10+ popular and best business accounting software today

Accounting Software is software that supports the automation of accounting operations, including accounting records, debts, tax declarations and salary payments to employees. Not only that, accounting management software also supports businesses in making reports and making cash flow forecasts and financial decisions when needed. Therefore, this software has become an important tool, an indispensable module in the suite of business management software solutions, from large corporations, SMEs to household businesses. However, not all administrators clearly understand the evaluation standards when purchasing software, leading to the selection of products with inappropriate features that do not meet all of the business's accounting operations.

In this article, Viindoo will recommend the 10 best accounting software today and clearly state the criteria for choosing accounting software that is easy to use and suitable for businesses.

Criteria for choosing accounting software are applied by many businesses

Cheap accounting software

When choosing accounting management software, the first thing businesses need to do is determine their budget. Therefore, many businesses prioritize choosing cheap accounting software to fit their budget. However, making selection criteria based on low cost is not encouraged by software development experts because it has many risks:

  • First, cheap software often does not have enough features to handle accounting operations
  • Second, cheap software may encounter technical problems during operation
  • Third, if a business does not choose the right reputable supplier, it is likely to lose money because of purchasing poor quality software that is not applicable to the business.

So, our advice to you is to buy budget-friendly software rather than a cheap one. Because there are many different accounting software prices . Furthermore, software developers also provide a variety of service packages corresponding to different feature sets, depending on the number of users and the complexity of the feature. Therefore, determining the exact amount willing to pay and usage needs is essential to evaluate options.

Easy-to-use accounting software

Buying easy-to-use accounting software makes the technology transition simpler. Especially for business owners who do not specialize in accounting. Effective software must allow users, even those without a deep professional background, to quickly grasp and perform basic operations conveniently, creating accurate analytical reports. , supporting optimal financial management.

Therefore, when choosing which accounting software to use, consider its ease of use and friendly interface. At the same time, the software must have user manuals appropriate to the needs and skill level of the user.

Accounting Software

Thus, it can be seen that the two important factors that many users consider when choosing are price and ease of use. However, to make sure your choice is the right one, you also need to consider other factors when making a decision, including:

  • Accounting management software should be flexible. This will help businesses with a “remote work” culture. And applying cloud-based online accounting software is an ideal choice. This approach will help employees access data from anywhere, anytime and on any device with an internet connection. In particular, cloud-based software also ensures high information security for businesses.
  • Buy accounting software with full features to handle professional accounting operations, meeting the business's operating procedures.
  • Choose a software provider that includes customer support services. Because it is very likely that businesses often encounter problems or questions while operating the software, especially in the early stages. Therefore, the supplier must have a dynamic, effective support team capable of responding quickly to meet all requests from users.

3 best accounting software for large businesses

SAP accounting software

If you want to implement a new financial accounting system for your business, you can refer to SAP software. SAP stands for systems, applications and processing, where all the applications work together to create a reliable and automated financial management system. With SAP accounting software, you can streamline your financial and accounting processes, from closing financial books and reporting in accounting to handling legal issues.

  • Automate manual accounting processes and operations such as bookkeeping, consolidation and financial reporting... to achieve greater efficiency
  • Having full data visibility and accurate auditing capabilities helps build trust in financial reporting to make better decisions.
  • The software complies with financial regulations and supports many accounting standards.
  • Sources of financial information and accounting reports are analyzed in-depth with the highest level of detail, providing immediate business insight for owners and administrators.
Online accounting software

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central software

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central is one of the leading financial and accounting management software trusted and used by many large corporations. The software allows you to expand your accounting activities based on the cloud, helping you manage your finances and access data anytime, anywhere. The solution that Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central brings is workflow automation, compliance, and audit tracking. Thanks to that, the business's accounting process will become more simplified.

  • Use Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central to perform accurate accounting and bookkeeping.
  • Deliver critical business information with powerful reporting tools and customizable dashboards.
  • Efficiently manage accounting tasks and cut down on manual processes to save time.
  • Track financial and accounting performance in real time.
  • Allows large corporations to unify all financial and operational processes across the organization (including member companies).
Business accounting software

Oracle accounting software

If you are looking for ERP accounting software for large businesses, Oracle Financials Cloud is also a good choice to consider. This software is one of a suite of ERP software applications developed by Oracle Corporation, which is considered a current financial system. Oracle Financials Cloud (OFC) provides a global cloud financial platform that can connect and automate financial management processes in businesses.

The significant improvements of Oracle Financials Cloud software compared to other software lie in usability and integration. Outstanding software features that this tool possesses include:

  • Auditing and financial control
  • Set up an enterprise-wide accounting center
  • Control cash spending, accounts payable - receivable and other expenses
  • Property management and leasing
Management accounting software

5 popular accounting software for small and medium businesses

Viindoo accounting software

Viindoo Accounting is accounting software developed by Viindoo Technology Joint Stock Company to automate all accounting and financial operations for small and medium enterprises. The outstanding advantage of the software is the smart interface, displaying all necessary information about accounting operations such as ledgers, debts, invoices, banking transactions... Thanks to that, businesses will Have an overall financial picture for cash flow forecasting and financial planning.

Accounting Software

In addition, Viindoo Accounting software is set up according to Vietnamese Accounting standards (Circular 200/2014/TT-BTC and Circular 133/2016/TT-BTC), effectively supporting the establishment of regulations. Automatic accounting rules for each process, minimizing errors when entering data.

  • The system automatically identifies, compares and proposes reconciliations.
  • Streamline the data entry process, reduce data errors in reports and easily trace data origins at any time.
  • Manage, reconcile and monitor fluctuations in accounts receivable - payable, cash fund, bank deposits and other expenses.
  • The software creates automatic, instant reports to help Administrators capture accurate data in real time.
  • Fully integrate accounting operations and comply with legal regulations
  • Fully integrated with other Viindoo applications such as payroll, production management... to build a synchronous business management system.

Special One App Free incentive program for businesses when registering to use Viindoo's solution suite. You will be able to choose any 01 application in the Viindoo Solution suite to use for free and permanently. The application is not limited to users and is only for 01 single application

Choose the product package that fits your business needs

  • One App
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    * Cost per user per month. Free trial for 15 days


QuickBooks Accounting software

QuickBooks Accounting software is developed and marketed by Intuit, first launched in 1992 with the orientation of supporting small and medium-sized businesses to optimize financial and accounting management. The software offers on-premise accounting applications as well as cloud-based versions, accepting business payments, managing and paying online.

The service packages provided by QuickBooks Accounting are quite diverse, allowing businesses to try them for free and consider appropriate prices. Typical features that the software provides include: Cloud accounting, invoice management, accounting reports, expense tracking, GST and VAT tracking, mobile accounting applications... In addition, , the software has also just developed a flexible online solution specifically for large businesses with more complex usage needs.

Popular accounting software

Misa accounting software

When mentioning popular accounting software in Vietnam, we cannot ignore Misa software. Misa SME is software designed specifically for small and medium-sized businesses with outstanding features such as automatic data entry, controlling the validity of bank transactions and invoices, and supporting automatic financial reporting. dynamic... In particular, MISA SME connects with the General Department of Taxation, banks and other data ecosystems, helping businesses manage finances effectively and make timely decisions.

Buy accounting software

Fast accounting software

Fast Accounting Online software was established in 1997. Up to now, Fast accounting software has been trusted by 23,000 customers. The software fully meets accounting operations such as taxes and financial reporting according to current regulations. In particular, Fast Accounting Online also integrates free electronic invoices, bringing outstanding benefits to small and medium enterprises.

Accounting Software

Bravo accounting software

As one of the easiest-to-use accounting software, Bravo helps users access and use it easily and quickly. Furthermore, the software allows flexible editing and design according to the needs and operations of each individual customer, from small to large businesses. The main functions that Bravo accounting software possesses include: cash capital accounting, sales accounting, purchase accounting, processing end-of-term operations, managing and preparing tax reports, creating and printing invoices, automatic accounting of periodic entries...

Online accounting software

3 easy-to-use accounting software for businesses

Safebooks accounting software

Safebooks provides business accounting software, allowing customization according to the needs and specifics of the business. The advantage of this software is its simple interface design, ease of use and online operation, convenient access anytime, anywhere. In addition, Safebooks software also fully meets accounting operations according to Circular 133 & TT200, automatically accounting documents and books to synthesize balance sheets, financial statements and tax reports for business households. joint.

Tax accounting software

Vacom accounting software

The VACOM HKD accounting software version developed by Vacom company is a product exclusively for business households, used on the web platform. The software supports preparing and storing accounting documents in electronic form, fully complying with accounting bookkeeping rules according to Circular 88/2021/TT-BTC. In addition, VACOM HKD also provides a full range of declaration forms according to Circular 40/2021/TT-BTC, automatically synthesizing data into declarations and appendices to help those performing accounting operations save time and reduce errors.

Cheap accounting software

Acman accounting software

If you are looking for business accounting software that applies advanced technology and allows online access, ACMan version 9.1 is the right choice. The software is developed on a cloud computing platform, complying with regulations in Circular 88/2021/TT-BTC on accounting regime for business households and individual businesses. In particular, ACMan provides a full range of document templates and accounting books such as: Input slips, Export slips, Receipt slips, Payment slips and cash books, detailed bank deposits...

Business accounting software

Frequently asked questions

Accounting management software not only helps businesses solve tasks and issues related to accounting records, debts, tax declarations and salary payments to employees, but also provides reports and flow forecasts. money, financial decisions when needed. Furthermore, this tool also helps input data and calculate automatically, ensuring high accuracy and minimizing errors in accounting data by up to 95%. Because of these benefits, accounting software is considered the optimal and necessary solution for all types of businesses.

Evidence based on data: According to Gartner's survey, businesses using accounting software can save 40-60% of time on accounting tasks. According to Flexi's 2021 report, accounting software can help reduce operating costs by up to 50% and increase revenue by up to 15%.

When choosing accounting management software, the first thing businesses need to do is determine their investment budget and necessary usage features. After having the basic checklist to evaluate the software, the next thing businesses need to consider is the ease of use and extensibility of the software. Because in the early stages of use, you will not be able to understand and use all the features of the software. Furthermore, in the future, businesses can expand their business or scale of development. In addition, considering the reputation of the software provider also helps you limit unwanted risks.

Currently, there are many accounting software that offer free trial versions so you can experience and evaluate. Such as: Viindoo Accounting, Fast Accounting, MISA SME. Besides, there are also some permanently free accounting software such as Excel, SSE Accounting, LINKQ that you can refer to.

4. Should I use free Excel accounting software?

Excel accounting software is still used by many small businesses today because it is completely free and can meet basic accounting operations. However, the disadvantage of this software is its limited functionality and usage capacity. With advanced accounting operations, users need to have an understanding of calculation formulas and function settings in Excel. Furthermore, the software is not capable of being upgraded or expanded in the future and poses potential risks of exposing business data if not careful. Therefore, if your business is medium to large in size and has complex accounting processes, you should consider using paid software that supports more diverse features.


Choosing a financial and accounting management software suitable for the activities, operations and scale of the business is not easy. You should consider finding an accounting software solution that can grow with your business not only now but also in the future. Therefore, prioritize choosing online accounting software that operates on a cloud platform so that it can be easily expanded as the business grows. This is also the type of software being used by most businesses around the world.

Besides, it's best to check whether the software offers free trials or not? Or does the unit provide a detailed user guide before purchasing the accounting software? With Viindoo Accounting, the software allows businesses to use it for free for life with the ONE APP package. So don't miss it.

Above are the best accounting software currently trusted by many businesses. Hopefully the information provided by Viindoo will help you choose the appropriate accounting management software. Don't forget to contact us via hotline 02257309838 or schedule a consultation today to receive support from our consultants.


10+ popular and best business accounting software today
Viindoo Technology Joint Stock Company, Nguyễn Hà Vân July 22, 2024