TOP 7+ Best online sales software

Hararetail sales management software are interested by many businesses on e-commerce sites and social networks due to its effective support for work management and supervision.  If you are looking for an online sales management software to improve your business operation and track orders, then refer to the following article. Viindoo - Enterprise management software will introduce the best online sales management software on the market for your reference and selection

CriteriaEasily import and export data via ExcelProvide detailed reportsConnect with other sales channels
Store history of all discussion with customers and ordersIntegrate with Inventory, Accounting applicationsCharged/Free
SapoGOxx160,000 VND/month

180,000 - 250.000 VND /month. 

Toko TechxxFree

200,000 - 400.000 VND/month.



200,000 - 600.000 VND/month.

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Online sales software Viindoo Sales 

The management of online sales is one of the most important and top concerns of commercial service businesses. Viindoo Technology Joint Stock Company, therefore, has introduced online sales management software, Viindoo Sales, as a comprehensive solution. This software is the top-ranking choice for online sales management in this digital age. n today's digital age, technology develops at a rapid pace. Therefore, the application of digital technology to business management, especially in the field of online sales, will help your business process become more convenient. 

Viindoo online sales software is one of the few online sales softwares that can meet the above requirements. Viindoo Sales is a solution for businesses to manage and organize online sales effectively and optimally. At the same time, when using this software, the order processing speed of your business will become faster. Customer care is no longer a burden thanks to the automation features of Viindoo Sales. In particular, the software has the ability to assist the customer service department handle customer requests and feedback anytime, anywhere with smart devices connected to the Internet.

Hararetail sales management software

Online sales software - Viindoo Sales

In addition, Viindoo online sale software is incorporated with other outstanding features that not all online sales software can offer, such as:

  • Scientifically manage of products in the retail chain;
  • Support businesses to plan pricing strategies with the multi-price list function;
  • Increase sales speed thanks to available email templates, automatic task reminders, quick quote quotation process;
  • Create conditions for customers to directly interact with the software, thereby helping to increase the customer experience;
  • Support businesses to effectively manage sales staff by team, location, sales target...
  • Present visualized reports, support managers to make quick and accurate decisions;
  • Easy to install, can be used offline with Hararetail sales management software
  • Flexible charged according to user;
  • Integrate, synchronize with other software in the same management solution of Viindoo such as Warehouse Management Software, Purchasing Management Software, Accounting Software, Invoice,...
  • Use on mobile platform with  Mobile Sales Management Apps .

Viindoo sales software with outstanding advantages will be an indispensable part of online sales management. Our software commits to bring you the optimal solution with the most reasonable price on the market. If you want to learn more about the software as well as a detailed quote, please contact us via hotline (+84) 225 730 9838. 

Viindoo Sales

Sales Management Solution - Boost Your Sales


Easily increase sales with Viindoo Sales Management Solution

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Online sales management software Sapo Go

Sapo Go is an online sales management software which is capable of supporting live streaming orders on Facebook. This software can also support users to optimize sales activities by effectively manage customers, personnel, orders, suppliers, warehouses, etc. As a result, users can save time and cost of personnel for more effective and convenient business administration.

Loyverse online sales software

Software to support online order closing Sapo GO

Some typical features: 

  • Automatically close live orders on Facebook;
  • Automatically update the status of orders for store owners to track easily and conveniently;
  • Allow viewing the list of returned orders and the reason for the return;
  • Real-time support of inventory management;
  • Fast, accurately track shipping costs and liabilities;
  • Allow viewing sales revenue reports in an intuitive, easy-to-understand manner.

Software usage price: 160,000 VND/ month.

The effective online sales software is a management platform used by many large businesses and retail chains. Some prominent brands using this software can be mentioned as, Bo Sua fashion chain, KitchenArt, etc.

Some advantages of the software:

  • Save costs for store management and other activities (Thanks to cutting costs for store supervisors);
  • Reduce losses in store management and inventory control by up to 50%. Business owners, retail chains can update the business situation of their stores conveniently and easily through a digital technology platform.

Software price: 1,800,000 VND/ year.

Hararetail sales management software online sales management software

KiotViet software

KiotViet is the leading order management software for effective retail chains today. This software is popular thanks to its simple and professional operation process through electronic devices such as computers, phones, handheld POS machines, etc. With the application of this software in the working process, activities such as order management, inventory management, accounting or customer data control all become simple.

phần mềm bán hàng online

KiotViet software

Some outstanding features:

  • Support to update order status to help shop owners track information easily;
  • Control cash collection or debt payment;
  • Easily connect with popular online sales channels;
  • Manage orders, search and organize invoices scientifically;
  • Export and import invoice files to Excel conveniently.

Software price: 

  • Support package: 180,000 VND/month. This package is for small-scale business channels, those who are starting a business, limited to a cafe with 3 uses.
  • Professional package: 250,000 VND/1 month. This is a package for professional business companies, limited to a cafe with no limit on the number of users. For each branch you want to use, you have to pay an additional of 180,000 VND/month.

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The effective online sales software TOKO TECH

Toko Tech is one of the top free online sales support software today. This software owns a simple working interface with an elegant dark gray color. Toko Tech is integrated with great features to support sales such as chatting with customers, scanning barcodes on delivery, payment, etc.

Hararetail sales management software

Toko Tech online sales management software

Outstanding features:

  • Manage different online selling fanpages at the same time;
  • Automatically aggregate all messages, comments;
  • Label support to divide workflow, avoid duplication;
  • Group unread messages and comments for easy tracking;
  • Create message filters, smart comments;
  • Identify and hide comments containing customer phone numbers to avoid the risk of customers being robbed;
  • Allow deleting comments right on the management screen.

Software price: Free.

Loyverse sales application

Loyverse is an online sales software free that owns many outstanding features. This software is capable of supporting retail chain owners to monitor sales and business activities quickly, easily and effectively with simple operation.

Loyverse online sales software

Loyverse online sales software 

Outstanding features:

  • Manage sales activities remotely and synchronously on many electronic devices such as phones, tablets, laptops, etc;
  • Allow to arrange, split, merge items in a scientific invoice section;
  • Control and monitor employee performance;
  • Scientifically manage order;
  • Support the management of import and export activities of raw materials and finished products at the store;
  • Generate detailed statistical reports on the business status of the store.

Software price: Free.

TrustSales software

Trustsales is an online sales support software designed to serve online order management operations. TrustSales is integrated with many professional management features, helping users to manage orders effectively.

Hararetail sales management software

TrustSales sales support software 

Outstanding features:

  • Connect to many online sales platforms;
  • Automatically record partner information and connect with customers;
  • Update order status automatically for easy management and tracking;
  • Support delivery cost statistics in the form of COD shipping;
  • Monitor the order receipts from partners;
  • Export and import excel files easily;
  • Allows users to create quick, professional invoice templates.

Software price:

  • Individual package (Standard): 200,000 VND/month;
  • Start-up package (Pro): 400,000 VND/month;
  • Business package: 800,000 VND/month;
  • Premium package: 1,500,000 VND/month.

Hara Retail online sales management system

Hararetail is a multi-channel online sales software from the famous Haravan brand. This software is a great choice for businesses, retail chains to have a new online sales experience with the commitment to close orders quickly and increase conversion rates.

Hararetail sales management software

Hararetail sales management software 

Outstanding features:

  • Allow synchronization of sales data from online to offline.
  • Integrate order processing control (OPC) systems for efficient order processing.

Software price:

  • Omni Standard package: 200,000 VND/month.
  • Pro package: 600,000 VND/month.

Through the above article, Viindoo has helped you synthesize information about online sales software that is most used today. Hopefully, after reading the above content, you will be able to choose the most suitable online sales management software for your store or business.

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TOP 7+ Best online sales software
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