17 Most Effective and Powerful Teamwork Software

Teamwork software is one of the effective supporting tools for effective team management in today's technology era. Thanks to that, managers can create plans and track the working status of employees. Right now, Viindoo software will introduce to you 17 effective software solutions in the following article.

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Mobile app availableWork planning featureAvailable OSFree/Paid
Windows, IOS, Android198,000 VND/1 month
Microsoft Teams
Windows, IOS, Android

Microsoft Teams Essentials: $4.00/user/month

Microsoft 365 Business Standard: $12.50/user/month


Free for some features

PREMIUM: $9.99/person/month

Enterprise: $17.50/user/month

Windows, Android, IOS

Premium: $10.99/month.

Business: $24.99/month.

Google Workspace

Windows, Android, IOSFree of charge

Pro: $6.67/month

Business+: $12.5/month

GitHubWindows, Mac, Linux$9/month/user
TickTickWindows, Android, IOS

Free to use limited features

Paid: $27.99/month


Windows, MacOS$99/month
GoToMeetingsIOS, Android$12/month
CoggleWindows, Android, IOS

There is a free version

Awesome package: $5/month

NextCloudWindows, Android, IOS240,000VND/month
MondayWindows, Android, IOS From $39/month
Dropbox BusinessAndroid, iOS, Windows, Linux, macOSStandard plan: $12.50/month
Draw.ioMicrosoft, Linux, Google ChromeFree of charge

Pro: 3$/month.

Business: 5$/month.

CalendarWindowsFree of charge

Viindoo Project

Viindoo Project is one of the most popular teamwork software available. Enterprises can plan projects and observe work results accurately with Viindoo Project. In addition, Team work management software Viindoo also supports the management and tracking of each activity’s progress. Managers can directly assign time, tasks and deadlines to their staff. 

Software to help observe work results

Software to help observe work results.

In addition to the above advantages, Viindoo Project also enables work process standardization. With this software, business owners can easily alter tasks with just a few click on the Kanban view. Thereby, each department will be able to observe the progress of other departments and coordinate better. Another advantage of Viindoo Project is email automation, with which emails will be sent out automatically to notify employees about any alteration. In addition, Viindoo also supports other features, including:

  • Viindoo Calendar: This feature helps businesses synchronize all their meetings or appointments in Google Calendar and Outlook on just one platform. Before the start of the meeting, the software will directly notify all employees even if they have not logged into the company's system.
  • Viindoo Note: Viindoo Note is for recording and organizing all the information of the business as they operates. With this module, departments can easily interact, view history and chat on one platform.
  • Business “Social Network”: At the chat box of the system, businesses will be provided with Notes and Messages features. Employees and customers can interact and exchange information.
Viindoo Project also supports work process standardization

Viindoo Project also supports work process standardization

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Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams is the top Microsoft Teamwork Software. On the software’s interface, businesses can initiate online meetings, and exchange information. In particular, the software has the outstanding feature of integrating many types of files from Word, Excel or OneNote. Here, employees can also create private chat rooms and customize tabs as desired. Some other benefits of Microsoft Teams are:

  • The software has multiple layers of security.
  • The software supports internal messaging for non-English speaking individuals.
  • Microsoft Teams supports 24 virtual assistants for users with different features.
  • Commands Slash acts as a virtual shortcut.
  • The software can be used for a variety of operating systems such as Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, and iOS.
Microsoft Teams supports 24 virtual assistants for users

Microsoft Teams supports 24 virtual assistants for users.

Businesses need to install Office 365 to be able to use Microsoft Teams. The software will give you a free trial of the features for 1 month. After that, the software supports $8.25/user/month for the regular plan. With the Premium Enterprise package, the company needs to pay $12.50/user/month.

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Trello is the most-used teamwork application many businesses today. The software supports performing online tasks and managing internal plans. Specifically, Trello has an Kanban interface placed on one “board” and arranged in lists. With just simple drag-and-drop actions, employees can use the software.

Besides, Trello also has many other options such as tagging, sharing links publicly or privately, and attaching files. Some other advantages of the application are:

  • Businesses can various templates to display the Kanban view.
  • The interface is simple and easy to operate.
  • The application is compatible with iOS and Android operating systems.
  • The system automatically builds Butlers and workflows.
  • Two-layer security system is available for both free and trial version.
Automated system for building Butlers and workflows

Automated system for building Butlers and workflows.

Teamwork software Trello will provide unlimited features like Kanban view for users. However, you need to upgrade to the premium plan if you want an extra level of security and premium features. On average, businesses need to pay $9.99/person per month for the Business Class package. The Enterprise plan will range from $5.92 to $20.83.

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Asana is considered Teamwork software that is integrated with advanced features. The application has an easy-to-use interface that includes task lists. The software integrates the timeline to track the progress of the project and calculate the workload of each individual. Thanks to that, businesses can observe the working process of the above employees on the software. Some other features of the software are:

  • Asana has the ability to integrate with applications such as Slack, Office 365, and Power BI.
  • The software supports multiple workspaces.
  • Asana can be used on both Android and iOS operating systems.
  • The software saves time and simplifies processes.
Software that supports multiple workspaces

Software that supports multiple workspaces.

When using the free version, businesses can only operate with up to 15 members. The paid version features a 30-day trial. If you want to upgrade to the Premium Plan, you have to pay $10.99/account per month. This package will provide more features for users.

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Google Workspace

The features of Google Workspace are no longer strange to users. This is one of the Free team work management software systems for businesses. In particular, Google Workspace integrates many features and experiences for office users. Specifically, some of the utilities of this software are:

  • Google Docs: This is considered the most popular editing, note-taking tool. With Google Docs, employees can comment, edit, share and add other members to work together.
  • Google Spreadsheets: This feature helps businesses share and edit document files. In particular, all corrections will be saved immediately after the operation is completed.
  • Google Hangouts: This is an application to support working from home for businesses. Google Hangouts helps employees create calls and messages quickly. The application also allows dividing the group into many different subgroups.
  • Google Drive: This feature works based on data storage in the cloud platform. As a result, users can quickly store text, images, or information from other applications such as Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides.
Google Workspace integrates many features and experiences

Google Workspace integrates many features and experiences.


Slack is a teamwork app that integrates many outstanding features. In this application, employees can create separate channels for a team or a project. Slack's interface includes many chat columns and sliders located on the left hand side.

When composing messages, users can add links, adjust blockquotes or share images. In particular, Slack supports video calls with audio and direct screen sharing during chat. Some of the features of the software are:

  • Slack supports versions for both mobile phones, desktops, and websites.
  • The application integrates features such as Gmail, Trello, Calendar, etc.
  • Users can pin or mark important messages to search when needed.
  • Slack has the ability to notify other users at the discretion of the account holder.
  • Slack records familiar user actions with Workflow.
  • Your account is absolutely secure with 2-factor authentication. At the same time, users can sign in once thanks to SAML (SSO).
Slack has a notification feature for users

Slack has a notification feature for users.

Businesses should choose paid options because the security and work support will be better. Pro and Business+ plans will range from $6.79 to $12.76/account per month.

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If your business is looking for an effective Teamwork software, Github is a good choice. The application provides code-based hosting services for programmers. In particular, GitHub supports departments to easily work and track work progress. As a result, managers can keep a close eye on the working process. In addition, users are allowed to invite Collaborators to work on the repository. Some other features of GitHub are:

  • Security and publicity are available.
  • Repository insights will be displayed based on trends and data.
  • The app includes many pages, landmarks, and wikis.
  • User security mode is available.
Github includes many pages, milestones and wikis

Github includes many pages, milestones and wikis.

Github will cost around $9 per user per month. Especially, the first 5 registered accounts only need to pay $25. Paid plans all ensure authenticity and integrate many other features such as group management, discussion and access role control.


TickTick is Teamwork App used by many businesses. With the application, users can create multiple projects and add or remove members to manage. The advantage of TickTick is the ability to divide tasks and mark priorities for each task. The software can also be used on Chrome, Windows, Firefox Extensions, Android and iOS operating systems. Some other outstanding features of TickTick are:

  • Widgets, Siri and Quick Ball are available for mobile phones.
  • Users can quickly change plans into tasks with a simple operation.
  • The application supports achievement scoring for work progress.
  • Users can monitor the processes through the statistics table.
  • The application sets the timer according to the Pomodoro method with a noise-canceling background.
Users quickly change plans with email

Users quickly change plans with email.

TickTick is a Free team work management software system. However, users can upgrade more features when purchasing the premium package, which is $27.99. With the paid version, the account will have additional schedules and unlimited task lists.


Basecamp is considered the most popular Teamwork software. Users can divide specific work for each plan or project. The application also supports message notifications and creates schedules to help users track work progress. Some other equally attractive features of Basecamp are:

  • Automated questioning feature is available.
  • Users can turn off notifications at will.
  • Dashboard shows activities between managers and employees.
  • The app is free to use but has limited features. Basecamp is suitable for students, or freelancers. In particular, users can create 3 projects with 1GB capacity at the same time for 20 other accounts.
Users can turn notifications on and off at will

Users can turn notifications on and off at will.

The software is free to use. However, businesses need to buy a premium package to own many other functions such as unlimited users, diverse templates. This plan costs $99 per month.


GoToMeetings support users to create online meetings with high quality audio. In particular, members only need to dial the number of the meeting to join. User can share screen during discussion. Some other advantages of GoToMeetings are:

  • The meeting is not limited to the time and the host.
  • The meeting join link is kept unchanged.
  • Multi-layered security accounts are available to ensure privacy. The application has been certified by SOC2 and SSL.
  • Users of both iOS and Android operating systems can join the meeting.
  • The app has a 14-day trial version.
Unlimited meeting time and host

Unlimited meeting time and host.

Businesses should opt for the Professional plan for $12 per month. This version will have many functions and limit participants to 150 people. However, businesses can use the $16-per-month plan to increase membership to 250. In addition, the application also supports recording, transcripts and integrates add-ons features.


When searching for a Teamwork App, businesses should not ignore Coggle. The application supports users to create mind maps with many branches and loops. Besides, Coggle also allows uploading external images to mind-maps. Some other outstanding advantages of the application are:

  • The software is simple to install and the user interface is easy to use.
  • The mind-maps are publicly formed and the number of images is limited.
  • User can view activity history.
  • Coggle supports converting to PDF or PNG.
  • Users can import or export mind-maps to text links.
The application has an easy-to-install interface

The application has an easy-to-install interface.

Coggle offers a free version with outstanding features such as free sharing and branching diagrams. Users are allowed to have 3 separate mind-maps with more than 1600 icons. However, Awesome plan would be a great choice for unlimited diagramming for only $5 per month.


App to organize work - Nextcloud is one of the Teamwork application on the phone that has many features. The platform has good data security thanks to private servers for each account. Users can track and manage most activities and schedules.

At the same time, NextCloud also supports sharing and editing documents easily. Businesses can create task and meeting cards with quality audio. Some other advantages of the app are:

  • The application is open source.
  • Eye-catching and easy-to-use interface.
  • The task is repeated as many times as desired by the user.
  • Account holders can renew the subscription via the app.
  • The application can be used on the web and mobile phones.
  • NextCloud offers full features at Cloud Hosting with VND 240,000 per month.
NextCloud offers full features at Cloud Hosting

NextCloud offers full features at Cloud Hosting.


Monday is a Teamwork software system integrated with task boards and messages. The interface of the application is very user-friendly. With Monday, account holders are provided with a variety of Templates to build a workflow.

Besides, the application allows tracking and setting tasks automatically. Members can easily exchange messages in the chat box. Some other advantages are:

  • The application integrates features for mobile phones.
  • Apps like GitHub, Gmail, or Slack are built right into the app.
  • High security capability with encryption code AES and TLS.
  • Pricing from $39 to $999 for an account per month.
This app allows trial for 14 days

This app allows trial for 14 days.

Dropbox Business

Dropbox Business is known for its huge file storage feature. Platforms including Google G Suite and Microsoft Office will integrate data at Dropbox. As a result, users can monitor and modify links. In addition, users are supported to monitor work and other users on the same file.

The application grants the right to restore and view history

The application grants the right to restore and view history.

Dropbox Business allows users to integrate other software like Zoom, Trello or Slack. The application works on phones and computers. Dropbox accounts are synced and absolutely secure thanks to SSL/TLS and 256-bit AES. Some other outstanding advantages of Dropbox are:

  • The application allows to use the trial version for 30 days.
  • Users can access, bookmark and create folders or files.
  • The application grants permission to restore and view history within 180 days.
  • The user has the right to edit the access user and the security period.
  • Delegating admin rights to manage groups of members and employees easily.
  • The application supports tracking the progress and results of the workgroup.
The application supports tracking progress and work results

The application supports tracking progress and work results.

When purchasing the Standard plan, it will cost users about $12.50 per month.


Free team work management software Draw.io is indispensable. The application has the ability to integrate with Dropbox, Trello, Github and Google Drive. As a result, users can freely synchronize and share data and information. In particular, the application provides teamwork features such as creating mind-maps, sharing and creating links for other members.

A special feature of Draw.io is a variety of diagrams such as flowcharts, infographics and spreadsheets. The application allows offline use by downloading available software. Users can download Draw.io at popular operating systems such as Microsoft, Linux and Google Chrome Extension. Some other outstanding advantages of the application are:

  • Optional interface more than 30 languages.Use
  • r-friendly interface.
  • Quick drag and drop feature.
  • Large number of templates for each account.
  • Free of charge.
The interface of the application is easy to use

The interface of the application is easy to use.


Calendar is a common application for Teamwork software. This is an application that helps businesses manage employee timetables and schedules. In addition, companies can track work schedules and allocate tasks appropriately for employees. Some other outstanding features of Calendar are:

  • The interface helps organize and create schedules quickly.
  • Users can easily view the calendar between days, weeks and months.
  • The application reminds and counts down the date of the meeting or event.
  • The application integrates with meetings at Gmail.
Meeting day reminder and countdown app

Meeting day reminder and countdown app.


Todoist is a teamwork app that helps ensure work progress. Thanks to that, members when downloading the application can exchange and discuss information easily. Some other outstanding features of Todoist are:

  • Users can view the tasks assigned by day.
  • The application allows members to combine and work together.
  • Users easily update tasks.
  • Data and information are fully synchronized.
  • Tasks and priorities will be clearly marked.
Application that allows members to combine and work

Application that allows members to combine and work.

Teamwork software support businesses to track the work progress of employees, helping to increase work efficiency and revenue for the company. Viindoo hopes the article will help businesses choose the most suitable task management software.

17 Most Effective and Powerful Teamwork Software
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