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Criteria for choosing a quality offline sales management application is a tool deployed directly on computers at stores. The software automatically updates information and data on the cloud. Aiming to manage sales effectively, please immediately refer to the following article of Viindoo - Enterprise management software about the top quality offline POS software for more support in choosing suitable software for your business.

Software nameManage your business remotely anytime, anywhereEasy inventory control
Viindoo POS 
Dan Tri Soft
Tiger Pro

Viindoo POS - Offline POS management system

Viindoo POS for offline sales management is a comprehensive management solution used by various business units. The software helps rationally organize sales management and speed up order processing anytime, anywhere, and on any device. Integration and synchronization with the software such as Viindoo Inventory - Warehouse & Supply Chain Management Software, Viindoo Discuss - Corporate Social Network, Viindoo Invoicing - Invoice and Payment Management Software

Criteria for choosing a quality offline sales management application

Viindoo POS

Some outstanding advantages of Viindoo POS can be mentioned as

  • Support management of multi-point of sale on a single platform
  • Intergrate with online sales software 
  • Send quotes and increase sales speed on one system  
  • Own a simple interface and enable to place multi–orders at once 
  • Help manage products in a scientific way 
  • Provide effective support for the management of sales staff
  • Allow stable operation even without the Internet

If you have a need for Viindoo POS software offline POS system, please contact the information below for immediate support. Viindoo currently offers a 15-day free trial for Viindoo POS for any business to experience the functions of the software and the support for easy decision-making.

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HTsoft - Offline POS software

HTsoft is an affordable  for small and medium businesses. With the main color of blue, this software serves users with comfort. HTsoft's interface is informative with details of retail invoices, daily revenue, print management, issuance of membership cards, etc.

Criteria for choosing a quality offline sales management application

HTsoft software

Outstanding advantages:

  • Help closely manage revenue and calculate profit and loss
  • Support to manage debts and cash funds  
  • Easily manage the entire system and grant rights to employees 
  • Allow adding one more branch of the store 
  • Allow barcode printing

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Dan Tri soft - Offline POS management software

Dan Tri Soft is a free offline POS management application with support for counting money for wholesalers, retailers, agents, cafes, eateries, restaurants, karaoke, billiards shops, etc. This software is popular for its friendly interface, ease of use, and outstanding functions for every business such as management of orders, sales, etc.

Criteria for choosing a quality offline sales management application

Dan Tri soft

Outstanding advantages:

  • Conveniently receive orders and notifications as well as process internal issues solving and invoices printing
  • Allow quick and easy data access 
  • Easily control the import and export of materials and goods of the store 
  • Allow granting user rights

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Tiger - Offline POS system

Tiger is a free offline sales software, so the interface has fewer categories than other applications. The software displays the information of the selling point in Excel files. The interface is a little boring but still ensures the necessary functions for the management of the POS.

Offline sales management software

Tiger offline sales application

Outstanding advantages:

  • Support managing labor and revenue
  • Closely monitor the import and export of warehouses 
  • Support inventory alert 
  • Warn debts 
  • Clarify accounts 
  • Support using tools namely barcode printer, barcode reader, and bill printer

Ebiz - Offline POS software

Ebiz software supports features suitable for most of the current sales models on the market. Ebiz owns an interface with eye-catching and luxurious colors. At the same time, this software uses prominent icons to replace simple letters.

Offline sales management software

Ebiz offline sales management software

Notable features of Ebiz software:

  •  Sales Management
  • Inventory Management 
  • Daily Revenue Report 
  • Management of inventory and the movement of goods 
  • Automated calculations for profit and loss

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VQFREE - Offline POS management software

VQFree is an application programmed by the VQSOFT company. The software is free and completely works independently. This POS software facilitates a fresh feeling for users with a wide color range.

Offline sales management software

Interface of VQFree software

Some outstanding features of VQFree:

  •  Support barcode printing
  • Provide diverse supported utilities for retails and wholesales  
  • Professionally analyze and manage sales 
  • Simply make sales invoices and print bills 
  • Conveniently control goods in and out of the warehouse 
  • Manage monthly and yearly revenue 
  • Support printing and exporting files of revenue reports and business results charts. 
  • Allow granting access rights to users

MISA eSHOP - POS application

MISA eShop is a comprehensive offline sales management software, quickly and easily deployed with outstanding features. With this application, users can easily track inventory by the barcode number (SKU), batch number, expiry date, IMEI serial number, etc. This helps control inventory and warehouse much more simply and effectively.

Offline sales management software


Outstanding advantages:

  • Enable operation and management at any place
  • Actively control inventory status 
  • Support to manage the entire store chain 
  • Calculate money quickly and accurately by barcode

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Criteria for choosing quality offline sales management software

Setting evaluation criteria based on user needs is essential in choosing the best quality offline POS management software for stores. This will help save some more investment costs and utilize features.

Viindoo would like to suggest some criteria as follows for your reference when choosing the right software:

  • Convenient and fast sales: Run smoothly, systematically, and neatly all processes of order, sales, payment, order management, etc.
  • Ease of use: Provide a simple and informative interface as well as features to support sales 
  • Multi-channel connection: Manage and run business conveniently. The POS software must be able to connect to devices such as mobile phones, tablets, etc.
  • Sales Software Pricing: Flexibly adjust at affordable prices according to different business models and needs.
Criteria for choosing a quality offline sales management application
Criteria for choosing a quality offline POS management application

The above article has summarized some information about the best offline POS system on the market these days. Hopefully, the article of Viindoo helps you choose the right software to manage your sales business more effectively. Please share if you find the information useful and leave a comment below.

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7 Best Free Offline POS System | Viindoo
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