Software Project Management | Effective processes, models & controls

Software project management is an issue that many businesses are interested in in the current digital age. However, not all businesses have the knowledge and are facing many difficulties when managing this project. Understanding that, this article Viindoo will provide businesses with information such as processes, models as well as ways to effectively control this project.

1. What is software project management?

Software project management is the management of technology-related product research and development projects. In the digital age, businesses are forced to apply technology to management instead of manual management to speed up development. However, creating the right software for businesses is quite difficult because it requires businesses to manage the software project implementation process. So what does software project management include? Let's find out with Viindoo in the next part

Software project managementSoftware project management

2. Software project management work

Software project management work includes many categories such as strategy management, cash flow management, risk management, planning, project delivery, resource allocation,... Specific tasks to perform when managing software projects:

  • Receive requirements, analyze & set common goals for the project
  • Reasonable resource management and allocation for project work
  • Establish work plan and monitor the development progress
  • Set up and train a highly qualified team
  • Periodically check the work, report and evaluate the effectiveness in each stage
  • Manage administrative procedures, documents and security for the project.
Software project managementSoftware project management

3. Process of managing a software project

3.1 Starting the project

During the project initiation phase, relevant departments will participate in discussions about the requirements received. What needs to be done in this phase is to define the overall and phased goals for the project, plan the tasks to be done, determine the resources required, and assign tasks to each department,...

3.2 Deployment planning

From the goal of each phase and the overall, the project manager will make the necessary plans to implement the set goals and adjust the plan to suit each stage.

3.3 Project implementation

After planning, departments need to rely on the assigned task assignment to complete the work. The project manager will have to keep track of all the activities in the project to check the monitoring and adjust the plan as necessary. Things like managing cash flow, risk, and motivating employees are important during this period.

3.4 Project solution, product handover

After completing the project, the manager will review the information, check the quality of the output, and compare the results to the original set goals. After the work is completed, the manager conducts the acceptance test and hands it over to the customer care department.

4. Effective software project management models

4.1 Scrum

What is Scrum? This is a form of agile process that is very commonly used in software and product development projects. In addition to software projects, Scrum is a management model that can be applied in many different projects. This process provides continuous feedback and evaluation at the end of each sprint so it is suitable for projects interested in improvement.

Software project managementScrum Process

4.2 Waterfall

Another model that is also often used for project management is the Waterfall (waterfall model). The work items in the plan are divided into different linear series. The stages all have different relationships. In this approach, each activity will execute after the pre-completion phase. Therefore, this method will be suitable for projects with specific, clear, and changeable goals. You could read Compare the differences between Agile and Waterfall in project management for more details.

Software project managementWaterfall chart

5. Software project management support tools

5.1 Gantt chart

This is a tool that is widely applied in project management with specific schedules. This chart was created in 1917 by Henry Gantt. This tool will assist the manager to reasonably control the activities and time taken in the project. The chart includes horizontal bars that show the schedule and activity times of a project. Based on this chart, the manager will control the schedule of tasks as well as the project's timelines.

Software project managementGantt chart

Currently, Gantt charts are not only commonly used in project management but also in business management. Viindoo is the pioneer in integrating Gantt into the work schedule management software. If you are intending, or wishing to apply the GANTT chart to your administration, do not hesitate to contact Viindoo immediately.

5.2 PERT Diagram

PERT diagram is a type of spider web diagram that is commonly used in project management. This diagram shows all project activities in a sequential or parallel manner. These events are represented in the form of a diagram showing their relationship to each other. The main events in the project are executed sequentially/parallel in the diagram, the latter will depend on the preceding activity in the diagram. Each event that occurs is numbered and connected by arrows to describe the sequence in which it occurs.

Software project management

6. How to successfully and effectively manage software projects

With more than 10 years of experience in researching and developing management solutions for businesses, here are some methods to manage software projects that Viindoo has successfully applied:

  • Eliminate unnecessary work to focus resources on the product.
  • Stick to the proposed project plan.
  • Motivate employees in the project.
  • Empower employees to increase productivity.
  • Build relationships within the group.
  • Limit variation in assigned tasks.
  • Break down tasks and assign specific tasks.

Software project management is an integral part of any business. Businesses will need knowledge and skills to effectively manage and control resources, cash flow, or execution plans. However, acquiring such knowledge and skills will take a lot of time, expense, and expense. Therefore, administrators can choose alternative management software to shorten the time as well as speed up the development of the business.

Viindoo Project is a software management solution developed by Viindoo team. This is software that will help businesses control jobs, plan work, projects and track progress more effectively. From there, businesses can manage work in a "lighter" way. Currently, Viindoo Project has been trusted by many large enterprises to accompany project management.

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In the above article, Viindoo has summarized for you detailed information about software project management. Hopefully, the above information will help businesses manage projects more effectively. Follow our website to learn more effective management knowledge.

Software Project Management | Effective processes, models & controls
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