5 effective time management apps and timetable app

Time management apps help organize and optimize the use of time at work. Refer to the article below of Viindoo enterprise management software to take a look at these useful time management apps!

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Viindoo Calendar Time Management Application

Time Management App - Viindoo Calendar is considered one of the most effective time management software available on computers and mobiles. The app has high ratings with outstanding features that can help users schedule, control, and quickly organize dense workloads. 

In addition, users can actively access the application on their mobiles with a simple interface design. The software also supports setting deadlines to remind employees to perform the work on schedule. 

Outstanding features of Viindoo time management and reminder software: 

  • Manage time, arrange schedules and track online calendar anytime, anywhere, on any device of PCs, laptops, smartphones, tablets, etc. 
  • Synchronize Google Calendar, Zoom, Outlook, even vacation schedules, employee sick leave, etc. Track all scheduled appointments by day, month, and year. 
  • Schedule detailed time, duration of each meeting and its location, participants, related documents, etc. Easily set a fixed recurring schedule by day/week/phase. 
  • Provide tools for searching, filtering, grouping appointments, and meetings by participant, location, host, etc. 
  • Send reminder notifications to all attendees, ensuring not to miss any schedules.
Viindoo Calendar Time management application
Viindoo Calendar Time management application is extremely effective

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Todolist time management application

Todolist is a timetable and task management app on computers and mobiles. This software supports users and businesses to set up to-do lists, manage time and control the to-dos of the day. Some other features of Todolist include:

  • Support users to plan detailed work
  • Track and update work progress effectively
  • Remind users when the work is due
  • Provide indicators of the detailed report to assess productivity and record work achievements
  • Quick access on both phones and computers
Todolist time management applicationTodolist supports organizing tasks in prioritization of importance

RescueTime time management application

RescueTime is among the highly-rated effective time management apps that help employees and businesses manage dense workloads. In addition, employees can proactively schedule work to match their plans and set reminders to ensure work is completed on time.

Software features include:

  • Allow setting time spent on multiple websites 
  • Provide accurate reports as well as quickly assess the level of work completion
  • Help users to perform tasks on time and save time.
RescueTime application helps to use time statisticsRescueTime application helps to use time statistics

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Trello desktop time management application

Trello is scientific, flexible time management and teamwork software. With Trello, tasks are illustrated and arranged like notes on a board. With these "notes", employees can write notes, attach work files, create daily checklists, etc, and share with project members.

The benefits users get from using Trello:

  • Easily customize the interface as you like
  • Organize the tasks in the project in a single application screen
Trello time management applicationTrello software is available for free on many platforms device platform

Google Calendar time management application

Google Calendar is easy to use with a friendly interface. The application supports employees to manage timetables in accordance with work schedules and share a standard management schedule with the team.

Some outstanding features of the software such as: 

  • User-friendly, simple interface 
  • Direct operation on the computer screen 
  • Frequent notices remind people of any schedules
Google Calendar helps manage time quickly
Google Calendar helps manage time quickly

Above is a summary of the most effective time management apps. Hopefully, readers and businesses can choose the right application for their needs. If customers need more advice on effective work management software and applications, please contact Viindoo via the hotline at 0225 730 9838! 

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5 effective time management apps and timetable app
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