6 retail software for effective points of sales management

With the current social development trend, using retail software to manage chain stores is necessary to improve business efficiency. Therefore, please see the following article if you want to find retail software for your chain stores. Viindoo - Enterprise management software will help you to synthesize basic information about the best effective retail software.

Retail SoftwareCapability of connecting sales channelsRemote management support


  • One App: Free
  • Standard: 178,200 VND/month
  • Luxury: 226,800 VND/month
  • Standard: 200,000 VND/month
  • Pro: 400,000 VND/month
  • Business: 800,000 VND/month
  • Premium: 1,500,000 VND/month
  • Package 01: 3,000,000 VND/month
  • Package 02: 5,000,000 VND/month
  • Support package: 180,000 VND/month
  • Professional package: 250,000 VND/month
  • VIP package: 350,000 VND/month
  • Basic package: 120,000 VND/month
  • Popular package: 190,000 VND/month 
  • Advanced package: 240,000 VND/month
Bravo500,000 - 1,000,000 VND/month

1. Viindoo POS Software All-in-one Point of Sale Management

Viindoo POS is a famous point of sales management software trusted by a lot of large enterprises. This software integrates modern technology with a comprehensive retail software solution. In particular, Viindoo POS can integrate with other Viindoo applications such as inventory, accounting, etc. Not many retail softwares nowadays have this feature.

point of sale

Viindoo POS Chain Management Software

Viindoo POS software brings many considerable advantages for customers, such as

  • Comprehensive integration, continuous updates and automatic synchronization
  • Ability to access anywhere, anytime with internet access
  • Reasonable operation costs, which are suitable for companies in Vietnam
  • User-friendly POS view
  • Automated, instant, and visualized reporting system
  • Full integration with other applications, such as accounting, omnichannel management software, Small and medium business accounting software, inventory, etc.

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Comprehensive features of point of sale management, sales staff management, POS optimization, exportable multi-dimensional report.

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2. Trustsales retail software

Trustsales is a retail software used by many corporations to manage their chain stores. In addition to a user-friendly view, this software creates a standard for sales processes, helping users have professional and unified management. Besides, Trustsales provides technical documentation for new users to get acquainted with the software.

retail software

Trustsales - Retail software for sales management

Considerable advantages

  • Being Integrated with many sales applications such as marketing, sales, CRM, inventory, ... 
  • Keeping track of comprehensive POS Management Software for business leaders.
  • Allowing users to decentralize administration for management staff
  • Providing a free trial

3. ERPViet retail ​software

ERPViet is software built on the Odoo platform. This software can provide many applications for chain store operations. ERPViet is simple and convenient, which would fulfill the system administration needs of business owners.

retail software

ERPViet POS Chain Management Software

Considerable advantages

  • Supporting the management of purchase, manufacturing, inventory, sales, CRM, accounting and finance, etc.
  • Being compatible with any devices
  • Allowing users to use the system to access the system anytime, anywhere via the internet

4. KiotViet retail software

Nowadays, KiotViet takes control of different retail types and owns various notable features, such as sales, inventory, personal sales target management, promotion programs, etc.

Retail Software

KiotViet Retail Software

5. POS App

Considerable advantages

  • Having user-friendly view 
  • Assisting in managing remote POS management anytime
  • Connect to a wide range of available devices

POS App is one of the most effective retail software for effective points of sales management now, trusted by many owners of coffee shops, milk teas, restaurants, supermarkets, grocery stores, etc, and it is rated easy, simple, and safe.

points of sales

POS App - Software for points of sales management

Major benefits

  • Controlling sales and inventory, regular revenue reporting, personal sales performance, etc
  • Having user-friendly view 
  • Being available to many devices
  • Getting reasonable investment cost

6. Bravo Retail Software

Last but not least, with its goal of boosting users' business efficiency, Bravo has various prominent features, such as controls on inventory, foreign trade, management, sales orders and reports, automatic costing according to predefined methods, instant inventory updates...

points of sales

Bravo - Effective retail chain management software

Outstanding advantages

  • Being easy to use
  • Having the ability to manage retail chain management in different industries
  • Connecting with almost equipment

Please contact the hotline at 02257309838 for support if you want to gain more knowledge about Viindoo POS. With the professional staff, we will help you answer any questions about this retail software.

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6 retail software for effective points of sales management
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