What is ERP Software? ERP solution for business management and operations

ERP Software is a management solution of major concern to the business community. Regarding this management solution, there are questions to be answered in relations to its features and notices when applying it. Let’s find out more about this in the following article with Viindoo!

What is ERP software?

Before addressing the definition of ERP software, we should be aware of the definition of each initial in the term “ERP”. To be more specific:

  • Enterprise: This refers to the business itself - the entity that will use different software and applications to exploit its resources.
  • Resource: This refers to resources within the enterprise. A resource is an asset within or related to the company, which may be available or created on a daily basis through production activities. Human resources such as employees or managers are also important resources of an enterprise.
  • Planning: This refers to the process by which departments exchange and deal with daily tasks. This process can be simple or complex, but it will either way affect the entire operation of the company.

ERP is the process of resource planning for businesses. This is a model of applying information technology in the process of managing business activities, collecting, storing and interpreting data. ERP system integrates many tools into a single application such as product planning, accounting and finance, marketing and sales, inventory management, etc.

what is ERP software

ERP is an enterprise resource planning process.

All in all, it can be said that ERP management software is a system integrated by multiple applications, aiming at supporting employees and managers to develop a standard process for interacting on the basis of enterprise resources. As a result, enterprise resources are managed comprehensively. A solid resource system will be the launching pad to increase the synergy of the business.

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Features of ERP business management software

To be able to distinguish ERP software from other enterprise management solutions, we can consider 4 main characteristics as follows:

  1. ERP is an integrated enterprise resource management system. All members of the company, from managers to employees from different departments are strung together into a professional and orderly operation process.
  2. ERP is just a supporting software, not a function like an automatic production line. ERP is also not able to replace human power.
  3.  ERP is a system of managing activities according to clear and orderly rules and plans. Specific employee duties should be defined from the outset with consistent rules. Business plans need to be made clearly, sequentially on a daily/monthly/yearly basis.
  4. ERP is a support system that links departments together to work asynchronously and effectively. Each department must connect with other departments rather than operate independently.

Why should businesses apply ERP solutions?

ERP is an outstanding business management solution. ERP implementation helps to support workflow management on a single platform. As a result, enterprises can own and operate on a single database. By applying ERP, businesses now reach a turning point of "data mining", which is an indispensable process for analyzing data from multiple perspectives, hence enabling businesses to make quick and accurate business decisions.

ERP solution helps businesses control financial information

Under normal circumstances, the financial data of a business will be gathered from different departments. Therefore, these figures will have a certain level of difference. On the other hand, ERP software solutions will centralize all financial information of the business in a single version across all departments.

ERP supports effective financial information management

ERP supports effective financial information management.

Financial information, when gathered on one platform, will be automatically calculated and displayed in a unified and synchronous manner. This acts as a “barrier” in the company to avoid corporate fraud, unethical and deceptive actions in the company's finances.

At the same time, thanks to the support of ERP management software, businesses, especially large enterprises with complex structures, do not need to wait until the end of the business cycle to aggregate data. Whenever necessary, businesses can extract financial statements accurately and quickly thanks to the data collected in the software.

ERP solutions to increase workflow speed

The larger the business, the more complex the work processes. Workflow speed in the enterprise depends on two main factors: Whether the data receiving address is determined correctly and whether the data transfer process encounters any difficulties or obstacles.


ERP speeds up job processing

One universal truth acknowledged across the business community is that the speed of transferring electronic documents to an employee is faster than transferring paper documents. Plus, in the case of transporting goods from the warehouse to the address of the business premises, the decisions synchronized on the ERP software will reach the responsible person very quickly. By solving obstacles and eliminating geographical distances, ERP business management software is the solution to help shorten the workflow.

ERP solution minimizes the shortcomings when many people enter the same data at the same time

Enterprises are often troubled by data confusion when going through different departments. These errors can affect the work progress in the entire business process. At the same time, confusion can worsen the image of the business, reduce transparency, and cause internal disunity among employees.


ERP eliminates data confusion

Thanks to ERP solutions for businesses, data only needs entering from one person first and then stored synchronously on the system. This helps everyone in the business have access to the original data instead of a duplicate.

ERP solution to support the control of employee working process

ERP helps businesses centralize databases and organize business processes into one fixed flow. This makes it easier for businesses to apply internal control mechanisms. The Audit track function integrated in the software allows businesses to quickly find the source of the entries to be checked and the employees involved.


ERP controls employees’ activities

Another benefit of an ERP solution is the optimization of how each employee's work is monitored. Administrators can easily capture all employee work results through a unified interface of ERP.

Some advanced ERP business management software has the function of automatically dividing employees' work based on their strengths through data analysis. As a result, managers can save time in this process.

ERP solutions help businesses create internal social networks

ERP software will often integrate communication between users in an internal system. Employees can chat privately or update their personal status like a real social network.


ERP creates intranet in the enterprise

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Vietnamese ERP software or a foreign one?

Foreign ERP software

These are software provided by overseas developers. Some outstanding foreign ERP applications are: SAP, Oracl, etc.


  • Advanced technologies
  • Experienced consultants
  • Highly standardized process


  • High utility cost
  • Limited customization
  • Low compatibility with accounting standards in Vietnam (as these applications are developed in foreign countries)

Vietnamese ERP software

Vietnamese ERP software is developed by domestic technology companies.


  • Compliance with domestic accounting standards and quick update according to state regulations (as these applications are developed in Vietnam)
  • Reasonable cost for domestic enterprises
  • Ability to customize according to the requirements of each business.


  • Unstandardized process when compared to those of foreign ERP software
  • Difficulty to meet systems with systems that are too large, cumbersome and complex

Currently, the domestic ERP software market is developing. Domestic software is constantly being improved and developed to meet the needs of businesses and overcome shortcomings. Therefore, businesses should choose domestic ERP software to be most compatible with the rules and standards in Vietnam.

ERP software for business management Viindoo was developed in Vietnam. The software was developed by a staff of over 10 years of experience and will bring you the best all-in-one management solution.

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Viindoo ERP business management software

Viindoo ERP business management software is a comprehensive business management solution developed on a cloud computing platform. This software is the optimal choice for enterprise resource management, especially for small and medium-sized companies. Viindoo has provided management solutions for many leading enterprises such as NISSAN, MEGAP group, etc. so you can be assured of our software quality.


Viindoo's ERP software

Viindoo's ERP software has many advantages. Specifically:

  • Streamlined processes, even with the most complex, and optimized performance
  • Digitized and unified management of all business processes
  • Capability to meet the needs of business, from basic to specific
  • Unlimited integration with other software in the enterprise.

Features of Viindoo's ERP software for business

Point of Sale ERP software

This is a part of Viindoo's ERP management solution to help businesses increase sales effectively. ERP sales software supports businesses to manage products in a scientific way. With this feature, even though businesses have hundreds of thousands of products with different sizes and colors, administrators can easily grasp the company's situation.

This software can also support managers to plan pricing strategies with the multi-price list feature. Quotations can also be sent quickly, the sales speed of the business is also increased thanks to the software. Customers can, through the shopping experience software, see live quotes. At the same time, customers can also have faster access to promotional information integrated on the software.

ERP sales software

ERP sales software

Viindoo Sales also supports businesses to effectively manage their sales teams by managing sales teams and access rights to customer information, promoting collaboration right on the software, and following up every step of the sales progress. The software also supports creating visual reports, helping administrators make timely and accurate decisions.

Production management ERP software

Viindoo's ERP production management software is a flexible platform that allows integration with many peripheral devices such as machines, equipment, etc. in the factory. Thanks to this software, you can completely build a scientific production process associated with the specific resources of your business.


Viindoo's ERP production management software

This software has the ability to support administrators in planning and monitoring production activities of enterprises. With the use of Viindoo's software, inventory management is no longer a big problem. The application also supports creating flexible, multi-dimensional reports. Based on that, managers will have the basis to make the most accurate production decisions.

ERP software for human resource management

Human resources are always an important resource of an enterprise. Viindoo's ERP human resource management software is a great solution to contribute to enriching that resource. The software helps businesses create a professional recruitment website, screen and evaluate candidates, and customize the recruitment process to suit each organization.


Human resource management by ERP system

This software supports the human resources department in tracking all employee information in the company such as labor contracts, managing work allocation, working time, etc. Not only that, the software can also support businesses in training, developing human resources or managing salary and benefits.

ERP warehouse management software

Warehouse is the most important and complex part of business administration. ERP inventory management supports businesses to manage the information of goods in the warehouse in a scientific and effective way. All information about goods is linked together, classified clearly and specifically.


ERP warehouse management software

The origin of goods in the warehouse is also strictly controlled. All movements related to goods are fully and accurately recorded. Other warehouse operations are also optimized by using this software.

ERP accounting software

Viindoo's accounting ERP software is the optimal solution to support the management of financial resources of enterprises. This software can automate all the accounting activities of the business. As a result, possible errors such as manual calculations are reduced. The accounting figures are controlled thoroughly, helping the administrator to have an overall view of the financial picture of the business.

Viindoo’s ERP accounting software

Viindoo’s ERP accounting software

The software complies with accounting standards in Vietnam, as it is updated regularly with new regulations of the State. Multidimensional financial reports are easily extracted anytime, anywhere. As a result, managers will have more information about financial fluctuations in different accounting periods and make reasonable plans about financial resources in the company.

Project management ERP software

This is a bridge software to link different functions of the business, helping departments and employees work together to achieve the best efficiency. The project management module of ERP software will take care of the following functions: planning, organizing resource allocation, monitoring implementation progress, summarizing results and budgeting statistics.

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ERP purchasing software

This software module is the first step in the process of converting capital from money to goods, and is one of the core modules of ERP software. There’s a number of features, including creating and approving purchase offers, printing invoices, tracking purchase progress, exchanging, etc.

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Customer relationship management software 

As the name suggests, this software helps businesses effectively and closely manage all customer-related data at every stage. When combined with other software in ERP, CRM provides the most comprehensive view of the customer profile. The reporting system of the CRM module can help managers recognize and handle customer retention rate problems, assess customer trends and habits, analyze business opportunities, and source customers. products, sales performance, etc.

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Who is VIINDOO's ERP software suitable for?

Manufacturing Enterprise

Viindoo's ERP software is a solution to support enterprises in comprehensive management of production activities. This allows businesses to solve problems frequently encountered in the production process.

With this software, the comparison between the plan and the production implementation is no longer a big worry. The production progress of each stage is also effectively managed. The materials and goods in the warehouse are strictly controlled, preventing losses during production and transportation. Cost planning and human resource management also become easier.

Commercial Enterprise

Viindoo's ERP production management software is a flexible platform that allows integration with many peripheral devices such as machines, equipment, etc. in the factory. Thanks to this software, you can completely build a scientific production process associated with the specific resources of your business.

This software solves many worries of businesses. For example, software that helps businesses streamline customer care processes. Measuring and controlling service quality is no longer a difficult problem. Promotions, incentives, gifts, etc. are also reasonably managed. Viindoo ERP management software is the key to solving the difficult problem of improving service quality, retaining employees, and so on.

Instructions for using Viindoo's ERP business software

Viindoo has outlined in detail how to utilize its ERP company management software HERE for the simplicity and optimization of the user experience. In addition, Viindoo's support team is always available and ready to support you 24/7 during use.

Besides, Viindoo provides extremely effective ERP implementation and consultancy services for enterprises in their specific needs.

Notes when implementing ERP for small and medium enterprises

Small and medium businesses need to keep a few things in mind when implementing ERP. Specifically:

a. You need to plan to account for costs, resources and time before deploying the software

Small and medium enterprises need to plan carefully, effectively in terms of cost, resources or time before implementing ERP. The reason is due to:

ERP needs a lot of money to implement

According to Panorama's ERP Report 2022, a mid-sized enterprise that wants to implement ERP needs to cost an average of $150,000 to $750,000. This cost is not fixed, and varies depending on many factors such as business size, type of solution, additional resources, etc.

With that cost, you will own a comprehensive ERP solution package including many modules. However, most companies do not use all of those modules. ERP also does not allow users to separate each application to serve different work stages in the enterprise.

ERP takes a long time to deploy

Also according to Panorama's ERP Report 2022, an ERP system takes from 2 to 5 years to successfully deploy. The time required is quite large, due to many reasons such as: before being put into use, enterprises need to test and improve many times, or businesses need time to equip network infrastructure to meet the implementation, or employees also need time to adapt to the new system, etc.

A long deployment time can lead to the system being outdated and no longer suitable for businesses at the present time. Moreover, the extended time also causes businesses to spend more or even waste resources.

b. You need to be careful with the potential risks of ERP

No one denies that ERP plays a big role to increase work accuracy, helping businesses maximize work processes. However, the use of ERP also has many technical risks. For example, when using, if just one stage of any risk arises, the following stages will be affected and stalled.

Another risk is that when an enterprise applies a non-standardized process to an overall system, it will cause a large loss to the enterprise if used for a long time.

The cause of these risks is that in an ERP management software, there are many modules such as financial accounting, planning, production, warehouse, etc.. These modules all use the same data stream. As a result, even a small change will affect the entire system. Even a small mistake can cause a big mistake on the ERP system.

c. You need to prepare plans to change and upgrade ERP in the future

Before starting to build an ERP system, businesses need to prepare plans for future upgrades. The reason comes from ERP is almost a "fixed" system. Changing or upgrading the system after being put into use should be limited. To be more specific:

  • Changing ERP after use will take time. The cost of change can be comparable to that of building a new system.
  • Once not well researched, changes introduced into the system can create conflicts with the rest of the software. This will create errors or worse, cripple the entire system.
  • After the ERP system has been put into operation, once there is a change, it will disrupt the work process of the entire enterprise because the system is paused.

However, in some cases, businesses are required to change and upgrade software to meet some work requirements. For example:

  • When the current ERP system does not meet the needs of enterprises.
  • When existing businesses have new changes to develop such as: expansion, merger, increase in business products, etc.

In this case, businesses can use both old and new ERP systems together with supporting software instead of making changes directly on the system. This will help businesses save time, costs and reduce risks.

Small and medium enterprises need to pay attention to many things before building an ERP system

Small and medium enterprises need to pay attention to many things before building an ERP system

ERP software is the optimal solution for resource management in enterprises. Despite certain limitations, the role of software for businesses today is undisputed. Hopefully, the sharing of Viindoo in the above article will help you have an overview of ERP and build the right system for your business.

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What is ERP Software? ERP solution for business management and operations
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