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Viindoo provides digital transformation consulting services, accompanying the National Digital Transformation Program, empowering Vietnamese businesses to breakthrough on the Digital race and create sustainable value.  

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Digital transformation consulting

Comprehensive business digital transformation consulting at Viiindoo

Digital transformation in businesses refers to the process of applying technology platforms (Digitalize) such as Big Data, 5G network, AI, IoT, Cloud computing ... to change the way the company operates, operates, leads, processes as well as culture. If digital transformation is successful, businesses will achieve optimal performance, operate effectively, comprehensively change the way they operate and bring more value to customers.

However, the digital transformation process does not stop at the application of new technology but also requires a team of human resources with knowledge of technology, experts to support process consulting, implementation planning and post-deployment change management. In fact, many Vietnamese businesses have only heard about digital transformation but have not really understood and transferred comprehensively, leading to a difficult transformation process, especially for SMEs. 

Therefore, Viindoo's digital transformation consulting services can accompany businesses on their digital transformation journey. We have consulted and implemented digital transformation for many corporate customers in Vietnam, accompanying the National Digital Transformation Program, supporting businesses in digital transformation to breakthrough on the Digital track and create sustainable value.

Why choose our digital transformation consulting services?

Dịch vụ Tư vấn chuyển đổi số doanh nghiệp của Viindoo

Professional advice

A team of experienced and highly specialized experts with plans to improve & optimize processes according to the most advanced Corporate Governance theories.

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Dịch vụ Tư vấn chuyển đổi số doanh nghiệp của Viindoo

Methodical transfer

The curriculum is suitable for each scale and industry of each enterprise, helping enterprises master technology, proactively apply it methodically and effectively.

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Flexible solutions

Flexible prefab structure. Solutions to accompany businesses from small scale and grow up with the growth journey of enterprises.

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What types of businesses need to implement digital transformation?

In today's digital era, in order to survive and increase competitiveness in the market, digital transformation is a mandatory task for all types of businesses in many different fields and industries. Not only for large enterprises, digital transformation for small and medium enterprises brings great value, increasing customer experience and creating new breakthroughs.

Digital transformation consulting services

The purpose of digital transformation consulting services

According to analysts and researchers, the last 5 purposes that digital transformation services aim for businesses are:

Speed to market

Increase the competitive position of businesses

Drive revenue growth

Increase employee productivity

Increase customer acquisition and retention

A suite of application solutions to support businesses in digital transformation

Viindoo's suite of digital transformation software solutions for businesses helps streamline processes and optimize efficiency in all stages of business, connecting departments into one system.

Team of digital transformation consultants

Viindoo's team of business digital transformation consultants are well-trained, experienced, certified in both Corporate Governance and Science and Technology. Some members are also Digital Transformation Experts of the Ministry of Planning and Investment, participating in projects organized by the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) and the Ministry of Planning and Investment. 

Tran Ngoc Tuan

Tran Ngoc Tuan
Strategy Consultant | Software Architect | Digital Transformation Specialist

Vu Duc Nghia

Vu Đuc Nghia
Strategy Consultant | Expert-level ERP consultant

Nguyen Thi Lien

Nguyen Thi Lien
Expert-level ERP Consultant | Digital Transformation Specialist

Pham Thi Xinh

Pham Thi Xinh
Senior ERP Consultant | Project Leader

Vu Hong Nhung

Vu Hong Nhung
Senior ERP Consultant | Project Leader

Hoang Thi Hao

Hoang Thi Hao
Senior ERP Consultant | Project Leader

Notable achievements

Vietnam Innovation Solutions 2023 

In September 2023, Viindoo solution was honored as the Outstanding Vietnam Innovation Solution for Small and Medium Enterprises. This is a program to honor digital transformation solutions and products to improve the capacity of small and medium enterprises, realizing the vision of the Vietnam Innovation Initiative (InnovateVN), hosted by the Ministry of Planning and Investment, the National Innovation Center (NIC) in collaboration with Meta Group.

Digital Transformation Award 2022

 In October 2022, Viindoo's digital transformation solution received the Vietnam Digital Transformation Award 2022 for typical Digital Products, Solutions and Technology. This is an award honoring outstanding digital transformation achievements of state agencies, business units, businesses and individuals, promoting the national digital transformation.

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