7+ Sample cash flow statement Excel file [Download]

Currently, these cash flow statement template file Excel is a useful tool to help businesses control cash flow easily and scientifically. With this article, Viindoo would like to suggest to you the most commonly used cash flow management file templates today. Let's consult now!

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1. Enterprise cash flow statement form fileExcel

Building cash flow statement template file Excel help businesses easily track the history of cash outflows and inflows. As a result, businesses can make the most appropriate business decisions.

Download now: HERE

Business cash flow statement template inExcel.Business cash flow statement template in Excel.

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2. Simple internal cash flow statement template

Enterprisesye now use these internal cash flow statement template Simple to analyze as well as show your existing cash flow. This report template is scientifically and vividly designed to facilitate all inspection and monitoring processes.

Download now: HERE.

The easiest interna​l cash flow statement template to understand.The easiest interna​l cash flow statement template to understand.

3. Cash flow management report template

In its management, every business should build cash flow management report template to minimize risks and errors in financial aspects. From there, businesses will be more proactive when estimating profits as well as potential in production and business activities.

Download now: HERE.

The cash flow management report template is the most used by many companies.The cash flow management report template is the most used by many companies.

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4. Sample cash flow statement fileExcel monthly

In addition to setting up a quarterly cash flow management template, businesses should also build file Excel cash flow management for each month. With this document, enterprises can monitor the revenue and expenditure process and internal financial activities of the unit for a whole month without fear of loss.

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Sample cash flow statement file Excel monthly.Sample cash flow statement file Excel monthly.

5. Quarterly cash flow control report template

At the end of each quarter, businesses will often have to summarize all revenues and expenditures to control their financial situationonecyokeclearclearand tellhoney. Based on these cash flow control report template According to this quarter, businesses can make the right and most timely financial decisions.

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Cash flow control report template for each quarter.Cash flow control report template for each quarter.

6. 12-month cash flow statement template

The purpose of businesses when preparing a 12-month cash flow statement template is to most accurately capture the situation of their existing budget. As a result, businesses confirm their financial potential to build business plans that best suit their capabilities.

Download now: HERE.

File Excel 12-month cash flow statement.File Excel 12-month cash flow statement.

7. Personal cash flow management file

File Excel Personal cash flow management allows for more accurate tracking of expenses. With clear charts for the day, month, and year, individuals will be in control of how effectively their cash is managed.

Download now: HERE.

Personal cash flow management document template.Personal cash flow management document template.

8. How to make an effective cash flow statement

Below, Viindoo would like to summarize the ways to set up cash flow statement template file Excel The most efficient and accurate available today. In a fileExcel The most basic will include the following contents:

Cash inflow:

  • Bank deposit interest.
  • Savings and investment returns
  • Money customers have paid for the purchase of services and goods.
  • Cash deposited into the account.
  • Long-term debt, bad debt recovery.

Cash outfl​ow:

  • Discounts for customers.
  • Amount to be paid to suppliers.
  • Expenses for purchasing machinery, equipment and fixed assets at the enterprise.
  • Corporate tax, income tax, VAT and other taxes and fees.
  • Electricity, water, rent, staff salaries, stationery and other office expenses.
  • Other fees payable.

Opening cash balance: Beginning cash balance is the amount that previous accountants have carried over to the current period.

Closing balance: The ending balance will be calculated according to the following formula:

Total balance at the end of the period = Net cash flow for the whole period + Cash at the beginning of the period.

To prepare the final cash flow statement, the enterprise must perform the above manual calculation operations. However, this is very time-consuming and sometimes error-prone, which can negatively affect the internal settlement process at the enterprise.

Therefore, currently, Viindoo provides the cash flow management software system Viindoo Accounting. This software will help business control more optimally your spending as well as revenue.

Following are the outstanding advantages of Viindoo Accounting cash flow management software:

  • Compatible, Compliance With Accounting principles and standards in many country.
  • Allows forecasting future cash flows to plan the financial resources of the business.
  • Automate all accounting operations, clearly reflecting the current financial picture of the business.
  • Monitor and control revenue and expenditure data throughout the business process based on real time.
  • Perfectly integrated with other Viindoo software such as: Sales, retail, logistics, spending,...
Viindoo Accounting cash flow management software for all businesses today.Viindoo Accounting cash flow management software for all businesses today.

With the above article, Viindoo has provided you with a full range of File cash flow statement form Excel most commonly used today. If your business is interested in more about cash flow management software, please contact our hotline immediately Viindoo for detailed answers.

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