5 effective workflow management systems for businesses

Workflow management systems are being applied popularly to the processes of enterprises. In the article below, Viindoo will help businesses learn about some benefits of this system and effective workflow management software.

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What is a workflow management system?

Workflow management systems are defined as applications that assist organizations in controlling their current operations. These applications help businesses improve performance through strict management of all activities. Therefore, the company can promptly detect errors to improve its product and increase profits for shareholders.

A business that wants to operate effectively must have smooth coordination among departments. All processes from production to sales and marketing must be tightly linked in order to satisfy customers. These processes will be extremely complex, requiring leaders to check them regularly to avoid problems.

process management software

A workflow management system helps businesses operate more efficiently

Workflow management systems make the administrator's work easier. Automating processes will also limit unnecessary errors. Some outstanding benefits of these tools can be mentioned as:

  • Improving the working efficiency of departments in the organization, facilitating the transmission of information among departments, and agile handling of data when problems occur.
  • Leading the organization to work according to an efficient process, ensuring work projects are always done on schedule.
  • Supporting managers to closely monitor the working process of employees and give timely instructions.
  • Motivating team members to work towards a common goal.

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5 effective workflow management systems

Currently, with the development of science and technology, production workflow management systems are becoming increasingly popular to support the work of employees. Here are the 5 best software that will help companies operate effectively in a volatile business environment.

Viindoo Project

Viindoo Business management software uses the cloud platform to meet all the needs of today's businesses. Viindoo workflow management software help businesses control the efficiency of current projects. In addition, managers can plan work, and assign tasks to employees only on a single software.

Viindoo workflow management system has an intuitive, simple, easy-to-use interface. With this system, businesses will no longer have to worry about missing important information or not grasping the progress of projects. 

Viindoo process management software

Viindoo Project brings many great features to process management

Viindoo Project is packed with great features to help users efficiently handle assigned tasks. With this tool, workflow management will no longer be a headache for businesses. Some outstanding functions that Viindoo Project brings are:

  • Strictly control the working process, ensuring the work is completed on schedule.
  • Intuitive, user-friendly interface.
  • Improve the cooperation among members of the organization.
  • Helps users accurately forecast needs and resources.
  • Complete statistics, and make detailed reports.
  • Integrate with other apps of Viindoo.

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Monday is one of the management platforms that optimizes the workflow among departments effectively. Large-scale companies operating in multiple fields can apply this tool to optimize productivity and achieve outstanding results in the future.

production process management

Monday software is currently being applied by many companies.

This software allows members among departments in the organization to build a common work plan on one platform. All issues related to project progress are clearly shown, helping all employees to grasp information quickly.

Plus, every task on Monday is automated. This system is built to ensure no manual entry errors appear, thereby eliminating that waste of resources for organizations.

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Fastwork Workflow

Fastwork workflow helps businesses digitize all activities to optimize their current processes. Departments in the company can now work together on one platform to ensure the job is completed smoothly. Information will also be transmitted smoothly and quickly.

software Workflow software

The software helps to optimize the processes of assigning tasks to employees

This software helps businesses operate more efficiently by shortening redundant and repetitive operations. Specifically, Fastwork Workflow gives businesses great utilities such as:

  • Connect departments in the company, creating a platform where everyone can work together.
  • Minimize misunderstandings that occur due to a lack of information.
  • Digitize work processes, and automate the assignment of tasks to employees.
  • Control work and measure performance regularly.


QNTRL helps businesses optimize the improvement, monitoring, and efficiency of the current process.

The great utilities integrated into the application will help shorten the time of monitoring and checking the working process of employees. Managers can now focus on developing bigger goals.

process management software

This tool is designed with the needs of businesses in mind

This software has outstanding features that support businesses in many areas:

  • Process control: The software helps companies manage all processes and complex work on digital platforms. Therefore, problems can be handled effectively, shortening time and increasing efficiency.
  • Procedure management: Enterprises can set up and edit existing procedures on the system.
  • Form management: Available forms will help businesses manage their work more effectively.
  • Information form control: The feature of creating, editing, and deleting information forms will help businesses build a data foundation for future use.
  • Control of registered records: Statistics, classification of records in a clear and transparent way, convenient for searching.


This software is being favored by businesses because of its simple interface, easy to use but extremely effective. Available forms will make it easier to deal with the problem.

production process management

The software can work on many different devices

The application allows the assignment of supervisors to different workflows at the same time. This makes tracking the progress of the project become easier. In addition, assigning tasks to specific individuals will help managers understand employee performance. The input and output results will be displayed transparently and accurately.

Hope this article has provided businesses with a basic understanding of workflow management systems, thereby controlling the company's work process and increasing the work efficiency for employees. Follow Viindoo to update useful knowledge!

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5 effective workflow management systems for businesses
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