses not only effectively attract a large number of customers, but also reduce their advertising expenses. In addition, the application enables the following capabilities for its users:

  • Implementing reports on the financial status of the business for the administrator to review and propose effective development plans. 
  • Strictly managing the amount of stock in the inventory, as well as imports and exports.
  • Managing all information sources pertaining to transactional activities and customer payment status.
  • Facilitating the updating and automation of quotation, payment, and delivery processes.
  • Providing customer data to accurately manage transaction history and debt.
Business management software Microsoft Dynamic 365

Business management software Microsoft Dynamic 365

Business management software 3S ERP

Microsoft Dynamic 365 is a support tool for advertising, customer management, and marketing, among other functions. Thus, businesses not only effectively attract a large number of customers, but also reduce their advertising expenses. In addition, the application enables the following capabilities for its users:

Outstanding advantages:

  • Automating workflows to accelerate operations. Provide users with readily available report templates from which they can select and quickly enter data.
  • In-depth reports that assist business leaders in developing effective business strategies.
  • Facilitating the arrangement and creation of automated production planning tables.
  • Facilitating the updating and automation of quotation, payment, and delivery processes.
  • Permitting users to process large amounts of data and complex information.
The best business management software 3S ERP

The best business management software 3S ERP

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4. TOP software for small and medium businesses

Small and medium business software Faceworks

Faceworks' enterprise software is accessible via Web app and Mobile app platforms, making remote operation management simple. In addition, users can take advantage of the following features of this business administration software:

  • Using directly on the web platform, making it accessible at all times for administrators.
  • Features are continuously updated and improved, thereby enhancing the user experience.
  • Enhanced security due to cloud.
  • Access to an unlimited number of users and devices.
  • Aiding in the management and care of potential customers.
  • Supporting the checking and monitoring of the number of goods in stock, as well as the updating of the number of goods exported or imported.
Faceworks - management software for small businesses

Faceworks - management software for small businesses


Ecount's business management software features an intuitive and user-friendly interface for the best user experience. As a result, managers can easily control business activities with just a few simple steps using this application for business management.

  • Managing import and export activities in the store, along with accounting functions, purchasing, sales, etc.
  • Simplifying employees' work to save money and human resources.
  • Administrators can quickly assess the work progress using a mobile device.
  • This small business management software can store transaction history to help manage customer and supplier information efficiently.

Software for business Ecount

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Management software 1Office

Work automation is a feature of 1office that benefits small and medium-sized enterprises. In addition to detailed company financial reporting, volume checking, and other transactional functions, this software for small businesses offers additional features.

Outstanding Benefits:

  • Helping businesses get accurate financial statements for analysis and evaluation to determine a revenue-boosting plan.
  • Effectively managing transaction-related data such as purchases, sales, delivery, etc.
  • Monitor the correct incoming and outgoing goods, as well as the number of products in stock.
  • Feature that automatically updates data for calculating product prices and production costs.
Software for small and medium businesses 1office

Software for small and medium businesses 1office

5. TOP of large, multinational enterprise management software

Enterprise management software BRAVO

The BRAVO software is able to assist users in managing and operating enterprise activities flexibly and efficiently. This software for small and medium-sized businesses provides managers with updated reports and data that can be used to formulate effective business strategies in line with the organization's development objectives.

Outstanding Benefits:

  •  Decentralization feature based on user group with the ability to edit data by adding, removing, etc.
  • Saving both the old and new values when modifying the data source.
  • Using a single software to manage large and small chain stores, branches, etc.
  • Linking enterprise departments and divisions closely to improve work efficiency.

BRAVO Software

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ESO Software

ESO small business management software is based on the following criteria: people, vision, data, problems, processes, and thrusts to align business activities with long-term goals and development missions. In addition, this software is suitable for use by small and medium-sized businesses, ensuring that objective requirements are met throughout the management process.

Outstanding Benefits:

  • Facilitating work planning and estimation by updating data directly within the system.
  • Assisting administrators with delegating and supervising employees' work performance.
  • Enabling businesses to monitor and evaluate work progress using only a single software platform.
  • Identifying process flaws in order to adjust the corrective action plan.

Small and medium business management software ESO

Management software OOC – digiiMS

The online business management software OOC – digiiMS is able to analyze industry and business model data. With the data provided by this SME management software, managers are able to make strategic decisions and implement solutions for maintaining the company's operations.

Outstanding Benefits:

  • A system of solutions designed to support management operations and unify the enterprise's operating and management processes.
  • User-friendly interface, easily accessible due to the constant adjustment and update function.
  • Automating the data entry procedure to reduce processing time
  • Enhancing the management abilities and capacities of business managers to approach business strategies with precision.
Unified enterprise management software OOC - digiiMS

Unified enterprise management software OOC - digiiMS

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6. Selecting the most effective company management software

Choose the most unified business management software by industry

Each profession will have different characteristics. Therefore, businesses in each industry will also have their own characteristics of products, processes, customers, ... Therefore, the management requirements in the software of each business will also be different. together. A manufacturing business will need a software that can control from order production, shipping, inventory management, materials, etc. However, a service business does not need logistics or production control features, but will need CRM management software, customer information, ... So you need to clearly define the industry. That you are doing business as well as the factors you need to be able to choose a suitable software. You can refer to some other software by industry below:

Choose small business management software by features

In addition to the industry, the software's features are also what administrators need to pay attention to. Businesses need to determine what they need in a company management and operating software. Business managers can base on future business orientation, industry as well as the strengths and weaknesses of the business to determine the features. Identifying this essential feature will help businesses save budget as well as optimize their management. Here are some features that businesses can choose from for their software:

In addition to the two factors above, administrators also need to refer to the following factors:

  • Determining the scale of business management can be all-in or cluster-specific.
  •  If the software meets the functions and requirements of the business. 
  • If the cost of using the software is consistent with the budget and financial situation of the business.
  • The possibility to deploy and utilize the software within the organization.
  • Opportunity for a trial.

Consulting business management software

Hopefully, the business management software presented by Viindoo can assist you in making the best decision for your organization's management requirements. Thanks to the free trial option, you also have the flexibility to test out multiple applications before deciding on the best option.

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Top 10 Effective Business Management Software
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