10 commonly used business accounting software in 2024

Nowadays, Accounting Software has become an important and indispensable tool whether large, medium or small businesses. However, if managers do not clearly understand the standards and assessments when purchasing accounting software, they may not be able to choose a product with appropriate features that meets the business's operations.

In this article,Vindoo will propose the 10 best accounting software today and clearly state the criteria for choosing accounting software that is easy to use and suitable for businesses.

1. What is accounting software? Benefits of use

Accounting software is software that supports the automation of accounting operations. Fast Accounting accounting software is trusted by many customers Helps businesses solve tasks and problems with accounting records, debts, tax declarations and salary payments to employees. Not only that, modern management accounting software also supports businesses in making reports and making cash flow forecasts and financial decisions when needed.

This is an indispensable module in the solution set Enterprise management software with proven benefits such as:

  • Automatic calculation tools ensure highly accurate forecasts, minimizing errors in accounting data by up to 95%.
  • According to Gartner's survey, businesses using accounting software can save 40-60% of time on accounting tasks.
  • According to Flexi's 2021 report, accounting software can help reduce operating costs by up to 50% and increase revenue by up to 15%.
  • The process of storing and using information is simple, transparent and effective
  • Absolute information security, businesses can control who has access and use of data
  • Record and process information accurately, thereby making timely forecasts

Because of the benefits above, the use of accounting software is considered the optimal and necessary solution for all businesses. This is to ensure that businesses do not encounter errors in accounting and financial management.

2. The most popular types of accounting management software today

On the market today there are 4 main types of accounting software:

  • Packaged accounting software: This is a pre-designed accounting solution with basic functions that meet the common needs of many businesses. The advantage is optimal cost, so it can be said, this is Accounting software for small and medium businesses Financial and accounting activities are not too complicated. However, packaged software may not meet all the specific needs of each business.
  • Customized accounting software upon request: This is an accounting solution designed and developed specifically for each business, fully meeting the specific needs and specific requirements of that business. So here it is Accounting software for large businesses. However, because it is specifically designed and developed, custom software costs more than packaged software.
  • Accounting software according to installation model (On-Premise): This is software that is installed directly on the business's computer or server.
  • ​Cloud-based accounting software: This is software accessible via the internet, does not need to be installed on the computer, accountants and business owners can use the software anytime, anywhere. This is also the most popular type of software with more than 52% of businesses using it (According to research by Sage Practice of Now, 2021).

3. 10 most popular and easy-to-use business accounting software

3.1 Viindoo Accounting accounting software

Viindoo Accounting software provides businesses with solutions to automate all accounting operations, control data throughout and be transparent in real time. The software meets multinational accounting standards and effectively supports cash flow forecasting and financial planning.

The interface of Viindoo Accounting software is intelligently designed, displaying all necessary information immediately upon access. In addition, the software also has many outstanding features such as: Automatic payment rules, automatic reporting system, and full integration with other applications in the ecosystem.

Outstanding advantages:

  • User-friendly interface, easy to use
  • Automate all accounting operations, optimize work processes.
  • Integrate accounting operations in full compliance with legal regulations
  • Control and manage accounting data throughout and transparently.
  • Monitor and manage asset depreciation using flexible methods.
  • Multi-dimensional reporting feature, providing a comprehensive view of the business's financial situation.
  • Full integration with other applicationsVindoo, building a synchronous corporate management system.
Accounting software needs to be integrated with many in-depth features
Viindoo Accounting software helps businesses automate accounting processes

3.2 Fast Accounting accounting software

Fast Accounting accounting software was established in 1997. Up to now, Fast Accounting has been trusted by 23,000 customers. The software fully meets accounting, tax and financial reporting operations according to current regulations. In particular, Fast Accounting also integrates free electronic invoices, bringing outstanding benefits to small and medium enterprises.

Outstanding advantages:

  • Simple interface, easy to use
  • Full integration of accounting operations
  • Always updated with the latest circulars from the Ministry of Finance and the General Department of Taxation.
  • One-time data entry feature reduces errors and increases work efficiency.
  • Provide timely and accurate management information.
  • Consulting team supports installation and use at businesses.
Fast Accounting accounting software is trusted by many customers
Fast Accounting accounting software is trusted by many customers

Misa accounting software

MISA SME accounting software helps reduce manual work by up to 80% and optimize the efficiency of the accounting department. The software provides outstanding features such as automatic data entry, controlling the validity of bank transactions and invoices, and supporting automatic financial reporting.

In particular, MISA SME connects with the General Department of Taxation, banks and other data ecosystems, helping businesses manage finances effectively and make timely decisions.

Outstanding advantages:

  • Reduce data entry time by automating invoices and reports.
  • The ecosystem connects synchronously with many partners and services.
  • Manage revenue, profits, costs and debt anytime, anywhere.
  • Businesses will receive information security and 24/7 support from MISA experts
Accounting software needs to be integrated with many in-depth features
Misa accounting software optimizes accounting time

G9 accounting software

G9 accounting software is designed to meet the management, finance and accounting needs of all types of businesses. With a simple, friendly interface, users can easily access and operate the software quickly, thereby optimizing workflow and improving performance.

Outstanding advantages:

  • Monitor revenue, costs, and profits of the business
  • Alerts on inventory balances, manages imported and exported goods, and sets sales policies
  • Manage warehouse, automatically prepare tax declarations
  • Backup and restore data easily, minimizing risks.
  • Cheap price, suitable for small and medium businesses
G9 accounting software has a simple, easy-to-use interface
G9 accounting software has a simple, easy-to-use interface

Accounting SoftwareEasybooks

Accounting SoftwareEasyBooks provides a comprehensive financial management solution for businesses with an easy-to-use user interface, advanced data security and flexible customization capabilities. In particular, the software provides competitively priced solutions, suitable for the diverse needs of businesses.

Outstanding advantages:

  • Easy-to-use interface, fast loading, efficient processing and analysis of big data.
  • Provides multi-layer security and flexible usage permissions.
  • Automatically update changes in accounting and tax policies.
  • Automate accounting operations, easily integrate with business management system
Accounting software needs to be integrated with many in-depth features
Easybooks accounting software provides multi-layered security

3TSOFT accounting software

EZSOFT's 3TSoft accounting software is a comprehensive solution for businesses. With full features on a single version, including 8 main accounting modules, 3TSoft helps businesses save costs in the process of managing production activities.

Outstanding advantages:

  • Easy installation, friendly interface
  • Many superior utilities such as: Connecting electronic invoices, updating data from Excel, exporting data to HTKK, managing 2 administrative and tax books in parallel...
  • Multi-language support and the ability to install an unlimited number of devices and users, ensuring a stable data entry process and data security
  • Comprehensive support for all types of businesses.
3TSOFT accounting software supports multiple languages
3TSOFT accounting software supports multiple languages

1C accounting software

1C software is a complete financial accounting solutionface, fully integrating financial management and accounting functions according to international standards. In particular, the software is suitable for medium and large businesses, providing multi-business management capabilities in a single database.

Outstanding advantages:

  • Support for tax and management accounting, meeting all professional needs from cash management, sales, material warehouse, production to asset and human resources accounting.
  • Multi-business, multi-language, multi-currency support.
  • Integrated financial reporting according to IFRS standards.
  • Easily integrate with other systems, expand according to business needs.
  • Access management, user authorization, data security.
1C accounting software has built-in financial reporting according to IFRS standards
1C accounting software has built-in financial reporting according to IFRS standards

vESS accounting software

vESS-PMKT is an outstanding product in Viettel's digital business management ecosystem. vESS-PMKT accounting software fully supports the accounting process from preparation, storage to signing of accounting documents. Besides, the software also provides a series of superior features such as: Management, issuance, digital signing directly on the vESS platform, updating and processing accounting data automatically and flexibly based on on financial reports…

Outstanding advantages:

  • The software can be accessed anytime, anywhere via just an Internet-connected device, does not require complicated installation or server setup, and is optimally suitable for business households.
  • Closely linked with core operations and the ability to expand integration with other services in Viettel's digital product ecosystem such as: Digital signatures, electronic invoices...
  • Comply with Circular 88/2021/TT-BTC and other regulations of the Ministry of Finance
  • Significant cost savings (Whether purchasing a single PMKT product (vESS) or a Combo package combining PMKT with digital signatures and electronic invoices)
VESS accounting software is part of Viettel's ecosystem
VESS accounting software is part of Viettel's ecosystem

Vacom accounting software

Vacom accounting software is a comprehensive solution for businesses. Vacom brings businesses many outstanding features such as: Cash management, purchasing, sales, inventory, production and construction cost accounting... In particular, Vacom also allows remote access and working on many devices, helping businesses save costs and increase work efficiency.

Outstanding advantages:

  • Ability to work anytime, anywhere on any device, flexible connection with electronic invoices and banking service providers
  • Automatically update real-time data and reduce costs for businesses with many branches.
  • Automatically update all current regulations of accounting law
Accounting software needs to be integrated with many in-depth features
Vacom accounting software allows remote access and working

Bravo accounting software

Bravo accounting software provides comprehensive, flexible solutions for all types of businesses from small to large. With high customization capabilities, the software allows users to easily design interfaces, forms and reports according to specific requirements.

Outstanding advantages:

  • Support a variety of accounting operations, from general accounting to tax management, creating and printing electronic invoices, and revenue plan management
  • Automation helps optimize work processes
  • Suitable for all types of businesses and can be easily adjusted to specific needs.
  • Able to connect with other software systems, supporting business expansion
  • Friendly interface, easy to use, helps users access and use easily and quickly.
Bravo accounting software is suitable for all types of businesses
Bravo accounting software is suitable for all types of businesses

What criteria should be based on when choosing management accounting software?

Budget-friendly accounting software is better than cheap accounting software

When choosing accounting software, the first thing businesses need to do is determine their budget. Software vendors often offer a variety of service packages, each with different feature sets and prices, depending on the number of users and complexity of the features.

Therefore, determining the exact amount you are willing to pay will help businesses choose the right software. In addition, this also helps businesses avoid unnecessary payments for unused features.

Cool tips

Ideally, you should check if the software offers free trials? Or the unit provides a detailed user manual before buying accounting software. With Viindoo Accounting, the software allows businesses to use for free for life with the ONE APP package. So don't miss it. Visit for details here.

Accounting software needs to be integrated with many in-depth features

Accounting software needs to have professional accounting features

Large businesses have a complex scale of operations, a huge volume of accounting work and high requirements for accuracy and efficiency. Therefore, accounting software needs to have professional accounting features that meet requirements such as:

  • Multilingual support, which is especially important for large multi-company companies with, active active in many countries,...
  • Provide reports as requested by management.
  • Able to integrate with other systems in the business such as CRM, ERP, HRM...
  • To make a suitable software choice, businesses can make a priority list of features from the most essential to additional features. From this list, businesses will know which software is suitable for them, helping to improve work efficiency and ensure accuracy in financial management.

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Buying easy-to-use accounting software makes the technology transition simpler

In the current context, choosing an accounting software does not only stop at features but also needs to ensure convenience and ease of use, especially for business owners who do not specialize in this field. accounting field. Effective accounting software must allow users, even those without a deep professional background, to quickly grasp and perform basic operations conveniently, creating analytical reports. accurate, supporting optimal financial management.

The ability to customize and provide user guides to suit the user's needs and skill level is also a key factor in helping businesses expand their knowledge and apply advanced accounting methods. no problems. Choosing a suitable accounting software not only helps optimize workflow but is also an important step in improving financial management efficiency, especially during the challenging digital transformation period.

Easy-to-use accounting software makes the technology transition simpler
Easy-to-use accounting software makes the technology transition simpler

Accounting management software should be flexible

For businesses with a "remote work" culture, applying cloud-based online accounting software is an ideal choice. This approach will help employees access data from anywhere, anytime and on any device with an internet connection. In particular, cloud-based accounting software also ensures high information security for businesses.

On the other hand, if choosing offline accounting software for desktop computers, businesses need to consider potential risks such as: Data loss due to equipment damage, inaccessible power outages, etc. In addition, when using offline accounting software, employees can only process reports and analyze data within the office. In case the computer's hard drive is damaged, important business data will be completely "wiped out".

Key pulled out

You should consider finding an accounting software solution that can grow with your business not only now but also in the future. Viindoo's proposal is to prioritize choosing  easy-to-use online accounting software to meet the needs of upcoming trends.

Choose software that comes with customer support

In the process of searching and deciding to use accounting software, businesses should evaluate the customer support services that the software provider provides. During use, businesses often encounter problems or questions when operating the software, especially in the early stages.

Therefore, the supplier must have a dynamic, effective support team capable of responding quickly to meet all requests from users. Choosing a unit with quality customer support services will help businesses minimize risks during operations, bringing a sense of comfort and peace of mind when applying technology solutions to their business activities.

Discover Viindoo Accounting Software

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What is the best accounting software?

The best accounting software can be mentioned as Viindoo Accounting, Misa, Easybooks,...

What is the easiest accounting software to use?

The easiest accounting software to use is Viindoo Accounting, Fast Accounting, 3TSOFT,...

Which accounting software is the cheapest?

Cheap accounting software such as Fast Accounting, G9, MISA SME, HVT Accounting,...

Which accounting software should large businesses use?

Accounting software for large businesses that should be used is SAP Business One, Oracle NetSuite, Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central,

Thus, based on the evaluation criteriabut Viindoo provided, businesses can refer to choose to buy suitable accounting software. If your business is looking for professional management accounting software that is easy to use and has full accounting skills, thenVindoo Accounting is the perfect "answer" for you! Please contact us for more detailed and in-depth advice!

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