7 cheap, easy-to-use sales and store management software

Below is a list of TOP 7 cheap, simple sales management software that specializes in supporting store management and is trusted by businesses and investors.

Sales management software is a tool to help sales staff and store owners effectively manage their sales activities. Based on criteria such as sales form and package price, sales software is divided into many different types and integrated into the business management software module set. However, in this article, we have compiled for you 7 professional sales management software that have a simple interface, are easy to use, and are extremely cost-effective. Follow along with Viindoo now.

Classification of specialized sales software

Sales management software is a centralized data system where all information related to a business's sales activities is stored. Thanks to this, sales staff and sales managers can easily monitor and control daily sales activities, track potential customers, assign customers, and analyze sales performance. members,...

In particular, advanced sales software has the ability to integrate with customer management software, marketing software, sales warehouse management software, etc. This integration helps businesses improve operational efficiency. Overall, minimize operational errors thanks to consistent, continuously updated information. However, not all sales support software has the same integration capabilities or functions.

POS365 – sales management software at a reasonable cost
Sales management software is an "omnipotent assistant" for business and sales activities of an enterprise

Currently, there are many different types of sales software on the market, divided mainly based on characteristics, features and price. Accordingly, businesses need to clearly understand the classifications of specialized software to choose tools that suit their specific business needs. Specifically:

  • Free and Paid: Free versions typically offer basic features and are a good choice for new or small businesses. On the contrary, the paid version often provides advanced features and better sales management support, suitable for large-scale businesses with complex business processes.
  • Online and Offline: Online sales software often requires a constant internet connection, helping to update data directly and conveniently for mobile sales teams. In contrast, offline sales software is capable of operating without internet, suitable for areas with unstable connections.
  • Omnichannel: The omnichannel model involves integrating multiple sales channels such as online stores, brick-and-mortar stores, and other e-commerce platforms. Multi-channel sales management software helps synchronize and effectively manage all channels to optimize customer experience.
  • ERP sales: For large businesses, ERP sales software not only manages sales transactions but also integrates with other systems such as inventory management, finance and human resources, bringing efficiency and effectiveness. Comprehensiveness in business management.
  • Store management: Software designed to help businesses manage sales activities at one or more stores at the same time.
  • Point of sale management: POS software is a software system designed to help retail businesses manage point of sale (POS) sales activities.

And there are many other types of sales software developed by many domestic and foreign companies such as Salesforce, WooCommerce, Magento... Each software has its own advantages and features, helping businesses diversify their options. Choose according to your specific needs.

Summary of 7 best sales support and store management software

To help your business choose simpler sales software that suits your needs, we have created a list of the TOP 7 best sales management software today with a detailed software price list. . Let's consult and read detailed reviews to make the best choice.

Name of the softwareRemotely manage business activitiesKeep track of inventory in the warehouse

Price of sales software

Viindoo Sales: Professional sales management software

Free when using an app

Kiotviet: Simple, easy-to-use sales software

From 200,000 VND/ month

Sapo: Comprehensive multi-channel sales management solution

From 249,000 VND/ month 

POS365: Cheap sales software for stores

From 162,500 VND/ month

TrustSales: Effective multi-channel sales solution

From 220,000 VND/ month

Suno: Easy-to-use sales support software

From 220,000 VND/ month

Winta Sale: Cheap sales management software

From 125,000 VND/ month

Viindoo Sales

Topping this list is Viindoo Sales software. Not only is it an individual sales software, Viindoo Sales is also a comprehensive sales management solution, integrated with many superior features, helping businesses optimize sales activities and increase sales.

Features that the software possesses include managing sales activities, supporting store management or integrating with multi-channel sales. All are integrated on the same system, so you can completely use it as a comprehensive software, helping businesses easily control all sales activities effectively and save costs. and maximum process optimization.

Professional sales management software

Salient features:

  • Manage goods sources easily through group classification and bulk data entry, helping businesses control large quantities of goods.
  • Increase sales through automatic product recommendations or accessories, while…
  • Plan an effective pricing strategy by customizing prices suitable for each market segment and providing a reasonable price list.
  • Combine with sales accounting software to support cost accounting and sales revenue.
  • Send quotes quickly through available quote forms on the application, saving time for store owners.
  • Optimize the sales support system with flexible combination of software.
  • Enhance customer experience through online communication portals on the software, increase order closing rates through features that highlight product features and diverse online payments.
  • Store transaction information so customers can easily look up when necessary.
Sales support software

Software price:

  • Free when using an app
  • Standard package: 198,000 VND/user/month (Unlimited applications used)
  • Luxury package: 252,000 VND/user/month (Unlimited applications/ Customization with Customizer/ Allows Multi-company activation)

Viindoo Sales software


Experience the solutions that Viindoo Sales brings. Increase sales and manage sales during 4.0


KiotViet was founded by Mr. Tran Nguyen Hao, who is currently holding the position of CEO. According to Mr. Hao, KiotViet is not simply a simple sales software but also a comprehensive solution. From point of sale (POS) sales management, inventory management, customer management (CRM) to employee management, KiotViet has supported more than 110,000 small and medium enterprises across Vietnam. With its flexibility and utility, KiotViet is reliable software, bringing efficiency and convenience to businesses' business processes.

POS365 – sales management software at a reasonable cost

Kiotviet Sales software

Salient features:

  • Manage goods and diverse attributes by color and size
  • Inventory control system, detailed and intuitive profit and loss reports
  • Set up flexible pricing policies & promotions
  • Support effective and quick customer care programs
  • Online business is easy and effective
  • Manage goods and check inventory with convenient barcodes
  • Integrates all hardware devices

Software price:

  • Support package: 200,000 VND/store/month for 3 users
  • Professional package: 270,000 VND/store/month, unlimited users
  • Premium package: 370,000 VND/store/month, unlimited users


Don't let customers wait too long, automate automated operations - Sapo is the development result of the technical team of Sapo technology joint stock company. With the mission of supporting store owners, Sapo provides advanced store management features, integrating many functions to support managers in closely monitoring their business activities, sales and revenue.

The interface of TrustSales

Sapo POS application 

Salient features:

  • Calculate money quickly and accurately
  • Easily connect to point of sale equipment such as receipt printers, barcode printers, cash drawers, etc.
  • Supports a variety of payment methods such as payment by QR code, card swipe, bank transfer...
  • Connect secondary screens such as phones, tablets,...
  • Management and sales on Facebook Fanpage
  • Accurately control the number of items in stock
  • Orders from stores, Facebook and e-commerce platforms are all centrally managed
  • Push orders, view shipping fees right on the sales management software
  • Track detailed revenue, profit and loss reports anytime, anywhere

Software price:

  • Start Up package: 249,000 VND/store/month/channel
  • Pro package: 399,000 VND/store/month/4 channels


POS365 is not simply a sales support software but also a comprehensive, flexible solution suitable for all business models today. The "all-in-one" multi-channel management function helps business people have an overview of each channel, optimizing business management performance. In particular, POS365 also has a mobile sales management app version to help facilitate management. Therefore, this will be a reliable choice for the development and efficiency of every business.

POS365 – sales management software at a reasonable cost

POS365 – sales management software at a reasonable cost

Salient features:

  • Easily connect point of sale equipment such as receipt printers, barcode scanners, cash drawers and management software, etc.
  • Calculate money quickly and accurately: the system displays full and clear images with the value of each product. Store owners can stack items, calculate taxes and promotions.
  • Cashless payment: Mobile Banking, Bank cards, credit cards, e-wallets, QR codes...
  • Compatible on many devices such as tablets, laptops, mobile phones, PCs, and POS machines.

Software price: 162,500 VND/user/month (Annual subscription)


TrustSales sales management software developed by CUBETECH company not only simplifies the sales management process but also helps reduce labor costs and increase store revenue. With many superior functions, TrustSales is a flexible solution and suitable for the needs of diverse businesses, especially startups newly launched on the market. The software supports creating a standard process for multi-channel sales, especially the Facebook sales channel.

The interface of TrustSales

TrustSales sales management software is suitable for startups

Salient features:

  • Display all information on one screen such as messages, comments, and order status directly on a single interface.
  • Respond quickly to customer inquiries
  • Smart features allow automatic order creation through comments and available phone numbers, optimizing the shopping process.
  • Detailed and objective reports on business activities, providing useful information for businesses
  • Ensuring convenience in controlling bills of lading
  • Cheap prices suitable for all businesses

Software price:

  • STANDARD package: 220,000 VND/month for 5 users
  • PRO package: 440,000 VND/month for 10 users
  • BUSINESS package: 880,000 VND/month for 30 users
  • PREMIUM package: 1,650,000 VND/month for 50 users


Suno is a simple sales software with a Vietnamese interface that helps store owners conveniently control goods and manage finances. With the ability to work on any device and offline sales features, Suno ensures flexibility for users, allowing access anytime and anywhere without the need for internet.

Manage and arrange commodity information scientifically

Suno sales management software makes the business process easy

Salient features:

  • Integrate detailed and objective reporting functionality on all business activities, providing an overview and transparency of performance.
  • Flexible support for both online and offline business, ensuring convenience and flexibility for users.
  • Suitable for use in a variety of industries and types of businesses.
  • Supports the management of transaction activities that have taken place, helping to optimize management processes and capture important information.

Software price:

  • Use for 1 store: 220,000 VND/month
  • Adding a store/warehouse: 180,000 VND/month

Winta Sale

Winta Sale is low-cost sales management software, providing effective support for managers who want to effectively control the process of controlling large quantities of goods at mini supermarkets and small and medium warehouses. In particular, this application also provides the ability to print invoices in all different paper sizes, optimizing the user experience and increasing flexibility in business management.

The interface of Winta Sales

Winta Sale sales management software

Salient features:

  • Allows printing invoices in many different paper sizes.
  • Supports order information management with high accuracy.
  • Information security ensures safety during transactions.
  • Supervise and continuously update revenue and expenditure activities.
  • Decentralize staff authority to effectively monitor and manage work.
  • Supports extracting data to Excel files, convenient for processing business information.

Software price:

  • Starter package: 125,000 VND/user/month, using 3 basic functions (minimum payment for 12 months)
  • Standard package: 225,000 VND/user/month, can use 6 functions
  • Professional package: 350,000 VND/user/month, allowing use of 9 functions
  • Enterprise package uses full functions, contact price.

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What is professional sales management software?

So, with the list of 7 effective sales support software above, you have an overview and assessment to make a choice. However, if you want to choose good sales software suitable for your business, you need to rely on many criteria. Below are some criteria to help businesses identify professional sales software:

  • Software functions: The software must have all the features to support the sales activities of a business. Some basic features include: Organizing, monitoring and optimizing the sales process; Inventory management; Create and manage orders; Payment management; Customer tracking and revenue statistics…
  • Scalability and upgradeability: The software has the ability to expand and upgrade new features to meet the cross-platform business needs of businesses.
  • Integration on many platforms: The software can be used on mobile phone and computer platforms. At the same time, there should be both online and offline versions to access anytime, anywhere.
  • Flexible price: The price of sales management software has a variety of packages to choose from, and can be paid flexibly by month, year and adjusted depending on the needs of the business. Thereby, businesses can make software choices that suit their investment budget.

Why should you choose simple, easy-to-use sales software?

Instead of choosing cheap sales software, businesses should prioritize choosing software that has all the necessary management functions and is easy to use. Using software with a friendly and simple interface will help business owners:

  • Easy to operate and manipulate: Intuitive interface and simple operations help you easily get used to and use the software, thereby bringing about quick sales results.
  • Save time and effort in training: With simple sales software, you can save time and effort in training personnel to use the software.
  • Increase sales performance: Software to track, analyze, manage and optimize lean sales processes, thereby providing you with detailed information about sales, profits, market trends, helping you come up with an effective sales strategy.
  • Reduce costs: The cost of using simple sales management software is much lower than complex software or even free, suitable for the budget of most businesses.
  • Easy to expand: Simple sales software often has high expandability and can be integrated with other software to optimize user operations. Therefore, you can choose to upgrade the software if you want to meet more needs as your business grows.

Viindoo Sale - The best choice for you

Through the above characteristics, Viindoo Sales is the best choice for your business. The benefits that businesses receive when using Viindoo Sales's sales management features include:

Smart and scientific sales management

Even if a business has thousands of products in its warehouse, Viindoo Sales can support businesses in good management thanks to the feature of mass data entry and product classification by group with a genealogical structure. The software fully displays product information such as color, size, version,... along with illustrations for customers to easily choose products. In particular, businesses can optimize revenue thanks to the Cross-selling feature, automatically suggesting cross-selling products suitable for the products customers are interested in.

Manage and arrange commodity information scientifically

Plan effective pricing strategies with multiple price lists

Thanks to the multiple price list feature, businesses can easily sell products at different prices automatically depending on the target market and customer segment. For example: Retail price list, dealer price list,... Or businesses can also plan detailed pricing strategies according to many requirements such as time, season,...

Don't let customers wait too long, automate automated operations

Don't let customers wait long, automate sales operations

The software allows to automatically create price lists with available price list templates, then email quotes to customers. At the same time, businesses can exchange information with customers uniformly on one platform, avoiding information dispersion.

Friendly interface, accessible anytime, anywhere, on any device

Viindoo Sales is designed with a intuitive, minimalist interface to help users easily create and operate. At the same time, the software can be used on any device such as computers, tablets and phones, ensuring flexible access anytime, anywhere.

Price suitable for all businesses

Small and medium-sized businesses and newly established businesses can use Viindoo Sales completely FREE with a free for 1 application policy. In addition, if you want to use other applications in the Viindoo application store, businesses only need to spend 198,000 VND/month for 1 user, this is considered the most appropriate and economical pricing policy for businesses. 

In addition, large businesses or multinational businesses can consider using the Luxury package, which costs 252,000 VND/month for 1 user, allowing use of all features and software modules. and has multinational Customization capability.

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With the convenience and flexibility that sales management software brings, store management and business process optimization for businesses become easier than ever. Whether you are a business owner or a salesperson, you can easily manage your sales work. If you need to refer to quality sales management software, do not hesitate to contact Viindoo immediately via hotline 02257309838 for detailed advice.

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