10 best overall business management ERP software

Are you looking for ERP software for your business? Below are the 10 best ERP business management software for both SMEs or small businesses

ERP software is a concept that is no longer strange to large businesses and corporations. However, for SMEs, many units still wonder whether they should invest in ERP business management system or not? So maybe you should read this article to have a more objective view on the importance of ERP software for businesses. At the same time, refer to the top 10 typical ERP software for both small and medium businesses on the market today.

Should you invest in ERP software for your business?

At small and medium-sized companies, the company's resources are limited, so many employees have to undertake many different positions. This easily leads to errors during work. ERP software is a solution that helps businesses perform activities such as order processing, production and finance in an automated way. Coordination between departments and divisions is also optimized and more effective.

In particular, using ERP software for small and medium enterprises is very necessary. This software will be a better choice if your business operates in the financial sector or needs to grow in scale in the future.

However, when applying ERP for small businesses, you need to have a reasonable implementation plan to increase the rate of completing set goals and avoid failures that affect your business. entire enterprise system. ERP software solutions if used properly, will bring SME businesses a high actual rate of return.

ERP software for small and medium businesses

The use of ERP software in small and medium businesses is necessary

To know whether your business needs an ERP application in your business or not, you can refer to some of the following signs:

  • Data is managed in many places, many working files are different between departments.
  • Businesses have a large amount of inventory that is difficult to determine.
  • The company can only track business status based on sales reports.
  • The increasing number of orders makes management in Excel difficult.

TOP 10 best ERP software 2024

Viindoo ERP: The best ERP solution for small and medium businesses

Viindoo software is the best rated comprehensive business management software for SMEs today. Instead of using separate fixed software, Viindoo Solution integrates 56 different applications on the same system. The software designs the structure of assembled features, allowing users to choose operations that suit their needs. The features are closely linked together to form scientific, rhythmic processes, under a reasonable flow of links and user permissions.

In particular, Viindoo software allows businesses to customize and expand features, meeting the future development needs of your company. In addition, Viindoo also supports consulting on ERP implementation for small and medium-sized businesses, consolidating data and streamlining processes, maximizing performance in operational stages such as purchasing and sales management, finance and accounting. , personnel,...

Viindoo software is a comprehensive business management solution

Viindoo software is a comprehensive business management solution

Outstanding advantages:

  • Friendly interface design, easy for users to access and use
  • All data is stored and managed centrally on a single platform.
  • Allows the automation of repetitive tasks and processes of the business.
  • Capable of unlimited integration with other software in the business, creating a powerful and linked information system.
  • The ability to meet a variety of business needs, from basic requirements to specific requirements, makes this software flexible and adaptable to all situations.
  • Provide tools to support analysis and prepare comprehensive, transparent and accurate reports for businesses.
  • Managers can easily control through a unified, effective working process and plan appropriate business strategies.

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Odoo ERP: Open source software for small and medium-sized companies

Odoo is an open source, customizable solution. This ERP software has all the tools to support business processes, from customer relationship management (CRM) and point of sale (PoS) to time off requests and expense reporting to exporting. text and live chat. With Odoo ERP, you can also easily integrate with many popular third-party applications such as Microsoft Office, Google Drive and QuickBooks. You can also integrate Odoo with Zapier, which will allow you to connect Odoo with thousands of other apps.

ERP software for small and medium businesses

Odoo ERP is the optimal business management solution for small and medium businesses

Outstanding advantages:

  • Possesses an intuitive, simple, and scientifically arranged interface design.
  • There are full basic subsystems or modules such as POS, CRM, warehouse management, human resource management,...
  • Allows businesses to customize desired features, even expand links with 3rd party applications
  • The system allows decentralization, monitoring and strict control of user access history and activities.

The only drawback: Customization and troubleshooting can be expensive or cumbersome for a small IT team.

Oracle NetSuite: Cloud-based business management ERP software for giants

Oracle NetSuite ERP is the best-rated foreign ERP software because it is not only superior in all aspects but also continuously improves software features and is a comprehensive business solution. The applications of integration in Oracle NetSuite ERP can be applied to many different industries such as financial services, consumer goods, healthcare and IT. The software allows users to access many features at the same time, helping businesses control and operate a variety of business activities effectively.

ERP software for small and medium businesses

Oracle - a solution for effective financial operations management

Outstanding advantages:

  • Access anytime, anywhere, any device easily.
  • The system can be used for many different types and industries.
  • Suitable for medium - large sized companies.
  • The system has many features and can be easily customized.
  • Dashboards allow for intuitive reporting setups, with a logical hierarchical structure.

The only drawback: Deployment can be resource-intensive

Microsoft Dynamics: The software follows an on-premises ERP deployment model

Microsoft Dynamics is an ERP solution for small and medium businesses developed by world "technology tycoon" Microsoft. The software can integrate with other Microsoft applications to create a comprehensive management ecosystem. This software focuses on managing the fields of sales, marketing, service,...

ERP software for small and medium businesses

Microsoft Dynamics software focuses on managing the fields of sales, marketing, etc.​

Outstanding advantages:​

  • Allow working easily on Word, Excel, and Powerpoint.
  • Support enterprises to deploy different modules according to the needs of customers.
  • Provide a simple interface and is easy to use.
  • Accurately forecast demand and sales volume for businesses

Sage Business Cloud: Professional enterprise resource planning toolkit

Sage Business Cloud is a management solution used by nearly 2,000 businesses of many sizes around the world. This software supports businesses in restructuring their operating processes with a single technology system. With many outstanding features, SAGE EGG enables administrators to make quick and accurate business decisions.

ERP software for small and medium businesses

SAGE ERP is a management solution used by numerous businesses​​

Outstanding advantages:​

  • Support data standardization and business process innovation for enterprises
  • Provide simple integration capabilities and is easy to use for any business
  • Quickly and conveniently store all business information
  • Provide a user-friendly interface.

Epicor: Flexible ERP business management software

Epicor is a business ERP software commonly used for SMEs today. This software is deployed on a server or cloud computing technology platform, supporting businesses to effectively manage and operate their financial activities. Most notably, this is also software built and developed based on modern Microsoft technology platform for large-scale businesses.

ERP software for small and medium businesses

Epicor is an ERP solution for small and medium businesses​​

Outstanding advantages:​

  • Provide features such as financial management, supply chain management, production management, human resources management, etc. Therefore, the software helps improve the operational efficiency of the business.
  • Built on the basis of modern technology.

SYSPRO: ERP business software simplifies every financial process

SYSPRO provides effective ERP solutions for SME businesses. The outstanding feature of this software is the ability to adjust to business scale with many features such as store control, inventory management or financial activities.

ERP software for small and medium businesses

SYSPRO provides effective production management solutions for businesses​

Outstanding advantages:

  • Flexibility to adapt to businesses of different sizes
  • User-friendly interface with intuitive tools to connect important data in the business

SAP Business One: Integrated enterprise resource planning software

SAP Business One is one of the effective ERP software for large corporation. The software possesses many important functions to increase business performance such as financial management, customer relations, warehouse, production, projects, purchasing - selling goods and ADD - On, demand planning. demand for materials. With the system operating on the Internet, users can monitor business activities anytime, anywhere.

ERP software for small and medium businesses

SAP Business One has fast real-time processing speed​​

Outstanding advantages:​

  • Integrate important features, supporting the optimization of operating procedures for small and medium businesses
  • Allow managers to track specific business activities

AMIS: Effective ERP business management software for SMEs

AMIS is also a widely used ERP software for small businesses. This software supports businesses in managing online business activities at a cost suitable to their financial ability. Thanks to the use of software, business operations of enterprises are significantly improved, and the decision-making process of administrators is also significantly improved.

ERP software for small and medium businesses

AMIS is widely used in Vietnam

Outstanding advantages:​

  • Apply at a reasonable cost, suitable for businesses with limited financial resources.
  • Allow to connect, work, and process business information remotely.
  • Provide users with data, financial reports, personnel situations, etc.

ERPNext: Free ERP management software

ERPNext is free ERP software suitable for small and medium businesses. The software integrates many important management features such as accounting, warehouse management, human resources, purchasing and selling goods... This is software often used in fields such as education, agriculture, and distribution. retail…

ERP software for small and medium businesses

ERPNext is a free business administration solution​​

Outstanding advantages:​

  • Get any needed feature to manage your business effectively
  • IUse at low cost
  • Support to track purchase and sale activities easily

Limitations: May require extensive IT resources for implementation and customization

How to choose a suitable ERP solution for small and medium enterprises?

Here are some criteria to choose suitable ERP software for small and medium businesses:

  • Ease of use: The software's interface must be user-friendly so that anyone can use it. At the same time, the software must be compatible with other business tools in the enterprise.
  • Customization, scalability, integration: Must consider the system's cross-platform integration capabilities. At the same time, you must consider the ability to expand when there are a large number of users or changes in the business model.
  • Reasonable costs: Businesses need to consider investment costs compared to total revenue. The investment ratio is usually 1-2% of total revenue.
  • Security: Software is required to have strong security to avoid loss of business data.
  • Support Services; You need to learn about support services and associated costs to be able to make the best choice.

Above is information about the top 10 ERP software for business compiled by Viindoo . With the information provided above, hopefully you will consider and find the right software for your business. If you want to learn more about effective ERP software for small and medium businesses, follow us at website viindoo.com or contact hotline 02257309838 immediately.

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10 best overall business management ERP software
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