Viindoo software for trading company

Viindoo provides software for trading company . Management software for commerce service can satisfy all business needs from basic to more specific in the field of Commerce Services

Sales Management

Customers management

Employees management

Inventory Management

Debt management

Comprehensive management​

Effective management solution for trading company

As one of the leading management software developers in Vietnam, Viindoo has successfully deployed to more than 3000+ businesses, large and small companies, including solutions for the commercial and service industries/fields.

For the commercial industry, Viindoo software provides a full range of 5 indispensable modules in management that are: Sales Management; Inventory management; Customer management; Customer policy management; Employee management.

With Viindoo software for trading companies very employee and department can work on a single system, supporting effective exchange as well as easy monitoring and control of work.

Sales management, Inventory management, Customer management, Policy management, Employee management

Leverage customer experience

Understand customers via seamless omnichannel experiences and capture every touchpoint. Automate manual care processes, hence optimizing time & increasing efficiency

Detailed management of related tasks in the service delivery process. Specific resource planning. Quantify the evaluation criteria, visualize the real-time reporting system

Integrate timekeeping, and issue invoices for customers right on the task performed. Provide data for businesses to calculate service charges, balance business

Planning a roadmap for human resource development as well as decentralizing expertise, and quantifying skills framework. In addition, standardize the training program and set a clear promotion path

The core values ​​​that Viindoo brings to users are​

High-quality software at an affordable price

An effective, comprehensive solution, applicable to all fields and industries

Consulting service, dedicated training, customer support when needed

Modern technology, always catching up with trends

Flexible system, easy to extend and customize for specific needs

Handle technical problems quickly, promptly and accurately

Features of Viindoo Software for Trading Company

All-inclusive apps for every trading business needs. Digitize and optimize the entire management process on a single platform 

 Sales Management

  • Integrating sales software to support detailed management of goods, categories, types of goods, cost of goods, incurred costs
  • Manage in detail goods, categories, types of goods, cost of goods sold, and other incurred costs.
  • Issue invoices according to sales quantity, order quantity, handover quantity, service delivery time, etc.
  • Provide detailed analysis by product group, sales order, order date, assignees, location, etc.
Viindoo Sales management in commerce service

Inventory management 

  • Combined with warehouse management software to provide inventory reports, inventory valuation, inventory age... Tracing the specific status of each import/export order.
  • Automatically replenish the inventory at the minimum threshold.
Information management in commerce service

 Customers management

  • Digitize all potential customer information, customer care process & storage in a single system thanks to Customer Management Software.
  • Track the customer journey to collect data. Remind the customer's anniversaries, birthdays, etc. to send gifts, cards, and improve customer care more efficiency.
  • Quickly search for customer information with a variety of filter criteria on the search engine
  • Easily import-export data to excel.

Debt management

Automatically record entries and corresponding debts when buying, selling, making purchases, etc

Automatically manage in detail accounts receivable and accounts payable

Alerts to the maturity date of accounts receivable in full information of customer identity and the total amount of money


 Employees management

  • Manage employee information comprehensively, store records right on the system through HR software.
  • Develop a detailed employee development planning according to hierarchy and competency framework
  • Improve the training program effectiveness and build a employee performance roadmap with standardization

 Comprehensive management of departments

  • Thanks to task management software, all employees from all departments work and collaborate on a single system. Shorten waiting time between departments, increase work efficiency.
  • Record all history of internal and external discussions, order status, inventory transfer, and task status with auto-reminders for due tasks.
  • Allow easy integration with other software.
  • Manage the actual working time of employees for each service or project. The software optimizes business resources based on cost recording according to analytic accounting.
Department management in commerce service

 Sales policy management

  • Build promotions and gifts according to the number of purchases
  • Manage specific discount policies for each payment
  • Manage price lists by customer group or by payment method 

In addition, Viindoo software for trading company is easy to integrate and extend with unlimited functionalities that fits any business need. The Viindoo software can adapt to unique characteristics and requirements of trading companies. As a result, Viindoo's solution ensures efficiency when applied in practice for each company.

Set of software solutions for commercial company management

Viindoo CRM 

Customer Relationship Management 

Viindoo Sales

Sales Management Software

Viindoo Inventory

Warehouse Management Solution 

Viindoo Accounting

Accounting and Finance 


Viindoo Project

Project and task management software

Viindoo HRM

 Viindoo HRM

Human Resource Management Solution

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