TOP best CRM customer care management software

In today's context, customer relationship management is an important key to helping businesses develop sustainably. CRM software was born to support effective customer management. This is administration software Supports businesses in monitoring, managing relationships, and taking care of customers. To learn more about customer care management software, please read the article below in detail. Besides,Viindoo has also compiled the TOP 10 customer relationship management software The best in 2024 for your business to refer to.

What is CRM software?

CRM software (short for Customer Relationship Management) is a solution for managing potential customers, managing and nurturing complex relationships, helping businesses retain customers better. How to choose the right CRM software is designed with basic features such as tracking, managing customer information, simplifying service provision and communication processes... bringing a perfect experience to customers from the first interaction. until closing the transaction and becoming a loyal customer.

More specifically when owning one CRM system, businesses can:

  • Simplify interaction with customers through many channels: Email, phone, social networks, live chat,...
  • Build close relationships with customers thanks to the ability to store information and preferences of each customer to provide personalized service
  • Track transactions from start to order/contract completion: Clearly see the sales process, what good points need to be promoted and what points need to be improved.
  • See a 360-degree overview of the customer touch points such as support requests, hotline calls, chat on the website platform,... to understand customer needs in real time.
  • Track sales goals and make data-driven decisions with powerful analytics
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Why do businesses need CRM customer management software?

The basic reasons explain why businesses need it Customer care management software CRM originates from the difficulties in managing sales, marketing and maintaining customer relationships that businesses encounter. Such as:

Lack of centralized management

Customer Information Management on different platforms like excel sheets, business cards, etc. can create distractions. This makes it impossible for businesses to capture all information about customers, including purchase history, preferences, needs... Therefore, customer care becomes ineffective and easy to miss. potential customers.

Difficulty in communication and collaboration between related departments

The marketing team focuses on attracting and converting leads, while the sales team focuses on closing deals and customer care. This difference in goals and missions can lead to misunderstandings and conflicts between the two departments. Especially when two departments work on different platforms, reducing business efficiency as well as wasting resources.

The process of monitoring and customer care is broken

When customer-related information is not stored and managed consistently, related departments cannot coordinate smoothly in customer care. This can cause a number of problems such as customers not feeling cared for and cared for, low lead conversion rates,...

Viindoo CRM software interface

Loss of customer data

When businesses do not apply customer management software (CRM), the risk of losing customer data increases significantly. Not having an effective organizational system leads to scattered and poorly managed customer information.

With the difficulties mentioned above, businesses can completely be solved when applying customer care and relationship management software. The benefits this solution brings include:

  • Manage all customer information on one platform, easily access and update customer information from anywhere.
  • Increase sales thanks to shortening sales and business cycles.
  • Track each opportunity and data related to potential customers through the sales channel.
  • Build and maintain effective workflows, ensure standards compliance and optimize sales team time.
  • Protect customer data at the provider's data center, ensuring safety through security mechanisms.
  • The ability to use the mobile app anytime, anywhere gives your team flexible access to CRM data.
  • Businesses can easily back up customer data to avoid data loss.

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Who uses customer relationship management software?

Before,CRM software usually considered just one sales support software. However, over time, CRM solutions have become effective and indispensable "assistants" for many different subjects in the business:


  • Provides an overview of company operations, from personnel tracking to departments.
  • Store and track detailed information and customer transaction history.
  • Support in building sales plans and marketing strategies based on collected data.

Marketing Department:

  • Analyze customer needs and behavior to build effective marketing/remarketing strategies.
  • Deploy multi-channel marketing on CRM platform to optimize interactions.
  • Evaluate marketing performance through CRM reports to balance and evaluate cost sources. 
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From management to human resources or any department, they need to use customer relationship management software

Customer care:

Customer care software will support businesses:

  • Collect and store customer information to understand customer interaction history with the business.
  • Group customers to reach and take care of them effectively.
  • Build a strategy to retain and convert potential customers into loyal customers.

Accounting department:

For the accounting department, customer management software will support:

  • Manage key metrics such as revenue, costs, and debt.
  • Track each project on the software to get an overview of revenue, expenses, and payment cycles.
  • Forward data from the sales department to support testing and reconciliation.

Human Resources Department:

Customer relationship management software supports human resources departments:

  • Store employee records in departments and manage information such as timekeeping, rewards, and organizational charts.
  • Manage human resource recruitment activities and candidate-related information.

Thus, CRM is not just a good sales toolcustomer management software but also a comprehensive assistant supporting every aspect of the business including partnership management, technical staff,...

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TOP 10 best customer care management software

Currently, there are many on the marketcustomer care software was born to meet the needs of businesses. Some outstanding software in Vietnam and around the world include: Viindoo CRM, CRM Insightly, Bravo CRM, Fastwork CRM+, CRM Misa, Bizfly CRM, HubSpot CRM, Zoho CRM, Salesforce CRM, NetSuite CRM... When choosing software, businesses need to consider many factors and balance between three aspects: features - ability to meet business needs - price. For businesses to get an overview of the above software, below is a summary table comparing them CRM software best today. 

Software nameBusinesses should use it

Outstanding features and package prices

Viindoo CRM All

Outstanding features: Comprehensive Sales Pipeline management, All-in-one data management, Effective customer relationship management, Work management and customer care quality, Real-time visual reporting with 100% accuracy

Price: PackageONEAPP Free and Standard Package 198,000 VND / 1 user / 1 month

CRM Insightly
Businesses require high customization
Outstanding features: Store customer information, Manage customers and potential opportunities, Manage project work, Integrate data analysis tools and report on business situation and business revenue , Send emails directly and maintain contact with customers.

Price: From 335,000 VND/ 1 person/ 1 month
Bravo CRM
Small and medium enterprises
Outstanding features: Marketing work management, Sales work management, Customer Care work management, Reporting System.

Price: Contact for quote
Fastwork CRM+
B2B businesses
Outstanding features: manage all customer information on one system, handle all sales operations, provide free platforms.

Price: From 80,000 VND
CRM Mass
Outstanding features: Centralized management of customer data, Sales management and supervision, Merchandise and inventory management, Optimization of quote creation, order making, and approval processes

Price: From 80,000 VND

Bizfly CRM


Outstanding features: Permission to import/export customer data, Automatically save customer information from (Website, Application, Chat, POS System...), Data encryption and information screening customers, Store customer interaction history and employee care activities

Price: Contact for quote

HubSpot CRM

Businesses require high integration

Outstanding features: Store customer information according to sales staff's activity time, Software integrates with advertising manager, synchronizes customers directly from advertising into HubSpot CRM, automatically tracks interactions Customer interaction via sms, email, social networks, or phone calls,...


  • Free Plan
  • Starter package: 475,000 VND/ 1 person/ 1 month

Zoho CRM

Businesses working remotely/hybrid

Outstanding features: Manage all customer information, including the ability to group, search and share customer information.

Automate Marketing processes, Standardize customer service processes, Save costs and optimize work processing time.

Price: From 335,000 VND/ 1 person/ 1 month

Salesforce CRM

Small and medium enterprises

Outstanding features: Store centralized customer data, Track sales opportunities, increase the ability to sign contracts, Closely connect Marketing and business, Automate sales processes and assign work , Accurate analysis system, intuitive business reporting.

Price: From 600,000 VND/ 1 person/ 1 month

NetSuite CRM


Outstanding features: Sales force automation (SFA), Customer service management and marketing automation (marketing automation), Quote management, discounts, sales forecasts, Relationship management partner.

Price: Contact for quote

Viindoo CRM software

Viindoo CRM Is one Customer care management software with superior features, helping businesses manage customer information comprehensively. Viindoo CRM shines with its ability to centrally manage customer data, automatically create and Manage potential customers flexibly .

What especially stands out about Viindoo CRM is its ability to optimize sales performance. Automatic appointment reminders, creating care email templates, and scheduling automatic calendar reminders help save time, reduce errors, and increase customer interaction.

Real-time reports with dynamic, intuitive charts are important tools for businesses to evaluate performance and adjust strategies flexibly. Finally, anytime, anywhere access helps create a flexible and productive work environment anywhere. Viindoo CRM is not just software, but a reliable companion on the customer management journey. 

Viindoo CRM software interfaceViindoo CRM software interface


  • Centralized management: Integrate customer data from various sources into a single platform, and automatically generate leads and manage 360-degree data.
  • Effective customer journey: Monitor and control each employee's care, Store all information that sales staff are in charge of.
  • Optimize sales performance: Automatically remind appointments and schedule automatic calendar reminders, minimize errors and increase customer interaction.
  • Real-time reporting: Update reports in real time, visual charts help track churn and conversion rates.
  • Flexible access: Discuss online from any device with an internet connection.

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Discover Viindoo CRM Software

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CRM Insightly software

Insightly CRM is onecustomer relationship management solution Designed specifically for small businesses. With full lead generation, workflow automation, account management, and sales pipeline setup functionality, Insightly is a trusted partner.

The free version of Insightly limits the number of users to 2 and does not support a data backup system. If you need more features and want to scale, Insightly's paid plan is ideal.

customer care process
CRM Insightly software


  • Easy to use: Friendly designed interface and user experience, easy to learn and use.
  • Free 14-day trial: Insightly offers a 14-day trial, helping users experience many features before deciding to buy the paid version.
  • Free version for 2 people: For small businesses or individuals, a free version for 2 people is available, helping to save costs.


  • Features are not diverse: Insightly may not fully meet the needs of medium and large businesses because the features are not diverse.
  • No Vietnamese language support: The software does not have Vietnamese language support, this can create difficulties for Vietnamese users when using it, especially in understanding and entering and using data.

Bravo CRM software

CRM software Bravo's is specifically designed to support all departments within a business. With a friendly interface and the ability to customize for each user, Bravo CRM brings convenience in use.

Flexible open system, allowing customization according to the specifics of each business and connecting to many other types of software and devices. In addition, Bravo CRM also provides a full reporting system to meet all administrative requirements from leaders.

Misa CRM software
Bravo CRM software


  • Easy to use: Friendly interface, easy for users to access and work without difficulty.
  • Many integrated features: Supports many integrated features to help businesses manage customer relationships comprehensively.


  • Difficult to deploy and use for complex businesses: There may be difficulties in deployment and use, especially for businesses with complex structures and scales

Fastwork CRM+ software

Customer relationship management software FastWork CRM is a full-featured CRM tool, optimized to enhance the productivity of key departments. FastWork CRM automatically collects information from marketing sources and centralizes management in one convenient interface.

In particular, this software helps businesses standardize the sales process according to the work chain, from managing leads, customers, quotes, sales opportunities to closing contracts. FastWork CRM provides an online interface, detailed authorization management, information security and prevents data loss.

customer care process
Fastwork CRM+ software


  • Friendly interface: The software has an intuitive, easy-to-use interface, helping users in Vietnam quickly get acquainted and utilize it effectively.


  • Only suitable for B2B businesses: The software targets mainly businesses operating in the B2B business sector, limiting flexibility for other business models.

Misa CRM software

AMIS CRM deliverscustomer management solution Smart and effective sales, helping businesses automate all processes from approaching potential customers to closing orders, increasing sales speed and increasing revenue. With comprehensive management capabilities, AMIS CRM helps businesses have a 360-degree view of customers through a centralized data warehouse.

The software also provides instant charts and analytical reports on business status, sales opportunities and customer relationships, supporting leaders in making quick decisions and providing effective direction. in business management. 

Misa CRM software
Misa CRM software


  • Ease of use: The interface and user experience are designed for simplicity, making it easy for users to operate and take advantage of features.


  • Not yet developed many customer care features: Limited in providing features related to customer care and management.

Bizfly CRM software

Customer management software Bizfly CRM provides a versatile customer care and relationship management solution for businesses. With the ability to handle sales work, store and secure customer data, and the ability to automatically divide and track employee work, Bizfly CRM creates favorable conditions for the development and success of your business. a sales campaign.

customer care process
Bizfly CRM software


  • Suitable for every business: Bizfly CRM is designed to meet the needs of every business, from small to large.
  • Flexibility and diverse integration: Provides flexibility for customization to each business's specific needs and the ability to integrate with many different systems.


  • High cost: Bizfly CRM requires high usage costs, which can be a challenge for businesses with limited budgets.
  • Request a contact to get a quote: To get pricing details, users need to contact the supplier directly, which can add confusion in the decision process.

HubSpot CRM software

HubSpot is one of the providersCRM software world leader, headquartered in the US, featuring a comprehensive range of customer relationship management features. HubSpot's CRM not only supports Marketing, sales and customer care, but also integrates the CMS content building toolkit.

Outstanding features of the software include recording detailed information about customers, storing sales staff activities such as calls, emails, and notes over time.

How to choose the right CRM software
HubSpot CRM software


  • Provides a free version with basic features suitable for small businesses.
  • Diverse features and good data linking capabilities.
  • Integrating customer relationship management features from Marketing, sales, customer care and CMS content building toolkit.
  • Record detailed information about customers and store over time the activities of sales staff with customers.


  • Lacks business analytics features compared to some competitors like Salesforce.
  • The paid version has a fairly high minimum cost, starting at $45 per month.
  • Difficult to use for those new to using CRM software.
  • Does not support Vietnamese, causing difficulties for Vietnamese business users.

Zoho CRM software

ZOHO CRM software is an effective customer information management solution, helping to solve basic problems in managing and building customer relationships. With a simple user interface, customizable modules, automation capabilities, and social media integration, Zoho CRM meets the needs of small businesses in a user-friendly and efficient way.

customer care process
Zoho CRM software


  • Provides a free version for 3 users.
  • User-friendly interface, easy to use.
  • The paid version offers a free 15-day trial.


  • Does not support Vietnamese language, causing difficulties for Vietnamese users.

Salesforce CRM software​

Salesforce CRM software is onecustomer relationship management software comprehensive, with diverse features in the fields of marketing, sales, commerce, and customer care.

In the field of marketing, Salesforce CRM provides features such as email marketing, mobile marketing, and social media advertising. In sales, it supports collecting and tracking customer information, along with finding and nurturing customer relationships.

How to choose the right CRM software
Salesforce CRM software


  • There is a free trial
  • Able to customize according to the specific needs of the business.
  • Easy to use and user-friendly interface.
  • Powerful in sales management features.


  • More suitable for medium and large businesses, may cause difficulties for small businesses.
  • Does not support Vietnamese, this may create difficulties for Vietnamese users.
  • Usage costs are quite high, especially for small businesses.

NetSuite CRM software​

NetSuite CRM is a customer relationship management solution that helps businesses interact with customers, partners and suppliers on a single platform. With features like sales force automation, customer service management, marketing automation, quote management, discounts, etc. NetSuite CRM provides a seamless flow of information across customer lifecycle.

customer care process
NetSuite CRM software​


  • Unified integration between sales, marketing and operations.
  • Fully featured system, including sales force automation, customer service management, and marketing automation.
  • Seamless information management across the entire customer lifecycle.


  • Please contact NetSuite directly for a quote, including initial setup costs.
  • Costs can create entry barriers for some businesses.

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How to choose the right CRM customer care software?

Below are some notes to help you make the right choice Customer care management software CRM for your business:

  • User interface and user friendliness: Ensure customer relationship management software has a streamlined interface that provides an excellent and easy-to-understand user experience.
  • Adjustability: Select CRM software Customizable to your business's unique processes and needs, from adding modules, creating custom processes, to automating repetitive tasks through workflows.
  • Scalability: If your business plans to grow in the near future, choose a CRM that supports custom modules and processes, flexible integration with third-party applications.
  • Portability: Customer management software Need to provide data access from anywhere, especially important if sales teams operate in sales locations. This helps them close deals effectively and update information immediately.
  • Security: Select CRM software Cloud platform with secure data center and standard security measures, ensuring security to protect customer data.
  • Flexibility in backing up and storing data: The process of migrating data from existing Excel or CRM to the new CRM needs to be quick and easy to do so the business can operate efficiently from the start
How to choose the right CRM software
How to choose the right CRM software

Viindoo CRM - Comprehensive customer management software solution

Viindoo CRM is built on our giant software system platform Viindoo, providing comprehensive customer management solutions for businesses. The software helps businesses manage the entire customer experience process, from when customers know the brand, to nurturing relationships and helping them become loyal customers of the business.

customer care process

Besides, with a consulting team with more than 10 years of experience in researching and developing software solutions, Viindoo We will confidently accompany you to solve difficulties in the process of implementing CRM in your business. Furthermore, we currently have a free lifetime use program for any app, including Viindoo CRM. Therefore, businesses can test run the software system they choose to limit investment risks.

Below are its outstanding features Viindoo CRM helps businesses solve needs and problems in customer management: 

Centralized customer data management

Viindoo CRM collects customer data from many different sources such as websites, zalo, social networks, emails, events, external transactions, etc. The process of synthesizing and managing data sources automatically from the software helps limit duplication, ensure consistency, and easily process customer data. Plus, CRM's software Viindoo business support customer classification easily, taking full advantage of data sources to come up with appropriate and effective remarketing, upselling, and cross-selling strategies for each segment.

  • Centralize all customer data into a single platform. Not only customer information, but also the customer's exchange and interaction process with the staff in charge. No more data scattered everywhere and dependent on sales staff.
  • Automatically create potential customers when customers fill out contact forms on the website, send emails, chat on the website, chat on fanpage, etc., record all exchange history, needs, etc.
  • 360-degree customer data: planning a consistent data system, with filtering and grouping criteria, to segment customers and serve future growth campaigns
  • Customer data is appropriately decentralized to departments that need to work with customers: such as accounting, administration, etc. to be proactive in information and perform operations effectively.

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Optimize customer care service

With traditional CRM management, each employee is in charge of monitoring and taking care of a certain customer file. When salespeople leave their jobs, they take with them the customers they have taken care of. Therefore, Viindoo CRM provides businesses with a centralized information storage and exchange platform combined with features to track and manage the entire customer experience journey. Therefore, businesses can improve relationships with customers and provide the best service experiences.

  • Covers the entire customer care process of employees
  • Control the number of customers that each sales staff takes care of
  • Timely detect bottlenecks, communicate and take care of delays
  • Monitor the customer care quality of each employee, sales achieved, information processing time, customer feedback, etc.
  • Store all customer data that each sales employee is in charge of
  • Increase sales performance for employees

Manage processes and sales teams effectively

Viindoo CRM's automatic appointment reminder and customer care email creation features help the sales team easily schedule regular customer care, ensuring timely follow-up and reminders, helping businesses not miss out. a customer or job that needs doing. In addition, Viindoo's CRM system also has a library of email templates that are automatically updated, easy to use and customized to the business's liking, helping to save maximum time.

  • Save time searching, synthesizing, and handing over relevant information to customers
  • Automation customer care process with email templates for fixed situations, helping to reduce time spent on repetitive tasks
  • Planning tool, customer care schedule reminder, automatic warning when due -> minimize errors and missed information

Automated lead generation

Viindoo CRM software seamlessly integrates multi-channels, allowing businesses to interact with customers through many different touchpoints such as email, live chat on the website, registration forms...​ Besides, The software also supports automatically generating leads from different sources, automatically calculating potential scores, indicating the ability to successfully convert leads into sales opportunities. Therefore, this is a powerful tool that can help businesses automate the process of generating leads to evaluate, track and set up automatic care processes.

Real-time reporting

Besides professional features, customer management software Viindoo also allows administrators to update reports in real time. Create dynamic, intuitive chart systems in many forms of Cohort, Sankey, etc. to track churn rate, conversion rate through each stage, etc.

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With increasingly fierce competition in the business world, owning an effective customer management software is a decisive factor in the success or failure of a business. Contact with Viindoo Via hotline 0225 730 9838 for advice CRM software suitable for your business process!

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