5 best business management and company management software

Are you looking for company management, business operations, and business administration software? Viindoo will advise you on the best business management software for you.

Today, as a result of the evolution of digital technology, business management software has become an efficient instrument for assisting business owners in managing their operations and activities. In the following post, we at Viindoo will introduce you to the software that is now the most popular and applicable to all business types.

1. What is business management software?

Enterprise management system (EMS - Enterprise Management System) is a tool for managing and planning company activities. Business management software describes systems and applications designed as comprehensive solutions to support, manage and automate business functions, improving business performance and efficiency. industry, giving an overview of how it operates.

Enterprise software applications in managing company activities and operations include ERP, Supply Chain Management, Customer Relationship Management, information collection, and work management...

Many managers and business owners misunderstand ERP software is business management software. However, in reality, ERP focuses on integrating and managing systems, meanwhile, enterprise software (EMS) is a broader software system, encompassing many operational functions, that helps businesses improve their business performance, increase innovation, and create competitive advantage.

Software to support marketing and sales activities

Business management software

2. Why should companies use business management software?

Enterprise software plays an indispensable role in the daily business operations and key events of many organizations. This is an important tool to help businesses expand their scale of operations and direct resources to the most important tasks.

Business management software helps organizations operate more efficiently Automate human resource management, payroll, marketing and data management, helping employees focus on work that brings real value to the business. In particular, the software provides a set of standard collaboration tools and workflow management solutions, helping to minimize confusion and optimize multi-department productivity.

Business management software helps organizations operate more efficiently
Business management software helps organizations operate more efficiently

For large businesses

Enterprise management software helps create alignment and integration of all aspects, from financial management, human resources, production, to warehouse management and supply systems. From there, businesses can optimize overall performance and minimize information fragmentation. At the same time, the software also allows large businesses to manage complex projects, distribute resources more effectively, track work progress, increase productivity and improve competitiveness.

Large businesses often have a complex scale with a structure of many divisions and departments and many separate business and operating processes for each department. Therefore, comprehensive management of the activities of a large enterprise is not an easy problem. Business management software can help address these challenges by:

  • Create alignment and integration of all aspects, from financial management, human resources, production, to warehouse management and supply systems
  • Integrate business processes, creating a unified and coherent system, no part operates separately but all are connected and coordinated with each other.
  • Automate manual, repetitive tasks, freeing employees from non-breakthrough work, thereby focusing on strategic and creative work
  • Provides detailed data and reports on business operations, helping businesses make accurate and timely business decisions.
Software to support marketing and sales activities

For SMEs

Small and medium enterprises will often have a relatively simpler scale and structure, however, the application small and medium business management softwareis considered extremely necessary, helping SMEs create new breakthroughs, enhance their competitive position and develop strong businesses thanks to benefits such as:

  • Optimize operations and reduce costs by minimizing errors from manual tasks, using resources effectively
  • Enhance and improve business processes
  • Create a premise for businesses to expand their business scale
The software can be customized depending on the business model
The software can be customized depending on the business model

For small businesses

Small business management software Supports structuring workflows and managing data more effectively. This tool also helps small businesses closely monitor their financial situation, from invoice management to capital management. From there, businesses can ensure the stability of their cash resources and avoid unnecessary financial risks.

Software helps small businesses manage data effectively
Software helps small businesses manage data effectively

9 commonly used business software solutions

Today, businesses face many complex and diverse challenges, from human resource management, supply chain, customer relations, finance, projects, to advertising and marketing. Each of these areas requires a specialized system to process data, optimize processes and provide strategic information. Here are 9 solutions software for businesses Commonly used today:

Enterprise resource planning (ERP) software

ERP enterprise resource planning software is a tool that helps companies manage all business activities effectively. From sales, employee management, and supply chain, to project management and payroll calculations, all are done on a single system. Using ERP brings many benefits to businesses such as:

  • Centralize and manage data from many different departments easily.
  • Automate tasks, making business processes simpler.
  • Improve working efficiency, thereby helping to increase profits. 
Software to support resource planning
Software to support resource planning

Accounting - Finance Software

Business accounting software was created to assist managers in tracking and controlling the company's important financial information. In addition, the software also provides detailed financial reports such as balance sheets, cash flow reports, profit and loss reports. From there, businesses will have a comprehensive view of the organization's business situation.

Software to support marketing and sales activities
Accounting and financial management software

Customer relationship management software (CRM)

CRM software is a tool that helps organizations track and manage every customer interaction. Software makes service delivery more efficient and increases customer value.

CRM is important for businesses, especially in the marketing and sales sectors. A customer service management system, or CSM, is an extension of CRM, providing a comprehensive view of how customers interact with the entire company.

Businesses use CRM software in combination with call centers to achieve several key goals:

  • Manage customer relationships more effectively.
  • Gather detailed information about customer needs from collected data.
  • Provide a better experience for existing customers.
  • Make smart decisions about attracting new leads.
Software to support marketing and sales activities
Software helps businesses manage relationships with customers

Human resource management (HR) software

HR management software  Modern technology helps businesses manage all aspects related to human resources effectively. They include tools for activities such as recruiting, training, time management, payroll, and talent retention. The combination of these tools helps the company operate smoothly, enhances the capacity of human resources and brings long-term value to the business.

Human resource management software
Human resource management software

Marketing and Sales Software

Marketing management software  and sales includes many important features such as marketing automation, lead generation and management, email marketing, and social media management. The software also helps analyze marketing and sales performance.

The software's automation features help businesses nurture relationships with potential customers by tracking and supporting them throughout the sales process. This not only saves time, but also helps the sales team identify and connect with new customers who are highly likely to make a purchase.

Software to support marketing and sales activities
Software to support marketing and sales activities

Supply chain management (SCM) software

Daynow, a supply chain is a complex global network, consisting of manufacturers, suppliers, logistics services and retailers. Supply chains together provide goods and services to users.

To manage the supply chain effectively, every organization needs one supply chain management software strong. This tool helps them track goods, update production information, create invoices, and audit suppliers.

Effective supply chain management software
Effective supply chain management software

Project management software

Project management software helps organize, monitor and automate steps in the business process. The software supports sending automatic notifications, tracking time progress and dividing tasks to be done.

Software to monitor project activities
Software to monitor project activities

Content management software (CMS)

In a business, content management mainly involves handling important documents. Content management systems make it easier for businesses to upload, access, search, share, and protect files and documents. This system is useful for all types of documents that businesses use, from employee information, orders, contracts... 

Viindoo - Leading small and medium enterprise management software
The software supports processing important documents

Smart business management software

Company management software helps businesses collect and analyze business data from many different sources, store it on cloud computing, and centralize data on a single platform. The software generates detailed reports, helping everyone in the organization understand and align on data through an easy-to-use dashboard. In particular, the software can also help businesses:

  • Gain a deeper understanding of your business through detailed and useful information.
  • More accurate decisions in planning and strategy.
  • Save time because there is no need for manual analysis.
Viindoo - Leading small and medium enterprise management software
Software that collects and analyzes business data

Consulting on the best business management software

Scoro - The best small business management software

Scoro is one small business management software , helping businesses centralize everything from workgroups, projects, sales activities, to reporting, right in a single place. Using Scoro, businesses will manage work effectively and organize all activities easily.

Highlights of Scoro Software:

  • Plan and track an unlimited number of projects.
  • Manage quotes, customer contacts, and invoices smoothly and seamlessly.
  • Track working time
Scoro is the best small business management software you should choose

Scoro is the best small business management software you should choose

Detailed review of Scoro software



  • User-friendly
  • The customer service department responded quickly Easily track orders, quotes, etc. 
  • Improve collaboration and teamwork efficiency
  • Reasonable price
  • Custom PDF report templates for Quotes, Orders, and Invoices are quite limited
  • Some parameters cannot be modified in the software
  • It still takes a lot of time to get used to for new users
  • The price is quite high compared to

Price: Essential package $26 - Equivalent to ~635,000 VND

Quote from Angela's (Management Consultant) comments about Scoro software: “Scoro helps companies make business decisions about future resources and allows businesses to easily manage day-to-day projects.” 

Viindoo - Leading small and medium enterprise management software

Viindoo Solution is a solution for small and medium business management software that comprehensively helps businesses automate and effectively manage their business activities. Viindoo is designed to meet the diverse needs of businesses, from financial management, human resources, and manufacturing operations, to customer and supply chain management.

Viindoo - Leading small and medium enterprise management software

Outstanding features of Viindoo Solution includes:

  • Financial management and accounting: Integrates powerful accounting tools, helping to track and manage cash flow, prepare financial reports, and manage taxes effectively.
  • Human resource management: Software provides human resource management solutions from recruitment, timekeeping, and payroll, to labor performance management.
  • Customer relationship management (CRM): Supports customer relationship management, including business opportunity tracking, transaction management, and customer data.
  • Production and warehouse management: Optimize production processes, inventory management, and supply chain, helping to increase efficiency and reduce costs.
  • Automatically generate reports: The automatic report creation feature helps businesses track progress, resources and costs, providing an overview of projects within the organization. 
Viindoo is a comprehensive small and medium business management software that should be used
Viindoo is a comprehensive small and medium business management software that should be used

Detailed review of Viindoo software



  • Comprehensive integration of all necessary features in one management software
  • Data is updated in real time, throughout the department
  • Diverse reports, easy to edit reports according to each feature 
  • It takes time to learn how to use the feature modules in Viindoo

Price: Free 1 app or 198,000 VND/ 1 user

Quoted from the comments of Ms. Mai Lan Phuong - General Director of BDO Vietnam Auditing Company Limited on Viindoo software: “Viindoo has strengths in technology, professional staff and effective implementation methods. We received support, detailed implementation plans, and arranged personnel to participate in each phase, promoting efficiency and saving time for both parties. I consider the ERP implementation very successful.” 

NetSuite - Comprehensive small and medium business management software

NetSuite is a solution software for small and medium businesses, is being used by more than 40,000 companies. The software includes many useful tools for areas such as accounting (ERP), financial management, customer relationship management (CRM), human resources, and e-commerce. NetSuite is designed to serve a wide range of industries, and can be tailored to fit the specific way your business operates.

NetSuite highlights:

  • Cloud platform, support for use on mobile and social networks.
  • Performance reporting and analysis, easy to access and track.
  • Flexible and customizable features, tailored to the specific needs of each business.
  • Resource management, project accounting, time and cost tracking.
NetSuite business software is used by many companies

NetSuite business software is used by many companies

Detailed review of NetSuite software



  • Easy to download data
  • User-friendly dashboard
  • Easily integrates with other software tools 
  • There is no free trial of the software
  • Must schedule a consultation to receive a quote
  • Many users complain about the relatively few reporting templates

Price: Need to contact for price quote

Quoting Ankush S.'s User Review: “NetSuite is a user-friendly and highly customizable ERP solution that allows for the creation of a variety of reports by breaking down data in a variety of ways.”

Zoho One - Online business management software

Zoho One is one business management application Online friendly, easy to use. The software provides 40 diverse business applications, helping businesses manage all business activities effectively. All of these applications can connect, enabling teams to work together optimally.

Highlights of Zoho One include:

  • Versatile management: Allows businesses to control virtually every aspect of their business from a single place.
  • Enhance collaboration: Online document storage and sharing system helps enhance collaboration among team members
  • Process automation: Businesses can automate business workflows and personalize them according to needs.
Zoho One is a comprehensive business management solution

Zoho One is a comprehensive business management solution

Detailed review of Zoho One software



  • All the features businesses need are available on the Zoho One platform 
  • Easy integration between multiple software applications
  • The layout, workflow, and wording in some apps can be a bit confusing


  • $45 - Equivalent to 1,100,000 VND/ 1 user/ 1 month when purchased for all employees in the business
  • $105 - Equivalent to 2,500,000 VND/ 1 user

Quote from Ismail Ahmed-Ortiz (CEO of COMPASS Digital) comments on Zoho One software: “Zoho One provides a suite of software solutions that bring perfection to startups and SMEs” - Ismail Ahmed-Ortiz (CEO of COMPASS Digital) 

Bit ai - Smart business operating software

Bit ai is Best business management software for large multi-sector and regional companies today when applying AI automation technology. With Bit, businesses can create and organize interactive documents in different spaces and folders. This tool also supports collaboration and live chat with colleagues.

Bit ai stands out with its smart search capabilities, helping users easily find the necessary information. The software also connects smoothly with more than 100 different platforms, helping to increase work efficiency.

Bit's special features include:

  • Collaborate in real time.
  • Connect with over 100 other platforms.
  • Effective working space.
  • Many document templates are available.
  • Track document performance
Bit ai intelligent business management
Bit ai intelligent business management

Detailed review of Bit ai software



  • Comprehensive solution on one platform for businesses 
  • Provide many information channels for users to go to when they need support, such as: FAQs, user manuals, user guide videos, email, chat,...
  • There is no phone application platform, can only be used on computers

Price: Pro $12 package - Equivalent to 292,000 VND/ 1 user/ 1 month

Quoting Manish M's User Review: “Bit ai saves time, and increases productivity significantly, highly recommended” 

Suggest other TOP business software you can use

ClickUp - Free company management software

ClickUp is a versatile business management tool that helps teams work together effectively. From planning and organizing work, to collaborating on projects, ClickUp offers features like creating tasks, authoring documents, chatting, setting goals, and using whiteboards.

ClickUp can be easily personalized and is suitable for all types of teams, from small to large, helping to increase productivity. This platform offers a free version with many outstanding features, but if you want to fully use it, you can use the paid version.

ClickUp isSmall and medium business management software best free for you you. The software supports collaboration and communication, allowing you to manage multiple tasks and users flexibly.

Key features of ClickUp include:

  • Workflow templates to optimize processes.
  • Create and share SOP documents, and collaborate on documents with team members.
  • Assign tasks and update progress in chats.
  • Use mind maps and whiteboards to turn ideas into action.
  • Over 1,000 integrations to manage every business from one place.
  • 15+ customizable views, like Kanban, Gantt, boards, calendars, and lists.

ClickUp offers different service packages:

  • Forever Free Plan: Great for personal use, includes Kanban boards, unlimited tasks and members, collaborative documents, and 24/7 support.
  • Unlimited plan ($7/member/month): Suitable for small teams, includes all the features of the free plan, resource management, unlimited storage, flexible reporting..
  • Business Plan ($12/member/month): Suitable for medium to large teams, includes all unlimited plan features, custom reporting, automation, time tracking …
ClickUp Support effective group work management

ClickUp Support effective group work management

Bitrix24 - Flexible business management application

Bitrix24 is onesmall business software, supports companies in project management, customer relationship (CRM) optimization, and automation of HR processes. The software mainly focuses on three aspects: Communication, CRM and collaboration.

Although Bitrix24 is very flexible, the software also has some limitations. Not all software features are free or accessible. For example, when building a corporate website, you may encounter limitations in storage, speed, and customization.

Outstanding features of Bitrix24:

  • Self-hosted option: Allows users to control data, access source code, and build additional tools.
  • Manage projects and tasks: Create, assign, and track progress on one dashboard.
  • Human resource management: Track working time, arrange leave and create HR reports.
  • Communication: Make calls, video conferences, and chat directly within the app.

Disadvantages of Bitrix24:

  • The recurring task creation feature is only available in the paid version.
  • There are no project templates available in the free version.
  • The user interface is somewhat complicated.

Bitrix24 Pricing Plans:

  • Free Forever: Unlimited users, includes basic features like collaboration, website building, project management, CRM, and 5GB of storage.
  • Basic ($49/month): For 5 users, includes free plan features plus contact center, online store, website builder, and 24GB of storage.
  • Standard ($99/month): Includes all features of the free plan, 50 users, administration, customer support, online documentation, marketing support, and 100 GB of storage.
  • Professional ($199/month): Unlimited users, sales features, business process automation, HR automation, and 1024 GB of storage.
Bitrix24 is designed to be flexible

Bitrix24 is designed to be flexible

AMIS - Easy-to-use small business management software

With outstanding features such as process automation, accurate financial management and smart reporting system, AMIS not only helps businesses save time but also improve work efficiency. In particular, the ability to flexibly customize according to the specific needs of each business is a big plus.

However, it cannot be denied that the software still has some limitations. Some users may have difficulty getting used to the interface and features of the software, especially those who do not have much experience in information technology.

Price of AMIS software:

  • Starter package: Price 2,450,000 VND/year for 1 user, includes 7 operations such as Fund, Treasurer, Banking, Sales, Invoice Management, Tax, General.
  • Standard package: Price 3,950,000 VND/year for 3 users, expanded to 11 operations.
  • Professional package: Price 5,450,000 VND/year for 3 users, with 16 operations.
  • Enterprise package: Price 6,450,000 VND/year for 3 users, providing 17 operations.
  • Enterprise Plus package: Price 20,450,000 VND/year for 10 users, full 20 operations.
AMIS manages businesses comprehensively
AMIS manages businesses comprehensively

BRAVO - Multinational company management software

Bravo is also rated as one best business management software in Vietnam, integrating project management tools. The software helps users easily create and manage tasks and schedules effectively.

With Bravo, you can plan, allocate resources, track project progress, and create Gantt charts. The software also helps you monitor detailed work progress, compare plans with reality, and receive notifications about problems. Additionally, the software provides features for storing and sharing documents such as contracts and reports.

However, Bravo's cost is higher than packaged software and deployment time is longer. Because it is designed specifically for each business, the price of the software can be up to several thousand or even tens of thousands of USD.

BRAVO helps users easily manage work

BRAVO helps users easily manage work

OOC digiiMS - Unified business management software

OOC – digiiMS Is one small business management software consolidated, mainly focusing on management aspects such as human resources, projects and teams. Outstanding features of OOC –digiiMS include:

  • High management performance: Software helps improve management capabilities, consistent with the strategy and business model of each enterprise.
  • Unified management solution: Providing businesses with a comprehensive solution for management and administration.
  • Save time: Reduce data entry and conversion time.

However, OOC software -digiiMS can be quite complicated, requiring users to take time to learn how to use it effectively.

Small and medium business management software ESO

Small and medium business management software ESO

Above are the 5 best business management software today that business owners can refer to. Hopefully through the above article, businesses will find a solutionEnterprise management software suitable for your organization. Contact with Viindoo via hotline 0225 730 9838 for more detailed advice on our overall solution.

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 5 best business management and company management software
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