TOP 10+ effective and best property management softwares

Property management software helps managers effectively control and evaluate specific operations in the real estate industry. In the following article, Viindoo introduces to you several effective property management softwares for your reference. 

Viindoo - a property management software

Viindoo is a comprehensive business management software that is suitable for many different types of businesses in different industries, including real estate. Viindoo software supports managers to systematically control, archive, and search for customer information. In fact, Viindoo software supports manage real estates and property more effectively with ERP software.

Exclusive advantages of Viindoo software:

  • User-friendly interface;
  • Integration of supporting software programs such as Viindoo project, Viindoo employees, Viindoo accounting, etc;
  • Analysis and reports for appropriate business strategies;
  • Support for planning with effective reports;
  • Viindoo's expert team with immediate advice and support to customers in the process of using the software.

In addition, Viindoo's real estate management software is also combined with additional management features from the software in the Viindoo system as follows:

property management softwares Viindoo

Viindoo Sorfware

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Landsoft Software helps businesses easily manage information sources in the field of real estate. In addition, the software helps businesses save investment costs. Like other real estate management software, Landsoft has all the essential capabilities to manage and track customers. Some of the outstanding features of this application include:

  • Provide page formats such as receipt and invoice templates to facilitate easy data entry and review;
  • Allow users to quickly update information about capital contribution and negotiation through the system;
  • Ensure information security through a decentralized system for each employee;
  • Help investors reduce system monitoring costs by eliminating duplication of work.
 Landsoft - Property Management Software

Landsoft - Property Management Software

Bee Rem 

Bee Rem the property management software can effectively manage all information sources related to the real estate industry, such as the purchase and rental of houses, land plots, apartments, etc. Thereby, the software provides information suitable to customer needs. Some outstanding features of Bee Rem can be mentioned:

  • Include a wide range of tools for discussion and investment management;
  • Easily track and update the information on transaction activities on the system;
  • Have a high-security feature through QR code for safety information sources;
  • Include a feature of debt warning to customers and partners for effective debt management;
  • Provide detailed information related to real estates management such as price, land area, etc;
  • Help set up statistical reports such as employee commission reports and transaction reports.
Bee Rem software interface

Bee Rem software interface


The OpenLand real-estate management system is considered an effective technology solution in this field. OpenLand provides specific support tools for storing and retrieving data related to real estate transactions and contracts. This property management software is equipped with outstanding features such as:

  • Allow information connection among departments in the business to improve work efficiency;
  • Manage debts with customers and partners;
  • Support to calculate salary, bonus, and commission ;
  • Allow use in parallel multiple devices through the Microsoft.Net platform.
OpenLand Software


CRM.RNET.VN software allows real estate investors to perform management activities and control information as well as cash flow effectively. In addition, this software supports businesses to track, manage, and classify customers based on different criteria. Here are some highly appreciated features of CRM.RNET.VN:

  • Get access from anywhere through the web platform;
  • Be suitable for small and medium real estate brokerage companies;
  • Effectively manage and grant access to employees;
  • Support the calculation of income and expenditure accounts to control cash flow.
CRM.RNET.VN application

CRM.RNET.VN application for real estate management


Vtranet software is mainly used to optimize all property management activities. This software allows users to extract data and sales information into Excel and Word files. Here are some outstanding features of Vtranet:

  • Effectively manage customer data and track projects;
  • Provide a simple and easy-to-use interface;
  • Ensure information security thanks to the decentralized structure for specific users;
  • Provide accurate statistics and invoice extraction in real-time;
  • Assist in assigning and handing over tasks to employees to ensure good work progress.
 Vtranet interface

Vtranet interface


Facework property management software improves management efficiency for managers throughout the working process thanks to the following features:

  • Manage customer information in detail;
  • Capture and meet the needs of customer segments in terms of buying or renting real estate such as apartments, land, etc;
  • Store of documents related to customers or products;
  • Provide statistics and monthly reporting;
  • Build effective promotions for loyal customers;
  • Easily control and manage employee work progress.
 Facework application

Facework application


CitySoft is highly appreciated in the management and storage of information related to real estate buying and selling activities. Specialized features are integrated with CitySoft such as:
Synthesize project planning maps, dimensions, subdivision diagrams, etc.

  • Continuously update transaction status and exchange with customers in real-time;
  • Manage in detail customer data along with calculation and management of customer public debts;
  • Support management and decentralization of employees in each department to improve work efficiency;
  • Support the calculation of income and expenditure.
CitySoft application

CitySoft application


Vinno is one of the applications to manage real estate business with high security. This property management software allows managers to manage customer data, transaction information, etc. Vinno owns outstanding features such as:

  • Ensure effective information security thanks to the decentralized function that prevents cybercrime;
  • Accurately manage customer data, project, and product;
  • Report and check the completion of work of each department in the company;
  • Easily look up Information at any time thanks to the automatic information-saving feature;
  • Support to calculate the income, expenditure, and public debt of customers;
  • Provide high-security thanks to the decentralized function to prevent copying or stealing information;
  • Continuously update information related to contracts, validation, costs, etc.
Vinno Software

SlimCRM of Vinno Software


REESOFT the real estate software uses artificial intelligence technology to analyze factors related to the real estate sector, thereby setting an appropriate price. In particular, this management system is capable of accurately valuing real estate. Moreover, REESOFT is integrated with many other outstanding features such as:

  • Support to extract data to Excel file;
  • Smartly manage shopping carts for searching and querying information;
  • Effectively manage transaction customer data;
  • Provide statistics in the form of charts about each employee's work level to track the work progress;
  • Quickly review information about each property on the planning map;
  • Measure the area as well as locate the exact location of the property on the map.
The Interface of Reesoft software

The Interface of Reesoft software

Hopefully, the above article will help you choose the most effective property management softwares for your business. Contact Viindoo for more advice and quick support on selecting Business Management software.

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TOP 10+ effective and best property management softwares
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