5 work planning software for maximum performance upgrades

Want to plan your work? Don't know how to manage your work plan? So let Viindoo work planning software help you

Planning and managing work plans is an important task in projects and businesses. So how to plan your work? How to manage work plans effectively? In this article, let's join Viindoo to learn about the issues and refer to useful Phần mềm quản lý kế hoạch công việc solutions, helping to "upgrade" strong work performance!

Why should you plan and manage work plans?

Work planning is the process of identifying tasks and jobs that need to be done, prioritizing them and allocating time to complete those jobs. A clear, detailed work plan can help you:

  • Focus on the most important things, limit distractions
  • Easily monitor and control work progress
  • Complete work on time, increase work efficiency
  • Reduce stress at work

Therefore, work planning is an important skill that employees should have. There are many different ways to plan work. Some people use pen and paper to plan their daily tasks while others use task management tools to plan. However, regardless of the planning method, the most important thing is how to manage work plans effectively:

  • Know the work items that are late or not done according to plan.
  • Evaluate the level of work completion and feasibility of the project accurately.
  • There are timely adjustment plans in case risks arise.
  • Consistently capture actual work progress compared to plan.

Implementing plan management is essential. Therefore, please join us in reading the sections below to learn more about planning and effective office work management software.

Phần mềm quản lý kế hoạch công việc

Manage work plans to ensure that no tasks are missed when implementing the project

How do I plan and manage work well?

Set goals, identify tasks that need to be completed

We will not be able to know what to do or where to start until we have determined the reason and goal of the work. Setting a realistic, feasible goal will be a solid foundation for the team to execute and complete the work in the right direction.

A big mistake that many people make at this stage is setting quite vague goals. For example: Increase brand recognition of the business. With this goal, you cannot clearly define how to measure the results of the project. Instead, set goals with specific metrics, for example, "Increase product trial registrations by 20% by the end of quarter 3."

After you have clearly defined the goals you need to achieve, make a list of tasks and tasks to complete to achieve those goals.

Phần mềm lập kế hoạch công việc

Setting clear and achievable goals is important

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Prioritize and allocate time to tasks

For example, if your goal is to increase product trial sign-ups by 20% by the end of the quarter, you might consider "reach out to 100 customers per week to introduce your product" or "start promotion program to promote product usage in the first month".

In short, in this step you need to arrange tasks by priority to know which tasks need to be done first and which tasks are important to achieve the set goal. Note, you also need to set clear deadlines for each goal to be able to track project and work progress.

Identify support resources and tools

When talking about resources, many people often think about financial issues. However, resources can also include factors such as: Equipment, materials, space, human resources and software to track work progress. In general, resources are what we can use  to support the effective execution and management of work. Your task is to find and attach resources and tools to each specific work goal.

Plan time and assign detailed work

In this step, you need to consolidate all data together by building a detailed work plan for each specific stage. This will help you turn big goals into smaller, more manageable tasks.

For example, a human resources department developing an employee benefits program could take the following steps to achieve its goals:

  • Phase 1 (From August 1, 2023 to August 7, 2023): Conduct a survey for current employees to clearly understand the welfare policies they are interested in.
  • Phase 2 (From August 8, 2023 to August 15, 2023): Research the value and benefits of each benefit from the perspective of employees and businesses, determine the budget for each policy .
  • Phase 3 (From August 16, 2023 to August 29, 2023): Build a structure for the welfare program.
  • Phase 4 (From August 30, 2023 to August 31, 2023): Internal communication, announcement of employee benefits.

Besides, clearly assign tasks and responsibilities to each team member. This will help managers ensure that each task is completed on time, avoiding omissions due to unclear who is responsible. At the same time, managers, when dividing work, need to ensure that all personnel are included

Same amount of work, no overload.

Useful tip: Managers can break down tasks and assign specific work and time easily to employees through task assignment software. At the same time, employees will also be able to check the tasks that need to be done easily thanks to work arrangement software. All are integrated in Viindoo Project.

Organize work implementation according to plan

The implementation process is the stage where members begin to carry out the planned work. During implementation, a project or task may encounter some unforeseen problems. Therefore, managers need to monitor work progress to evaluate effectiveness and make adjustments when necessary.

To manage the monitoring, project implementation and evaluation process more easily, businesses can use online project management tools. The tool will help managers grasp the overall status of the plan, recognize bottlenecks and immediately detect problems and difficulties to solve.

Phần mềm lập kế hoạch công việc

The project implementation process needs to be continuously monitored and evaluated

Control and adjust plans

No plan can succeed without problems and difficulties. Don't be afraid to adjust your plan when necessary. It is important that we are aware of potential difficulties that can prevent the success of projects and goals. At the same time, managers must also budget some necessary resources to help solve these obstacles.

Always make a backup plan for each situation that may arise!

Phần mềm quản lý kế hoạch công việc

Analyze and manage risks to respond to all situations

Recommended task planning software



Salient features
Usage costs
Viindoo Project

It is one of the effective work plan management software that integrates many features in one very utility. The software allows administrators to plan work, assign tasks, track progress and report results for timely adjustments in just one single system.

Plan work effectively for individuals and teams.

Allows administrators and employees to easily track work plans.

Assign specific responsibilities to each employee, avoid "pushing" when problems occur.

Visual, immediate overview reports help reduce the workload for personnel at all levels.

Forecasting human resource needs in the organization for each department, project...

Free use of 1 application for life

Microsoft To Do

It is one of the popular work planning software today that allows users to plan and track work progress easily. As a result, workflow will be optimized to save time

Plan your daily work.

Automatically update the list of tasks that need to be completed by day or month.

Allows you to edit your job list according to your preferences with a variety of colors and themes.

Allows remote management of to-do items.

Share job listings online.

Split tasks into smaller steps with specific deadlines and reminders.

Sync data on all devices.

$5/ 1 user/ 1 month


It is a work planning and management software that is also popular with many customers. This tool helps users remember and effectively control all daily tasks. The software allows users to get an overview of the project from the status marked "Completed" or "Incomplete".

Make a list of tasks that need to be done and mark the status of each task.

Allows for custom reminder settings.

Remember all the work and tasks that need to be done every day.

Automatically arrange work order.

Users can automatically create their own work folders.

Sync work notes across multiple devices.

$19.99/ 1 user/ 1 month

It is an easy-to-understand and unique work schedule software. Users can easily create projects and task lists for each project. Trello will also create notifications to remind users to complete work on schedule. 

Create to-do lists and allow quick sharing.

Arrange work in table form.

Allows customization of work to suit each project.

Create a work progress checklist in the work card section.

Divide tasks to each individual, support teamwork.

Allows creating comments and sharing with the team.

Supports photo, video and file attachment download features

Get notified when there are updates to any project board on Trello.

$10/ 1 user/ 1 month
It is one of the best work planning and management software available today. The software allows users to automatically create plans, track and be reminded throughout the project completion process.

Remember all the tasks that need to be completed every day.

Allows users to set appropriate reminder times.

Continuously create reminder notifications based on the time the user has set and repeat by day, week, month.

Equipped with a second-by-second countdown feature.

Allows offline operations anytime, anywhere.

$19.99/ 1 user/ 1 month

Which work plan management software is best?

To know which work plan management software is best for your business, you need to evaluate the following selection criteria:

Key features to have

When choosing enterprise task planning software, consider features that include planning function and task management functionality. Specifically, the software should have the following features:

  • Plan, project tracking and visualization: Tool installation plans need to provide a variety of displays for people to manage work and track progress
  • project importance. For example: Gantt charts, Kanban, calendars, boards and lists.
  • Task management: Planning software needs to be able to create task lists, set deadlines, create links between tasks, and break down large, complex tasks into smaller tasks.
  • Collaboration tools between actors: Another must-have feature in work plan management software is stories, tagging, comments,... similar to group work management software to help members easily exchange, interact and work more effectively.
  • Resource management: The ability to appropriately allocate resources, track the working time of each individual in the team.
  • Reporting and analytics: Reporting and analytics are also essential. The software will have the ability to track time on tasks, execution of operational processes, information about team members and project information through customizable dashboards.
Phần mềm lập kế hoạch công việc

The software needs to have collaboration and face-to-face work features

Easy to use

A user-friendly interface will help users easily manipulate and track the plan. Additionally, because project management by its nature prioritizes flexibility, project planning tools should be designed to accommodate the scrum working method.

Phần mềm quản lý kế hoạch công việc

The software interface must be clear, easy to understand, and easy to use with many viewing angles

Integration capabilities

A job planning software should have flexible integration capabilities so that businesses can connect with other software such as CRM, Sales software... depending on the requirements and nature of each job. Besides, high integration capabilities also help businesses easily expand the software and add additional features when necessary if the business needs to expand in the future.


The price of work plan management software can vary depending on the product. Free software often has limited functionality, while premium features such as custom fields or unlimited users are often only available in premium software. Typically, a work management planning software will cost from $8 - $40/user/month or higher.

Businesses should determine the cost they can pay in a month to make appropriate choices.

Viindoo Project - More than just a work plan management software

Not just a regular work planning software, Viindoo Project will be an all-round assistant that supports businesses throughout from the early stages of setting goals and planning to implementing and managing plans. Plan and monitor work as well as report and evaluate the end of the project. In addition, this is also effective project management support software that allows users to comprehensively manage projects and interact directly on the system.

Phần mềm lập kế hoạch công việc
  • Keep abreast of work progress, work more effectively thanks to the feature of planning and managing work in order of priority, controlling the progress of each employee, each task...
  • User-friendly interface with multiple views such as List, Kanban card, schedule...
  • Report work and project status instantly and in real time
  • Platform for employees to work together such as:
  1. Send messages, attach documents, images, notes, and add followers right within the task.
  2. Record work history and information exchange and collaboration between departments.
  3. Send emails and collaborate with customers right on the task interface while still ensuring security.
Viindoo Project

Viindoo Project - Optimize project and work management


Plan work and manage accurate, timely progress on a single platform.

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How Viindoo Project software plans and manages work plans

All the steps in “How to plan and manage work well?” Viindoo Project can support and meet all the needs to do for effective work planning:

 Determine goals and desired results:

  • Based on the Enterprise level goals, OKRs need to be achieved
  • Allows setting goals and results to be achieved for each task to be performed
  • Periodically update progress toward goals and achieved results

 Evaluate the scope, resources, time needed and requirements of the job:

  • Divide work into smaller parts for easy management.
  • Prioritize tasks: Identify the most important tasks and prioritize them based on necessity and completion time.
  • Determine implementation resources: Determine the resources needed for each job, including personnel, materials, tools, and budget.


  • Build a detailed work schedule with corresponding tasks and deadlines.
  • Make sure your work schedule is realistic and not overwhelming.

 Assigning and assigning work:

  • Identify who will perform each job and assign specific tasks.
  • Make sure everyone involved in the job understands their duties.

 Supervision and tracking:

  • Monitor the progress of tasks and compare with the set schedule.
  • Assess the situation and make necessary adjustments if there are delays or changes.

 Communication and reporting:

  • Maintain continuous communication with project members to update status and resolve issues.
  • Prepare progress and results reports for stakeholders.

 Continuous evaluation and improvement

  • After completing the work, evaluate the results and compare with the original goals.
  • Draw on learning experiences to improve future planning and implementation.

Businesses can immediately refer to and experience the planning feature on Viindoo Project right here.

In the above article, Viindoo has provided ways to set goals, detailed work plans and introduced useful work plan management software. Hopefully this article has helped businesses gain more useful information.

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5 work planning software for maximum performance upgrades
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