5 effective online work management and tracking software

Are businesses struggling to manage internal affairs within the company? Don't worry because the 5 task management software below will help you

In the era of technology 4.0, task management software has been applied by many businesses to solve difficulties in managing tasks, work and performance of employees in the company. Read the following article of Viindoo to learn the outstanding benefits that a good job assignment and work management software can support businesses.

Businesses have difficulty managing and tracking the work of employees

With the way of managing internal work, tracking the work progress of employees in traditional methods (through manually created working files, via zalo messages, facebook ..) has caused many difficulties for businesses. Because this affects the operation of the company and the productivity of the business. Specifically, the difficulties that businesses are facing are:

 Categorize and Prioritize Work: Identifying important tasks and prioritizing them effectively can be difficult, leading to overloading or missing important work.

 Distribute work: Distributing work evenly and fairly to team members is a challenge to avoid personnel burnout and keep morale high.

 Track progress: Tracking the progress of tasks and projects can be difficult, especially when there are many tasks happening at once.

 Time management: Estimating and dividing time for tasks and projects efficiently is challenging.

 Resource management: Use resources (personnel, documents, money) appropriately to ensure the project is completed on time and does not exceed budget.

 Communication: Effective communication and communication between project members can be difficult, leading to misunderstandings and errors.

 Risk management: Identify and manage possible risks during the project process, to ensure preparation for unexpected issues.

 Team coordination: Working in a team requires good coordination, which can be difficult due to heterogeneity of opinions and working styles.

 Project changes: Unexpected changes in the project can affect the plan and schedule.

 Performance: Ensuring work and projects are done with high performance and good quality is challenging.

 Meet requirements: Ensure that the project meets the requirements of the customer or end user.

 Dependencies: Tasks and projects can be interdependent, making it difficult to manage order and schedule.

 Track and evaluate: Tracking progress and evaluating project performance is an important task, but can also be complex.

 Cost-effective: Ensure that the project is executed at a reasonable cost and does not go over budget.

Task management software

Common difficulties of businesses when managing and monitoring work progress

How can individuals and businesses solve the above difficulties and problems and optimize the performance of each individual employee? Is this giving you a headache, a headache? Don't worry, Viindoo will help you. The answer will be found when you continue reading the content below.

Track and manage tasks easily with a work management software solution on the computer

Finding a company management software solution that helps you support assigning, managing, and tracking the progress of employees daily is an effective solution. Many studies and practical experiences from businesses have also proven that work management software is the "solution" to the above problems and difficulties.

A Harvard Business Review study found that people who use task management software can increase productivity by up to 34%. Another Stanford University study found that people who use task management software can reduce wasted time by 20%.

The benefits that work management tools bring to businesses are:

Save time

Instead of being distracted by errands and discrete tasks or individual and heterogeneous working files, the software assigns tasks to employees easily, helping users focus information, clearly assign tasks that need to be prioritized, synchronize tasks, missions from multiple departments on one platform. As a result, problems such as "information noise", "late deadline of the task" will no longer be a worry of employees. 

For example, when an employee completes a task and changes the status to "Needs to be reviewed", the manager will immediately receive a notification and know that he needs to evaluate and respond to the employee's work. In addition, the manager's comments and feedback will also be stored centrally on the software for employees to easily view and edit.

Task management software

Easier assignment thanks to software applications

Improve workflows

Business process management software, helping businesses track the progress of tasks and projects, visualize workflows using chart reports, diagrams and tables... From there, managers can spot bottlenecks, identify problems, and improve workflows.

Assignment software

Clear, intuitive and vivid work reports make it easy for managers to track and analyze

Manage work flexibly

Today's project management software integrates many work management methods such as Kanban, Gantt charts, list interfaces ... Also integrates with work calendar software for a visual view. As a result, employees and managers in the team can choose to plan, report and manage work easily without having to be rigid with a single method and method.


TOP 5 effective work management software for internal businesses


Trello is an online work management software that supports planning and tasks for each employee, team, and company. This is an effective work management tool that brings together all tasks that need to be done on 1 platform. Moreover, the software also supports the workflow for all projects, suitable for both large and small businesses in different fields. The highlight of Trello is extremely flexible software, simple to use with boards, lists, task cards of each person in charge of work.

Outstanding features of Trello:

  • Rich project views
  • Workflow automation
  • Strong interactivity
  • Copy and customize
  • Ability to integrate with many other applications

Other information:

  • Cost $5/person/month for Standard
  • Security features are only in the premium plan
Effective work management software

Effective work management software - Trello


ClickUP is overall project management software. Besides, the software also supports the feature of assigning tasks, online team collaboration. With more than 15+ visual views, businesses can easily capture and control work with multi-dimensional perspectives. In addition, the exclusive feature of ClickUP online task management software is that you can work on the system even when offline and data will be synchronized as soon as the network connection is back.

Outstanding features of ClickUp:

  • Project tracking
  • Workflow visualization
  • Overview interface
  • Planning project work
  • Integration with other tools

Other information:

  • Cost per user: Free
  • Small team cost: $7/person/month
  • Mid-range business expenses: $12/person/month
  • Large Business Expenses: Contact
  • Some views are limited by plan
Job tracking software

Job tracking software - ClickUp


Monday.com is designed to be flexible and scalable according to the way each individual works. This workflow software allows you to shape the workflow in your own way. Moreover, Monday.com also assists in managing every aspect of the work, from strategy to execution. In addition, businesses can connect teams and departments and maintain a reliable source of information throughout the organization.

Outstanding features of Monday.com:

  • Workflow optimization
  • Enhance collaboration of working groups
  • Develop a work plan

Other information:

  • $8 per user/month with Basic
  • Basic plan requires a minimum of 03 users
Software to track work progress

Software to track work progress - Monday.com


Airtable is also effective job tracking software. No matter what your workflow is, you can build it in Airtable. Moreover, you can link Airtable to existing tools as well as connect critical business processes for a more robust workflow management platform.

Outstanding features of Airtable:

  • Set up a work plan
  • Create the interaction of workgroup members
  • Invite customers to view work on Airtable

Other information:

  • Usage cost: $10/ person/ month
  • Software best used for collaborative and creative teams
Task management software for businesses

Task management software for businesses - Airtable


With Asana, you'll find ways to work smarter. This is a flexible work management tool for all teams to use, driving efficiency across the organization. The software manages complex tasks with ease, connecting what needs to get done as well as who is doing it and when. As a result, managers can more easily manage the internal affairs of the company.

Outstanding features of Asana:

  • Assign tasks
  • Timeline feature
  • Gantt chart feature
  • Features to create links between tasks
  • Ability to integrate with many other applications

Other information:

  • The cost of use is $10.99/ person/ month
  • Unlimited number of users
Employee work management software

Employee work management software - Asana

How to choose the right work assignment and work management software

Currently, there are many different task management software on the market for businesses to choose from. Therefore, the most important thing is that businesses need to clearly define what their needs are to find the right software.

  • Are you looking for management software to run the company's internal work or a software that assigns work to employees?
  • What do businesses need job tracking software for? (For example: To combine planning, tracking and managing the work of employees...)
  • Do businesses only need task management software on the computer or must there be a version on the phone?
  • How much does a business need software to cost? (Businesses should rely on their company's budget to choose software with an appropriate cost)
  • etc...

After having an overview and making selection criteria, businesses need to collect information about existing work management software on the market for research and comparison. Each task management tool has its own pros and cons. Therefore, depending on the requirements of the business as well as the features that the software can provide, administrators can make the most suitable choice. 

Tip for you: Most work progress tracking software today allows users to use a free trial from 7-14-30 days. The trial process will help businesses understand the software and assess the suitability of the software for the business.

Viindoo Project - More than a software to manage the work of employees for businesses

Viindoo Technology Joint Stock Company with the mission of bringing value and sustainable growth to businesses, we have been constantly developing and perfecting Viindoo Project online work management software. The software is trusted by many large enterprises and evaluated as friendly, easy to use, helping businesses manage tasks and projects effectively, save time, increase productivity and achieve goals.

Task management software

Viindoo Project makes tracking and task management lighter

Viindoo work software possesses outstanding advantages such as:

  • Centralize all to-do on a single platform, easily manage, control the entire internal work progress of the company
  • Ability to track employee performance: Time spent at work, compare performance over time of each individual, each team, etc.
  • Planning and assigning features, collaboration between user groups
  • Overview work reports, real-time resource forecasting. Ensure transparent information about the work results to be achieved
  • Increase efficiency by automating repetitive tasks, minimizing errors, and more.
  • Ability to access anytime, anywhere on any device, unlimited number of users

Ready to experience the excellence?

Viindoo Project - Plan tasks, track progress in a timely manner, control the workflow of. All in only one system. 

TRY NOW - It's free!

Features that Viindoo Project work management software supports

Viindoo Project software fully integrates features to support users to manage personal work, monitor, track and manage the overall progress of work to have the most accurate and honest reports. Find out the details below:

Support task planning and management

The planning feature for each task allows users to organize and prioritize which tasks need to be done first, based on urgency. At the same time, with this feature, the project manager also has the ability to control the work schedule easily, assigning tasks to each employee in a reasonable way. (Read more to learn more about: Task planning software)

Subtasks and Subtasks

The subtask management feature allows users to break large tasks into smaller tasks. As a result, managers can use software to assign work to employees or other department members. Help managers optimize time for assigning tasks and overseeing projects.

Track and manage work progress

The progress tracking feature makes it easy for managers to grasp the status of each task in the project and respond as needed. Moreover, the software manages work progress, improves productivity by recording incidents and proposing appropriate solutions to complete tasks.

Work report analysis

Work reporting software, providing managers with the most overview information about work and projects, thereby identifying which work is having problems and finding solutions to improve.  (Learn more about the features of Work Reporting Software)

Rich project views

Rich project views give users a bird's-eye view of the work or every detail of the project. In addition, this feature also allows people to work the way they want, from making task lists to using intuitive dashboards or in the form of work progress charts such as Kanban, Gantt...

Customer access

This feature allows customers to track and participate in projects, and provide feedback and approvals on each stage in the project. In particular, businesses can also set or limit customer access for each task.

Guide to start managing tasks with Viindoo Project software

Currently, Viindoo is having a program to use FREE FOREVER one application or use all applications at a cost of only 178,200 ₫/ user / month. Businesses can experience Viindoo Project trial right here.

Let's follow these steps.

 Step 1: Click "START NOW" if you want to choose our One App plan or click "FREE TRIAL" if you want to try with Standard/Luxury plan.

 Step 2: Select the App you want to use. 

 Step 3: Click "TRY NOW" and fill in the required information to start the trial

***Note: You can choose any 1 app you want to try. It's completely free. Starting from the 2nd option (Use more than 2 apps), you will get 15 days of free use. After 15 days, if you want to continue using the selected software, you need to register to buy the software to use.

FAQs about work progress management software for businesses​

The cost of using Viindoo's work management software includes 3 package levels:

  • One App: One app is forever free
  • Standard: 178.200 VND/ person/ month
  • Luxury: 226.800 VND/ person/ month

Viindoo work software does not limit the number of users. Moreover, the tool also supports use on both computer and mobile platforms.

In the process of using Viindoo Project software, if you have any questions or problems, you can contact Viindoo directly via hotline 02257309838 or online chat on the website for support. We are always ready to serve you 24/7.

Viindoo's company work management software supports managing and tracking work progress online to manage employees in the context of remote or multinational working. Therefore, you don't have to worry about geographical distance. As long as you have an internet connection, you can use and interact online with all company employees on the system.

Choosing a task management software that is right for your business is not an easy problem to solve. However, when the right technology platform is applied, the software will help increase overall productivity, eliminate common problems when managing by traditional ways and create a competitive advantage in the market. If you need more advice or experience a Viindoo software for FOREVER, please contact us via hotline +84 225 730 9838 or email sales@viindoo.com.

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5 effective online work management and tracking software
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