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TOP best CRM customer care management software

CRM software is an effective tool, helping businesses effectively manage interactions and touchpoints with customers. In this article, let's learn in detail about how CRM works and benefits as well as choose the most suitable software for businesses.

What is CRM software?

CRM software is abbreviated from Customer Relationship Management, which means customer relationship management software. This is management software that supports businesses to track and manage customer information, thereby nurturing relationships with loyal customers and developing potential customer files.

The software can replace and aggregate data from sources such as Google Sheets, databases, individual applications, or communication channels (Social Networks, Email, Phone, SMS,...) As a result, customer information of enterprises is stored on one platform, ensuring the synchronization and consistency of information.

CRM Software

CRM is Customer Relationship Management

Example of how CRM software works

In recent years, CRM customer management software has become increasingly popular thanks to the practical benefits that the software can bring to businesses. CRM software not only collects and manages customer information, but CRM also supports businesses to exploit all that information to:

  • Create personalization for each customer
  • Focus resources on the most potential customers
  • Shorten the sales cycle
  • Track, analyze and improve business results

So, how can a software do these things? Let's learn more details about how this tool works right below.

Example: A real estate brokerage builds a list of potential clients by hosting a seminar on "Principles of buying and selling real estate." All clients who register for the seminar will answer questions about:

  • Home location to buy (City, county,...)
  • Type of real estate you want to buy (House, condominium,...)
  • Pricing 
  • Intended time of purchase

All this information will be aggregated and categorized by the CRM system into different lead files according to the location and time of intended purchase.

 First, if that customer plans to buy a home in areas where the business doesn't do business, the CRM will automatically filter these customers.

If there is a customer who is planning to buy a house within the next 2 months, CRM will classify and tag that customer as "Hot lead" - ie an extremely potential customer file, from there, businesses can promote access to customer files.

If the customer has a home purchase period within the next 6 months, the CRM will classify the customer as "Nurture" - that is, the customer file needs to be preserved and nurtured.

Readers can refer to the chart of customer classification of CRM software right below:

Compare today's best customer management software

Currently, there are many customer management software on the market to meet the needs of businesses. Some outstanding software in Vietnam as well as in the world can be mentioned as:

  • Viindoo CRM
  • CRM Insightly
  • Bravo CRM
  • Fastwork CRM+
  • CRM Misa
  • Bizfly CRM
  • HubSpot CRM
  • Zoho CRM
  • Salesforce CRM
  • NetSuite CRM

When choosing software, businesses need to consider many factors and balance between 3 aspects of features - the ability to meet the needs of the business - price, specifically:

  • Features: Customer management software needs to have features that suit the needs of the business, such as customer management, sales management, marketing management,...
  • Ability to meet business needs: Software needs to be able to meet the specific needs of the business, including size, industry, business processes, etc.
  • Pricing: The price of the software needs to match the budget of the business

In addition, for businesses to get an overview of the above software, below is a summary table comparing software.


Best suited for

Monthly Price

Try for free

Customer Support

Overall Assessments

Viindoo CRM


Free with 1 app

Free lifetime 1 app

24/7 via email, livechat and phone

Pros: Friendly, easy to use, fully integrated features

Cons: The free version has many limited features

CRM Insightly

Businesses that require high customization

From 335.000 VND/ 1 person/ 1 month

14 days

24/7 via email, chat

Pros: Easy to use and highly customizable, suitable for small and medium businesses

Cons: May not be suitable for large businesses

Bravo CRM

Small and medium-sized businesses

Contact us for a quote

14 days

24/7 via email, chat and phone

Pros: Easy to use, many built-in features

Cons: Difficult to deploy and use for complex businesses

Fastwork CRM+

B2B businesses

From 80.000 VND
/user /month

14 days

24/7 phone support

Pros: Clear, friendly interface, built suitable for Vietnamese businesses

Cons: Only suitable for B2B businesses

CRM Misa


From 80.000 VND
/user /month

14 days

24/7 via email, chat and phone

Pros: Suitable for all businesses

Cons: Not developed many features on customer care

Bizfly CRM


Contact us for a quote

14 days

24/7 via email

Pros: Easy to use

Cons: High cost, need to contact to get a quote

HubSpot CRM

Businesses that require high integration

Free plan

Starter package: 475.000 VND/ 1 person/ 1 month

14 days

24/7 via email

Pros: Easy integration with other apps

Cons: The price is relatively high. Plans are limited to the number of users

Zoho CRM

Remote/ hybrid businesses

From 335.000 VND/ 1 person/ 1 month

30 days

24/7 via email, chat for Enterprise plan

Pros: Meeting with customers right on CRM, easy to use without training

Cons: Many features like email are limited to 1 day

Salesforce CRM​

Small and medium-sized businesses

From 600.000 VND/ 1 person/ 1 month

14 - 30 days

24/7 phone support for Premier plan

Pros: Easy to expand as your business grows

Cons: Most plans require an annual subscription

NetSuite CRM​


Contact us for a quote

14 days

24/7 support via email, chat

Pros: NetSuite is a homogeneous platform between sales, marketing and operations

Cons: Must contact NetSuite for a quote, initial setup fee.

Businesses can refer to the above information to have the most overview of popular CRM software today. In addition, to be able to make the most suitable choice, let's follow the next section on how to choose detailed customer care software.

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How to Choose the Right Customer Relationship Management Software

When you're looking for a customer care software program, it's important to know what you have and what you need. Thereby, you will easily find the CRM system that best serves the needs of your business. You can try to refer to some decisive factors that Viindoo has synthesized below:

Set a budget limit

Setting a budget limit is determining how much a business can spend on a CRM solution. This will help businesses eliminate solutions that are out of budget, narrowing down options before diving into features and plans.

Make a list of must-have features

Making a list of necessary features in CRM software in advance will help businesses choose the right software for actual needs, saving time and money. Here's how to choose which features to have:

  • Identify the needs and goals of the business in the short and long term
  • Review current business processes
  • Survey employees – people who directly use the software to find out what they need from a CRM solution.

Collect and evaluate the current supply market

Technology products are constantly changing and improving, and Customer Management Software is no exception. Businesses should refer to how the market currently prefers solutions with features to be able to make the right choice.

Read detailed review

Referring to reviews is an important step for businesses to determine the quality and practical experience when using that software. Here are some places where you can find reviews of CRM software:

  • Software review sites
  • Online forums
  • Professional groups
  • Articles

However, when reading reviews, always remember that reviews are subjective and businesses need to be selective about information.

Customer care software

Software market assessment is essential to choose the right solution

Software trials and authentication

Currently, most companies providing customer care software solutions have a free use policy for users to experience. Therefore, the trial is an indispensable step if businesses want to find a suitable software and help businesses grow. Trials help businesses evaluate the following factors:

  • Evaluate how easy the software is to use
  • Performance of the software
  • Ensure the software is suitable for the unique needs and characteristics of each business

Viindoo CRM - Comprehensive solution for customer relationship management for businesses

Built with Viindoo's huge software system, Viindoo CRM customer management software helps businesses bring great satisfaction to customers. The software can manage throughout the customer experience process without missing any information. More than a customer care management software, Viindoo CRM allows businesses to draw 360-degree customer portraits, providing an overview of customers from areas such as Sales, Marketing, Support ... to support management.

Customer Relationship Management Software

Viindoo CRM - Comprehensive customer care management solution

Besides, with a team of consultants with more than 10 years of experience in researching and developing software solutions, Viindoo is confident to accompany you to solve difficulties in the process of implementing CRM in your business. Moreover, we currently have a free lifetime program for any 1 app, including Viindoo CRM. Therefore, your business can test the software system of your choice to limit the risk of investing in a product that ultimately does not suit you.

How does Viindoo CRM software support customer relationship management?

Here are the outstanding features of Viindoo CRM to help your business solve the needs and problems in your customer management:

Centralized Customer Management System

The problem of companies is to collect customer data from many different sources such as websites, zalo, social networks, emails, events, external transactions, etc. The process of aggregating and managing data sources is often easy to duplicate, inconsistent, difficult to synthesize, process and research customer data. In addition, the collection system lacks customer segmentation tools, so it is not possible to leverage this data source for appropriate and effective remarketing, upselling, and cross-selling strategies.. 

However, with Viindoo CRM software, everything will become easy thanks to the centralized customer management feature:

  • Centralize all customer data into a single platform. Not only customer information, but also the process of exchanging and interacting with the staff in charge. No more data scattered all over the place and dependent on salespeople.
  • Automatically generate leads when customers fill out contact forms on the website, send emails, chat on the website, chat on fanpage, etc. record the entire history of exchange, needs, etc
  • 360-degree customer data: planning a consistent data system, with filtering criteria, grouping, to segment customers, serve future growth campaigns
  • Customer data is appropriately authorized for departments that need to work with customers: such as accounting, administration, etc. to be proactive in terms of information and perform operations effectively

Track progress and quality of customer care

With traditional CRM administration, each employee is in charge of tracking and taking care of a certain customer file. When salespeople leave, they take with them the customers they've taken care of. Therefore, businesses are prone to losing all information, communication flow with customers due to sales staff working via zalo, phone, private email, etc.

Understanding this, Viindoo CRM provides businesses with the feature of tracking and managing the entire customer experience journey. As a result, businesses can:

  • Cover the entire customer care process of employees
  • Control the number of customers that each salesperson takes care of
  • Timely detection of bottlenecks, exchanges, care delays
  • Track the quality of customer care of each employee, sales achieved, information processing time, customer feedback, etc
  • Store all customer data that each salesperson is in charge of

Increase sales performance for employees

Because communicating with customers in many places, it is easy to lead to missing information, synthesizing information is difficult, takes a long time, and is slow to respond to customers. Moreover, due to the characteristics of work, sales staff often work outside, so it is easy to miss and forget to schedule appointments with customers. At this point, Viindoo CRM's automatic appointment reminder and email creation features will help you: 

  • Save time searching, synthesizing, handing over information related to customers
  • Automate customer care processes with email templates for fixed situations -> minimize time for repetitive tasks
  • Planning tools, customer care reminders, automatic alerts when due -> minimize errors, missed information

Real-time reporting

In addition to professional features, Viindoo customer management software also allows administrators to update reports in real time. Create dynamic, intuitive charting systems in various forms Cohort, Sankey, etc. that track churn, conversion rates through each stage, and more.

Access anytime, anywhere

With the online discussion feature on the system, businesses can easily exchange information on any device with an internet connection. As a result, timely information regardless of whether the employee is not in the office.

How to start using Viindoo customer management software?

The best way to fully understand the features and operating principles of Viindoo CRM, your business should test CRM software through Viindoo's 1-app free lifetime trial package. Or you can experiment with a 14-day free trial with our recommended Standard plan.

For more details, click here

It can be said that CRM software is a valuable tool for businesses of all sizes. Hopefully, the above information of Viindoo has helped businesses have information about choosing the right customer care management software. If you need detailed advice about Viindoo CRM software, do not forget to call the hotline number 0225 730 9838 or message directly through the chat box for us to answer..


TOP best CRM customer care management software
Jun Nguyen August 8, 2023

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