How to use ERP softwares properly?

The role of ERP softwares in businesses is undeniable. However,  how to use the ERP system  to optimize efficiency remain a challenge for businesses. In the following article, Viindoo will help your business answer this question and provide an ERP software user manual.

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Preparation before using the ERP system

So far, ERP system in business  has been widely applied, bringing practical benefits to businesses. A comprehensive ERP system helps automate repetitive manual operations, minimizing data errors during data entry between individual software. To  exploit the benefits of ERP and use ERP effectively, businesses need to:

Notes on ERP software user manual
Careful preparation before choosing to use ERP

Understanding the nature of ERP system

The essence and features of ERP are to integrate all divisions of the business, thereby helping leaders allocate and plan resources more effectively. In order to do so, ERP softwares play a key role in data collection, storage, analysis, and reporting

ERP implementation is not only about installing softwares, it also standardizes processes, as the entire working processes are carried out on a single platform. Understanding the nature of ERP implementation helps businesses determine the right direction, limiting mistakes during implementation. 

Defining requirements and long-term goals

After understanding the essence of ERP implementation, businesses need to determine the requirements and set goals for each project. Accordingly, businesses need to evaluate whether their processes are really suitable for ERP implementation. At the same time, leaders need plans to control and evaluate the process of each department.

Building a project management team

In order to acquire a quality ERP system, besides choosing a professional ERP solution provider, each business itself must play a decisive role.

Viindoo Solution user manual

Establishing an ERP implementation management team 

Before implementing the ERP system, businesses need to build an internal management team. These individuals must be proactive in giving detailed requirements for the ERP implementation in businesses. This will avoid excessive dependence on suppliers.

Choosing a reputable system supplier

At the beginning of ERP implementation, businesses need to understand their supplier and take time to research the supplier's reputation, experience, team of experts, etc. ERP system supplier is the business’ companion throughout the process of technology implementation and application. Therefore, businesses really need to choose carefully.

How to use ERP software properly?

No matter how modern it is, any softwares could be counterproductive if you do not use it properly. The same goes for the ERP system, how to use ERP software is as follow:

Standardize operation and business data

The first important step in ERP implementation for businesses is to standardize operation as well as the entire data structure. At this point, the ERP system is a great means to share uniformed data and standardize processing rules and data formats.

Install ERP software installation

Normally, the suppliers are in charge of ERP installation. For SaaS ERP software , businesses only need to access the system via a web browser with the provided accounts. A detailed ERP user manual will be introduced by the supplier so that the business can operate properly.

Notes on ERP software user manual

Log in to ERP and use it directly

Grant access rights to information

ERP systems allow managers to grant rights to view, access and edit data to all employees and departments of the organization, depending on positions and levels. Therefore, all information will be updated immediately, accurately and processed only once instead of being overlapped or duplicated among different softwares.

Utilize the Workflow function of the ERP system

After granting access rights, businesses continue to implement Workflow to divide work for each unit. All work information is transmitted from one location to another automatically, sparing more time in the back-and-forth exchange process. This also helps to limit common errors that might have occurred in the traditional workflow.

Integrate ERP to customers, suppliers

Integrating ERP solutions to customers/suppliers is an extremely important step to help customers and suppliers receive information quickly and accurately.

Viindoo Solution user manual

Information to customers quickly through integration

Most superior ERP softwares nowadays integrates tools that allow discussions with external organizations. At the same time, it continues to maintain optimal information protection and data security.

Analytical tool application

In order to grasp the actual progress in reaching the set business goals, you can apply analytical tools through accurate and instant reporting and analytical system. For managers, this is the most effective tool of the ERP system. With it, business leaders always know the exact situation of every department, hence, provide timely solutions for any problems.

Monitor and adjust operational process

The final stage in using the ERP system is to redesign the business operation to ensure that it adapts to the ERP software’s operation, avoiding problems during the implementation process.

Notes on using ERP sozzftware manuals

Selecting and using the ERP software user guide properly is also one of the ways to optimize the efficiency of using ERP systems, specifically:

Companies should choose documents with detailed directions

Businesses should select an ERP system user guide with full illustrations of each operation or video lesson. It enables users to use the ERP system more quickly, and effectively, thereby users would have no difficulty using the ERP software in practice.

It is recommended to select the document that corresponds to the software version being utilized

Many firms have made the error of utilizing manuals for mass ERP software, wasting the time of both learners and instructors. Therefore, businesses must exercise caution while picking the ERP software user manual that corresponds to the installed application version.

Businesses utilizing ERP software version 14.0 from Viindoo, for example, should locate the relevant documentation.

To avoid incompatibility between the documentation and the current version, businesses should avoid documentation for older versions such as 12.0 or 13.0. Alternatively, businesses can request the software provider to offer them comprehensive user guides so that they can readily obtain and utilize data.

Notes on ERP software user manual

Notes on ERP software user manual

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Refer to the documentation at the original source

ERP software facilitates the administration of the source, time, location, and operation of data flow. Therefore, ERP always provides organizations with accurate and timely information. When referring to software usage papers, managers should look for authentic and certified records from specialists.

Selecting credible information sources, aids software administrators in comprehending the characteristics and technologies of the utilized software. It also enables users to comprehend why the program was created in a logical manner to ensure that the data is provided accurately and to prevent errors and losses in actual use. 

Viindoo's ERP Software User Manual Library

The management and operational demands and priorities of each organization are distinct. And the greatest ERP software available today is one that incorporates all the modules in ERP to enhance the administration, operation, and development flexibility of a business.

Viindoo, a leading provider of ERP software in Vietnam with extensive experience in delivering ERP projects for enterprises, has compiled a collection of ERP software user guides. It should be comprehensive, specific, and easy for businesses to comprehend.

In this collection of documents, Viindoo includes a detailed ERP user manual for each product, including CRM software, Marketing, Sales, Finance and Accounting, Human Resources, Timesheet, etc.

Viindoo Solution user manual

Viindoo Solution user manual

All publications in the user manual library are defined in full with photographs and video demonstrations to aid the guide in comprehending the product and utilizing the software effectively.

This library is given in a methodical manner, covering all of the ERP software that Viindoo offers while contributing to the development of an ecosystem of management software, in accordance with Viindoo's motto: "Powerful when standing alone, but revolutionary when combined."

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To make good use of the ERP solution, businesses need to know how to use ERP system and use the ERP software user manual effectively. Hopefully, the above information will help the units to have an understanding and effective implementation plan. If you have any questions, please contact us via email  for dedicated advice and support from Viindoo .

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How to use ERP softwares properly?
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