Best ERP solutions for small and medium businesses in 2023

What is an ERP solution? What type of business should use ERP solutions? What are the selection criteria? Join Viindoo to find out details through the following article.

In today's digital age, ERP solutions is the answer for businesses to manage their business and operate more effectively. So what is an ERP solution? What's different from other software? What type of businesses should use this solution? The answer will be answered in the following article of Viindoo. Follow along with us.

What is an ERP solution?

ERP solutions (Enterprise Resource Planning) is a system that applies information technology to improve the management performance and organization of business activities of an enterprise.

When implementing ERP solutions into business operations, data collection, storage and analysis processes will be automated. From there, this solution creates plans related to costing, production, marketing, and product distribution in a single software. This helps ensure synchronization and efficiency in the operations of different departments within the business.

ERP solution (Enterprise Resource Planning)ERP solution (Enterprise Resource Planning)

Especially, for large corporations, the solution ERP system become an important tool for optimizing business management. Integrated management tools in ERP help manage and share data synchronously, preventing information loss or interruptions during work.

The difference between ERP solutions and discrete management software

The basic difference between ERP solutions and other discrete management software lies in integration. Discrete management software is often developed to specifically serve specific departments or divisions within the business, such as the Marketing department, sales department, human resources department, accounting department, or sales department.

Discrete management software operates independently and rarely connects automatically with each other. Sharing information and data between departments often has to be done manually, leading to fragmentation in management, reducing work efficiency as well as operational process control.

Meanwhile, ERP solutions are built with the goal of integrating all business operations. ERP is not only a single system, but also includes modules with features similar to separate management software. These modules are capable of performing many different tasks in an integrated environment and are closely connected to each other.

With ERP solutions, information and data can automatically flow through processes and be strictly controlled. When businesses create and retrieve reports on the ERP system, this information is collected from many steps in the process, helping to improve work productivity and manage information and data more effectively for the entire team. organization.

What types of businesses should use ERP software solutions?

The ERP solutions brings businesses many benefits and solves many problems in management and operation. In particular, certain industries are currently considered to be able to gain the most benefit from applying ERP software.

According to the report on ERP usage rates by Panorama Consulting Group (USA), the industry with the largest proportion of ERP usage is manufacturing with 32%. Next is the Services and information technology industries with 18%. The Financial Services industry also accounts for a large proportion with 17%.

Proportion of industries implementing ERPProportion of industries implementing ERP

The following is a list of popular industries that should use ERP solutions:

  • Construction - real estate industry
  • Transport and logistics industry
  • Manufacturing and packaging industry
  • Steel industry
  • Pharmaceutical and food industry
  • Trade in Services
  • Mechanical manufacturing industry
  • Mining and minerals industry
  • Construction materials and furniture industry
  • Distribution - retail industry

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Criteria for choosing ERP solutions for businesses

Capacity of the solution provider

Provider ERP solutions will support businesses in all aspects Consulting on ERP implementation, providing platforms, implementation, and training for employees. Instead of simply providing technical specifications, suppliers must provide businesses with useful advice. This will be a lot during the ERP implementation process.

Solution provider capacitySolution provider capacity

ERP functions

Each company and industry has its own unique and specific working process. Therefore, enterprise management software (ERP) needs to be designed with functions that meet the specific and practical requirements of that business.

ERP functionsERP functions

The most important issue is still clearly defining the specific requirements of the business. Senior leaders need to ask strategic questions to find the most suitable ERP system. They need to consider what the business's goals are with ERP? Which departments need improvement? What is the top priority?...

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Enterprise scale

Enterprise size is one of the important factors to consider in the process of choosing an enterprise management solution (ERP). The size of the business can significantly influence the ERP decision, as businesses of different sizes often have different needs and financial capabilities. Therefore, businesses need to choose these options ERP solutions appropriate to the size and scale of the organization.

Enterprise scaleEnterprise scale

Ability to integrate and expand the system

Scalability is an important aspect when evaluating an ERP system. As a business grows and the number of users increases, the ERP system must also be scalable to handle larger workloads. Building a completely new software is usually not an effective choice. Instead, businesses often expand the system by developing additional existing modules.

Ability to integrate and expand the systemAbility to integrate and expand the system

However, expansion without a specific plan can lead to a "patchy" situation, causing the foundation structure to break down. Therefore, before implementing ERP software, businesses need to conduct careful research on the system's scalability. This helps ensure that the system can scale flexibly and effectively to meet future growth and development needs.

Reviews from customers who have used it

Collecting opinions from customers who have experienced using the software is an extremely effective method to evaluate the capabilities of an ERP solution provider. Reviews from real users can provide valuable information for businesses. For example, they can provide information about the actual performance of the system, the level of support from the ERP solution provider, and the quality of training they received, etc.

Reviews from customersReviews from customers

ERP implementation costs

Investment in ERP software implementation needs to be consistent with the financial capacity of the business. During the implementation of an ERP project, businesses should have a clear view of the necessary financial resources, including: Software purchase costs, actual implementation, and annual maintenance amounts. … Refer to the article for more details Factors affecting the cost of ERP implementation and how to optimally reduce costs.

Cost of ERP implementationCost of ERP implementation

Comply with Vietnamese and international accounting regimes and regulations

Compliance with Vietnamese and international accounting regulations is an important factor in integrating the general accounting module into the ERP system. However, some foreign-developed ERP software often does not fully comply with Vietnam's accounting regulations. This includes tax accounting, carryover rules, cost allocation and other regulations.

Comply with accounting rules and standardsComply with accounting rules and standards

This means that many organizations must perform regulatory reporting using a separate accounting software to ensure compliance with Vietnamese regulations. This can lead to a loss of comprehensiveness and completeness of the ERP system.

Customer support service

Customer support services play an extremely important role in a business's ERP implementation. During implementation, problems such as software errors, process misunderstandings, or other difficulties cannot be avoided. Therefore, having online or offline support available is essential to ensure that businesses can resolve any issues quickly and effectively.

Customer support service

The best ERP solution for SME businesses

If a business is looking for a reputable ERP provider, Viindoo is the top choice. We are the leading provider of business management solutions in Vietnam. With superior features, Viindoo will help businesses increase business efficiency.

Financial management

Viindoo's financial management module includes a series of small applications designed to support finance-related tasks, including accounting management, invoice management, expense statistics, and financial storage. Contract documents and financial records. Modules in ERP accounting software are tightly integrated with each other, creating favorable conditions for managing the financial department of the enterprise.

Financial management moduleFinancial management module

Sales management

Viindoo's sales management module also includes a series of sub-applications designed to support the management and optimization of the sales process. These applications include CRM (customer relationship management), revenue management, POS (point of sale payment system), and other sales information management, etc.

Purchasing management

Purchasing management is also an effective ERP solution that Viindoo provides. This solution includes managing the procurement process of products and services from suppliers. With Viindoo, issues such as selecting suppliers, negotiating prices, checking product or service quality,... are done quickly and effectively.

Purchasing management modulePurchasing management module

Production management

Viindoo also owns modules to support businesses in managing production activities. Applications in this Module include production planning, purchasing management, cost calculation, schedule management,...

Production management moduleProduction management module

Warehouse management

ERP warehouse management software is an important and prominent part of the ERP system, especially suitable for manufacturing industries. This module helps organize and systematize warehouse management, providing the ability to control and track each product in a more efficient way.

The main applications in this module include inventory, production management, product life cycle, purchase statistics, warehouse maintenance statistics, order quality management,... Warehouse management module helps enhance the organization and efficiency of the warehouse management process. At the same time, warehouse management also plays an important role in ensuring that products and services meet quality standards and satisfy customer needs.

Human resource management

Human resource management is an important aspect of every business. Viindoo provides a powerful human resources management solution that includes many applications that integrate with each other. These applications accurately reflect the main tasks of the HR department, helping to optimize personnel management.

The human resources management module includes important applications such as employee profile management, recruitment, holidays, employee evaluation and team administration. This helps businesses easily track employee personal information, manage the recruitment process, control days off and work performance. At the same time, these applications will also ensure that the business's human resources team operates effectively.


Viindoo's Marketing module is different by focusing on managing marketing channels, facilitating multi-channel marketing strategies. The applications in this module help businesses manage and optimize marketing channels effectively.

Module MarketingModule Marketing

Outstanding applications of the Marketing Module in Odoo include social marketing, email marketing, SMS marketing, events, forums,... This helps businesses take advantage of marketing tools to interact with customers and build strategies. Comprehensive marketing strategy and performance tracking to drive business growth.

Build and manage website

The website building and management module in Viindoo helps connect and integrate a business's website with Odoo's ERP system. This allows businesses to synchronize information and manage their content directly from the ERP system.

Website building and management moduleWebsite building and management module

Some important applications in this module include website design, automatic data linking, event promotion and ticket sales, online sales,...

Why should you choose Viindoo's ERP software solution?

Viindoo is an ERP service provider that brings businesses outstanding advantages, specifically:

  • Integrate business processes: Viindoo's ERP system is a unified combination of business processes, creating perfect integration to help improve operational efficiency.
  • Process automation: Automated processes in Viindoo's ERP solution bring significant savings in time and costs.
  • Unified data: Data is systematized and unified from different parts of the business in the same database, making it easy to access and share information.
  • Detailed report: Viindoo's ERP system provides detailed reports on business situation, supporting smart business decisions.

Not only that, Viindoo's ERP software brings businesses many benefits, including:

  • Increase operational efficiency: Viindoo's ERP solution has helped businesses increase revenue, reduce costs and improve product/service quality. This has shown a clear improvement in the business operations of the enterprise.
  • Increase competitiveness: Thanks to improving operational efficiency and optimizing business processes, businesses that have deployed Viindoo's ERP solutions have increased their competitiveness in the market. They can provide higher quality products and services and adapt quickly to market changes.
  • Cost savings: Automating business processes has helped businesses save significant costs. Viindoo's ERP solution provides detailed reports on business situation, helping administrators monitor and manage finances more effectively.
  • Improve decision-making ability: Businesses that have implemented Viindoo's ERP solutions have improved their business decision-making capabilities. Detailed reports on business health provide important information to help them make smarter and more strategic decisions.

Viindoo's above article has compiled detailed information about ERP solutions. Hope this article is useful and helps your business find the most suitable ERP solutions. If you need more detailed advice, please contact Viindoo Via hotline +84 225 730 9838, we are always ready to support.

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