Building set of business management processes simply and effectively

Currently, the establishment of a set of business management processes helps to optimize the organization's operation as well as increase its competitiveness in the market. With this article, Viindoo will introduce to you the concept, role and how to build the most standard set of business management processes.

1. What is a set of business management processes?

Set of business management processes includes all activities in the process of operating and managing the business carried out by individuals, groups and related departments at the enterprise. Building a set of processes and implementing them properly will help businesses develop sustainably and achieve many successes.

Usually, the management department will be the ones responsible for researching and developing a set of management processes for the business.

set of business management processesBusiness process set concept

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2. Why do businesses need to build a management process?

Set of business management processes suite plays an important role in the business with specific roles such as:

  • Allows employees to understand the type of work and the order in which it needs to be done, thereby contributing to making all activities at the enterprise run more smoothly and smoothly.
  • Clearly divide tasks for each employee to help them take responsibility for their own work
  • The clearly established process helps the activities in the business run more smoothly and efficiently. For example, thanks to the customer care process, employees will take care of customers more closely and with more dedication. Thereby, the rate of customers returning to purchase will be increased.
  • Businesses operate smoothly and rhythmically, thereby significantly improving competitive advantages over competitors.
business process suiteBuilding a management process is essential for every business

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3. How to build an effective set of business management processes

Here are 4 specific steps to design a set of business management process. Please continue to follow this article for more details.

3.1 Phase 1: Design

This is considered the most fundamental and important stage in the process of designing a set of management processes in an enterprise. The steps in this stage are done in detail, the later stages will be much simpler. In this phase includes 5 main steps.

3.1.1 Step 1: Determine the need, purpose and scope of the process

To establish a standard and highly effective process, businesses need to identify the following factors:

  • Needs when building processes
  • Scope of application of the process
  • The ultimate goal when building a process

This is to ensure that the process is designed to meet the specific needs and goals of the business. From there, this step will help save time, effort and resources for businesses because they do not have to create many unnecessary processes or do not match actual requirements.

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3.1.2 Step 2: Standardize the process with specific descriptions

In order for the processes to be easily applied in practice, businesses need to standardize the process with specific and accurate descriptions. Standardizing processes into descriptions increases efficiency and synchronization, reduces errors, and eases process control. As a result, employees in the enterprise can easily monitor and apply accurately.

The formula for building a description is the 5W2H principle. In there:


  • Why: Clearly define goals and job requirements
  • What: Clearly define the job content
  • Who, When, Where: Determine the time, place and personnel to work


  • How: Determine the method of doing the work
  • How much: Cost and resources to do the job


  • Man: Determining the quality and capacity of human resources
  • Money: How much is the budget for implementation?
  • Material: Defines the supply system and standards of materials
  • Machine: Define the standard of technology and machines
  • Method: Which method is the most effective?

3.1.3 Step 3: Categorize participants

Enterprises need to classify the objects that will participate and implement the process into 3 groups as follows:

  • Supervisor: Monitor, supervise and urge the implementation process as well as take responsibility for the completion results of the performer.
  • Executors: These are the employees who directly receive and complete the tasks based on the set standards.
  • Supporters: These are people who use their personal experience and abilities to help the main performer get the job done.

Thus, each individual participating in the process knows his specific roles and responsibilities, limiting the responsibility and work gaps in the process.

3.1.4 Step 4: Process monitoring

Businesses need to determine how to monitor the process so that it can be easily tracked, evaluated and made appropriate improvements when applying the process. At this step, businesses need to know:

  • Work is measured in what units, tools and instruments?
  • Number of control points and critical control points? What points are those?
  • How many test steps are there? What are those steps?
  • How long does it take to test?
  • Who performs the test?

3.1.5 Step 5: Completing the business management process document

To help employees receive the process in a standard and consistent way, the administrator should attach detailed instructions in the form of a form.
set of business management processesDesign of operating procedures

3.2 Stage 2: Modeling

The content in the design phase is often strongly theoretical. At this step, those theories will be illustrated through pictures, diagrams, models, etc. The main purpose of performing this process modeling is:

  • Re-evaluate the entire process, including the quality of products and services sold.
  • Re-engineer the process through reference and find issues that need removal or addition.
  • Distributing process documents to employees so they understand how the business works
business management processModeling the management process

3.3 Phase 3: Deployment

Managers start implementing a set of management processes in practice in two ways:

  • Use papers.
  • Application of technology software

Currently, with the explosion of technology 4.0, the application of papers and books to the business management process is gradually becoming obsolete. Therefore, many businesses buy and deploy management software such as business management documents 4.0, human resources software, business administration software, ...

set of business management processesImplement the whole process

3.4 Stage 4: Evaluation and Adjustment

Evaluation and adjustment is the final stage, decisive to the success or failure of the whole set of business management processes. Through the closest records and assessments, the administrator will be able to see what are the remaining problems to promptly review, adjust, or make improvements more suitable to the situation. reality.

Evaluate and adjust the process with the purpose to minimize errors when implementing and increase the final business efficiency at the enterprise. It should be noted that the assessment is necessarily carried out on a regular basis because of the continuity of the chain of activities at the enterprise.

set of business management processesEvaluate the effectiveness of the implementation of the corporate governance process

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4. Effective business management with Viindoo Solutions

In today's technology era, the application of technology software to business management is a very worthwhile thing to do. To help businesses manage processes effectively, Viindoo Solutions has launched effective business process management solutions, including features such as automation of business activities in the enterprise, management remote management, automated reporting and more. With Viindoo Solutions, process management becomes much simpler, easier and faster, thereby increasing productivity and reducing costs.

Some of the applications that help businesses manage processes in Viindoo Solutions include:

  • Viindoo HRM - Human Resource Management Software
  • Viindoo Accounting - Business Accounting Software
  • Viindoo E-Office - Electronic office system
  • Viindoo MRP - Integrated production management software
  • Viindoo SCM - Supply Chain Management Software
  • ...

Through the article on how to build a set of business management processes, Viindoo hopes that we have provided your business with useful and practical information. If your business wants to apply a set of management solutions, please contact Viindoo immediately for advice!

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Building set of business management processes simply and effectively
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