EVNPMB1 go-live MEMS Equipment Management Software on Viindoo Platform

The Power Project Management Board 1 (EVNPMB1) - Vietnam Electricity (EVN) (formerly known as Son La Hydropower Plant Project Management Board), is responsible for managing EVN-invested projects and conducting research and preparation for investment, as well as managing construction investment.

In addition, EVNPMB1 is tasked with preparing production for power source projects as assigned by EVN; providing project management consultancy, investment project preparation consultancy, bidding consultancy, and estimating for power source projects and grid projects.

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Industry: Electricity Production

Address: 6th Floor, Tower B, EVN Building, No. 11, Cua Bac, Truc Bach Ward, Ba Dinh District, Hanoi.

Key Figures

45 Weeks

from survey, needs analysis to official operation

1648 Devices

from 9 bidding packages managed on the software

199 Design drawings

managed and digitalized in the approval process

EVNPMB1 Management Challenges

EVNPMB1, in its role of managing projects invested by EVN and conducting research, investment preparation, and construction investment management, required a comprehensive system to:

  • Manage projects and bidding packages under the Hoa Binh Hydropower Plant Expansion Project, ensuring that packages can run concurrently within a project, with detailed package information, participating partners, progress reports, and status updates.
  • Manage equipment materials including information on equipment materials, equipment stages, QR code labeling, etc.
  • Manage design drawings of equipment for the bidding packages.
  • Manage users including usage permissions and task operations for each package.
  • Integrate digital signatures for document, drawing, and textual approvals.
  • Manage camera information.

Given the vast amount of information needing standardized and systematic management on a single software platform, EVNPMB1 required an experienced contractor for consulting and designing a suitable solution. Leveraging its expertise in software development and management, Viindoo collaborated with contractors to address the complex needs posed by the EVNPMB1.

EVNPMB1 go-live MEMS Equipment Management Software on Viindoo
Mr. Bui Phuong Nam, Director of EVNPMB1, shares insights on the MEMS Software Implementation Project

Achieved Results

After 45 weeks of implementation, with the collaboration of Viindoo and the consortium GE/CMEC, S5T Vietnam JSC, the system officially went into operation, yielding outstanding results.

  • Digitalized 9 bidding packages of the Hoa Binh Hydropower Plant Expansion Project: 
    • Managed package information and progress.
    • Detailed the list of tasks, corresponding to each contractor, and related equipment material information.
    • Integrated communication information on each task, facilitating seamless information exchange among stakeholders.
  • Managed 1648 devices: detailed information, technical specifications, KKS codes, equipment status, storage, etc.
  • Uploaded 199 design drawings and equipment reports to the software, attached in multiple formats, linked to specific tasks, with strict access permissions, and digitalized the entire approval process for drawings and documents.
  • Integrated digital signatures (CA) linked to each account, allowing approvers to sign digitally directly on the software.
  • Key reports:
    • Project completion progress reports (pie charts, line/bar charts, burndown charts)
    • Reports comparing actual implementation progress with the plan
  • Developed a mobile application.
  • Multi-language system ready to integrate with other software in EVN’s ecosystem.

Some memorable moments at the Go-live Ceremony of the MEMS Equipment Management Software System.​

EVNPMB1 go-live MEMS Equipment Management Software on Viindoo Platform
Hue Nguyen June 26, 2024