10 useful task reminder software on phones and computers​

Find out now 10 work calendar software with notification features, calendar reminders, ensure not to miss important tasks with Viindoo

In the age of technology, work calendar software acts as a great assistant for businesses in the management process, reminding them to complete important tasks. However, choosing the right software is not simple. In this article, Viindoo will introduce you to the 10 most effective work schedule reminder software available today for reference.

Compatible devices
Viindoo Project
Web browser
Monitor progress and closely follow the work implementation process.
Modern interface, easy to use.
Intuitive, timely reporting system.

Web browser
Categorize by each category including deadlines, tags, projects.
Integrates with two famous software, Siri and Alexa.
The ability to divide tasks is not specific or clear.
Running on Windows still has some errors.
The free version does not have many diverse features.
Web browser
Possesses a "Drag & drop" system that helps organize scientifically in order of priority.
Note down the process of completing the job quickly.
Integrates the ability to take notes with images and sounds.
Integrated date/time display feature.

Cannot link with other applications.
The current Premium version has a high cost and is not suitable for the price.

Web browser
Modern interface, easy to use.
Supports visual control of work completion progress.
Large storage capacity up to 250Mb

The management decentralization feature is not supported.
The ability to comment on each project is not available in the software.
There is no system for reporting work progress over specific periods of time. 
Microsoft To-Do
Web browser

Integrate the ability to create small jobs within each category.
Additional support for the “Widget Quick Add” feature.
Users must connect from the Outlook application to connect. 
Google Keep
Web browser
Simple interface, easy to see.
Ability to respond to information and data quickly.
Vietnamese language support for ease of use.

The interface is not flexible or diverse.
Does not integrate the ability to take notes in groups.

Google Tasks
Web browse

Can flexibly use many Google applications.
Supports the construction of sub-jobs in the system. 
Rapid update mode is not yet supported.
Cannot install recurring jobs.
Users cannot arbitrarily adjust.
Base Wework
Web browser

Possessing an interface and language that helps users easily access the software.
Support strategic business planning.
Integrate clear, specific reporting capabilities.
You can make notes under each work item.

Only sold in packages, not individually. 
Desktop PnotesWindow (Pre-installed)
Possesses a friendly interface with harmonious colors.
Helps businesses track work more easily.

Does not support many modern features yet.
Updates are not quick.
The interface is not new.
Tick ​​Tick
Web browser
Integrated Pomodoro clock feature makes time control easier.
Easy to build, easy to create work on.
The capacity is small and does not integrate many special features. 

1. Viindoo Project work schedule management and reminder software

Viindoo Project is one of the effective work reminder software that is highly appreciated by many businesses and individuals for its superior features. All tasks such as planning, tracking project progress or synthesizing reports are easily done on a single interface.

Viindoo Project software possesses outstanding features such as:  

  • Automatically send emails updating data when changing each phase of the task;
  • Possesses an intuitive, easy-to-track work progress control interface;
  • Can work online on any smart device;
  • Automate reminders, avoid missing tasks;
  • Keep abreast of progress details, plan and manage work in specific order;
  • Always give specific reminders for each task, implementation time, due date and overdue date,...

Besides, to optimize and maximize the effectiveness of Viindoo work management software, it also integrates two additional functional subsystems, including:

  • Viindoo Calendar work schedule software:
    • Supports work arrangement, time management, and schedule tracking anytime, anywhere;
    • Sync Calendar with Google Calendar, Zoom, Outlook,...
  • Viindoo Notes note-taking software:
    • Manage all work records, improve work efficiency;
    • Organize notes in an intuitive Kanban interface, set stages and different color tags for easy identification.
Phần mềm nhắc nhở công việc Viindoo Project

Viindoo Project work reminder software

More specifically, businesses can use Viindoo Project software/ Viindoo Calender work schedule software/ Viindoo Notes completely free of charge with the Free One App policy - Free use of one Viindoo software forever. Try it now!

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2. Todolist job notification software

Todolist is one of the work reminder software on computers with simple but quite useful features. The main features of Todolist software can be mentioned as:

  • Users can plan construction work right on the application with a full Internet connection.
  • The software helps users adjust their workflow effectively thanks to its diverse features.
  • Two famous virtual assistants Siri and Alexa are also integrated into Todoist.
  • The software helps classify and organize work into specific, clear categories.
Phần mềm thông báo công việc Todoist

Todolist job notification software

3. Any.DO work schedule management app

Any.DO is a useful daily task and work reminder application for employees and individuals, especially those who are always busy. This application will compile statistics and note down the tasks that need to be done at the time of planning.

Ứng dụng thông báo công việc, Phần mềm lịch công việc Any.DO

Any.DO job notification application

Main features of the application:

  • The application can also help users take notes with images and videos.
  • The "Drag & drop" feature has a modern interface, users can easily arrange tasks in order, depending on priority.
  • Integrated convenient date/time display function, so users can know what tasks need to be completed each day.
  • Besides, the application also supports integration with famous virtual assistants such as Alexa, Siri or Google Assistant.

4. Trello calendar reminder software 

Trello is a tool that visually turns operations management into a dashboard. This will help optimize the work the business is conducting, from there, each employee will avoid wasting unnecessary time. 

Ứng dụng nhắc nhở công việc Trello

Trello work reminder application

Key features of Trello:

  • Possessing a simple interface, users can easily access it. The software also has an eye-catching design, notes look like notes with countless colors.
  • The application helps businesses easily track work as well as divide tasks into specific stages in the list they mentioned.

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5. Microsoft To-Do work calendar software 

A free work reminder software that Viindoo wants to introduce to users is Microsoft To-Do. The application helps users track work and perform basic work memo and note-taking needs. 

Phần mềm nhắc nhở công việc Microsoft To-Do

Microsoft To-Do work reminder software

Main features of Microsoft To-Do software: 

  • Microsoft To-Do software provides useful features without users having to pay any extra money.
  • Integrating the "My Day" feature makes it easier for users to allocate tasks that need to be completed during the day.
  • Integrating the "Widget Quick Add" system on the Android operating system, helps users plan and not miss important notifications.
  • Possesses the ability to create each sub-task in a large task section.

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6. Google Keep work reminder software 

Google Keep is also one of the popular work reminder applications developed by Google. The software provides a full range of tools for users to take audio text notes as well as quickly record necessary information. 

Phần mềm ghi chú công việc Google Keep

Google Keep work note software

Main features of Google Keep software: 

  • The interface is beautiful, user-friendly, and easy to use.
  • The response level of the software system is quick and convenient.
  • Supports Vietnamese interface to help users easily operate.

7. Google Tasks task scheduling software 

Google Tasks is one of the work reminder software on phones that definitely needs to be mentioned in this list. However, this work scheduling software still has some points that need to be overcome such as only handling simple tasks. 

Phần mềm nhắc nhở công việc trên điện thoại Google Tasks

Google Tasks work reminder software on phones

Main features of Google Tasks software: 

  • Integrates powerful application synchronization capabilities. .
  • The software supports taking notes of tasks completed by users.
  • Ability to instantiate a system with efficient subtasks.

8. Base Wework work reminder app 

The Base Wework application was developed by a Vietnamese team, so the interface can fully meet the needs of businesses in Vietnam. Base Wework was born with the main purpose of managing projects in groups extremely effectively. 

Phần mềm lịch công việc Base Wework

Base Wework work reminder application

Main features of Base Wework: 

  • Base Wework allows users to note results directly on the system.
  • Integrates the ability to change status cards with many different colors to help users easily monitor.
  • Supports automatically creating reports according to each work progress that must be completed.

9. Desktop Pnotes to-do reminder software 

Daily task reminder software Pnotes Desktop has an easy-to-see interface, so users can easily track and get things done. Main features of Desktop Pnotes:

  • Users can take notes and create plans in a beautiful sticky note format.
  • Possessing a friendly interface, users can easily operate the system.
  • Beautiful design combined with harmonious colors helps users track work more easily.
Ứng dụng nhắc nhở công việc, Phần mềm lịch công việc Desktop Pnotes

Desktop Pnotes work reminder application

10. Work schedule notification software Tick Tick 

It can be seen that the Tick Tick software has an interface quite similar to the Todoist application that we introduced above. However, Tick Tick is integrated with many more useful features such as Pomodoro clock,...

Phần mềm thông báo công việc Tick Tick

Tick Tick job notification software 

Main features of Tick Tick:

  • The software has a low cost to use, and also has unique features that have never appeared on the Todolist application.
  • Integrates a useful Pomodoro timer feature, helping users track work more effectively.
  • The software also helps users easily create jobs anytime, anywhere, as long as they have an internet connection.

Above is information about 10+ most trusted work schedule software for businesses today. Hopefully through this article from Viindoo, businesses can choose the most suitable work scheduling software!

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10 useful task reminder software on phones and computers​
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