Grocery Store POS System: 8 most effective systems on the market

on the market grocery store POS system is selected by many store owners to effectively manage sales, margins, and inventory. However, how do you choose the right software for a grocery store? Refer to the following article by Viindoo Enterprise Management Software​ for the answer.

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Difficulties in managing a grocery store

The management of a grocery store often encounters many difficulties such as:

  • Employees or relatives can't remember the price of each item in the store.
  • On busy occasions like days On holidays, Tet, customers have to wait a long time to check out.
  • Stock count is time-consuming.
  • The debt of customers is also a big challenge.

Sales management apps and software will be an effective solution to these difficulties, avoiding manual calculation for the salesperson. At the same time, the software is connected to many modern devices to speed up sales. Debts or revenue are also managed more effectively when applying the software.

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Grocery store POS system - Viindoo POS

Viindoo POS is a chain store management software that is highly appreciated by many customers. With Viindoo POS, inventory management, revenue, cost, and employee control are all done in an efficient manner. This is a great tool for grocery store owners for comprehensive management anytime, anywhere.

Outstanding feature:

  • Manage all store information such as products by category, inventory, and revenue. 
  • Friendly interface.
  • Support printing invoices quickly.
  • Allow effective control of inventory, low-stock products
  • Manage costs, revenue, and profits for the store effectively.
  • The sales software pricing is feasible for all stores, with the price from $8/user/month to use all features in the Viindoo Marketplace such as sales accounting software, and inventory management.

Besides, Viindoo POS Software is an effective grocery store pos system on mobile on iOS and Android.

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TPos sales management software
Viindoo Grocery Store POS System

KiotViet grocery store management software

KiotViet is a grocery store POS system trusted by many people. With KiotViet, all operations in the software are simplified for the easiest use. This billing software can support managing grocery stores anytime, anywhere, even in case of internet interruption.

Outstanding feature:

  • Manage and classify many products at the same time flexibly.
  • Strict inventory control.
  • Create warnings for out-of-stock products or when the stock is high for timely handling.
  • Specific revenue reports. 
KiotViet sales softwareKiotViet sales software

Dan Tri Soft grocery sales application​

Dan Tri Soft is a free grocery store POS system that is popular with many people today. The software supports streamlining the grocery store management process, increasing operational efficiency, and saving time and money. 

Some typical features:

  • User-friendly interface, easy to use for everyone.
  • Optimize the process of importing - exporting raw materials and finished products in the store.
  • Allow employees to perform certain operations through a decentralized mechanism.
  • Enable efficient order management, internal handling, and invoice printing support. 
  • Free to use, suitable for small-scale stores.
TPos sales management softwareDan Tri Soft

Grocery Store POS System - POS365​

Referring to the grocery store POS system, POS365 is a worth-mentioning one. This cashier software allows businesses to control all business activities in the store from inventory management, revenue recognition, human resource management, etc. With POS365, grocery store owners can manage everything easily, conveniently, and scientifically.

Outstanding feature:

  • Effective inventory management through clear control of import and export status.
  • Allow use anytime, anywhere, even without an internet connection.
  • Store owners can manage and monitor their stores remotely.
  • Allow storing all sales data on a single database.
  • Support scanning labels and QR codes to manage goods effectively.
POS365 Grocery ManagementPOS365 Grocery Management

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Grocery Store POS System - Misa​

Misa Grocery Software is one of the widely used grocery sales software. With Misa, all sales information will be stored on a single database system. As a result, users can fully grasp the store's business situation, which is continuously updated on the system.

Outstanding feature:

  • Support fast and convenient billing.
  • Store owners can manage everything remotely.
  • Effectively control the amount of inventory and revenue.
  • Allow scientific storage of all data on prices and goods.
  • Support to manage revenue and expenditure status, and debt effectively and accurately.
TPos sales management softwareMisa grocery store POS system

Sapo sales management software​

Sapo sales management software is the leading effective grocery store management support tool today. The software supports store owners to fully manage their stores through many impressive features such as:

  • Allow automatic billing. Salespeople don't need to spend time remembering the price of each item.
  • Support automatic batch printing of invoices.
  • Store sales information effectively.
  • Closely and detailed management of revenue and expenditure status.
  • Allow store management anytime, anywhere.
Sapo grocery store billingSapo grocery store billing

TPos software​

TPos is a popular grocery store management software that possesses outstanding features, always updating the latest technology to increase sales efficiency. All in-store operations are efficiently managed with TPos.

Outstanding feature:

  • Support to manage products by code, by specific batch.
  • Support to store and process a huge amount of sales data.
  • Set up a variety of suitable promotions.
  • Closely and detailed management of supplier's receipts and expenditures and debts.
  • Allow payment by barcode quickly and conveniently.
TPos sales management softwareTPos sales management software

The above article has summarized the most popular grocery store POS system. Each software has different advantages and disadvantages that suit different segments of users. If you need more info about store management software, leave a comment under this article or contact Viindoo via the hotline at 0225 730 9838 for dedicated advice.

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Grocery Store POS System: 8 most effective systems on the market
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