Tachi Cable: A Successful Digital Transformation Journey with Viindoo

Realizing the goal of expanding the market and reaching international standards with high-quality industrial electrical cables.

Tam Chien Cable Electronic Joint Stock Company (Tachi Cable) is a manufacturer of wires and cables with over 20 years of experience, specializing in reputable brands such as Tachiko, Hoatung, Nishan, and Kashing. The company always focuses on building and improving production lines, applying quality management systems according to standards such as ISO 9001:2015, 5S, and Kaizen, meeting Korean and European technology standards.

Key Figures

4 weeks early

The project was completed ahead of schedule, achieving 100% of its goals

3139 master data 

Product categories, bill of materials were digitized and implemented

25 processes

Processes at the factory and store were built and implemented on the software

Mr. Dang Thanh Tung, Production Director, Project Manager of Digital Transformation Project for Tachi Cable

The Challenge

To expand more factories and develop globally, Tachi Cable needed to innovate its professional management strategy, not only standardizing the management model but also applying technology for specific goals: leveraging data for decision-making and business planning, rationalizing production costs, optimizing prices to create a competitive edge, supporting customers faster and more efficiently, and increasing customer satisfaction.

That's why Tachi Cable choose Viindoo

  • Viindoo ERP Software 
    • A comprehensive solution, managing on a single platform, meeting over 80% requirements of Tachi Cable
    • High flexibility and readiness
    • Highly adaptable and ready for future expansion and integration phases
  • Consultation and Implementation Team
    • Experienced consultants advising on both management and technology to suit the business
    • Understanding of Business Needs: Clear understanding of the company's current situation, desires, and resources to outline a suitable roadmap and achieve the necessary results in each phase.

The Solution

The team of consultants at Viindoo conducted 6 coaching sessions for Tachi Cable, within USAID-IPSC project

  • Directed on goals and technology application methods
  • Analyzed the current state and available resources of Tachi Cable
  • Developed a detailed digital transformation roadmap for effective technology application

Digital Transformation Roadmap for Tachi Cable

  • Phase 1: Preparation - Pre-implementation of Digital Transformation 
  • Phase 2: Business Digitization
  • Phase 3: Automation, Integration, and Comprehensive Digital Transformation
  • Phase 4: Post-implementation

Key results

Digitized all data and business processes with notable data:

    • 2406 product categories
    • 733 bills of materials for production
  • Built a set of business processes on the Viindoo software platform with a total of 25 processes:
    • Factory: 13 processes
    • Store: 12 processes
  • Centralized, stored, and analyzed all business data on the software
  • Enhanced collaboration and coordination between departments
  • Built a digital workforce, actively participating in the digital transformation process.
  • Detailed statistics of workshop data are managed by software, forming a basis for future improvements.
Tachi Cable: A Successful Digital Transformation Journey with Viindoo
Nguyễn Phương Dung June 21, 2024