What is ERP implementation consulting? ERP consulting services for SMEs

Viindoo provides ERP implementation consulting services, helping businesses plan clear implementation plans and provide complete steps for successful implementation.

What is ERR implementation consulting? What do businesses need to pay attention to when receiving ERP consulting? In this article, Viindoo will share information about the ERP implementation consulting process and the unit that provides consulting services and sets up the most effective ERP management system .

What is ERP implementation consulting?

ERP implementation consulting is the process of providing services to support businesses in applying systems and implementing ERP. This service includes activities such as business process surveys, consulting, building ERP solutions for businesses... The mission of ERP consulting is to help businesses plan a clear implementation plan. clearly and choose the most suitable solution, bringing high management efficiency. 

Tư vấn triển khai ERPWhat is ERP implementation consulting?

Responsibilities and rights of parties when participating in ERP consulting

About the ERP implementation consulting unit

The main person responsible for participating in the consulting process is the ERP staff. They are experts in the field of information technology with a deep understanding of ERP systems. With long-term and practical experience in ERP implementation, they will help businesses reach the goal of successfully converting to ERP.

The service provider's team of ERP experts needs to play their role well in supporting businesses to apply ERP to their business activities. The unit's roles include management consulting, implementation support, and technical consulting for businesses to apply ERP effectively. Implementation plans will be sent by the consulting unit to the implementing enterprise through the customer's project manager.

Tư vấn triển khai ERR

During the implementation process, the consulting team needs to ensure that the business completes its set goals. ERP implementation consultants will need to act as:

  • Management consultant: During the preparation phase of ERP implementation, the role of the management consultant becomes extremely important. They help the system consulting team better understand the business processes of the enterprise. In addition, the management consultant is also responsible for establishing the implementation plan and ensuring that the project occurs on schedule and within budget.
  • System consultant: System consultant plays an important role in supporting implementation for customers. This expert will set up the ERP software structure so that it accurately reflects the business processes of the enterprise. In addition, the system consultant also conducts employee training in the use of the system.
  • Technical consulting: The role of technical consulting is to survey a business's IT infrastructure and recommend improvements. They ensure that the ERP system runs smoother, through hardware optimization, internal network structure, and source code adjustments.
  • Test users: This is a group of employees selected from departments of the business to work together with the ERP implementation team. Their task is to monitor and test the system, ensuring that the software operates according to business processes and meets business requirements.
  • Quality Manager: The Quality Manager is assigned the responsibility of ensuring customer satisfaction during ERP usage. They will conduct tests and evaluate elements related to the performance and integration of the ERP software, ensuring that the system will operate optimally.

ERP implementation consulting services for businesses

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On the implementing business side

Implementing businesses have the right to choose the solution they think best suits their needs and budget. Businesses have the right to check implementation progress, evaluate implementation team performance, and provide feedback. Businesses also have the right to participate in the system customization process to ensure that the functions in the system well support the company's business and operations processes.

To ensure that you receive the above rights, during the process of receiving ERP implementation consulting, businesses also need to fully carry out their duties and responsibilities such as:

  • Businesses need a person in charge of project management to monitor progress, mobilize resources and manage the project budget.
  • Provide information and data related to business processes to help implementation teams customize the software.
  • Businesses need to clearly define their needs for an ERP system, including business goals and specific requirements.
  • Businesses must also participate in decisions about choosing the appropriate ERP solution and scope of implementation.

What should businesses keep in mind when choosing an ERP implementation consulting company?

The consulting unit has a business license and is trustworthy

ERP consulting and implementation units play an important role in the enterprise's ERP application process. Therefore, businesses should choose consultants who have full business licenses and are trustworthy. Factors to evaluate a company's reputation that businesses should analyze include implementation experience, information provided accurately and clearly, clear contracts, professionalism and dedication in the process. consulting process.

The terms stated in the contract are made clear

Even if you cooperate with a familiar partner, drawing up a contract is extremely important during the software deployment process. The contract not only helps formalize the cooperative relationship but also acts as a shield, protecting the business from adverse situations that may occur in the future. Therefore, please be sure to clearly check the terms written in the contract before signing.

Tư vấn triển khai ERPThe terms of the contract are clear

Company leaders need to have an understanding of ERP

Having leaders with full understanding of ERP will be an important factor in helping the process of selecting a consulting unit be effective. When leaders do not have enough knowledge about ERP, business owners may fall into fraud or not be able to control exactly what the ERP consultant is doing. Therefore, leaders and managers need to learn carefully about ERP before receiving advice from suppliers.

Viindoo - Leading ERP implementation consulting company for SMEs in Vietnam

Viindoo is one of the ERP providers in Vietnam committed to providing businesses with effective management solutions, optimizing business processes and improving work productivity. With a combination of extensive knowledge of ERP systems and understanding of business operations, Viindoo has been accompanying many units to successfully apply ERP. We carry out careful research and surveys to provide in-depth analysis and reports, helping businesses optimize their operations and management processes more effectively.

Our ERP consulting service will help your company find and choose ERP solutions for small and medium businesses, and can customize the software based on actual needs. Along with that, we ensure that the new management system will be applied smoothly and in accordance with the business processes of the enterprise. Viindoo will perform data planning, assist in implementing processes, and train employees to use the software effectively. With its many years of experience, Viindoo is committed to helping businesses optimize business operations and develop sustainably.

Viindoo is proud to have more than 10 years of experience implementing ERP

Why should businesses choose Viindoo?

  • Dedicated support from a team of consultants: We have a team of experienced and highly specialized consultants, ready to support businesses in all aspects.
  • Concise deployment roadmap: Viindoo is committed to providing an effective and concise deployment roadmap, helping to minimize risks and ensure a high likelihood of success when deploying software.
  • Process improvement and optimization: Viindoo not only deploys software but also offers solutions to improve and optimize business administration processes according to the most advanced theories.
  • Multi-departmental support: We not only focus on software implementation, but also support each department within the business.
Tư vấn triển khai ERPViindoo's ERP implementation consulting process 

Note: Viindoo's scope of implementation consulting will depend on the packages that businesses choose. Viindoo provides businesses from basic to professional, suitable for the budgets of different organizations. Whether it is an SME enterprise or a large corporation, Viindoo will still ensure to bring the most suitable solutions. The price of ERP implementation will fluctuate widely from 19,125,000 VND - 126,000,000 VND, depending on the packages the business chooses.

The above article has shared with your business information about ERP implementation consulting. Hopefully the above article will be useful and help your business successfully deploy ERP. If you have any questions, please contact Viindoo via hotline +84 225 730 9838 for dedicated advice!

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What is ERP implementation consulting? ERP consulting services for SMEs
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