Top 9+ best office management software

Office management software was born to optimize and completely overcome the disadvantages of traditional business management methods. Refer to this article of Viindoo Enterprise management software to find the solution for effective office management!

What is office management software?

Office management application is an easy-to-use and effective software that assists agencies and businesses manage company and employee's workload in particular.

Currently, office management system has become the trend of the digital era. When using this system, businesses can minimize the amount of records and hard copies in the office, and the costs for purchasing stationery and other operating costs also.

office management software

Businesses can manage remote work easily.

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Benefits of office management system

As many businesses choose to use office management system, what benefits do they gain? Find out with us in the content below.

Increase work efficiency

All employees' work, including the smallest tasks such as managing incoming documents, outgoing documents or archiving documents, etc are performed entirely on the company system. Therefore, the office management application helps businesses allocate the workload reasonably and accurately.

Through the software, both leaders and employees can easily search and access information anytime, anywhere to manage and track work progress, regardless of time or location, thereby improving working efficiency.

Office management software helps businesses improve work efficiency

Office management helps businesses improve work efficiency.

Secure data storage

Office management supports safe and secure storage of documents, records, paperworks, etc of the business on a unified database system.

Only users who are granted access rights are allowed to use, access and manage documents, thereby minimizing the occurrence of data leaks at the business.

Secure data storage

Businesses archive data safely and securely

Optimize time & cost

When businesses choose to use electronic office software (E-office), the database will be stored centrally on the system, thereby saving time and effort for data search.

At the same time, businesses can easily track archived records over the years and in each period, thereby reducing the cost of printing unnecessary documents and paperworks.

Optimize time & cost

Office management application helps businesses save maximum time and costs.

Integrate other office utilities

Nowadays, office management software systems are often integrated with many outstanding features to maximize the work of organizations and businesses, such as:

  • Exchanging information quickly through discussion, sending messages or announcements.
  • Managing personal timetable or evaluating and summarizing the performance of tasks to determine a new plan more clearly.
Office management software

Office management system is now always integrated with many utilities.

Top 9+ best office management application

What are the most effective and trusted management software nowadays? Let's find out the basic information about the top 9+ office management software in the table below.

Support business to control, categorize documentsSupport information confidentialIntegrate with other features 

Viindoo E-Office Free demo upto 15 days
Charge $8/user/month 
TrelloCharge $9.800/user/1 month
Microsoft OfficeFree some features
Charge for more premium features
CloudOfficeCharge and contact for pricing
MyXTeamCharge $60/month for VIP2
FaceWorksCharge and contact for pricing
SmartOffice XpCharge $100/month for 1 standard package
SinnovaCharge $7.6/user/1 month for business package
OrientsoftCharge and contact for pricing.

Viindoo E-Office - Electronic office management software

Viindoo E-Office is an electronic office management system that helps businesses digitally transform their management and operation activities, and build a professional demeanor in front of customers and partners. Moreover, this digital transformation platform also assists to form a corporate culture of initiative, responsibility and solidarity for each member in that organization.

Viindoo E-Office 4.0 electronic office system has a number of outstanding features such as:

  • Record, archive and manage notifications, emails, business messages... on the specific business platform.
  • Create personal notes, task reminders anytime, anywhere through the note book set up online on the software easily.
  • Receive appointment notification thanks to Viindoo E-Office's integration with Outliook, Google, Calendar, and Zoom even if users are not logged in on the system.
  • Organize all the reports and visually displayed on the same interface.
  • Manage all HR data from contacts, working time to skills, expertise as well as employee training and development when choosing Viindoo's software.
  • Detect of bottlenecks timely thanks to accurate progress tracking of plans and projects on Viindoo E-Office.
  • Integrate with other applications easily in Viindoo Business Administration Software, comprehensively manage businesses on a single system.
Office management software Viindoo E-Office
Viindoo E-Office is an office management application that integrates many smart features​.

Ready to experience the excellence?

Viindoo E-Office - Remote control your paperless office in only one system. Any distance, any devices. Master the workflow and data, optimize your business performance.

Try it for free with unlimited features.

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With the fee of $8/user/month, your business can utilize all the outstanding features of Viindoo. This is definitely a very reasonable price for a quality software like Viindoo E-Office.

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As a professional teamwork software, when choosing to use Trello, users will realize that managing and dividing the group's work has never been so easy and simple.

Trello will assist business share all related documents and decentralize access according to the level of authority or with assigned members. As a result, team members will be able to easily collect information, and managers will be completely assured of security.

Some extraordinary benefits of Trello document management software include:

  • Trello supports a free version for users, few features but very suitable for small and medium-sized business.
  • Trello's synchronization is very high and can be compatible with a wide range of peripheral devices.
  • Trello support and archive variety of documents, whether short clips, text files or image files.
office management software Trello

Trello is currently an effective teamwork management software.

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Microsoft Office

Microsoft Office is one of the effective and popular office management application currently. With this software, users can create professional and eyes-catching resumes, documents, and PowerPoint templates to serve their work. Besides, “Microsoft Office” office software management has some superb utilities such as:

  • Sign in and access from anywhere: Whether at work or outside the workplace , users can create their products on the browser for the computer.
  • Work together and exchange information: As long as you have an internet connection, users from all over the world can easily share documents and work together.
office management software Microsoft Office

Microsoft Office is familiar and effective office software management.

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Cloudoffice is software that was born with the aim of supporting organizations and businesses in managing documents, paperworks, etc. to run their work in the most effective way.

Cloudoffice software has several main modules such as documents, projects, administration and other personal features. In particular, in each module, businesses will be provided with a separate set of corresponding management tools.

Using Cloudoffice in management, businesses will get many features such as:

  • Work on multiple platforms, from Android, iOS, Windows or macOS.
  • Support the management of all office operations with an interface and design that is suitable for many types of work.
office management software Cloudoffice

Cloudoffice software

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Built on the basis of 3 factors: Social, Cloud and Mobile, MyXTEAM is the platform that businesses can effectively manage work. For MyXTEAM, all employees and members have the right to give opinions, exchange and discuss with each other to reach a consensus.

MyXTEAM software currently has many outstanding functions as follows:

  • High security because the archived data is completely encrypted on Microsoft technology.
  • Divided workload and tasks for each team member can be eassily created by a table according to each peson's strengths.
  • The in-depth reporting and aggregation system is constantly classified by project with each specific target group.
office management software MyXTEAM



Built on cloud computing, Faceworks is web-based office management software with different management packages.

When choosing to use Faceworks software, organizations and businesses will get:

  • Maximum diversity of activities and flexibility on web platforms.
  • Services packages can be customed to the needs of business in different fields.
  • Confidentiality and safety are always closely committed and reputable.
office management software Faceworks

Faceworks software has many exceptional services.

SmartOffice Xp

Since 2005, SmartOffice Xp has been developed by OrientSoft with the goal of digitizing all work records, documents and data of agencies and businesses.

SmartOffice Xp software has many superb functional modules such as:

  • Managing work records as well as work schedules of leaders and documents of agencies.
  • Sharing data information and exchanging messages between individuals.
  • Looking up, searching and easily use sent documents, received paperworks and work records on the system.
office management software SmartOffice Xp

Office software SmartOffice Xp is currently being widely used.


SINNOVA is a software that supports office management, process management, projects, jobs, personnel, documents,... In addition, the software also owns a nice interface, easy to use with many advanced management features.

Some outstanding features of SINNOVA software can be mentioned as:

  • Allow users to collaborate and interact with each other globally.
  • Remind planning, reporting, working due day automatically.
  • Set up each operation in separate fields with detailed and precise processing.
office management software SINNOVA-OFFICE

SINNOVA-OFFICE is a office management application with many outstanding features.


Built from Microsoft's Webbase (ASP.Net, MVC), OrientSoft is an extremely reputable and effective electronic office software. With OrientSoft's solution model, when connected to the Internet, users will be able to easily access the system on a variety of devices for word processing and division of work anytime.

OrientSoft has some prominent features such as:

  • OrientSoft software interface is simple and easy to use.
  • OrientSoft is capable of sharing data between individuals.
  • OrientSoft has the optimal exploitation of the unit's common data.
  • OrientSoft reports statistically all dispatch books, incoming and outgoing documents, etc.
OrientSoft office management softwareOrientSoft is a free office management system

Above are the 9 best office management software that Viindoo has synthesized. Hopefully this article will help agencies and businesses find out the most suitable software to apply. In case you have any questions about the management solution, businesses can immediately contact us via hotline 0225 730 9838 for the earliest answers.

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Top 9+ best office management software
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