Viindoo All-inclusive Digital Transformation Solution

Accompanying the National Digital Transformation Programme to assist Vietnamese Enterprises in their Digital Transformation race.



We understand your challenges

Enterprises are struggling with the problem of investment cost and technology implementation.


Enterprises are having problems with human resources and digital infrastructure.


Enterprises find it hard to integrate digital technology solutions.


*According to the Annual Report on Enterprise Digital Transformation of the Ministry of Planning and Investment

Remove every obstacle

Viindoo provides an all-in-one enterprise management software solution in the form of SaaS (Software as a Service), a remote-accessible web-based software.

Flexible Integration and expansion

Viindoo is suitable for every business model. Our solution can be easily integrated with other solutions to create a comprehensive ecosystem.

No investment in infrastructure and operation staff

Teams of methodical security and system operation experts are available, helping Enterprises save on cost and effort.

Reasonable budget

Monthly subscription is charged upon actual usage, which is suitable for businesses of all sizes and budgets.

Meet all enterprise's demands

Viindoo streamlines processes and optimizes efficiency in all business stages, connecting different departments into one system.

Embrace sustainable values

We not only provide the tool for Enterprises, but also integrate our modern business management experience to consult and implement Digital Transformation. Enterprises can utilize these throughout their operations.

Build  digital workforce

Equip digital capabilities for digital transformation foundations

Sustainable Operation & Growth

Embedded technology and data in all business activities.

Break Revenue, Optimize Profits

Understand and closely engage with multi-channel customers.

Reinforce competitive position

Build breakthrough values, affirm market position.

Realizing Digital Transformation Strategy

Ensure the right direction in implementation of Digital Transformation, minimizing risks and costs of Enterprise.


Professional consultancy

Experienced and highly-skilled Executives are equipped with innovative and optimized plans in accordance with the most modern Business Management theories.

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Methodical training

Documentations are suitable for different business sizes and fields, helping Enterprises master the technology and apply it proactively, methodically, and effectively.

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Digital Transformation News 

Digital transformation trends in Vietnam and the world 

31% of enterprises are in the early stages; 53% of them are in the Observation phase; 13% are in the Challenge stage.

Digital transformation process for small and medium Enterprises

The popular digital transformation stage and progress of SMEs based on research by MPI and the USAID project.
Digital transformation process for small and medium Enterprises

Digitizing business data: In need of a methodical roadmap

From process standardization, to data planning, processing and application in business operation and administration.

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