4 Easy-to-use, Most Effective Customer Loyalty Program Software

Currently, KiotViet customer point accumulation software is considered a new technology trend that can help businesses do customer care and retain loyal customers. So which is the best and most popular customer loyalty app today? Let's find out with Viindoo in the article below!

Difficulties in maintaining customer loyalty

A few years ago, many businesses preferred to use the form of accumulating points by membership cards. This approach has partly helped them build close relationships to retain customers as well as increase sales of products and services.

However, when implementing management to accumulate points by card, businesses are also encountered with limitations such as:

  • Miscalculations: Employees may miscalculate or cannot find customer information when adding and subtracting points. This can make customers unhappy or waste their time.
  • Difficulty in customer information management: The fact that employees enter customer information directly into the system or excel file may cause the entered data to be wrong, or incomplete. In other case, if employees want to find customer information and send preferential programs, it would also take a long time to send bulk messages, or the employees are more likely to send the wrong messages. 
  • Unsecured information: Excel files allow anyone to view and edit, so it can cause customer data to be falsified or stolen. This not only has a great impact on the business operations, but also causes trouble for customers.

Accumulating points by member card is a pretty good way to help attract and retain customers. However, this method still has many disadvantages as mentioned above. Therefore, businesses/stores can consult and use app to accumulate points for customers with many benefits for the marketing campaign in the enterprise.

Customer loyalty program software

Customers have many difficulties when using the method of accumulating points by card

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Benefits of using loyalty program software

Here are some benefits of loyalty program software that we want to mention:

  • Saving on card issuance costs: When using the loyalty software, businesses will save a large amount of money on the issuance of paper/plastic cards. These cards are made from materials that easily fade, bend, and peel off, etc.
  • Retaining and building files for loyal customer: In a competitive market, businesses that want to survive need not only invest in quality but also emphasize on services. Therefore, using customer loyalty program software enables businesses to take good care of new customers and retain old customers.
  • Increase in business revenue: Smart software to accumulate customer points helps send information about gifts, preferential programs, member ranks, policy of accumulating points, etc. to motivate customers to shop. Thereby, businesses can easily cross-sell, up-sale to increase the value of each order.
  • Saving communication and marketing costs: The loyal customers that the business acquired will be the brand’s advocates. They will help you introduce products/services by posting compliments on social media accounts.
  • Improving the quality of customer care: Businesses can grasp the idea of the overall operation situation to handle and improve service quality through customer reviews. This professional approach contributes to enhancing the reputation and brand value of the business in the market.
Software to accumulate points for customers brings great efficiency

Software to accumulate points for customers brings great efficiency

4 easy-to-use customer loyalty software

Here is a summary of the Top 4 Software to accumulate points for customers on the market today:

Effective customer loyalty software with Viindoo Loyalty Program

Viindoo Loyalty Program is currently rated as a smart, optimal and suitable Loyalty program software for all types of businesses in Vietnam. This software helps businesses manage and take care of loyal customers on the digital platform easily, efficiently and quickly.

Here are some outstanding features available in the most comprehensive customer relationship management tools - Viindoo Loyalty Program:

  • Customer classification by multiple criteria: The software allows businesses to classify each customer group based on available criteria such as level, minimum score, price list assigned on the customer's profile.
  • Loyalty program available: Viindoo allows customers to accumulate bonus points and give rewards (discounts, gifts) with flexible rules by value, number of orders, number of products, etc.
  • Point-based rewards: Viindoo Loyalty Program has a variety of payment methods such as discounts, gifts (buy 1 get 1 free, free products, etc.). In particular, the software also allows manual score changes for special cases.
  • Synchronization on sales orders: The system automatically checks order information to apply appropriate promotions. It also suggests paying rewards by adding gifts/discounts on each sales order.
  • Support for statistical reports on Rewards Points: This is to help businesses track and check the effectiveness of loyalty programs.
Software to accumulate points Viindoo Loyalty Program

Software to accumulate points Viindoo Loyalty Program

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Software to accumulate customer points eBizLoyalty

One of the other popular software for loyalty customer management is BizLoyalty. This is the software used by many businesses to implement customer retention policies. This software can work independently or integrate with Zalo application and eBiz system including eBizRes, eBizSpa, eBizStore.

Some outstanding features of eBizLoyalty software are:

  • Management of loyalty cards - membership cards: Based on pre-set criteria, the software will support the division of each card type for customers. From there, the cashier will rely on that to add and subtract points for customers every time they pay.
  • Customer information management: The software allows updating, editing, and searching for customer information such as name, address, date of birth, phone number, order, etc. In addition, the app also helps to classify each customer group to easily send appropriate promotions and care.
App to accumulate points for customers eBizLoyalty

App to accumulate points for customers eBizLoyalty

Bee LCS software

Last but not least, Bee LSC software is also another solution to accumulate points for customers. This software is applied by many businesses because of its useful features and easy-to-see and easy-to-operate interface.

Here are some advantages of Bee LCS:

  • Support for store owners to send mass messages and emails to customers to communicate about the business's special and promotional programs from time to time
  • Effective management for point accumulation, customer information, membership cards, products, promotions
  • Support in customer data management through card accumulation as the software allows staff to check customer transaction history and integrate with API gateways.
KiotViet customer point accumulation software

Software to accumulate points Bee LCS

KiotViet customer point accumulation software

The last customer loyalty software program that Viindoo would like to introduce is KiotViet software. This is a customer point system that enables tracking and redeeming points for every purchase. Some useful features to mention of KiotViet points accumulation software are:

  • Using the method of converting purchase value to reward points, contributing to increasing revenue and profit for businesses, etc.
  • Setting up a flexible reward system so businesses can optimize the effectiveness of their promotion strategies. From there, businesses can easily satisfy loyal customers and attract new customers.
KiotViet customer point accumulation software

KiotViet customer point accumulation software

With the above article, Viindoo has compiled Top 4 loyalty program software that businesses should use. If you want to learn more about sales and management solutions, contact Viindoo via hotline 0225 730 9838 for detailed advice!

4 Easy-to-use, Most Effective Customer Loyalty Program Software
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