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10 Free and easy-to-use sales accounting software

Sales accounting software is being favored by businesses thanks to its efficiency as well as its useful features. If your business is looking for effective sales solutions, the article below of Viindoo shows you the top 10 free and easy-to-use accounting software nowadays.

Viindoo software

Vindoo sales accounting software is a functional application to manage and plan businesses’ finance effectively with maximum efficiency in a certain period of time.

Why should businesses choose Viindoo accounting software:

  • Automatically optimize all accounting operations of the business.
  • Regularly monitor and update data in real-time.
  • Always adhere to principles and standards based on multinational accounting principles.
  • Help businesses accurately forecast money sources from which to make effective plans and plans.
Phần mềm Viindoo Accounting
Viindoo Accounting

Advantages of Viindoo software:

  • Provide businesses with overviews of financial situation.
  • Integrate with other applications to automate accounting operations in the business.
  • Solve all accounting operations based on the accounting standards of different countries
  • Automatically update all data based in real-time, thereby providing the most accurate reports, estimates, and forecasts of the financial position of the business.
  • Integrate other functions, such as Sales, Points of Sales, Inventory, and Expenses.

Viindoo sales accounting software has a reasonable cost, which is suitable for businesses of all sizes.

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Excel free sales accounting software 

Excel-free sales accounting software is suitable for small and medium enterprises and companies in the startup stage. Compared to professional accounting software, Excel is a bit more complicated in terms of formulas and the manual input process will be quite time-consuming.

Advantages of Excel:

  • Help businesses manage inventory accurately with a few simple formulas.
  • Track and manage all costs, and invoices of goods purchased and sold.
  • Accurately track company profits and revenue by day, month, quarter, and year.
  • Cost: Free.

However, the disadvantage of sales accounting management software on Excel is that it only supports a few basic and non-intensive operations. This will make it somewhat difficult for businesses to have more detailed accounting and reporting activities.


Sales accounting software Excel 

Misa SME sales accounting software

Misa SME software is an accounting software that possesses a full range of modern features. This software also assists your business save time and money by integrating both e-banking and e-invoicing.

Advantages of Misa SME:

  • Allow users to use their phones and track their company's financial situation, therefore, making timely decisions for businesses.
  • Allow users to connect directly with the bank to reconcile sub-books, transfer money, and track balances.
  • Allow the accounting department can use the software to fully declare all prescribed taxes and pay taxes electronically quickly.

Cost: Currently, Misa SME sales accounting software is providing 3 different service packages. Customers can experience all the services that these packages bring for free and then make the most accurate choice for their business.

  • Standard: 4,450,000/year.
  • Professional: 5,950,000 VND/year.
  • Enterprise: 7,450,000 VND/year.

Sales accounting software Misa SME

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​Odoo sales accounting software

Odoo is online accounting software use source software with cloud computing technology. This software is capable of performing many tasks from sales to asset and goods management, tax reporting. It is one of the ERP accounting software that many large enterprises choose to use in financial management and accounting.

Odoo accounting software can perform basic management and is especially suitable for the current accounting nature in Vietnam. In addition to sales accounting, this software has the following main functions:

  • Warehouse accounting
  • Accounting for expenses, receipts/payments
  • Accounting for fixed assets, prepaid expenses.
  • Management accounting Accounting

Suitable software for Vietnamese accounting

SAP Business One accounting software

SAP Business One accounting software is a product of one of the three largest ERP software companies in the world, SAP. This software is used in 170 countries and has more than 60,000 customers. SAP Business One flexibly responds to arising problems and needs, at the same time solves business requirements accurately and quickly.

Looking at the number of users as well as the popularity of this software in 170 countries, we can see that this software is definitely equipped with outstanding features and brings many benefits to businesses.

When using SAP Business One software, businesses will receive the following benefits:

  • Automatically updated data based on transactions from different departments, quickly and accurately.
  • Build a precise business process.
  • Support the work of collection and expenditure becomes fast.
  • Support tight budget management.
  • Convenient and easy to track work anywhere, anytime.
The software is widely used in the world
The software is widely used in the world

iPOS Accounting Software

If your business is doing F&B business, then iPOS Accounting is the suitable sales accounting software. This software can help business owners invest and build a closed sales, marketing, and management system to maximize their business capacity. 

Some outstanding advantages of iPOS Accounting software:

  • Allow users to create and manage bills of material. From there, the software will automatically export goods according to the pre-installed quantity.
  • Help users easily manage the inventory of raw materials when entering, control the materials used.
  • Help businesses build bill formulas to calculate profit and product cost.
  • Synchronize data with the software based on the actual time.
  • Integrate with functions to automatically calculate the cost, profit, tax, and discount of products.

Cost: Customers will have time to experience all the software's services in advance before deciding whether to buy iPOS Accounting software or not.

iPOS Accounting Software

IPOS Accounting is suitable for businesses doing business F&B side

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Fast Accounting software 

Fast Accounting software will be suitable for businesses operating in fields as: business management solutions based on information technology platforms and software development, consulting, and deployment.

Advantages of Fast Accounting software:

  • Support businesses to export financial statement data and tax reports.
  • Allow users to keep track of loans, loans, and advances in detail such as invoices.
  • Help businesses manage debt in the most detailed way.
  • Allow users to rely on a variety of methods to calculate the true value of actual inventory.
  • Allow users to easily calculate costs for production processes, construction works, etc.
  • Manage data of many different units and facilities.

Cost: Currently, Fast Accounting software is providing customers with 4 different service packages. Before deciding which package to buy, customers will have time to use them to experience all the features of these packages.

  • Service: 5,900,000/year.
  • Trade: 7,900,000/year.
  • Construction: 9,900,000/year.
  • Production: 11,900,000/year.
sales accounting software

Fast accounting software is used by more than 17,000 businesses across the country

KiotViet software

KiotViet Simple sales accounting software is one of the easy-to-use software on the market today. This software features a simple system to manage business operations on electronic devices such as computers, phones, POS machines, etc.

Outstanding features of KiotViet software:

  • Automatically manage online orders, self-arrange and divide categories in a reasonable way.
  • Automatically connect to your shipping partners.
  • Allows users to quickly connect with current online sales channels.
  • Allows users to easily export the entire file to Excel.


  • Support package: 180,000 VND/store/3 users/month.
  • Professional package: 250,000 VND/store/month.
sales accounting software

Kiotviet is the most detailed and simple accounting software available today

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SINNOVA software 

Sinnova sales accounting software helps businesses manage revenue and expenditure, financial planning and accurately summarize all company data. Based on data from accounting and business activities of enterprises, the software can automatically process financial information, thereby helping businesses operate more efficiently.

Outstanding features of SINNOVA software:

  • Manage budgets and business plans, thereby helping businesses make accurate financial plans and estimates.
  • Account and help businesses track and reconcile data.
  • Support businesses to manage important documents and books.
  • Integrate many features in one software such as purchasing, sales, POS, production and warehouse.
  • Provide customers with financial reports, balance sheets, debt consolidation, etc.


  • Basic: 110,000 VND/month.
  • Standard: 190,000 VND/month.
  • Business: 250,000 VND/month.
  • Enterprise: 320,000 VND/month.
SINNOVA sales accounting software is extremely popular today.

VshopPlus software

​VshopPlus's simple sales accounting software will provide businesses with a lot of useful information about sales and sales management. With a simple, easy-to-use interface, this software is perfect for users. VshopPlus software also has a completely free version to help small and medium businesses save their costs.

Some outstanding features of VshopPlus software:

  • Support users to print barcodes on different tools.
  • Built-in smart search and alert function.
  • Optimize display and automatic window opening and closing.
  • Help users manage customers, orders, and debts easily.

Cost: Currently, VshopPlus software allows users to use it for free before deciding to choose the most suitable product package for their business.

  • 1-month package: 300,000 VND.
  • 6-month package: 500,000 VND.
  • 1-year package: 800,000 VND.
  • 2-year package: 1,000,000 VND.
  • 5-year package: 2,000,000 VND.
  • 10-year package: 3,000,000 VND.
  • The package over 10 years: 3,000,000 VND.


Yes, one of the key features of sales accounting software is its ability to generate various financial reports, such as sales reports, profit and loss statements, cash flow statements, and balance sheets. These reports provide insights into the business's financial performance and aid in decision-making.

Reputable sales accounting software providers prioritize data security and employ robust measures to protect sensitive financial information. This includes encryption, secure server infrastructure, regular backups, and compliance with relevant data protection regulations

Yes, many sales accounting software solutions offer multi-currency support, enabling businesses to conduct sales and manage finances in different currencies. This feature is particularly useful for businesses that operate globally or deal with international customers.

Can sales accounting software be accessed remotely?

Yes, cloud-based sales accounting software enables users to access their financial data and perform accounting tasks from anywhere with an internet connection. This flexibility is particularly useful for businesses with remote teams or for professionals who need to work on the go.

In this article, Viindoo has informed readers of 10 sales accounting software that are being used popularly. Hopefully, through this article, you have been able to choose the most optimal solutions for your business. If you need more information about sales accounting software, contact Viindoo via the hotline +84 225 730 9838!

10 Free and easy-to-use sales accounting software
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