8 Project management software to effectively track operation progress

Project management software will help businesses operate more efficiently. Let’s see the following article of Viindoo for reference and choose the most effective project management software for your business. 

1. What is project management software? Benefits of project management softwares 

Project management software is a comprehensive solution for planning and executing tasks in projects. This software can assist users in managing time, finances, documents, reports, personnel, customers and other related factors.

Viindoo Project - online project management software

Viindoo Project - online project management software

The benefits of using project management applications are:

  • Support users to build detailed plans and specific goals, etc. for each project
  • Support tight control of work progress in each project through a common management system
  • Communicate more quickly and accurately to project personnel  
  • Support managers to assess the capacity of each employee in the project one by one in a transparent way
  • Save a lot of time, costs and management personnel
  • Support users to track and interact with customers
  • Support users to set deadline for each task
  • Support posting and storing project-related documents and reports quickly, easily.

2. Viindoo project management software

The market today has welcomed different suppliers, yet not all software can perform high effectivity in project management. Businesses, therefore, could refer to some supporting project management software listed as below to choose the most efficient one out of all.

Praised on the list of top project management software, Viindoo project has the ability to support users make plans and follow the operating progress in a precise and timely manner on one inclusive software. In addition, the Project Management application also is integrated with other convenient features such as sending emails, task reminders, visualized data reports, etc.

Outstanding features of Viindoo project:

  • Support to plan, manage work in order of priority and different stages.
  • Support to track work progress with user-friendly interface and data-visualized charts such as Kanban, Gantt, Summary Table, etc.
  • Support analyzes the performance of each employee in detail.
  • Assign tasks to each employee, allows users to flexibly add or remove associate employees in the project, easily tag related people. 
  • Store all related documents, edit history, email, and communication on each job. 
  • Integrate with Timesheet, Sales, CRM, Invoicing management apps, etc.
  • Support analyzes the profitability, profit/loss of each project, and the working performance of each employee in detail.
  • Support free trial with available data and detailed documentation. 
  • Optimize usage cost according to actual monthly users.
Viindoo Project - online project management software

Viindoo Project - online project management software

To receive a quote for the software, please quickly call Viindoo's hotline number +84 2257309838 for support. In addition, you can experience the application before deciding whether to apply it to your business or not.

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3. Microsoft Project: Project Management Software

Microsoft Project is a powerful project management software that helps you plan, assign resources, track progress, and analyze workload. It features an intuitive interface that makes it easy and convenient to use. Microsoft Project is divided into three main blocks: Tasks, Resources, and Calendar, which are seamlessly linked together.

  • Tasks are the activities that need to be completed in a project. Tasks can be further divided into smaller subtasks for easier management.
  • Resources are the elements needed to complete tasks, including manpower, materials, equipment, time, etc.
  • Calendar is the schedule for the tasks to be carried out. The calendar can be used to track project progress and ensure that tasks are completed on time.

4. LiquidPlanner project management software

LiquidPlanner is an online project management tool suitable for many types of businesses of different sizes. This tool helps manage and closely monitor the operation process and handle multiple jobs at the same time easily.

Outstanding features  

  • Possess the ability to support planning and project implementation strategies.
  • Support analyzes the performance of each employee in detail.
  • Provide a detailed assessment report on the project implementation process so that businesses can take timely remedial solutions
LiquidPlanner project management software

LiquidPlanner project management software

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5. GanttPro: Online Project Management Tool

GanttPro is a project management solution based on Gantt charts, providing a visual way to plan and manage projects online. With GanttPro, you can easily set up workflows, create tasks and assign them to team members, set deadlines, and track task completion rates against the planned schedule. The software comes with a range of key features and some Agile-compatible features, such as:

  • Prioritize tasks: Sort tasks by priority based on their urgency and importance.
  • Workload distribution: Distribute work among team members to ensure an even workload and avoid bottlenecks.
  • Critical path analysis: Analyze the critical path of your project to identify potential delays and take corrective action.
  • Automatic scheduling: Automatically schedule tasks and milestones based on dependencies and resource availability.

It can be said that GanttPro is one of the outstanding options that project managers can choose.

6. Progress tracking project software MISA AMIS

Project management software that we would like to introduce to you is MISA AMIS. This smart application can help you solve problems in the process of implementing project tasks in a scientific and fast way.

Outstanding features  

  • Support users to build a performance plan for one or more projects.
  • Decentralize detailed and clear work performance for each employee 
  • Support monitor and track the progress of work completion
  • Provide detailed reports on work productivity and work quality of each employee
Project file management software MISA AMIS

Project file management software MISA AMIS

7. Project Management with Excel

Excel project management is a useful tool for businesses to manage small and medium-sized projects. To manage projects with Excel, you can use the following tools and features:

  • Spreadsheet: Track tasks, deadlines, costs, and other project resources.
  • Charts: Visualize project data in a variety of charts, such as Gantt charts, timelines, etc.

Excel project management software offers certain advantages such as: Free, easy to use, many basic features, easy to share and collaborate with groups, etc. However, using Excel for project management is really suitable for small, medium projects, etc. because there are some disadvantages of Excel such as: Security, data must be entered into tools so it is easy to make errors,... If If you are managing a large and complex project, you should consider using a more professional project management software.

8. Jira Software project progress management software

Jira Software owns the ability to support users to plan and track the project operation process in the form of Agile. This project management software is suitable for technology-intensive businesses to monitor the product development roadmap, report bugs or upgrade applications when needed. 

Outstanding features  

  • Schedule and track work progress.
  • Support clear work division for each employee
  • Automatically notify users when the project is about to be completed.
  • Provide job statistics reports through graphs in an intuitive way. 
Project management tool Jira Software

Project management tool Jira Software

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9. Project Manager

Project Manager is software that supports project management based on actual implementation time. Thanks to that, businesses will easily monitor work progress, specific project implementation schedules... With smart features, this application will support you a lot during the operation and implementation process. project. 

Outstanding features  

  • Tool to support project progress monitoring based on Gantt chart.
  • Manage work in table form.
  • Supports time tracking and scheduling of work starts and completions
  • Support creating detailed reports for each project. 
Project Manager

Project Manager

10. DUE progress management software

Due project management software provides users with progress tracking features, notifications reminding personnel to complete tasks on time. The feature that DUE brings is that you do not need to create an account to use the application to manage projects.

Outstanding features  

  • Can be used without the internet.
  • Automatically remind personnel every time it is close to the due date to complete the work.
  • Support to arrange time frame for work scientifically to ensure project progress 
DUE progress management software

DUE progress management software

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11. Project management software Trello

Trello is currently a popular project management software used by many businesses around the world. In addition to supporting project tracking, this tool also provides the feature to organize work in an extremely scientific way.  

Outstanding features  

  • Allow users to flexibly add or remove personnel participating in the project.
  • Allow commenting and attaching documents, work-related records
  • Built-in user name tag feature for easy tracking.
  • Can be used on mobile, laptop, PC platforms…


12. Project management tool Wrike

Online project management Wrike was created to help businesses complete work on schedule and in accordance with the established timetable. In addition, this application can also be able to manage projects with large human resources.  

Outstanding features  

  • Integrate with the time management feature to help users track work progress more efficiently.
  • Support to monitor project progress closely and accurately.
  • Users can interact with the software developer for support during the use process
  • Offer a free trial package for a 5-person 


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13. Which businesses should use project management tools?

Software project management tools Help organize and align projects from start to finish, while optimizing resources and managing risk. Among them, certain business areas must use project management software to succeed:

  • Technology and Engineering companies and projects: Technology projects are often complex and require many resources. PMS can help technical project managers track progress, manage resources, and collaborate with team members.
  • Investment and construction projects: Construction projects are often large-scale and last for many months. The software can help construction project managers track progress, manage resources, manage workers and employees, and report to stakeholders.
  • Manufacturing projects: Manufacturing projects often have many processes and steps involved. Using software can help monitor production progress, manage materials, detect "dead" spots in the process,...
  • Marketing projects and campaigns: Businesses and marketing agencies often have many related tasks and campaigns. Using software will help personnel understand the tasks and running campaigns effectively, especially for agencies that often have to manage many different projects and campaigns.

14. Criteria for selecting software to support effective online project management

Project management software is truly a useful tool for all businesses today. However, there is more and more software on the market, making it difficult for users to choose the right tool. Join Viindoo to learn 3 criteria for choosing the best project management software, tools, and tools for businesses in the following section.

14.1 Project document management software has the ability to connect, edit and expand

Businesses often expand their business scale and change production and distribution processes during the development process. Therefore, project management solutions need to be able to edit, customize and expand when needed. This requirement is especially important for businesses doing business in specific fields, because the software will need to be fine-tuned to suit the actual needs of the business.

14.2 Support policies of project management tool providers

The support policies of the project management tool provider play an important role in the process of choosing the right supplier for the business. The basic characteristics of this criterion include:

  • Customer information and data security policy: This is an extremely important factor and should be considered carefully when choosing a supplier. Ensure that the tool provider has information security policies according to internationally recognized standards.
  • Support policy when deploying software: Deploying software often requires a lot of time and complex technological processes. For employees to grasp and use tools proficiently, support and training are essential. Therefore, choosing software providers should have policies to support training during the implementation process.
  • Support policy after deployment: Enterprises need to choose software suppliers with support policies and customer care when encountering errors and problems during use.
  • Policy for upgrades: After a period of use, the software will need to be upgraded and maintained. Businesses should choose software with upgrade policies, updates, etc.

14.3 Reputation of the online project management software provider

The reputation of an online project management software provider can be determined based on many factors, but objective and honest reviews from users are the most important factor. Consulting companies that have used the product and evaluating the effectiveness of the solution will help determine the reputation of the supplier.

The second factor to consider is experience. The software provider needs to have experience implementing many projects. This experience ensures that the unit has encountered and resolved many different situations during the software deployment process.

In addition, work experience in many fields also plays an important role. If the supplier has been operating and has experience providing software for many business sectors, the supplier will understand the specific requirements of each industry and be able to provide optimal solutions. suitable for each business.

Viindoo Project

Viindoo Project

In particular, the Viindoo management software system is also fully integrated with work support functions and has an extremely friendly and easy-to-use interface. Thanks to that, our management system has been used by many large companies. Although possessing many outstanding advantages as above, the cost of implementing and using our tools is suitable for the financial capacity of Vietnamese businesses.

The above article has introduced to you the most effective project management software today. Hopefully the above content has provided useful information to you. In addition, you can also learn about administration knowledge at https://viindoo.com/ of Viindoo.

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