7 customer management software to increase customer experience

Customer management software is a practical utility to help ensure the security of customer information. This is an essential tool for businesses to enhance the customer experience while helping to find gaps in the organization, management, and operation of the business model. Discover the top 7 best customer care management software today!

1. Client management software Viindoo

Along with the criterion of always putting the customer at the center, Viindoo CRM customer management software is the software that supports comprehensive businesses. Viindoo allows users to manage all customer information, purchase history, and statistical reports on the object/customer group.

Customer management softwareViindoo CRM - The most professional customer care management software

Built with Viindoo's huge software system, customer management software helps businesses bring great satisfaction to customers. This complete CRM software can manage the entire customer experience process without missing any information. Outstanding features of Viindoo CRM include:

  • Combine a variety of sources of interaction: online chat, business website, email,...
  • Categorize customers according to a variety of criteria to help create smart customer segments.
  • Support to plan customer care periodically, make sure to take advantage of all the information collected to provide the best experience.
  • Help increase close rates, thanks to massive data warehouses and segmentation - set priorities to provide the best customer support.
  • Provide full status of staff progress and results.
  • Promote internal collaboration right on the customer care interface.
  • Automated reporting system under multi-view thanks to smart chart utility.
  • Rely on aggregated information during the buying process - surveys can gauge trends and find new business opportunities.

Besides the above basic features, Viindoo also owns a consulting team with more than 10 years of experience in researching and developing digital transformation solutions for businesses. Therefore, Viindoo is confident to accompany you to solve the difficulties in implementing CRM in your business.

Viindoo CRM

All-in-one CRM Software Solution


Personalize every customer interaction with Viindoo CRM.


2. Sapo

Sapo POS is considered the leading outstanding customer management software today. Not only allows remote customer management, but the tool can also manage employees, the number of goods, and a variety of other utilities. This helps store owners and corporate customer service departments save a lot of time and personnel costs.

Customer management softwareSapo software

Some features of Sapo POS software:

  • Manage all necessary information of customers.
  • Categorize customers on special occasions, celebrate brand milestones,...
  • Set up appropriate sales policies for each customer group: VIP, retail, close, wholesale,...
  • Create incentive programs according to the accumulated points when making purchases.
  • Support to build profit reports for each customer and evaluate the effectiveness of business campaigns.
  • Manage customers on multiple platforms: Facebook, website, application,...
  • Send automated messages and emails to notify customers of the most favorable purchase policies, thereby helping to retain customers.

If you are looking for a tool to manage and take care of loyal customers, let's find out about these 4 easy-to-use and most effective customer loyalty software.

3. Bizfly

With an easy-to-use interface, Bizfly supports a comprehensive customer care manager. The professional identification and analysis system based on aggregated and analyzed information has helped users save the maximum time, reduce human costs, and break through revenue. 

Some features of Bizfly are being loved by many businesses:

  • Comprehensive management of buyer information.
  • Support sending promotional emails and SMS.
  • Combine with VoIP PBX - Support voice search.
  • Generate statistical reports for each customer group.
  • Absolute confidentiality of customer information.
Customer management softwareBizfly

4. CRM Insightly

The equally popular CRM customer relationship software is CRM Insightly. The software is designed with a basic interface, is easy to operate, all information fields are arranged reasonably, and is user-friendly. Businesses can save time and costs when searching for customer information, and purchase history according to separate categories on the software.

Customer management software
CRM Insightly

Features of Insightly Customer Care Software include:

  • Customer information is divided into categories: name, email, address, date of birth, ...
  • Find information quickly thanks to the filter system, classifying shoppers.
  • Support promotion program promotion by SMS and automatic email.
  • Connect a variety of marketing tools

>>>> In addition to customer management software, you can learn some more business management software by industry such as travel agency management software, hotel management software.

5. Bravo 

Bravo is a customer care software that helps managers find, track needs and manage customers optimally. Along with a simple designed interface, all customer-related information fields are located on the left side, easy to manipulate and track. In addition, supporting tools such as charts, list of business statistics, ... are provided free of charge for managers.

Customer management softwareBravo

Some outstanding features of the software:

Customer information is classified by tree diagram to help identify potential and divide customers by multiple data areas.

  • Summary of transactions by stage.
  • Manage information about promotions, and discounts, ... and store the edits in the price policy.
  • Manage employees' working situation effectively: the number of transactions with customers, management of employee reports and contracts,...
  • Follow up with customers in detail to support care, send thank you letters,...
  • Integrate detailed monthly statistical reports by customer group and employee work progress.

6. Fastwork

Fastwork is a customer management software that offers free over 500+ themes, 400+ options, and 100+ Popups for more than 20 industries. The software allows users to manage project progress online conveniently to help manage the maximum work on a comprehensive system.

Some outstanding features of the software:

  • Support customer care with documents available via email and right on the software system through transactions, care history, and exchanges between businesses and customers.
  • Report on revenue statistics, and compare the closing rate between teams and the purchase rate of customers.
  • Decentralize management for each object separately to avoid revealing customer information and losing data.
Customer management softwareFastWork

7. KiotViet

KiotViet is a professional customer management software that should not be missed. Users can completely remotely manage via laptop, phone or POS, helping to capture information promptly and quickly. Besides, the software can manage the process of importing and exporting goods, managing revenue and expenditure and customer data.

Customer management softwareKiotViet

Some special utilities of the software:

  • Manage details of customer information and easily add and update quickly.
  • Support to review sales, debt and payment history with customers.
  • Categorize customers by different branches and arrange customers by demand groups.
  • Handy management and automated care email sending.
  • Connect with many online sales channels and manage orders, organize invoices, and track COD quickly.
Viindoo CRM

All-in-one CRM Software Solution


Personalize every customer interaction with Viindoo CRM.


8. Criteria for choosing good customer information management software for businesses

To choose the right utility for appropriate customer management, businesses need to consider some of the following criteria:

  • The business model of the enterprise: Each business model will have different objects and numbers of customers, so the data storage space and accompanying features of each software are also factors that managers need to consider. reason to consider.
  • Confidentiality: The reputation of the business will plummet, directly affecting the reputation in the business market if customer information is disclosed. Therefore, investing in software with a security system is definitely essential.
  • Data linkability: The software system allows linking with other utilities to make management easier. This is the key to comprehensive CRM software that can meet customer needs well.
Customer management softwareCriteria for choosing the right customer management software for your business

However, not all technology software can help businesses optimize the management process and especially fit the budget and usage needs. If you still do not know how your business will be suitable for CRM software, please contact Viindoo immediately for the most detailed advice and answers.

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Customer management software is an automation solution that helps the customer care process become smooth, professional, efficient, and minimizes errors. Above are the TOP 7 software synthesized by Viindoo that promises to be the best choices that best suit the investment ability and usage needs of readers.


7 customer management software to increase customer experience
Nguyễn Phương Dung 28 February, 2023

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