10 easy-to-use accounting management software

Accounting software is indispensable for businesses, especially in the 4.0 era. However, choosing effective and suitable accounting software is not easy. The following article from Viindoo will help you learn the 10 best, easy-to-use software nowadays.

What is accounting software? Benefits of using accounting software

Accounting software is a form of software that integrates the operations of accountants. The application of accounting software helps businesses solve problems related to accounting records, debts, tax returns, and salary payments. Furthermore, modern analytic accounting software supports businesses to make reports, forecast cash flow, and make financial decisions when needed.

Accounting software is indispensable software for businesses these days

Accounting software is indispensable software for businesses these days

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Types of accounting software on the market

There are two main types of accounting software on the market:

  • Packaged accounting software: This form of software is suitable for small and medium businesses with straightforward financial and accounting activities. This type of software is designed and built with fixed basic function modules for accountants.
  • Customized accounting software: The optimal option for businesses nowadays is software customized according to user requirements. Custom software will be designed in an open structure and easily adjusted to the specific requirements of the business both current and future.

Currently, Viindoo Technology Joint Stock Company is the leading and prestigious one offering customized sales accounting software, satisfying all requirements of businesses. Contact Viindoo now for detailed and in-depth advice for your business!


Viindoo Accounting - Accounting management software

Viindoo Accounting - Accounting management software

Who should use accounting software?

The application of accounting softwares in management generates outstanding benefits in optimizing accounting and financial activities. Specifically:

  • Accounting software accurately records and processes information, thereby making timely forecasts.
  • Accounting softwares is likened to an automated calculation engine ensures precise forecasts.
  • The process of storing and using information is simple, transparent, and effective.
  • Information is absolutely secured as businesses can control access rights and the use of data.

Therefore, accounting software is considered the optimal and essential solution for all businesses. This is to ensure that the business does not encounter errors in accounting and financial management.

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Criteria for evaluating the best accounting software for businesses

To choose the appropriate software, businesses need to consider the following criteria:

Ease of use

The first criterion to mention is ease of use. This will help accountants easily get acquainted and freely perform their operations. As a result, it is easier to solve problems or incidents that occur. This factor is expressed through the following characteristics:: 

  • Optimize input operation
  • Easily correct mistakes and change data
  • Use and track the data without in-depth knowledge of the accounting profession
The software must be easy to use

The software must be easy to use

Managerial features

This is regarded as the most crucial factor to consider while selecting an accounting software. The software satisfied this criterion should have the features of:

  • Extracting information and data in statistical form
  • Exporting reports when searching for data
  • Exporting reports at the specific request
  • Adjusting or changing the report views to suit specific needs


Accounting software has to be able to automatically digitize information and data such as taxes, VAT, exchange rates, etc. This helps reduce workload and improve working accuracy. In addition, automation also helps update information and data continuously and throughout in real-time.

Automation software will have the following elements:

  • Automatically record transactions and calculate VAT
  • Set up warehouse and cost for incoming documents
  • Automatically handle the difference in the exchange rates
  • Automatically adjust the foreign currency account balance
  • Automatically transfer and allocate production, sales, and administration expenses
Automated accounting operations to reduce staff workload

Automated accounting operations to reduce staff workload


Businesses should choose copyrighted software to ensure information and data security. The security factors of copyrighted software come from 3 main reasons:

1. Copyrighted software is provided by reputable vendors.

2. The software can grant access rights in different levels, enabling managers to grant the right access to the right employees.

3. Customer database is strictly secured following common industry standards, including

  • Web connections are protected with 256-bit SSL encryption, always patched, rated A, and guaranteed SHA-2-full-chain certificate.
  • Passwords are protected with PBKDF2 + SHA512 cryptography standard.
  • Datacenter is secured with biometrics access control, along with security cameras and 24/7 on-site security staff.

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TOP 10 best popular accounting software recently

VIINDOO accounting software

The top name in the list of widely used accounting software nowadays is Viindoo Accounting. This software is powered by Viindoo Technology Joint Stock Company - a company specializing in Comprehensive Digital Transformation solutions.

Viindoo Accounting software

Viindoo Accounting software

The accounting software Viindoo Accounting is offered at low investment cost but can adapt to all accounting operations from basic to advanced for diverse types of business. Viindoo Accounting is a comprehensive and professional accounting management software for businesses.

Advantages of VIINDOO Accounting software

Viindoo accounting software fully integrates all accounting operations. As a result, accountants can perform financial and accounting management tasks with high efficiency and minimal time. Viindoo accounting software is beneficial for businesses of all sizes with the following advantages:

  • Automate all accounting operations of the business
  • Control data transparency in real-time
  • Comply with multinational accounting principles and standards
  • Forecast cash flow and build an effective corporate financial planning

Outstanding features of VIINDOO accounting software 

Some outstanding features from basic to advanced of Viindoo Accounting software are:

  • Provide an overview of company’s finance via smart interface, fully displaying all related information about accounting operations such as ledger, liabilities, invoices, banking transactions, etc.
  • Automate accounting activities in the business
  • Solve accounting operations according to multi-national accounting standards
  • Localize accounting operations for businesses around the world
  • Provide multi-dimensional reports and instant updates
  • Integrate payment with banks and other payment gateways such as ZaloPay, Momo e-wallets, etc. and automatically record transactions
  • Integrate e-invoice

You can explore the full features of Viindoo Accounting here.

Viindoo provides a comprehensive picture of the corporate financial situation

Viindoo provides a comprehensive picture of the corporate financial situation

Ready to experience the excellence?

Viindoo Accounting ensures a full range of features from Debt, Purchase, Sale, Inventory, Manufacturing to Payroll, Employee Advance, Asset, Budget, Financial statements, etc. providing a comprehensive financial view of your business.

Automate 90% of business accounting operations. Maximize accounting-financial management performance in minimal time.

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Price of VIINDOO accounting software 

Viindoo Accounting software is offered at an affordable price for businesses of all sizes, at only VND 198,000/month per user. For businesses wanting a long-term solution with more users, Viindoo offers more attractive incentives.

In addition, Viindoo provides a free trial program and consulting session for Viindoo accounting software as well as all other software in the comprehensive business "ecosystem". Contact Viindoo at 0225 730 9838 for best advice!



BRAVO Tax accounting and administration software

The outstanding advantage of the BRAVO application is the ease-of-use operations. BRAVO can assist accountants in calculating costs, revenues and profits of the business, thereby improving work and production efficiency. Nonetheless, BRAVO software helps businesses easily control their financial status according to the brand tree model.

Bravo software

Bravo software

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FAST accounting software for large businesses 

FAST is a popular accounting software for medium and large businesses. The advantage of FAST is that it allows online use with data security. FAST has launched 2 software versions to better serve users including FAST Accounting and FAST Accounting Online.

FAST software

FAST software

ACCNET accounting software

With a design similar to the Microsoft Office applications, users can quickly acquaint themselves and use ACCNET with ease. ACCNET software supports users to handle accounting operations online. Moreover, Lac Viet - ACCNET powered vendor supports users with a free experience for the first 3 months.

ACCNET Software

ACCNET Software

EFFECT software

This software is suitable for many businesses regardless of models and sizes. The advantage of EFFECT is that it gathers and fully supports accounting operations in accordance with regulations by the Ministry of Finance. Another outstanding feature of EFFECT is the ability to group different business lines and adjust each of them according to requirements.

EFFECT software

EFFECT software

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3TSOFT accounting software

The advantage of 3TSOFT is the speed of data and work processing thanks to the optimized operations. Therefore, accountants can save time and improve work efficiency. It is also suitable software for multinational businesses thanks to its convenient multi-language feature.

Phần mềm kế toán quản trị

3TSOFT software

MISA accounting software

MISA software is one of the best accounting software these days in Vietnam. MISA is capable of meeting most accounting and financial operations in all fields such as manufacturing, construction, services, etc. The outstanding feature of MISA is the comprehensive ecosystem including e-banking, E-invoices, and more that helps optimize business operations.

MISA software

MISA software

LINKQ software

LINKQ is a centralized management tool, making it easier for accountants to manage all accounting-related activities. This feature makes LINKQ suitable for profitable businesses, especially those with a number of branches or points of sale.

Another advantage of LINKQ is the user-friendly interface which allows easy function and multi-windows working. In addition, LINKQ allows connection to remote data systems, helping managers to easily monitor and control data.

LINKQ software

LINKQ software

ASIASOFT software

ASIASOFT software is a collection of separate products, serving each separate business operation. ASIASOFT can assist the company in providing optimal solutions for various operations such as accounting, statistics, etc. This software supports users to perform multi-tasks at once, minimizing data entry and processing time.

ASIASOFT software

ASIASOFT software

SMART PRO accounting software

SMART PRO is software designed with advanced technology for smart data filtering. Accountants can easily filter and analyze data similar to PivotTable and Subtotal functions in Excel. The software is rated by users as user-friendly.

SMART PRO software

SMART PRO software

Hopefully, through this article, you have had an overview and idea of the right accounting software for your business. It is worth considering Viindoo for professional accounting software with full accounting capabilities. Contact Viindoo to receive more detailed and in-depth advice!

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10 easy-to-use accounting management software
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