What is a PMP certificate? Detailed information about the PMP exam

PMP Certification is a famous international certification in the field of project management. Owning a PMP certificate not only shows evidence of your ability but also leads the way to career advancement. What do candidates need to prepare for this certification exam? The following article by Viindoo will provide an overview of the PMP certification exam process.

What is the PMP certification?

The full name of the PMP certification is the Project Management Professional Certificate. This is a prestigious international certification issued by the American Institute of Project Management in 1984. This certification is valid globally and is considered a standard measurement for professional project schedule management. PMP is issued to experts in the field of project management in diverse industries such as IT, construction, manufacturing, etc.

What is the PMP certification?

What is the PMP certification?

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Benefits of the PMP project management certification

PMP is a popular and prestigious certification lately. Owning a PMP project management certificate is like holding the key to the success. In fact, the certification generates significant benefits.

Recognition for competency project in management

PMP certification is gaining popularity in the international labor market. The reasons are its difficulty level and meaningful values, especially in the field of information technology project management. People globally, in fact, highly appreciate and trust the one with the PMP certification.

Recognition of project management competency

Recognition of project management competency

Better salaries

The PMP certification indeed ranks among the highest-paying certifications these days. According to statistics released by PMI itself, PMP holders often have higher salaries than those without certification working in the same field. This indeed guarantees the benefits of this project management certification.

Increase in the rate of successful project implementation

It is the standard for PMP exam candidates to have professional qualifications in related fields and the ability to manage large projects. With knowledge, practicality, and rationality work, those who have PMP qualifications have a higher chance for success than those who do not.

More job opportunities

Currently, in the job postings for the position of PM, it is a usual requirement to have a PMP project management certificate. In any way, PMP certification holders tend to gain more appreciation and find jobs easier. Therefore, achieving a PMP international standard is extremely beneficial for both job-seeking and salary-dealing.

Benefits of the PMP

Job opportunities are wide open

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The PMP certification exam candidates

PMP is not a certification for everyone but is limited to a certain range. Below refers to suitable candidates for the PMP certification exam if they want to develop their careers.

  • Project Managers: This is a group of people who specialize in project management tasks. Accumulated time of project implementation is another criterion to be eligible for the certification exam. With a project management certificate, this group of people can have more opportunities for advancement.
  • Project team members: They are who work in project teams for experience gaining. While the project accumulation time does not adapt to the PMI requirement, the experience in the working process is valuable.
  • People who aim for a management or director position: Taking on a manager or director position requires skills such as leadership skills, negotiation skills, strategic planning skills, etc. Gaining the PMP certification and mastering management knowledge will generate more opportunities for the position.
PMP certification exam candidates

PMP certification exam candidates

Eligibility criteria for PMP Certification

Passing a certification exam with a high difficulty level is the absolute requirement to acquire the PMP certification. Here are several eligibility requirements to participate in this exam.

Requirement for Qualification
Requirement for
Requirement for Project management knowledge
Bachelor’s degreeMinimum three years of experience, equivalent to 4500 hours of project work.Minimum 35 hours of training or CAPM certification.
High school/ college diploma
Minimum five years of experience, equivalent to 7500 hours of project work.Minimum 35 hours of training or CAPM certification.

Overview of the PMP certification exam

Preparation for various stages is essential when participating in a certification exam. Below is a summary of the necessary procedures to support the readiness for the PMP project management certification exam.

Application profile

Candidates need to prepare fully from the very beginning for any international certification exam. Complete application documents should include

  • Bachelor's Degree from University or College/High School Diploma.
  • Certificate for 35 hours of project management training.
  • Portfolio describes 3 years of project experience for bachelor and 5 years of project experience for college/high school graduates.

Exam fee

The fee is different for those who are PMI members and those who are not registered as PMI members. The detailed exam fee schedule will be as follows.

Fee Structure
PMI membersNon-PMI members
Certification renewal

Instructions for registration

To take the PMP certification exam, candidates need to register for the exam at PMI's website. Provide the following information when registering on PMI's website:

  • Contact info.
  • Address of home, work, or company.
  • Education level, school name, address, year of graduation, major.
  • Proof of participation in project management training and project experience.
  • Certificate with full name printed.
Register for the PMP exam

Register for the PMP exam

Exam structure

A PMP certification exam will take place in 230 minutes. The questions in the exam are about knowledge and experience in the field of project management. The exam usually has the following format:

  • Include 180 questions. The questions can be multiple answers, multiple choice, or match and fill-in-the-blank.
  • Score 175 out of 180 questions while the remaining 5 are for PMI's statistical purposes. When taking the test, candidates are unable to know which questions are scored and which are not.
  • Take 2 breaks after the 60th and 120th questions, about 10 minutes each time, which excludes from the total of 230 minutes. Any previous questions reviewed after taking a break are not allowed. It is important to check carefully before taking a break.

Language support

PMI provides language support if English is not the candidate's language. The list of languages that PMI supports are Japanese, Chinese (Simplified), Chinese (Traditional), Korean, French, Russian, German, Spanish, Arabic, Bahasa Indonesian, Turkish, Polish, Hebrew, Brazilian Portuguese, and Italian. Vietnamese is not on the language support list. However, language is not the biggest barrier in the exam.

Location exam

Other valuable information to know is the location of the PMP certification exam. According to the latest information, PMI has changed the test unit from Prometric to Pearson VUE. In Vietnam, there are currently 3 test centers for the PMP certification exams:

  • IPMAC Information Technology Joint Stock Company: 6th Floor, Kim Anh Building, Lane 78, Duy Tan Street, Cau Giay District, Hanoi.
  • VIET Professional Ltd: 149/1D Ung Van Khiem Street, Ward 25, Binh Thanh District, HCMC.
  • International Talent Development Academy: 5th floor, Minh Phu building, 21 Le Quy Don Street, Ward 6, District 3, HCMC.

Policies for rescheduling or canceling the exam

There are also policies on rescheduling/canceling the registered exam schedule for the PMP international certification exam. Candidates can refer to some policies below:

  • Reschedule at no cost if more than 30 days before the test.
  • Reschedule with a charge of $70 within 30 days before the test.
  • Reschedule unaccepted if leave/cancel within 48 hours before the exam and no repayment for the fee paid previously.

Policies for certification maintenance

After passing the PMP certification exam, there can be a need for PMI's continuing certification program. PMP certification will be valid for 3 years. For certification maintenance, individuals need to accumulate 60 PDUs (Professional Development Units) every 3 years and pay the required renewal fee.

Maintain PMP certificate after passing

Maintain PMP certificate after passing

Preparation experience for the PMP certification exam

Before taking part in any exam, candidates should well equip with all necessities. For an international certification exam like PMP, individuals need to prepare both mentally and physically. Here are some important guidelines for the PMP exam to know.


A PMP exam will focus on three main contents, which is knowledge, analytical ability, and application ability. The questions are usually about Input, Output, and calculation questions in the PMBOK book. Besides, candidates should regularly update changes in the structure of the PMP exam.

Time and materials

These days, with the development of the internet, finding PMP exam preparation materials is easy-peasy. However, not all documents are suitable and close to the exam questions. Some good materials for consideration are Headfirst, PMBOK, and Rita fast track. People can find these at big bookstores or search for Ebook versions.

PMBOK - The classic book to prepare for the PMP exam

PMBOK - The classic book to prepare for the PMP exam

Candidates should well prepare for the exam from the very beginning. Through projects and training sessions, individuals should accumulate experience and knowledge for themselves. Individuals should better prepare review plans early to always be ready to "battle”.

Tips to pass the first time for PMP certification exam

Here are some tips to take the exam well and achieve the desired results. For anyone who is so busy with project management and has little time for preparation, these tips can increase the chance of passing.

  • Make a detailed study plan.
  • Build preparation content following the exam structure.
  • Register for a PMP exam preparation course if possible.
  • Do mock tests to test your level.

create a to-do list to prepare for the PMP exam

You should create a to-do list to prepare for the PMP exam

Above is an article that summarizes in detail information about PMP certification. Viindoo hopefully, this article will help you better understand the PMP project management certification and have the best preparation for yourself.

What is a PMP certificate? Detailed information about the PMP exam
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