6 retail software for effective points of sales management

In today's digital age, managing a retail business is no longer a difficult challenge thanks to the support of  inventory management. If your business does not know which software to choose, please refer to the following article. 

Viindoo will introduce to you the 7 most effective sales management software today.

1. Viindoo POS free retail store chain management software

Viindoo POS is an advanced technology solution in the field of sales and chain store management. Not simply a sales management software, Viindoo POS is also a powerful assistant to help businesses optimize work processes and increase business efficiency.

KiotViet supports businesses in printing invoices quickly

Viindoo POS helps businesses manage multi-store retail

Outstanding features of Viindoo POS:

Multi-store, multi-channel management:

  • Businesses can easily manage multiple stores and sales channels from a single platform with this Multi-channel sales management software.
  • The software supports automatic data synchronization, remote management, and performance analysis by each store/channel.

Fast, simple payment, multi-device integration:

  • Viindoo POS supports a variety of payments, from cash to electronic forms on many types of devices.
  • Integrates with electronic payment gateways, supports QR codes, and quick payment.

Customer management:

  • Allows businesses to store information and track customer purchase history.
  • Supports customer classification, creating loyalty programs, and sending personalized notifications and promotions.

Manage revenue and costs

  • The software provides detailed and extensive reporting on revenue and expenses, helping businesses make smart financial decisions.
  • Create automatic reports, analyze sales trends, and manage taxes and costs with the module Accounting Software.

Real-time inventory management:

  • Supports businesses in accurately tracking the status of goods, minimizing the risk of out-of-stock or excessive inventory.
  • Update inventory status instantly, forecast demand, and manage import/export. 
inventory management

Managing human resources of chain stores:

  • Viindoo POS helps effectively manage human resources across the entire store chain, from recruitment to performance evaluation.
  • Track working time, evaluate productivity, and manage salaries and employee benefits.

It can be said that Viindoo is software suitable for all businesses of all sizes and industries such as:

In particular, POS sales software Viindoo is also Free retail management software with the FREE ONE APP program. Contributing to the free use of Viindoo's software will be a great opportunity to help businesses break down cost barriers in the investment process and apply new technologies to their store operation cycle. With this program, store owners and businesses can experience and use Viindo POS without any cost. 

2. Sapo sales chain management software 

Retail software and sales chain management Sapo is a smart technology solution for businesses in the retail sector. Sapo provides a comprehensive system, helping businesses automate and optimize the sales management process..

Outstanding features of Chain store management software Just:

  • Sales management: Sapo is integrated with POS (Point of Sale) allowing for quick payment. Software to support sales on many channels: Direct stores, online, and social networks.
  • Track employee performance: Sapo helps businesses manage work shifts and assign tasks.
  • Warehouse management: Software helps businesses accurately track inventory and real-time updates, and manage shipments and product expiration dates.
  • Customer management: Sapo supports storing customer information and purchase history. At the same time, the software also helps analyze customer behavior and support personalized marketing strategies.
  • Reporting and analysis: Provides detailed reports on sales, profits, and inventory. In particular, Sapo also helps businesses analyze data to support business decisions.

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3. KiotViet chain sales management software

KiotViet is one of the leading sales management software solutions in Vietnam, specially designed for chain businesses. This software provides a range of powerful and flexible tools, helping businesses optimize sales and store management processes.

KiotViet's main features include:

  • Sales management: Allows businesses to track sales, manage orders, and support many forms of payment.
  • Warehouse management: Automatically update inventory, manage import/export of goods, and track warehouse change history.
  • Reporting and analysis: Provides detailed reports on revenue, profits, and best-selling products, to help evaluate business performance.
  • Customer management: Store customer information, track purchase history, and support customer loyalty programs.
  • Integrated receipt printer and barcode scanner: Supports direct connection to peripheral devices to increase sales efficiency.
  • Multi-platform and multi-store: Easily supports management across multiple devices and store locations.
  • Online support and security features: Provides online customer support and advanced security features.
KiotViet supports businesses in printing invoices quickly

KiotViet supports businesses in printing invoices quickly

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4. POS365 store chain billing software

POS365 is a solution chain store management software Professional, designed to serve the needs of chain stores and retail businesses. With a friendly and easy-to-use interface, POS365 provides a smooth and convenient management experience, helping businesses easily track sales and manage inventory.

Main features of retail software POS365 store chain:

  • Sales Management: Integrates flexible sales tools, supporting quick and accurate transaction management.
  • Data Security: Ensure information security with advanced security measures, protecting customer data and business information.
  • Warehouse Management: Provides inventory tracking and import/export features, helping to closely control the amount of goods.
  • Reporting and Analysis: Generate sales reports, inventory reports, and detailed sales analytics to support business decisions.
  • Multi-Sales Channel Support: Integrates with online sales channels, allowing businesses to manage orders from many different sources on one platform.
  • Customizable features: POS365 can customize the interface and functions according to the specific needs of each store or chain of stores.
  • Regular Support and Updates: POS365 provides professional customer support and regular new feature updates to meet market trends.
POS365 chain store checkout software is designed with a modern interface

POS365 chain store checkout software is designed with a modern interface

5. Suno retail store chain management software

Chain store management software Suno Retail is a modern technology solution, designed to support businesses in effectively managing sales and store operations. Suno offers a range of powerful and easy-to-use tools that help business owners and employees monitor, analyze, and manage every aspect of their business remotely.

Key features of Suno software include:

  • Sales and cashier management: Suno allows businesses to perform sales transactions quickly and accurately, supporting many forms of payment.
  • Warehouse management: Accurately track the quantity of goods, manage warehouse import/export, and inventory alerts.
  • Integration and expansion: Suno can integrate with other systems such as accounting, and e-commerce...
  • Managing multiple stores: Software that supports businesses in operating and managing information from multiple stores on the same platform.
  • Cloud data and security: High data security and cloud storage, helping businesses access easily and securely from anywhere.

Suno allows businesses to make quick sales transactions

6. MISA eShop retail chain store management software

MISA eShop is a solution retail management software Advanced, specially designed for chain stores and retail businesses. The software helps businesses automate and optimize business processes, from inventory management to transaction processing and sales performance tracking.

Main features of MISA eShop:

  • Inventory management: MISA eShop helps businesses accurately track inventory, manage goods, and update inventory information in real-time.
  • Optimize sales process: MISA eShop automates sales processes, from ordering to delivery, helping businesses save time and reduce errors.
  • Transaction and payment management: The software supports fast and flexible transaction processing, supporting many different forms of payment.
  • Revenue tracking and reporting: MISA eShop provides detailed reports and data analysis to help businesses grasp business performance.
  • Customer management: MISA eShop integrates customer information management tools, helping businesses strengthen customer relationships and loyalty.
  • Integrating multiple sales channels: MISA eShop supports businesses selling on many channels, from direct stores to online platforms.
MISA eShop is modern, advanced retail software

MISA eShop is modern, advanced retail software

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7. Faceworks retail chain sales management software

Faceworks is a leading retail management software solution, specifically designed for chain stores and retail businesses. Software not only helps businesses optimize sales processes, provides insight into business operations, and helps businesses make smart decisions and grow their business.

The main features of Chain store management software Faceworks include:

  • Sales management: Faceworks provides an intuitive, easy-to-use sales interface that supports many different payment methods.
  • Management of promotions and membership programs: Faceworks supports businesses in building and managing promotions and incentives for loyal customers.
  • Warehouse management: Faceworks helps businesses track inventory accurately, with real-time updates for each product and each store.
  • Customer management: Software supports storing and analyzing customer data, helping to build personalized marketing and sales strategies.
  • Reporting and data analysis: Software creates detailed reports on revenue, profits, and sales trends, helping businesses have a comprehensive view of business activities.
  • Personnel and shift management: Faceworks supports businesses in managing employee information, planning shifts, and tracking work performance. 

Above are 7 chain store management software free, most effective retail today that businesses can refer to. Choosing the right management software is not only an important step to optimize business operations but also helps businesses save significant costs. If your business wants more detailed advice about chain store retail management software, please contact Viindoo via +84 225 730 9838.

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6 retail software for effective points of sales management
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