Best 5 Effective Business Digital Transformation Platforms

Currently, using digital transformation software has become a trend among leading large enterprises. Therefore, in this day and age, you should use an internal business digital transformation system so that the management and operation process runs smoothly. If your business does not know which business digital conversion software to choose, let Viindoo suggest it to you.

Viindoo digital conversion software

Viindoo is one of the best digital transformation platforms nowadays, being used by thousands of domestic and foreign businesses. The platform makes business operations much more streamlined and efficient, while optimizing performance throughout the entire business cycle. In addition, the Viindoo enterprise digital transformation platform also helps connect departments into a single, solid system.

Outstanding advantages of Viindoo software:

  • Integration and expansion: Viindoo is easily expanded and installed to flexibly adapt to any changes of the business. In addition, this application can integrate with other platforms to create the most comprehensive ecosystem.
  • Minimizing direct operating personnel: Viindoo provides transformation consulting service, user guidance and security services for businesses in need.
  • Reasonable cost for each size of business: Viindoo solution fits the budget of businesses at all sizes since the software will be charged monthly based on the actual number of users.
  • Managing cross-platform anytime, anywhere: Viindoo is a software that facilitates managing businesses based on cloud computing in the form of Saas - Software as a service, allowing users to easily access applications from remote.
Viindoo’s business digital transformation solution

Viindoo’s business digital transformation solution

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Oracle ERP enterprise digital transformation software

ERP Oracle is a digital transformation application in businesses fully developed on a cloud computing platform. This software is built and developed by Oracle Corporation from the US. Oracle ERP is fully integrated with a set of features to support distribution and production management, human resource management, and corporate finance.

Dominant pros:

  • Support distribution and management of goods, human resources, real estate, health and environmental safety in the enterprise.
  • Be suitable for all types of businesses 
Oracle - ERP software

Oracle - ERP software digital conversion software system digital transformation solution is a product from Base Enterprise. This software is integrated with more than 50 applications with the main purpose of providing comprehensive solutions for 4 core areas: project management, construction and management of information systems, customer and business management, and business administration.

Dominant pros:

  • Standing one of the leading digital transformation platforms in Vietnam.
  • Allowing users to use their phones, tablets, and computers to monitor and manage their browsers and platforms.
  • Being developed with two languages, which is English and Vietnamese.
  • Achieving the most effective features due to regular updating and upgrading. digital transformation system digital transformation system

AMIS enterprise digital transformation tool

Misa Joint Stock Company is the founder of AMIS.VN software. If other software only specializes in human resource management, salary or accounting management, AMIS.VN software can connect all features in one. In particular, this system also has the ability to synchronize all data on the Cloud platform to be able to give the most accurate assessment of the actual situation of the business. Therefore, software is often chosen in digital transformation of small and medium enterprises.

Outstanding features:

  • Automating the workflow between Employees and Leaders
  • Providing full financial and accounting management features
  • Allow using on many devices, even without an internet connection
AMIS.VN software

AMIS.VN software

Microsoft Dynamic 365 business digital transformation software

Microsoft Dynamic 365 is rated as one of the best software to support business digital transformation these days. Based on user needs, Microsoft Dynamic 365 software will synchronize and intelligently process data from other applications such as warranty, sales, marketing, etc.

Dominant pros:

  • Support customer management and resource planning. 
  • Can be used on different operating systems such as iOS, Android, and Windows Phone.
Microsoft Dynamic 365

Microsoft Dynamic 365

It can be said that using Digital Transformation Platforms is a leading solution to help businesses make leaps and bounds in management and administration. Therefore, if you need more advice on applying a business digital transformation solution, please contact Viindoo via hotline 02257309838 for support.

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