Viindoo management software for commerce service businesses 

Viindoo provides a comprehensive solution for the Commerce Service industry.  Management software for commerce service can satisfy all business needs from basic to more specific in the field of Commerce Services. 

 Digitize and manage every process in the field of Commerce Services.​

 Meet all business needs from common to specialized.

 Easy to expansion with unlimited integrations.

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Key Challenges Faced by Professional Services Industry

Inability to measure, control service quality, and simplify customer care procedures.

Difficulty in managing customer care programs, promotions, vouchers, gifts, loyalty customers, etc. 

Lack of basis for service fee calculation. 

Solutions missing for improving service quality, human resources competency, for training and retaining employees.

 Benefits of Viindoo Solution for commerce service businesses

With Viindoo commerce business management software, every employee and department can work on a single system, supporting effective exchange as well as easy monitoring and control of work. In addition, Viindoo software can adapt to the specific needs of the Commerce-Service industry.


Leverage customer experience

  Understand customers via seamless omni-channel experiences and capturing every touchpoint.

 Automate manual care processes, hence optimizing time & increasing efficiency.


Control all service processes

 Manage all details of related tasks in the service processes. Specific resource planning.

 Quantify the evaluation criteria, visualize real-time reporting systems.


Plan Finance
& Accounting

 Integrate timesheets to create invoices on tasks based on timesheet cost.

 Provide data for service fees calculation, balancing revenue & reasonable costs.


Train & develop human resources

 Specific levels of expertise, quantified skill frameworks.

 Standardize the training programs.

 Plan career paths for different positions. 

Features of Viindoo management software for commerce service 

 Sales Management

  • Totally manage the sales process from quotation and making orders, to stock-out, goods delivery, payment, etc.
  • Manage in detail goods, categories, types of goods, cost of goods sold, and other incurred costs.
  • Issue invoices according to sales quantity, order quantity, handover quantity, service delivery time, etc.
  • Provide detailed analysis by product group, sales order, order date, assignees, location, etc.

Sales management software

Viindoo Sales management in commerce service

 Inventory management

  • Provide reports on inventory, stock value, stock age, etc., and trace the specific status of each input/output order.
  • Automatically replenish the inventory at the minimum threshold.

Inventory management software 

 Debt management

  • Automatically record entries and corresponding debts when buying, selling, making purchases, etc.
  • Automatically manage in detail accounts receivable and accounts payable.
  • Alerts to the maturity date of accounts receivable in full information of customer identity and the total amount of money.
Information management in commerce service

 Management of employee information, customer profiles, partners, etc.

  • Digitize and store all information about products, employees, customers, and suppliers in a single system. Therefore, data among departments is not skewed or overlapped.
  • Find information about goods, personnel, customers, etc. quickly through the search engine integrated with diverse filter criteria.
  • Easily import-export data to excel.

Employee profile management software  CRM software

 Comprehensive management of departments

  • Enable employees from all departments to work and collaborate on a single system, shortening waiting time and increasing work efficiency.
  • Record all history of internal and external discussions, order status, inventory transfer, and task status with auto-reminders for due tasks.
  • Allow easy integration with other software.
  • Manage the actual working time of employees for each service or project. The software optimizes business resources based on cost recording according to analytic accounting.

Project management software

Department management in commerce service

 Integrated, lean, and modern system of applications 

All-inclusive applications that suit all needs of the Service Industry. Digitalize and optimize the entire management process on a single platform. 

Leverage customer experience

Understand & meet all customers' needs


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