Top 10 effective accounting software for SMEs

Accounting software is essential for every business, supporting financial accounting-related tasks. Recently, there have been numerous accounting software for SMEs with different features and advantages to meet the increasing demand on the market. Depending on the needs and the willingness to pay, each business will choose the appropriate accounting software. Let's find out the 10 most typical accounting software for SMEs with Viindoo below!

Viindoo software

Viindoo Software is among the top listed accounting software for SMEs. The business management software assists companies and accountants in managing accounting and finance as efficiently and quickly as possible.

Here are some outstanding advantages of Viindoo software:

  • Automate all accounting operations;
  • Control data thoroughly in real-time;
  • Comply with multi-national accounting principles and standards;
  • Forecast cash flow and effective financial planning for businesses;

In particular, the accounting software Viindoo Accounting is designed with specialized features such as:

  • Display all necessary information about accounting operations such as ledger, debts, invoices, banking transactions, etc. with a smart interface.
  • Set up automatic rules for each accounting process, thereby reducing errors caused by multiple importers, speeding up data processing, and providing accurate data.
  • Automatically reconcile, and suggest account reconciliations.
  • Search smartly to find accounting information by many criteria with data filtering tools.
  • Solve accounting operations according to Vietnamese Accounting Standards.
  • Present reports automatically and instantly. Therefore, managers can capture and identify accurate data without relying on employees.
  • Integrate with other Viindoo Apps, such as Viindoo Sales, Viindoo POS, Viindoo Expenses.

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Besides, Viindoo software is appropriate for small and medium businesses thanks to its outstanding features, optimized costs, as well as policies such as:

  • Businesses can subscribe to use with a flexible number of users and applications instead of a fixed amount.
  • Customers can stop using the service without notice in prior or pay any additional fees.
Viindoo Software

Viindoo Software

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Viindoo Accounting ensures a full range of features from Debt, Purchase, Sale, Inventory, Manufacturing to Payroll, Employee Advance, Asset, Budget, Financial statements,... providing a comprehensive financial view of your business.

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Misa software

The software is powered by Misa Joint Stock Company. Misa business accounting software has the following features and advantages:

  • 28 years of experience in software development.
  • A system of 18 modules such as financial analysis, funds, buying, selling, and more.
  • The accounting support feature for easy accounting tasks.
  • Business leaders can capture financial status anytime, anywhere.
Misa Software

Misa Software

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Bravo software

Bravo Software Joint Stock Company has developed and deployed specialized information technology software systems in the field of production and business management. Particularly, accounting software is their notable main product.

Some outstanding features that Bravo software brings:

  • Track the whole arising process through reports.
  • Allow periodic journal entries.
  • Manage and declare all VAT rates according to regulations.
  • Declare business income tax: Income tax finalization declaration and temporary business income tax declaration.
  • Create automatic exchange rate differences entry.
  • Allow users to set objectives for sales and consumption plans, purchase plans, receivable accounts, etc.
  • Ensure business expenses management following set plans.
  • Prepare financial statements and management reports for the business.
Bravo Software

Bravo Software

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Fast Software

This is an accounting software offered at low investment costs but meets all the accounting processes of service, trading, construction, and manufacturing businesses. Besides, the software has already integrated with electronic invoice software.

Here are some pros of the Fast software:

  • Allows customers to work online anytime, anywhere on all mobile devices.
  • Provide and remain a fairly fast processing speed.
  • Suitable for small and medium businesses. Because the software has an extremely low cost of use, no need for initial investment and later expansion costs.
Fast software

Fast software

Smartpro Software

Smart Pro Online accounting software has 21 versions suitable for different needs and industries. This diverse version of the software provides the following outstanding benefits:

  • Allow remote working with an Internet connection.
  • Store and regularly backup data in the cloud, no more fear of viruses damaging data.
Smartpro software

Smartpro software

VietDa Software

VietDa accounting software is another notable accounting software. The software is suitable for industry-specific internal management and tax management. In addition to professional operations, the software has the following advantages:

  • Compact and easy-to-use software with accurate reports and beautiful forms.
  • Unlimited use.
  • Free upgrade.
  • No annual maintenance fees.
VietDa software

VietDa software

Zeal Software

Zeal has considerable knowledge and experience implementing a diverse range of business management solutions, including accounting. Zeal accounting software has some pros namely:

  • Provide solid support for customers to improve information usability.
  • Fit small and medium businesses.
The interface of Zeal accounting software

The interface of Zeal accounting software

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PMS Software

The PMS software can adapt to basic accounting operations for small and medium businesses. Some outstanding features of PMS software are:

  • Automatically transfers data through the formatting of different accounting software.
  • Calculate at high accuracy.
  • Save time.
PMS software

PMS software

Freshbooks Software

Freshbooks is specialized accounting software for small and medium businesses. This software is considered professional and easy-to-use software. With a user base of more than 24 million up to now, Freshbooks has proven outstanding in features:

  • Save time and effort in making invoices, managing costs, managing suppliers, etc.
  • Support teamwork: Team members can work collaboratively on the software by jointly tracking the projects and customers. Therefore, members can support each other to improve work efficiency.
  • Store data on a cloud, allow users to access information from any mobile devices.
The impressive interface of Freshbooks software with professional yet simple looks

The impressive interface of Freshbooks software with professional yet simple looks

Quickbooks Software

Quickbooks is accounting software for small and medium businesses with huge workloads. This software can perform tasks such as tracking revenue sources, invoices, and daily transactions.

Besides, Quickbooks has the following basic features:

  • Data migration.
  • Simple operations for use.
  • Detailed business transaction recordings including wages, invoices, etc.
  • Creating Invoices.
  • Tax calculation.
Quickbooks software is just right for small and medium businesses

Quickbooks software is just right for small and medium businesses

Above is detailed information about the top 10 most popular accounting software for SMEs nowadays. Viindoo hopes that businesses will have the most comprehensive overview and find suitable accounting software!

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Top 10 effective accounting software for SMEs
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