What's the Difference Between ERP and Accounting Software?

Follow this article to better understand Phần mềm kế toán ERP. In this article, Viindoo will provide you with a comparison between ERP accounting software and conventional accounting software. In particular, Viindoo -  Best business management software also introduces to you the best ERP accounting software today.

What is ERP accounting software?

ERP accounting software is an application that supports the financial management of businesses. This is also considered an important part of business management solutions because accounting has a close relationship with all other functions in the business.

Phần mềm kế toán ERP

ERP accounting software

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The difference between ERP accounting software and conventional accounting software

The following table summarizes the differences between conventional accounting software and ERP accounting management software:

ERP accounting software

Traditional accounting software

Record transactions

Each operation in the production and business process is recorded through a transaction on the system.

The ERP system identifies the accounts associated with the entry of compatible transactions, so users can be assured of their consistency.

Recorded professional operations during the production process still have many limitations and have not achieved high uniformity.

Set up an intermediary account

Transactions on intermediary accounts will not affect the business's annual financial statements.

Accounting balance is not guaranteed like ERP accounting software

Automatically record transactions

Supports recording entries manually or automatically.

The software allows for multiple levels of control and a more transparent approval process

Software to create general accounting documents to perform direct accounting entries.

Reverse trading

In ERP accounting software, users are not allowed to delete any existing entries. Therefore, all accounting data is more reliable.

Accounting data of traditional accounting software does not ensure high reliability because there is no "inversion" feature.

Finalization of accounts

The system is designed as a complete system and no stages or processes are interrupted.

However, for the necessary intervention of some processes, it is necessary to create objects or binding rules that the user must follow.

The settlement process in traditional accounting software is not well optimized compared to ERP accounting software

Account structure and account categories

Accountants can build an account system with diverse additional legal information according to regulations of the Ministry of Finance.

Additionally, it is also possible to add different account categories for multidimensional analysis.

Users cannot flexibly build account systems

Consolidated financial report

The ERP accounting system allows synthesizing reports and data from member units and branches. Therefore, management becomes extremely easy and convenient.

Consolidating reports in conventional accounting software is difficult and inefficient.

Actual picture of business activities

ERP accounting software will give users an honest overall picture of the enterprise's business activities, promptly and honestly reflecting business activities in each period.

The picture of business operations is reflected in limitations and delays.

ERP accounting software supports comprehensive management

ERP software with a financial management system will provide businesses with superior support functions compared to conventional accounting software. Some of the highly appreciated functions of this software include financial reporting, sales management, inventory management, HRM, CRM, and more.

Phần mềm quản lý toàn diện

Comprehensive management software

Conventional accounting software limits specific needs

ERP software for small and medium businesses can provide a full range of management functions without requiring connection to third-party systems like conventional accounting software. Therefore, businesses will grasp the problem to make appropriate decisions and reduce labor costs.

Therefore, ERP accounting software can be tailored to meet the needs of many different needs such as Accounting software for construction companies and Pharmaceutical accounting software, v.v.

Conventional accounting software often lacks customer relationship management and sales management functions

ERP accounting software includes a CRM module that allows users to access and manage customers. This feature is limited in regular accounting software. Therefore, ERP software can provide full functionality and convenience for users.

ERP systems can provide full management functions without requiring any connection to third-party systems like conventional accounting software. Therefore, businesses will grasp the problem to make appropriate decisions and reduce labor costs.

ERP allows synthesizing reports from member units

Synthesizing reports and data from member units and branches is convenient with the centralized data mechanism of the ERP accounting system. Therefore, managing the members of the business will become an accessible task. Besides, users can easily check the merged data using available tools.

Phần mềm kế toán ERP cho phép tổng hợp báo cáo từ các đơn vị thành viên

ERP accounting software allows synthesizing reports from member units

Conventional accounting software cannot present data in real time

Conventional accounting software cannot store all documents in a common management system. Therefore, managers must contact each employee to get specific data of each department. This is time consuming and disrupts the work process.

In contrast, ERP accounting software stores data on a cloud computing system. Thanks to that, users can access real-time data anytime, anywhere and with any device with an internet connection. Besides, synchronizing information on a single database, eliminating single management software is another convenience.

Viindoo accounting software - Provides an overall picture for businesses

The above comparison between ERP accounting software and conventional accounting software has highlighted the benefits of accounting solutions integrated in ERP systems. If you are looking for an effective and easy-to-use ERP accounting software for your business, Viindoo Accounting may be the best choice.

Viindoo accounting software is the most popular corporate financial management support system today. This software provides an overall picture of the business's financial situation with a smart and informative interface, providing details about ledgers, debts, invoices, banking transactions... In addition, , Viindoo accounting software is also useful in other fields such as Auditing, Education, Foreign Trade, etc.

Furthermore, the price of Viindoo accounting software is reasonable for all types of businesses.

Phần mềm kế toán Viindoo ERP

Viindoo ERP accounting software

Viindoo accounting software is integrated with many different capabilities in features such as:

  • Automate all accounting operations in business activities
  • Control your financial data in real time
  • Comply with multinational accounting principles and standards
  • Cash flow forecasting and effective corporate financial planning.

Phần mềm kế toán ERP MIỄN PHÍ

Viindoo Accounting ensures full features from Debt, Purchase, Sales, Inventory, Production to Payroll, Employee Advances, Assets, Budget, Financial Report,... bringing Comprehensive financial view of your business.

Automate 90% of corporate accounting operations. Maximize accounting-financial management efficiency in minimal time.

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Frequently asked questions

Yes, using Viindoo ERP accounting software can be customized to meet your specific business needs. Many software vendors offer customization options to ensure that the software meets your business's unique requirements.

Yes, Viindoo accounting software is designed to be user-friendly and easy to use. We provide training and support to help users become familiar with the software and its features.

Can ERP accounting software integrate with other software systems?

That's right, among ERP accounting software, only Viindoo accounting software has the ability to integrate with other software systems, ensuring all your business activities are connected smoothly and optimally. effective.

Hopefully the information provided will help you understand the difference between ERP accounting software and regular accounting software to have the best solution for your business. If you want to learn more about Viindoo accounting system, contact hotline 02257309838 for support.

What's the Difference Between ERP and Accounting Software?
Viindoo Technology Joint Stock Company, Danny Ha March 18, 2024

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